I’m Back

Surprise! I’m back!

Also check out Volume 5 Chapter 1

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16 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. Yay! I started reading this just as you left, so I’m glad to hear you’re back! Thanks for all the translations!

  2. Welcome back~. I hope You could enjoy Your travel and make quite a few nice experiences and maybe even friends.
    Also I’m a little bit happy to see You having travelled to my birthplace in Mother Russia (no pun intended).
    Nice guide(s) You wrote there, by the way. ; )

    Thank You warmly for Your translations, once again.

  3. Welcome back! And nice guide! For long I’ve being thinking in making the Silk Road and I could learn a lot with your other blog.

  4. Thanks for your work.

    TL NOTE: Combat rations are the most disgusting things I have ever put into my mouth. And I have eaten sheep testicles and beetle larvae. <- As just a thought exercise, I believe that beetle testicles and sheep larvae (fetuses) would be more disgusting (that the other two alternatives, not than the rations).

  5. Welcome back. I’ve been waiting for vol5 quite a long time!
    Also, if possible, could you make the pdf and epub for vol4? thanks!

  6. Damn now i have already kinda forgotten what happened last… Anyone mind giving me a quick summary of the latest story lines? Thanks in advance 😉

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