Important Edits

Effective immediately, the following characters will be undergoing a name change:

Merchant’s Son —> Disciple Merchant
Soldier’s Son —> Disciple Soldier
Nobleman’s Son —-> Disciple Nobleman
Young Engineer —-> Disciple Engineer
Young Bard —-> Disciple Bard

I had earlier thought that having the word disciple in there was quite weird, so I took some extreme liberties with the naming. But I have changed my mind. The changes will be applied retroactively to previous chapters as well. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Important Edits

    • I had nothing to do with this, on the other hand, I’m going to list typos since I’m re reading maoyuu anyway, as well as old terminology.

      as far as being an editor goes, I admit nothing. I mean, for the love of the Holy Spirit of Light, I’m about to start college!

      • I don’t get how that makes you under qualified as an editor ; V
        I just finished college and i don’t think i’m better off than when i started.

        Let’s just hope someone as capable as you comes to help Boh in his time of need. 😀

      • We already have a very capable new editor, Eira. Eira you should make a post to give a shout out. 🙂

      • See, I am not needed here, at least not in that capacity. Still, Since I bothered anyway, here’s what I got.

        Underground World, Subterranean World, and Underworld… Pick one and stick with it, you’re all over the place, except for that first one. The first one sucked. “on the ground” in Volume 2 Chapter 4 should be changed to “on the surface” or “above”. Its usage in the most recent chapter is fine since it’s meant to be esoteric/apocryphal. There is a single mention of a “world underground” somewhere which should probably be changed to “world below”.

        a week later and I still see “Replacement Writing” in the text of the last chapter, and as antharidar (as Anthari) notes in Volume 2 Chapter 4, Butler’s line is a bit wonky. “introduce her myself” should work.

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