Chapter 6 is 50 pages long. (In comparison, Chapter 5 was 30 pages long) Expect delays for the next chapter. 🙂

Edit: Chapter 5 complete!

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15 thoughts on “Delays

    • Haha don’t worry. I’m Singaporean. We all have to do National Service in the Army for two years. I’m also a Second Lieutenant, so I’ve really got my work cut out for me.

  1. Is there a chapter in this volume that isn’t incredible long by any chance : p?
    I feel like i’m reading a complete volume every 2 chapters. yikes.

  2. I thank you for working on this wonderful series, but I was wondering if the current progress is still 0. If it is still 0 I am guessing it is because the person who is needed to begin the translation is busy with real life or a copy if this text has not found itself in your grasp.

    • upon checking the main page again I noticed a recent date for the updated progress and I feel that no response to my previous statement is needed. I am content with your work in updating the progress bar somewhat regularly

      • also upon further inspection of my lengthy one-sided discussion I was able to come to the conclusion that my fatigue is rather extreme. This revelation came to me since I do not partake in such overly flamboyant language unless I was unable to receive the required amount of sleep necessary for concentration. I tend to be rather glib during time that I have proper rest, in other circumstances my mind enters a automatic state once I find a comment is needed towards a certain subject. Using the remaining energy before I retire I shall summarize the previous paragraph:

        I’m tired so I wrote pretty. Ignore me.

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