Volume 1 Complete!

And with the Maps and Explanations done, Volume 1 of Maoyuu Maou Yuusha is complete!!! :DDDDDD

I’d like to thank the writer, Mamare Touno, and the compilers of Maoyuu Maou Yuusha. Chances are, you will never come across this page. But I can only love and fully respect the work you have done. Your talent is undeniable and even translated into another language, your message is clear and lucid. I have only rabid admiration for what is quickly becoming my favorite piece of literature.

I’d like to thank the people of NanoDesu Scans, for their help and support with the project. I’ve worked with many groups over the years, but none as professional or efficient, and definitely none which possess a generosity of spirit and creative license as NanoDesu Scans. I was impressed by their work culture, their work ethic and among other things, NanoDesu’s evil ways. If you’re a translator looking for a group to attach yourself to, I can safely say you can do no better than NanoDesu, unless you translate for God, in which case, you win. Until then, I am proud to work for NanoDesu.

I’d also like to thank Rryw, my tireless Editor, for sieving through my often incomprehensible ramblings and correcting my incessant grammar mistakes and other completely stupid mistakes I should not be making. I ought to be damned if I don’t thank Hantsuki, my diligent Supervisor, who makes sure I stay on schedule and on track with my translations. His emails are a source of companionship in this sad and lonely world.

Finally, I’d like to thank all the readers of Maoyuu. Despite my slow and inconsistent translations from the confines of the Army, you have stayed with me to the end of the Volume. You have commented and helped to correct my various grammatical mistakes, and just by checking the number of readers each day, you have helped to make me feel at least a little bit wanted. Please stay with me some more, and I promise to deliver on Volume 2 as well. I hope you will comment more, even just to speculate on the plot, and I will do my best on this and further translations.

Do svidaniya,


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16 thoughts on “Volume 1 Complete!

  1. All good things come to an end.
    I speak for all basement dwellers when i say thanks and that we await volume 2 with great passion in our hearts.

    Cheers to all three of you.

    • Don’t keep your fingers crossed. I’ll be very busy for the next three weeks or so, and the next chapter is about 3 times as long as a normal chapter. 😛

  2. Congratulations!!

    Also, evil? D: I’m not evil. Clearly all these baby seals I club are only because baby seals are over-multiplying and ruining the ecosystem.

  3. congrats Handsome_boh
    thanks for supplying us avid readers with a complete volume. Looking forward too for the next chapters =D

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