Why I do not Translate in Sections

Dear readers of Maoyuu,

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this LN as much as I’ve enjoyed translating it. If you were to copy all the translations to a word document, you would find it to be 500 pages long, after just 3 months of on-and-off translation. Isn’t that cool! 😀

Some people have asked me why I do not translate in sections like all the other NanoDesu translators, whom I respect immensely, but refuse to follow. The fact is that translating in sections means you impatient fools out there get to take your small bites quicker, and if you checked this page every week, you’d probably find something waiting for you and that would make you happy.

Unfortunately, I will not be doing that. The reason is simple. As translators, chances are, we’ve already completely warped the author’s original sentence structure, word choice and syntax in favor of coherent translations. The only thing we have left that maintains even a shred of the author’s stylistic choices are his paragraph breaks, sentence breaks and chapter breaks. I try to keep my translations, as far as possible, in line with what the author wants to say, and that includes ensuring that you read the novel chapter by chapter, as it is meant to be read.

Of course, since you, dear readers, are the ultimate, intended beneficiaries of such a practice, I will follow whatever you want. So, just pop over to the comments section, tell me if you support what I’m currently doing, and I’ll weigh the comments to make a final decision.



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6 thoughts on “Why I do not Translate in Sections

  1. Sounds like a pain for Rryw, but you’re the translator and if you feel like it’s something that would make the Maoyuu fans happier without being too much trouble, go ahead. Personally, I don’t care too much.

  2. I definitely get where you’re coming from as a lot of liberties are taken when translating between languages. At the same time, I feel that a wall of text can seem intimidating, especially when people don’t have a lot of time to commit to reading. I think both methods are fine, just a matter of preference. (Oh and congrats on the volume 1 completion!)

  3. You have my full support in whatever you do, also your translation speed is not to be trifled with anyway.
    thank you for your work

  4. I prefer your way of doing things. it is why I wait for complete manga volumes. but even more so, the sections don’t feel like they were meant to be cliffhangers like in some other works.

  5. Misa-chan (our ojamajo doremi translator) actually does the same thing. I would actually say that a lot of readers prefer chapter-by-chapter releases since yeah, the story often makes a lot more coherent sense when you read it by chapter.

  6. I haven’t tried out your work on Maou yet, but quality is far more important than speed imo. I would much rather sentences sound like normal freaking English, which seems to be hard for a lot of fan-translators, than if I got weekly low quality updates.

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