Volume 1

Chapter 1 Cover

Chapter 1 Back


Volume 1: “Become mine, Hero.” “I refuse!”

Prologue “And…”

Chapter 1 “Be mine, Hero.”

Chapter 2 “Please make us Human”

Chapter 3 “Where have you been wandering about until now!”

Chapter 4 “Please don’t disregard the people”

Chapter 5 “Pick one of the two routes”

Chapter 6 “I choose the route that leads to the other side of the hill”

Chapter 7 “You stupid Demon King!” “You foolish Hero!”

Chapter 8 “Henceforth, the Second Conquest of the Isle of Light begins!”

Chapter 9 “I like to touch this hair”

Chapter 10 “Take up your sword, my master”

Chapter 11 “Because I am a human”

Maps and Explanations

PDF and ePub Version


13 thoughts on “Volume 1

  1. This pace is quite impressive, and the notes are quite helpful. I have to say that the translation quality is many levels above even japanese-english comic translators. Thanks for the good work.

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  3. Thank you very much for doing this series, and keep up the good work and pace.
    P.S. Can you tell me when approximately will the pdf be done so that I know if I can wait for it XD

  4. OH MY GOD!! I very love this series. Thank you so muchhhhhh and Plss do it until the end of series or i will cry T T.
    (my grammar are worse because I’m Thai ^ ^)

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