Volume 1 Chapter 11

Volume 1 Chapter 11, “Because I am Human”

—— The Demon King Castle, the Lowest Level, the Palace of Death

The Chief Maid: “The slime has really begun to build up around here.”

The Demon King: “There’s no choice. We’ve left this place for close to two years.”

The Chief Maid: “Ehh…”

The Demon King: “We’ve really let this place get wild, for all the spirits of the Demon Kings.”

The Chief Maid: “Is the seal ready?”

The Demon King: “Hmm, it’s not perfect, but it’s somehow done. If I enter it, it should help to release my potential and purify me.”

The Chief Maid: “Are you worried…”

The Demon King: “I’m sorry if I still have mixed emotions. In all the 150 years of my existence, I’ve never felt like my life would be at such danger before.”

The Chief Maid: “…”

The Demon King: “It’s not all that bad. It’s only by going in here, that I can raise my combat ability.”

The Chief Maid: “That’s…. The successive generations of Demon Kings can impart their skills to you, and that will greatly raise your combat ability…”

The Demon King: “That’s why the Demon King is the strongest Demon. Hehe… I hear that there are Demon Kings in the past who would use the Palace of Death on a daily basis in order to keep their abilities boosted.”

The Chief Maid: “I don’t really want to see a Demon King with no limits whatsoever to her power.”

The Demon King: “I want to see it. It’s true that attempting to solve all problems with pure brute force alone may not be smart. Even repulsive. It’s something a theoretical scholar would never be able to withstand.”

The Chief Maid: “But you are more realistic than a theoretical scholar.”

The Demon King: “In any case”

The Chief Maid: “…”

The Demon King: “So that I don’t cause any earthquakes, I am going to isolate this space from the rest of the Castle. Is that alright, Chief Maid?”

The Chief Maid: “Yes.”

The Demon King: “If the me that comes out of here isn’t myself…”

The Chief Maid: “Even if it costs me my life, I will deal with that ‘Demon King’.”

—— The Village of Wintering, the Demon King’s Manor

Lone Winter King: “…”

The Female Paladin: “…”

Butler: “If she left on a quick horse, she could be miles away by now…”

The Hero: “…I understand.”

Elder Maid Sister: “…”

Little Maid Sister: “Mistress…?”

Lone Winter King: “But we need to detain the Scholar.”

The Hero: “She said she would be gone for two months at least.”

Butler: “Is that so… They’re not going to be happy to know about that.”

The Female Paladin: “Moreover, it’s the Church… They only know how to preach the word of the Spirit of Light in all their full sophistry.”

Lone Winter King: “…”

Butler: “But, as I hear, we have an illusory ring?”

The Female Paladin: “Old man. I told you that if you talked about it, you would be holding your head in your hands, didn’t I?”

Butler: “But if I don’t talk about it, who will?”

All sigh.

The Hero: “…”

Lone Winter King: “I apologise…”

The Female Paladin: “…How did it get to this.”

Lone Winter King: “Hero… I’ve heard all the details from the Old Man. I originally wanted to celebrate your return to life with a nationwide festival, but… Oh Hero, I apologise for the calamities that seem to hound me. All of this happened because the Lone Winter King, the Kingdom of Winter, the United Southern Kingdoms, are so powerless.”

Butler: “Young man…”

Lone Winter King: “I apologise. It is because of my inadequacy that our benefactors are involved in such a terrible mess. All of this started because I wanted to free the Southern United Kingdoms from the overlording influence of the Central Continent and nurture a spirit of independence. I never thought of the situation to develop to such a bad state.”

The Hero: “Okay, stop with that speech. I don’t even want to think about it.”

The Female Paladin: “…”

Elder Maid Sister: “Umm, I… I could…”

The Hero: “I won’t allow it.”

Elder Maid Sister: “But—”

Lone Winter King: “…Hero, but—”

The Hero: “Your Majesty, if you even think about it, I will destroy you with lightning. If she was here, this would probably be how it would end as well.”

—— Perhaps we could arrange for Demons to attack the village as well…

Elder Maid Sister: “But…”

Little Maid Sister: “Sis-”

The Hero: “However, I’ve thought about this before, but as the King speaking out against this is your responsibility. Moreover, this spirit of independence is a noble idea.”

Lone Winter King: “…”

Butler: “Hero…”

Lone Winter King: “However, I have the responsibility to protect the citizens of the Kingdom of Winter. For this reason… For this reason…”

Butler: “…”

The Hero: “Well, I suppose I should do something about that.”

The Female Paladin: “…Hero?”

The Hero: “It’s going to be troublesome, but you’re going to need to arrest the Elder Maid Sister.”

Elder Maid Sister: “Yes.”

Lone Winter King: “That’s…”

The Hero: “When she leaves the Kingdom of Winter, I’ll rescue her at an appropriate point in time. The Inquisition will dispatch its Courier Squad, won’t it? I’ve heard there’re about 100 of them. They shouldn’t be a problem.”

The Female Paladin: “But, still!”

Butler: “…I’m sorry, Hero. I apologise.”

The Hero: “If they arrest her and take her out of the Kingdom of Winter, then the Kingdom won’t face anymore blame, will it? The responsibility will be with the Courier Squad. That solves many problems.”

Butler: “Hero… But, Hero.”

The Hero: “Yeah, well… I might have to hide my face, but there’s no choice. We can’t have me betraying the Church, after all.”

Butler: “Again, this old fool isn’t comfortable with letting you go alone… I won’t let you go alone on your journey…”

The Hero: “Yeah—I won’t, I won’t. This time, I’ve got the sisters, and the Scholar will come back. The Female Paladin, Grandpa, your Majesty, you can’t show yourselves, but… We will meet again, won’t we?”

The Female Paladin: “Of course we will. We’re coming along with you.”

The Hero: “Then who will aid and support the settlers?”

The Female Paladin: “…If it’s that much, then we can leave it to the Holy Order.”

The Hero: “Well, this place… It hurts that all that revolution, new crops and various inventions will now be rendered useless. But I won’t sit there and let the Elder Maid Sister die, I’d rather be called a heretic than that. She said that she’s willing to die for all of this, but I’m the Hero after all, I can’t just leave her to die.”

Butler: “So the Hero is going to bear this whole burden by himself again…”

Lone Winter King: “He goes for the soul of the whole Human World. I only wish I could be the one to offer my body in exchange—“

The Hero: “Don’t be so down. That’s how it is.”

The Female Paladin: “Then, I guess we’ll have to leave this village.”

Little Maid Sister: “Sister, are we moving?”

Elder Maid Sister: “…”

Little Maid Sister: “I said I was going to teach the innkeeper how to make pie…”

Elder Maid Sister: “…”

Lone Winter King: “…”

Butler: “Y-young man, you have the responsibility to protect this country. Don’t get any second thoughts.”

The Hero: “That’s right, just laugh it off. That’s your responsibility!”

The Female Paladin: “Hero… With you, we could easily take on the entire Holy Imperial Army…”

The Hero: “I’m sorry, but that’s a method which my owner would never allow. Besides I’m already bored of that. I fight and I win and I seize that’s how it goes… That’s why, I don’t really have the intention to seize anymore.”

—— The Kingdom of Winter, Gossip in an Unknown Village

What? The Scholar?

No way, how is that even possible!

I heard it from some people of the Church while I was on the road.

The Church? Not the Holy Order?

Yeah, the Church has come, with some pretty weird people.

Don’t tell me the Scholar is a heretic? How…

Well, that’s what they’re saying.

They’re saying the potato that the Scholar brought to be an evil, Demonic food.

But what will we do without it?

If the Scholar wasn’t here, my grandsons and granddaughters would have been dead.

Surely there’s some sort of misunderstanding.

But… If they take the Scholar, what will we do?

Hey! Hey! Hey!

What happened? Why are you so panicked, did the sheep run away?

No, in the forest road. There’s! There’s!


There’s some strange army taking the Scholar with locks and chains through the forest road.

Eh? Really?!

It’s not our Kingdom’s army, is it?

Don’t tell me, the Kingdom of Winter is being invaded by some other Human Kingdom?

Let’s call for them to release the Scholar!

But if the Scholar really is a heretic…

If, somehow, she is. The Spirit have mercy on us all!

All shake head.

What is going to happen?

I came all this way to live here, because I thought it would be a good place to settle down…

What is going to happen to this country…

——The City of the Gulf, the Merchant’s District, in a Large Study in the Chambers of Commerce

Shrewd Accountant: “…That is all.”

Young Merchant: “Is that so…”

Shrewd Accountant: “Yes.”

Young Merchant: “Ehh, so the Holy Patriarchal election has ended. This Patriarch, like the ten Patriarchs before him, is one of those fanatical religious types. I fear the Church will begin to clamp down hard on unorthodox elements. At the rate this is going, they are probably preparing for the Third Crusade.”

Shrewd Accountant: “That’s going to be troublesome for the Southern United Kingdoms, who’ve been trying to restructure their Kingdoms.”

Young Merchant: “That’s right. The attacks by the Demons around here have really dulled. No, instead of dulled, they’re non-existent. Because of that, the Southern United Kingdoms has been able to achieve tremendous economic growth. As a result, the influence of the Central Continent has also weakened considerably.

Shrewd Accountant: “That King of White Night, who was benefitting from the Central Continent’s influence in the Southern United Kingdoms, is now a sorry state after taking the blame for the previous defeat.”

Young Merchant: “On top of that, without significant assistance from the Central Continent, the Lone Winter King and other Heroes have appeared and hold the hearts of the people in their hands. Especially with that mysterious Scholar’s teachings, various agricultural reforms and advances have been made such that the wasteland that the South used to be is slowly becoming a place to grow a sizeable population and produce ample food crops.”

Shrewd Accountant: “Food is something the Central Continent has always been able to hold the South Hostage with.”

Young Merchant: “…The Central Continent needs to have some sort of military victory over the Demons if it wants the Church’s power to be flexed again. However, even then, they wouldn’t want the Southern United Kingdoms to achieve independence from them. That’s what is happening now.”

Shrewd Accountant: “Yes…”

Young Merchant: “…”

Shrewd Accountant: “Councillor, how will the Union respond?”

Young Merchant: “At present, I do not think we will.”

Shrewd Accountant: “…”

Young Merchant: “We’ve got to come up with something. Let’s prepare a ten-man Council… Is that guy around?”

Door closes.

Middle Aged Merchant: “Ohh, I thought it was about time.”

Disciple Nobleman: “I apologise for the intrusion, Young Merchant.”

Young Merchant: “No, no, we welcome you anytime.”

Disciple Nobleman: “I thank you for allowing me to come. Ahh, that’s right. This is the payment from the Queen of Ice and Snow.”

Shrewd Accountant: “Let me take that.”

Young Merchant: “And how is the Queen?”

Disciple Nobleman: “She is deeply troubled by the present state of events. She expressed clearly that the leader of the Tripartite Economic Union is the Lone Winter King, and hence the events befalling him are a tragedy for us all.”

Young Merchant: “Is that so?”

Middle Aged Merchant: “Right then, where should I go?”

Young Merchant: “To the Central Continent.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “And this young man?”

Young Merchant: “Well?”

Disciple Nobleman: “The Queen said that, even if she stayed in the Palace of Ice and Snow, she probably wouldn’t be of much use. It’s a nice time of the year, so she intends to go to various countries and sample their meatbuns.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “Is it alright to be so relaxed about things?”

Disciple Nobleman: “The Kingdom of Ice and Snow is also known as the Land of Poets. Minstrels come from far and wide and artists find their inspiration there. There’s even a place for a good-for-nothing like myself. It’s the sort of country, where if you can’t relax, if you can’t enjoy a dance or a poetry recital, then you’ll find that you don’t belong.”

Young Merchant: “Then, will you accept my offer?”

Disciple Nobleman: “Which one?”

Young Merchant: “To join the Union’s Council of Ten.”

Disciple Nobleman: “That’s”

Middle Aged Merchant: “Hey! This guy is an outsider!”

Young Merchant: “There’s no such thing as an outsider. If it comes to the exchange of goods and services, there isn’t a single person in this world who is an outsider. That is a result of this world, did you not know?”

Middle Aged Merchant: “…”

Disciple Nobleman: “What will my responsibilities be?”

Young Merchant: “I want you to control the rest of the Councillors.”

Disciple Nobleman: “With whatever way I see fit?”

Young Merchant: “That’s right, I’ll leave it to you. If you need help, you can look for this Middle Aged Merchant here.”

Disciple Nobleman: “We need time, I take it?”

Young Merchant: “When it comes to profit, I think we’re good. But time is of the essence. Both to me, and to your teacher.”

Disciple Nobleman: “I understand… The Queen will be departing on her vacation soon. I’m not good with accounting or with wars. All I can do is keep up with Palace gossip, dance and make merry, but…”

Middle Aged Merchant: (This young man…)

Young Merchant: “Well, well, the place you’re headed to now, could well become a sort of battlefield, couldn’t it?”

Disciple Nobleman: “Yes, I understand. But, if that’s the case, as my friend would say, I would like to ‘die with a serious face’.”

Young Merchant: “Then it’s decided.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “…I understand.”

Young Merchant: “Let’s not rock the boat just yet. Carry on with things as usual.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “What should I do?”

Young Merchant: “Show him around. Take him on the ship and introduce him to the relevant parties. There’s no need to lend him a hand with that. Of course, you should introduce him personally, but it’s best to let him do the talking.”

Disciple Nobleman: “I have just one request.” Smiles.

Young Merchant: “Really? I’m just a poor merchant, though.”

Disciple Nobleman: “Is there a place that serves good wine around here?”

Young Merchant: “I understand… Well, let’s go then.”

Disciple Nobleman: “Yeah, let’s go. Ahh, how fun. I wonder what the new dance at the Central Continent is like!”

Closes door.

Shrewd Accountant: “—Well then.”

Young Merchant: “Yes.”

Shrewd Accountant: “I’ll let you handle the explanation to the Council of Ten.”

Young Merchant: “They’ll all be trying to guess at who the other Councillors are. Since the Religious Faction is probably going to be fairly strong, it’s best to strike while the iron is hot.”

Shrewd Accountant: “Which Councillors are you referring to?”

Young Merchant: “None in particular. But those who did not benefit from her will surely scorn that person.”

Shrewd Accountant: “What should I do?”

Young Merchant: “…Hmm.”

Slaps table.

Young Merchant: “Help me do some financial research.”

Shrewd Accountant: “Huh?”

Young Merchant: “Do up a brief survey of the Liquid Assets of every member of the Union, and the financial profile of each Merchant.”

Shrewd Accountant: “Basically, all the Capital…?”

Young Merchant: “That’s right. To put together the Holy Crusaders will require a large sum of money, and we must be prepared for the next direction that the wind will blow, it could decide the fate of the world.”

—— The Kingdom of Winter, the Palace, the Room where the Scholar is Being Imprisoned

Roar of the crowd outside.

The Hero: “There sure is a big crowd outside.”

The Female Paladin: “That’s right. The Demon King was really popular among the peasantry.”

Elder Maid Sister: “Yes.”

The Hero: “Even though she had such an arrogant attitude.”

The Female Paladin: “Really? There were many among the Templars, the Settlers and the peasantry who considered her to be a living goddess, weren’t there?”

The Hero: “For real?!”

The Female Paladin: “Ugh… If only I had a larger cup size…”



Liquid Assets: Assets which have physical form, but are relatively easy to convert into cash. Hence, this does not include assets which are difficult to sell such as property or real estate; but rather things like expensive electronics, cars or stocks and shares. However, permits and rights do not have physical form and hence are not assets.


Elder Maid Sister: “—— When my sister and I walk along the village roads.”

The Hero: “?”

Elder Maid Sister: “Everyone always smiles and waves at us. They always talk to us chirpily while smiling happily. ‘We harvested lots of potatoes this Summer.’ ‘The wheat crops this Autumn are growing well.’ They would give us berries or eggs to take back to the manor. They would even give us quails. That manor was always filled with things the villagers gave us, there was never a day when the pantry was empty.”

The Hero: “Is that so?”

The Female Paladin: “…Sounds like that village.”

Elder Maid Sister: “Everyone was really good to us, they would always say that my sister and I were cute. Or that the Mistress was really helpful. Or that they were grateful to us for our help and wished they could help us more in return. Or that they were thankful for the potatoes. Sometimes, they would bring their babies to the manor, so small they felt like leaves in our hands. So that they would grow up to be smart and kind, they said. They even said that the Mistress had managed to turn me from a serf into a real lady.”

The Hero: “…”

Elder Maid Sister: “That was a really great village. The place we ran away from was a neighbouring village that never treated us as well. In the Village of Wintering, the settlers, the landlords, even the serfs all worked as hard as they could. Everyone was strong and healthy. They would sing the songs they learnt from the Holy Order as they harvested the wheat fields at dusk, no matter how late it got, you could still hear them singing.”

The Hero: “Yeah.”

Elder Maid Sister: “…It will be sad to leave that village.”

The Female Paladin: “You’ll definitely find great people at the next place you live in.”

Elder Maid Sister: “…Yes.”

The Female Paladin: “Is the King on his way?”

The Hero: “It seems the exchange will take place at the centre of the plaza.”

The Female Paladin: “He wants everybody to see.” Grits teeth.

The Hero: “That’s a… pragmatist.”

Roars from the crowd.

The Female Paladin: “I will have to go soon too. If the Holy Order of the Lake is to remain here, I’m going to need the approval of that despicable man. How unclean.”

Elder Maid Sister: “Umm”

The Female Paladin: “?”

Elder Maid Sister: “Have a safe trip.”

The Female Paladin: “Elder Maid Sister. I count you as my friend. Do not worry, everything will be fine.”

Runs off.

The Hero: “…Alright. I’d better disappear as well. You might think that I’m not there, but I will be watching you from nearby. Are you alright?”

Elder Maid Sister: “Yes.”

The Hero: “You’ll be fine. If you ever feel scared, just remember that I will surely save you within two days. Please endure just a little bit longer—I’m sorry I couldn’t do more for you. But protecting the people of this Kingdom is the responsibility of me, the Female Paladin and the King.”

Elder Maid Sister: “Yes…”

The Hero: “What is it?”

Elder Maid Sister: “No… I”

The Hero: “?”

Elder Maid Sister: “No… It’s nothing.”

The Hero: “…? Alright, I’ll be going. I will always be watching you.”

Elder Maid Sister: “Yes.”

Runs off.

Elder Maid Sister: “…… ……”

Elder Maid Sister: “I…”

Elder Maid Sister: “…”

Elder Maid Sister: “Why am I so useless…”

—— The Palace of Death, the Depths of Darkness

Ghastly wailing.

The Demon King: “I… really don’t want… to show this place to the Hero…”

Kill! Kill! Kill all the Humans! Break down the Gate! The world belongs to Demonkind. The world belongs to Demonkind!

The Demon King: “That’s wrong… you just want the world to become… yours.”

Is that so wrong?!

Is that bad?! These are the fruits of the victories which I seize with my own two hands. With my sword and my shield. The winner takes it all! That is what has been going on since ancient times! That is the rule of the land!

The Demon King: “How vulgar… since ancient times? In that case, I will create a new… a better… system for the world. How annoying…”

And how will you do anything with those pathetic powers of yours? The world has no need of such a weakling.

The Demon King: “There are…. Many types of… power…”

In the end you’re just making excuses for your weakness. My power, my unparalleled Demon power, you have come here seeking my invincible, battlefield-destroying abilities, have you not? Fine, I will give them to you, and take your soul as well!

The Demon King: “Stop right there… I am… Already sold.”


That’s right, Demon King. New Demon King! You have someone that you like, you really are just a girl. But even if you love him, how will you stop your love from being ripped apart? You are the Demon King, and he is the Hero!

The Demon King: “Such issues are outdated, and caused by the previous generations. All you knew how to do was kill or be killed. I will get rid of this problem.”

But, while you’re in this darkness, I have the power here. Bwahahahaha! How will someone like you, who’s shaking like a leaf on a tree, protect herself from me? Bwahahahaha!

The Demon King: “That’s…. Ahh… That’s… Definitely…” Coughs.

Suffer! Leave your body to me. I will give you my power, the ability to cleave the lands and split the seas.

The Demon King: “Hehe.”

What’s so funny, New Demon King?

The Demon King: “Ahaha…. Cough cough cough… At this rate, I don’t want… to let the Hero see me…. I’ve become… repulsive… and I’m no longer cute… or appealing… At the very least… I’m impure…”

What a pointless attitude! This is what it means to be swallowed by the darkness! The Demon King is nothing more than a vessel for the previous generations of Demon Kings!

The Demon King: “…Then… The remains of this vessel… will rise up against your will… Cough cough cough… from… within… Do you understand…?”

Forget it! Forget it! You will have no soul!

The Demon King: “…Hero, your black hair… is so fluffy… Ahh, it’s warm. I always want to… feel it…”

—— The Kingdom of Winter, Court of Justice and Royal Parade Square

Mumbling among the crowd.

Butler: “What a huge crowd.”

Seneschal: “It seems all the neighbouring villages came to give their support.”

Butler: “I hope they don’t start anything…”

Seneschal: “Shall I increase the security?”

Butler: “Please do.”

Mumbling among the crowd.

Don’t push, don’t push. Look, on the stage?

Is that the King? No, look carefully, our King doesn’t look so poor. Is that the Hero?

Don’t tell me the Scholar really is a heretic? I won’t believe it.

Anyone else but the Scholar…

Ah! Look! The King, the King has come!

Lone Winter King: “…Ladies and Gentlemen, justice will be served today.”

Grand Inquisitor: “Your Majesty, as we agreed, did you arrest her?”

Lone Winter King: “Hand her over.”

Security Trooper: “Please step over there.”

Elder Maid Sister: “…”

Scholar! It’s the Scholar! Really, it is!

That’s right, my son learnt farming techniques from her.

That’s right, I learnt how to properly raise the pork from the Scholar as well.

She’s the one who took care of my sick sister… Are they sure?

Could the Scholar really be a heretic! Holy Spirit have mercy on us all!

Grand Inquisitor: “Mmhmm, there’s no mistaking it, is there? There’s no point using a substitute. There are many people here who know and recognize the Scholar, it is clear that it is the Crimson Scholar in the flesh.”

Lone Winter King: “Are there any objections?”

Grand Inquisitor: “None. Bring out the accused!”

Inquisitor: “Yes!” Shoves.

Inquisitor: “Do not resist!” Shoves.

Elder Maid Sister: “…”

Lone Winter King: “…”

Grand Inquisitor: “Right then, Lone Winter King, Female Paladin. The Church thanks you for your cooperation. We understand that you have no relationship with this heretic, we are impressed by your generosity of spirit and your devotion to the cause of the Holy Church.”

Lone Winter King: “We are greatly obliged.”

The Female Paladin: “…Yeah.”

Grand Inquisitor: “Heh. What an admirable attitude. That is good. There is nothing that can damage the strong relationship between the Southern United Kingdoms and the Central Continent. Our cooperation against the Demon Race will remain ever strong and powerful. Is that not right, your Majesty?”

Lone Winter King: “…”

The Female Paladin: “…”

Grand Inquisitor: “Heh.”

Grand Inquisitor: “Inquisitors, bind this heretic. I want her in chains and in cuffs! Let’s take her to the Holy Capital.”

Inquisitor: “Yes!”

Butler: (Yes, please do that. Young man. I’m sorry, to have to do this to an innocent girl… That’s the sort of world we have to live in today…)

Inquisitor: “Let’s go, manacles!”

Elder Maid Sister: “!”

Grand Inquisitor: “Are you resisting? Truly the eyes of a heretic. What do you have to say for yourself, you betrayer of the Holy Spirit, you user of Demons!”

The Scholar… That must be a lie, right? How could she be a heretic? Her skin is all parched and she’s bleeding… Spirit Above… My sister owes her life to her, right? What wrong has she done? I-I can’t watch any longer.

Elder Maid Sister: “I would like… to speak to everyone, as a person with a soul.”

Crowd mumbles.

Elder Maid Sister: “…I was born… into a family of serfs.”

Serfs?! Really?!

I wouldn’t have believed she was a serf?!

Elder Maid Sister: “The life of a serf was really difficult… Of course, it was different from what landowners and noblemen experience, but at the very least, my childhood was extremely tough. I was the third among a family of seven children. My brother broke his wrist while working in the fields, and was thrown aside despite his pain and suffering. My sister was summoned one day by a group of nobles, and she never returned.”

Crowd mumbles.

Elder Maid Sister: “One clear winter morning, my youngest brother, did not wake up. My sisters had also contracted Smallpox. I couldn’t do anything to help them. In the end, all that remained were my two youngest sisters and myself…

One day, I ran away on a cart with my sisters, that was a flash of destiny, that held so much hope… But at the same time, I was extremely troubled.”

Elder Maid Sister: “All this while…”

Crowd murmurs.

Elder Maid Sister: “Destiny has been warm and kind to me. That was the first time I could say such kind words and mean them. — Don’t worry. Everything will be fine.”

Elder Maid Sister: “But, everyone. Noblemen. Soldiers. Settlers. Serfs. I must reject the kindness that you are showing me. Even though these are the hands which have shown me kindness. Even though you are kind to me. Because you are kind to me. I must reject it.”

Crowd murmurs.

Elder Maid Sister: “Because I am a Human. — I do not have confidence in myself. Doesn’t the blood of a pathetic serf flow through these veins? Am I not a human being who is worth just as much as an insect? Such thoughts and impressions are surely in your heart somewhere. But, especially because of that, I want you to know that I am a Human. I fulfil every condition that comes with being a Human.”

Elder Maid Sister: “When the sun shines through my butts on an early morning day, and your eyes are bathed in its warm glow, do you not feel warm in your heart? Are you not thankful for the kindness and blessings the world has shown to you? That is proof that each of us are the beloved children of the Spirit of Light!”

Grand Inquisitor: “Heresy!”

Elder Maid Sister: “I do not care if you call me a heretic. I am a Human, I have received the blessings of the people of the Village of Wintering, my friends and comrades.”

Elder Maid Sister: “Everyone… Hope. Believe. Think. Do not cease to work. The Spirit… The Spirit will continue to bestow miracles onto us all, and charge the land with her blessings, he will give freedom to our fragmented souls.”



Smallpox: A disease transmitted through the air with a high death rate. It is a scary disease that leaves pock marks on a person’s skin even after he has recovered, that last for a life time. During the Colonialisation of the Americas, white people brought smallpox to the Native Americans who had never developed a resistance to it, resulting in the near annihilation of their race.



Elder Maid Sister: “That’s right. The freedom to do good things. The freedom to be better people. The Spirit created humans capable of doing good, and the freedom to work hard every day, for the things we want to achieve. I am—happy for this.”

Elder Maid Sister: “That is why we must work hard and never give up! We are all gifts from the Holy Spirit of Light, even if you are the King! Even if you are the Church! Each and every one of us is a Holy Treasure!”

Grand Inquisitor: “Heresy! Shut that mouth of yours!”

Elder Maid Sister: “I will not. I am a Human. I am a Holy Treasure of the Spirit. I will not go back to being an insect. No matter how hard it is, how much suffering I have to endure, I will hold on my treasure and I will never again return to that dark slumber. Because there is light! Because I will do good things!”

Grand Inquisitor: “Stone this heretic! Do something! Citizens, stone this heretic and shut her mouth! All who do not, are traitors!”

Crowd murmurs.

Elder Maid Sister: “Stone me if you feel like it. In this world, to protect your families, to protect yourselves, sometimes you have to stone people. I will bear this responsibility. Because I am a Human just like yourself.

If there are any among you who wish to stone me to save yourself or others, then you should. This freedom of choice is again something that we humans possess. I bleed just as you will bleed, and I will bear the burdens on my body.”

Lone Winter King: “…Hehe.”

Elder Maid Sister: “But those who will stone me, because they have been instructed to stone me and for no good reason! You are just insects. You have no free will, you have given the gifts bestowed upon you by the Spirits to somebody else. Those who do not think for themselves are just insects. No matter how easy it is to take such a route, those who give their gifts away are just insects. I despise insects. I will not become an insect. Because I am a Human!”



Stones flying through the air!

Grand Inquisitor: “Stop! You’re supposed to stone that disgusting heretic! You uncontrollable peasants! Damn you! Arrest them! Arrest everyone here! Inquisitors! It’s obvious now that she’s a Heretic! This woman! Chop off her head!”

A-ahh. The Scholar. What the Scholar said is…

Elder Maid Sister: (I’m sorry, Hero… I said I would leave it to the Hero, but… I cannot any longer. Chief Maid. I had hoped to call you… Just one time… ‘Teacher’…)

Blocks with sword.

Lone Winter King: “I won’t allow any of that.”

The Female Paladin: “…” Sword flashes. “Can you stand?”

Elder Maid Sister: “Yeah… Yeah…”

Grand Inquisitor: “What is the meaning of this?!”

Lone Winter King: “I am the King of this land!”

Grand Inquisitor: “!”

Lone Winter King: “But, I stand before you as a Human. I was the ruler of a Kingdom that was merely the dog of the Central Continent, a dog that was chained and tied up, in enduring this suffering, this pain, and without intending it, along the way, my heart became that of an insect.

…But, this girl has taught me something. I was just scared. And I will become a source of pride for the people of my Kingdom!”

Lone Winter King! Lone Winter King! Lone Winter King!

Long live the King! Long live the King! And the Female Paladin!

The Female Paladin: “I am one who has devoted her life in service to the Spirit of Light, Grand Inquisitor, I am ashamed of your behaviour. And of the behaviour of the Church of the Central Continent. The Spirit of Light once said, “Do right what you have done wrong.” That is why she gave each of us the freedom to make mistakes…”

Grand Inquisitor: “What are you trying to say, you fools?!”

Lone Winter King: “My Kingdom of Winter will officially protect the Crimson Scholar.”

The Female Paladin: “The Order of the Lake will declare the Crimson Scholar a saint.”

Grand Inquisitor: “?!”

Crowd roars.

His Majesty, His Majesty is going to protect the Scholar!

I knew the Scholar wasn’t a heretic!

The Templars have said it, she’s a saint!

Go back! Go back! Go back to your country, Grand Inquisitor!

Stones flying everywhere!

The Female Paladin: “Please leave, Grand Inquisitor.”

Lone Winter King: “If this is a scheme of the Church, then… I trust we will see it again in another form. But for now, you will leave.”

Grand Inquisitor: “Oh! I will remember this! This heretical nation! Those who betray the Spirit of Light and His Church in the Central Continent, will not long exist on this earth!”

—— Epilogue

A Game of Life which is intertwined with the future.

A Cellular Automaton of hope and disappointment.

Where every ray of light seems to fade into the dark, she endures excruciating pain. The pain is more like regret than the pain of loss, as her limbs are bound by the curse of the darkness she writhes in.

Lives will be made and countless will be lost.

The Demon King and the Hero, they will save the descendants of life! The world is massive and overflowing, and life comes in many forms. That which is beautiful will stay beautiful, that which is strong will stay strong. In order to preserve this balance, who knows how much blood will be shed?

While she was gone, the world has changed.

While she will probably save the world, she has also ripped the world as we know it apart.



Game of Life: This is a computer model created in 1970 by the British mathematician John Conway, it attempts to simulate the rise, fall and alterations of a society of living organisms. It is a type of cellular automaton.

Cellelular Automaton: A cellular automaton is a type of computer model which lays down a set of simple rules along a large grid of cells by which a virtual object is created or destroyed, in an attempt to simulate what would happen in real life situations. This is particularly useful to Mathematics, but is also applied to Biology and Chemistry.


Is this an unforgiveable sin? She will have to bear the responsibility of her actions.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

Apologies can be ceaseless, and this chain of apologies, were more like curses one makes against oneself.

A long time has passed. She cannot tell, but she has already forgotten the feeling of that black hair against her finger tips, the warmth of her love.

Those who forget what it means to live, are not actually living. Those who forget their original objective, even if they keep going forward, even if they continue every step, they forget pain, and just keep on walking. Occasionally, they come across a familiar scene, but they do not remember what it is.

If they do recall the scene, the pain is enough to make them stop their steps. To keep on moving forward, to carry on with your life, it is best to forget.

She was no exception. She forgot.

The words they exchanged, the feeling of him against her finger tips, the strong gusts of wind from the wide open air.

She no longer understood the responsibility she had for the people in the World below. This soul born in inky blackness knew only to move forward, and to destroy things in her way.

As her limbs were bound, her soul clutched on to an idea, all that was left of her original consciousness, and she simply prayed. “Save the people of the world” “Restore balance to the Universe”.

“And let us meet again—“

What she would say when they did meet again, what she wanted to say, more than anything else, was soon forgotten.

A green light flashed from time to time in this inky blackness, she curled up and writhed in pain, as her voice was drowned by the dark of the abyss.

To be continued in Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Volume 2…

< Chapter 10                                                                                                                        Maps and Explanations >


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