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Volume 5 Chapter 7: 0% (Last Updated 27/07/19)

Volume 5 Chapter 6

Thanks for waiting. This chapter is a beast with 170,000 words. Not sure when the next one will be but don’t expect it to be soon.

Volume 5 Chapter 6 Is Being Translated

Thank you for the wait: Exams have ended and translation has begun. Expect to see a new chapter (finally) in about a week or so (the longest chapter I’ve ever encountered in Maoyuu).

For all who don’t know: Volume 5 is the final volume of Maoyuu. I hope to wrap up this project sometime this year.

Maoyuu Has Not Been Discontinued

TL;DR: Maoyuu is not dead but the earliest you’ll see V5C5 is in mid-June.

Several years ago, when I started translating Maoyuu, I was young and free and a Lieutenant in the Army with honestly nothing to do on most days. I was outputting one chapter a week easily, and before I knew it I got to the final volume.

And then I went to university, and it has bitchslapped me so hard across the face that I have struggled to do anything besides studying, club activities and internships. Thankfully there are a surprising number of Japanese people in my university, so my Japanese language skills have remained largely the same.

I’m now in my third and final year of university, with my final exams in 3 months and a job lined up for when I graduate. My university doesn’t do mid-terms or year-end exams, we just have 8 massive exams all at once at the end of our degrees. In other words, once this exam ends, I’ll be able to fully commit to pushing out the entirety of Volume 5 and thereafter put an end to the Maoyuu project.

I want to thank all the readers for supporting this project thus far, and your patience will soon be rewarded. Please cheer me on for this exam if you really want to see it done.

Love, Kai


Surprise again. Volume 5 Chapter 5 is out.

Volume 4 PDF And EPUB Now Available

Hey all you cool cats chilling out there in the stratosphere, ya boy DevilHands here with the hottest of new releases. Though late I’m sure all you hipsters out there would consider it fashionable. So here’s the newest volume, please enjoy and stay frosty.


– DH


It’s a new chapter

Volume 5 Chapter 3

Surprise new chapter

New Chapter 

People haven’t noticed. But there’s a new chapter out.


Update on the translation situation:

My hard drive exploded as I was uploading the latest chapter. This is very demoralising because I hate having to start from scratch. To make shit worse I have to translate without dual screen set up, which means switching a lot of windows.

Someone teach me how to connect a second monitor to my Dell XPS 13 please.

I’m Back

Surprise! I’m back!

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