Chapter 2 is up. But don’t expect speed for next few chapters.

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11 thoughts on “Updates

  1. No sweat, mate. I was pretty sure you were busy curing cancer or ebola, so it’s fine. No one’s gonna ask you to apologize for trying to save the world 😀

    gl with your real life stuff ^_^

  2. not to worry man, as antharidar said, real life takes precedence after all.
    though that doesn’t mean I won’t be sad to see the translation speed of Maoyu drop and it was really at a very interesting place too! 😦

  3. I just recently found the anime for this and was drawn to it. When i found that it was based on a light novel I started looking and found this. I am deeply thankful for your work and just want to know that I am so happy that I get to enjoy this novel and thank you dearly for you hard work to make that possible. I wish you the best in your training as I have had friends go through it so I know it can be tough, I look forward to the next update XD

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