Exercise Silk Road

Dear Readers of Maoyuu,

I originally intended to finish translating Volume 5 Chapter 1 by the time I send this message, but work and planning got in the way of everything. I regret to say that I will not be able to translate anything at all for the next 7 months, until mid-July.

I will be embarking on an intense 169-day, 25-country backpacking adventure which will take me from Singapore to Moscow and back to Singapore entirely overland, going through the Silk Road first and then the Trans-Siberian on the way back. I won’t reveal too much on a Translation Blog, but you can click here if you’d like to know more about Exercise Silk Road.

Exercise Silk Road Map

It has been a pleasure to translate Maoyuu, and rest assured, I promise to complete the translation once I return. I’m also accepting suggestions for what I should translate next. For reference, I prefer political/economic themes over the standard romance/sci-fi/slice of life. In the meantime, I remain,

Faithfully yours,



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19 thoughts on “Exercise Silk Road

  1. How dare you betray my hopes and expectations! ~ is what i’d like to say : P

    Have fun on your journey and remember to watch your back ^_^ Traveling’s always a nice way to live new experiences and make new friends. Don’t be a stranger and talk to as many new people as possible.

  2. Thank You so much for the translation up till now. I didn’t knew how much fun reading Light Novels could be until I read Your translation of Maoyuu.
    Please have a nice, save and interesting journey. And please tell us about it when You’re back, if You wish so.
    I’ll be waiting faithfully and eagerly for it and the translation.

    Желаю тебе всего самого наилучшего. Und halt’ die Ohren steif. ; )

  3. Have a safe trip!!

    Hmm for a next project, well, if you want something intellectual, might I suggest Fuyumi Ono? The 12 Kingdoms is light-fantasy mixed with politics and ethics (it’s more politics than fantasy). Well, quite a few have been translated already, except the new books.

    I’m also quite fond of Kishi Yusuke’s works. They’re mostly murder mysteries though. Not sure if you dig those. Probably not he economics you’re thinking of but Black House involves insurance fraud.

  4. I don’t know if I can make a suggestion here but can you see of you might be interested in the light novel Shinigamihime no Saikon. I saw a post on bakatsuki’s forum and looked into it. I looks to be a political romance story. Thanks.

  5. I really appreciate all the hard work you’ve done translating, can’t wait for the end of Maoyuu! I hope you had fun on your epic backpacking trip. Someone said you should translate Asobi ni Iku yo! next, I emphatically second that idea, though it is a standard romance/sci-fi that you don’t prefer. Thanks again! 🙂

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