Updates and Delays

So, by working around the clock, I’ve managed to churn out Chapter 3 for all you greedy readers out there. Grrrrr!!! It’s a beautiful Sunday morning, and by this time tomorrow, I’ll be in the jungles of Brunei getting tortured brutally. It will be long and terrible, and naturally, I won’t be able to translate. If you feel indignant and impatient, just be grateful you’re not an Officer Cadet. :<

Cheers! And happy reading.

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6 thoughts on “Updates and Delays

  1. “thumbs up” When the enemy captures and tortures you, i’ll remember your sacrifice and sing songs of righteous indignation…after i get my beer out of the fridge!

    Anyway thanks for the miracle translation. 😀 Christ, you’re fast.

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