Welcome to Maoyuu

Dear Everyone,

This is a public service announcement for the Light Novel Maoyuu by Mamare Touno. It’s a very special Light Novel, and like nothing I have ever read before. If you ambled here curiously, hoping to find some Slice of Life story about a magical land of everlasting friendship, you’ll still find it here, but you might be better off somewhere else.

If you came here expecting to find a strange, almost slice-of-life dissertation on Wartime Keynesian Economics, Agricultural Science, Medieval European History, Botany and the realities of Human Life and Human Psychology set in a magical land of demons and heroes and war…

You’re in for a treat.

Maoyuu uses a strange system of explanation boxes, I STRONGLY advise you to read all of them, even if you know what they are. If the explanation boxes provide nothing more than a definition, you may be rest assured that I will tell you so. More often than not, they at least provide some interesting trivia.

Updates will be inconsistent (because I’m in the Army), but I work fast when I do start to work on it. Expect anywhere between 1 week and 2 months for each chapter. Translations may also not be 100% accurate. I make mistakes, but most of the time I amend it to make it grammatically and contextually sound in the desired context.

To begin reading, just navigate with the buttons on the top bar.

До свидания, товарищи, удачи. Ты будешь требовать.

Notice: For those interested, we will need an editor for this project. If you want to be considered for the position, please read the instructions at http://nanodesutranslations.wordpress.com/join-the-team/ and apply! This is first come first serve – once we find a qualified editor the position search will be closed.

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7 thoughts on “Welcome to Maoyuu

  1. Thank you SO much, I’ve been interested in this since before the anime and I was really excited when it got picked up before… but then it went into hiatus for over a year. So I’m really really glad that you’ve picked this up, Especially when my interest has been rekindled with the Log Horizon anime!

  2. awesome! I really want this novel translated, I’m happy that someone take it!! I know this project it’s hard but thank you!! good luck!

  3. thanks, waiting for next volume, can you please tell any other novel with out of the box thinking like this (except spice and wolf)

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