Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody! It’s been a very slow year for Maoyuu, but I’m glad I managed to push out the Volume 4 translation by the end of last year. Unfortunately, next year is going to be an ever slower year for translation, so please bear with me. I’ll make a post explaining why at a more expedient time, but suffice to say it will be very exciting (for me at least).

One of the reasons why last year was so slow is because…

I’ve been writing analysis papers for a geopolitical journal based in Delhi. Bet that threw you off. But you can click here if you’d like to read about Infrastructure Geostrategy in Afghanistan.

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4 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. I’ve decided to leave this here after seeing the flood of comments here haha.

    Anyway, many thanks for finishing up volume 4. MaoYuu is perhaps my most favorite light novels that I’ve read/are reading. I don’t mind the slow pace, so keep chugging along at your own pace! (please don’t drop this please don’t drop this)

    Hope your having fun doing your journalist work and happy (belated) new years.

  2. happy new year, sorry for being kind of late 😛
    and finaly thank you for the volume 4 completition. With just 1 more volume to finish, I’ll be looking forward to it.

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