Volume 1 ePub is Avaiable

Hi everyone, thanks for the wait! The first volume of Maoyuu is now avaiable in ePub format, too! Enjoy!

P.S.: Volume 2 PDF and ePub will be avaiable after the volume will be fully edited.

Chapter 1 Cover

– Whitesora

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3 thoughts on “Volume 1 ePub is Avaiable

  1. I just wanted to thank you all for your hard work and to ask a question. I briefly compared Maoyuu vol 1 on the webpage, the pdf, and the epub, and I noticed the pdf seemed to do a little extra by using a Maou image for the explanation sections. Which I thought was a charming touch and a nice way to distinguish from the main script. Is there a particular reason why the epub did not do the same?

    Thanks again.

  2. Good night, I just finished the first volume and I love the series, thank you very much for the effort of translating it! keep up the excellent work!

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