More Delays

Right, it has been an incredibly, incredibly busy period for me, which is why I have taken a hiatus. I’m not sure how many of you are interested in the cruel life of a translator, but I have a (very busy) life outside of translation you know:

1) Officer Cadet School: Surprise, I’m in the Army, training to be an Officer. This gives me about one hour of free time everyday, all of which I burn on translation. The last few days have been spent on overseas exercises, which is just an excuse to torture Cadets, except this time in the jungle.

2) University Applications: Stupid UCAS applications, why does it take so long to write a personal statement!! 😦 Well, hopefully I get into Oxford and it’s all worth it.

3) Scholarship Applications: Need that government scholarship real bad, so I’ve been spending my life writing essays after essays and preparing for the goddamn interview.

4) Farsi: I’m learning Farsi, ’nuff said. It’ll be the 7th language I know, hohohohoho.

Thanks for reading through that rant, please understand if Chapter 7 takes a long time to be released. In the meantime, I might post some entertaining things for you guys to do on this blog. Entertaining for me, anyway. Please contribute to boosting translator morale because that means faster translations!

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9 thoughts on “More Delays

  1. >handsomeboh
    wah sibei handsome please. ocifer somemore, everyday chiongsua still can find time to translate

    On a more serious note, great job with the translation thus far, and thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to work on this!

    Reading this next to the Chinese translation of the Ishida Akira manga certainly helps clarify a great deal.

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