Update on the translation situation:

My hard drive exploded as I was uploading the latest chapter. This is very demoralising because I hate having to start from scratch. To make shit worse I have to translate without dual screen set up, which means switching a lot of windows.

Someone teach me how to connect a second monitor to my Dell XPS 13 please.

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9 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Connect it to HDMI port / rgb. I believe in windows 10 you can put 2 windows side to side, so there is no real need for dual monitor unless it’s for gaming or some totally serious shit.

  2. You can simply connect a secondary monitor like the guy above said and let windows do its magic.
    Just make sure you set it to ‘extend your current desktop’ and not just “clone” the display.
    IIRC it’s not exclusive of Win10 neither, my old Win7 also had this option.

    Good luck on rewriting everything. It must really suck.
    Hang in there!

  3. If your HDD didn’t literally explode, and PC still sees that it is connected, you can try some data recovery tools…

    Other than that I suppose we can only patiently wait.

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