Volume 1 Chapter 4

Chapter 4, “Please don’t disregard the people”


—— At the Village outskirts, in the Mansion of the Demon King, Central Hall

The Female Paladin: “Well then, is this all you have prepared, my Lords?”

Disciple Nobleman: “Pant, pant.”

Disciple Merchant: “…Ughhh. Die!”

Disciple Soldier: “…”

The Female Paladin: “Then, allow me to explain the weapons. What you currently have in your hands is an exceptionally precise weapon from the Southern United Kingdoms’ Army, the Longsword. This weapon has strength, very good balance, and as a product of the Kingdom of Steel, exceptional quality. Balancing and redistributing the weight is the key to deciding the outcome of any battle with this weapon, hence, properly consider the grip you have on this weapon.”

Disciple Nobleman: “…”

Disciple Merchant: “…”

Disciple Soldier: “E-enough nonsense!”

The Female Paladin: “What did you say?”

Disciple Nobleman: “…”

Disciple Soldier: “I said that this is stupid. Why do we have to be thought swordsmanship by a woman?”

The Female Paladin: “…”

Disciple Soldier: “When the White Swordsman was teaching swordsmanship, he did not accept women as disciples. Women deserve to be at home making cakes.”

The Female Paladin: “Hey, fat boy.”

Disciple Merchant: “Wh-what?? M-me?”

The Female Paladin: “Grasp the sword firmly in both hands.”

Disciple Merchant: “…Uhh. Like this…?”

The Female Paladin: “HA!” Sword flashes.

Disciple Nobleman: “?!”

Disciple Soldier: “!”

Disciple Merchant: “Th-th-the sword! It’s split! Into two!”

The Female Paladin: “HA!” Sword flashes.

Disciple Merchant: “I-it’s become shorter!?”

The Female Paladin: “If you keep this in mind, you will be able to slice even just 5cm off a blade.”

Disciple Soldier: “H-h-how?”

The Female Paladin: “That soldier boy over there.”

The Female Paladin: “I am a female Paladin of the Lake Country. I am a woman who has fought at least a thousand battles alongside the Hero in the Demon World.”

Disciple Nobleman: “T-the great Hero!?”

Disciple Merchant: “?!”

Disciple Soldier: “Don’t tell me you’re the ‘Demon Knight’?! The ‘Empress of Mythical Power’?! The ‘Wall-Destroying Female Guardian of Heaven’?!”

The Female Paladin: “You seem quite familiar with me.”

Disciple Soldier: “…” Shudders.

The Female Paladin: “I wouldn’t call this Mythical Power, it’s really just technique… By keeping the blade still and concentrating power on a particular area, even you, gentlemen, will be able to utilise this technique. As for the Hero… Ah—The White Swordsman, is too much of a prodigy. His constantly ‘whatever’ way of doing things, as his teacher, is just completely unsuitable.”

Disciple Merchant: “Don’t tell me… The White Swordsman is your disciple!?”

Disciple Nobleman: “I-is that so!”

Disciple Soldier: “Is that true…”

The Female Paladin: “H-hmm. Anyway. The White Swordsman is on an Imperial Quest.”

Disciple Nobleman: “Imperial Quest… Is that by order of the King?”

Disciple Soldier: “A quest! That’s the sort of thing a real man is supposed to do!”

The Female Paladin: “In any case, starting from now on, I’ll be taking over your training four times a week.”

Disciple Merchant: “U-understood!”

The Female Paladin: “I’m different from the White Swordsman in that I intend to combine theoretical and practical methods, teaching you from the basics up. I will train your combat abilities so that you can use them for a practical purpose.”



Longsword: A one-handed, straight, double-edged blade commonly used by the knights of the Middle Ages. Its length is 80 – 90 cm and it weighs 1.5 – 2 kg. It was made for attacking enemies while on horseback, and would not break or bend upon contact with armour.


Disciple Nobleman: “It is an honour to receive training from a comrade of the Hero.”

Disciple Soldier: “From what you have said, there’s nothing for it then. I will diligently pursue the Way of the Blade.”

The Female Paladin: “Then to begin with, run three rounds around the forest to the North. After that do one round while practice-swinging. When you get to the stream, go up to waist level in the water and do 500 swings of the sword.”

All Three: “Whaaaaat?!”


—— The Demon King’s Mansion, in the Office

Cicadas chirping.

The Demon King: “You’re very lively today.”

The Chief Maid: “That is to be expected. However, the Female Paladin seems to be having quite a lot of fun over there?”

The Demon King: “Is that so? I’d have expected her to be as mad as a badger with an arrow in its butt that the Hero just up and left.”

The Chief Maid: “The kind of person who would devote everything when given a task. What a cute person.”

The Demon King: “Hmm.”

The Chief Maid: “Her body is even more toned than yours.”

The Demon King: “Hmm.”

The Chief Maid: “No, no. Your style isn’t bad as well. The places where you should really have volume are very impressive indeed. A truly immodest and sexy body.”

The Demon King: “Your way of describing things is truly immodest.”

The Chief Maid: “However while your body may be sexy and even soothing, your personality is neither sexy nor soothing. This completely unrelated point may prove to be your Achilles Heel.”

The Demon King: “Let’s drop this subject.”

Bang bang, clang clang, klink klink.

The Chief Maid: “What’s that sound!?”

The Demon King: “Hmm. I’m conducting an experiment with the help of a craftsman I’ve hired. We’ll have to test it out and note the bits that need improvement.”

The Chief Maid: “What is it for?”

The Demon King: “It’s for something called a Compass. What he’s making now is an improvement for it. These two shafts and this large glass orb will keep the compass inside level.”

The Chief Maid: “Hmm. So what was it like before you improved it?”

The Demon King: “We just floated a magnet on water. Look, it’s really the same concept for that thing floating inside.”

The Chief Maid: “I sort of understand. But it’s really become a great deal bigger, hasn’t it?”

The Demon King: “There’s no choice. This is an experimental model. To make it more practical, we’ll probably have to make smaller models.”

The Chief Maid: “What sort of improvements does this have?”

The Demon King: “Hmm, compasses are used for determining direction. The magnet on the water surface inside here will turn and demonstrate which way is North… For this to happen, it is critical that the water surface is perfectly level.”

The Chief Maid: “Uh huh.”

The Demon King: “People who really need to know the direction will be on ships right? It is an exceedingly difficult task to keep the water level on a rocking ship or on a day with a strong breeze.”



Compass: Essentially a lodestone for determining direction. It was invented in China in the 11th Century and transmitted to Europe around the 13th Century. The suspension-type compass was invented in 16th Century Italy.


The Chief Maid: “Then what have people been doing up to now?!”

The Demon King: “Persistence?”

The Chief Maid: “…”

The Demon King: “…”

The Chief Maid: “Humans are impressive, aren’t they?”

The Demon King: “Well, with this suspension-type system, while finding a place to install it may be difficult, even on a rocking ship, the compass will be kept steady as it is suspended.”

The Chief Maid: “Hmm. And it would be possible even if you weren’t a persistent person.”

The Demon King: “No. The Female Paladin once told me that to be human is to be persistent, hence persistence is ultimately necessary. What this helps to reduce is the skill required. Compass navigation requires a highly specialised skillset. This simple add-on will help to increase the number of skilled operators.”

The Chief Maid: “But this village isn’t even on a coast, is it?”

The Demon King: “Hmm. This device is for selling.”

The Chief Maid: “Did you not buy it for them?”

The Demon King: “We need an honest method for these people to accumulate money, and hence come into contact with The Union.”

The Chief Maid: “As this is within the expertise of the Demon King, I will leave it to you then.”

The Demon King: “Leave it to me.”

The Chief Maid: “On an unrelated note, shall we have potatoes for dinner?”

The Demon King: “Hmm, I would really love some fried potatoes.”



—— The Demon World, the Beast Fang Tribe, Stronghold of the Black Wolves

Demon Wolf: “Growl…”

Demon Wolf: “Auuuuuuuuu!”

The Hero: “Whoa. You’ve all gathered here.”

Demon Wolf: “Growl… Bark! Bark!”

The Hero: “You guys. If you don’t want to get hurt then go away!”

Demon Wolf: “Bark?!”

Demon Wolf: “Ha… Ha… Ha… Whimper!“

Winged Fairy: “Mr Black Knight, over here!”

The Hero: “Do I know you?”

Winged Fairy: “The Queen. Over here!”

The Hero: “Leave it to me! Curse of Explosions!”

Winged Fairy: “Up here~!”

Black Wolf Guard: “None shall pass.”

The Hero: “Demon, eh? Get out of the way!”

Crash! Rumble!

Winged Fairy: “The Black Wolf Tribe. There are even bigger things here.”

Black Wolf Guard: “Don’t worry, your journey ends here.”

The Hero: “I really didn’t want to kill anyone, but hah!”


Winged Fairy: “You poked his forehead?!”

Black Wolf Guard: “Mommy!”


The Hero: “I didn’t even cut you.”

Winged Fairy: “There’s more coming this way!”

Black Wolf Guard: “Intruders!”

Black Wolf Guard: “Who are they? What strange people”

Black Wolf Guard: “Despite knowing that this is our Demon Tyrant Army’s.”

Black Wolf Guard: “Black Wolf Stronghold, they still dare to attack?!”

The Hero: “How annoying.”

Winged Fairy: “Y-you mustn’t! Don’t damage the Stronghold!”

The Hero: “Oh, right. There’s a Queen at the top of it.”

Winged Fairy: “That’s right.”

The Hero: “In that case!” Boom!

Black Wolf Guard: “He took down the wall bare handed?!”

Black Wolf Guard: “Run away!”

The Hero: “This technique needs a bit of distance… Don’t stand around, if we don’t get there in time, it’s a matter of life and death~ Ah, I think I sprained my back from that.”

Winged Fairy: “Amazing!”

The Hero: “As directly transmitted from the Great Sage! Sung about in the great legends! ‘The Sealing Lance of Light’!”

Rumbling in the distance.


—— At the Top Tower of the Black Wolf Stronghold

Winged Fairy: “Pant, pant.

The Hero: “I’m sorry.”

Winged Fairy: “You’re mean.”

Queen of the Fairies: “What is this?”

The Hero: “Oh. Is that her?”

Winged Fairy: “Your Majesty!”

Queen of the Fairies: “Aren’t you the Winged Fairy?”

The Hero: “Nice to meet you, I apologise that I do not come bearing gifts.”

Winged Fairy: “Your Majesty, this here is a hero of the humans.”

Queen of the Fairies: “I can tell.”

The Hero: “I’m a hero.”

Winged Fairy: “I’m really smart— ♪”

Queen of the Fairies: “Please hurry and flee. If the Demon Wolf General arrives, we won’t be able to beat him.”

The Hero: “Even though I already have?”

Queen of the Fairies: “What? So humans have this sort of power. But, that’s not all! Behind the Demon Wolf General is an even more fearsome power in the Demon World, an unparalleled warrior, the Black Wolf King…”

The Hero: “I took him down too. Last week.”

Queen of the Fairies: “?! Y-you are!”

Winged Fairy: “The Black Knight, a human.”

The Hero: “Yeah. I’m the Black Knight. The sword of the Demon King. I’m a correctional officer doing my best to preserve loyalty and order in the Demon World.”

Winged Fairy: “So cool.”

Queen of the Fairies: “Is that so… It’s true that the seal on that armour belongs to the Demon King. Wait, don’t tell me that’s the Demon King’s personal armour…?”

The Hero: “I do not have the words to reply to your question.”

Winged Fairy: “Super cool~”

Queen of the Fairies: “So you’re here to eradicate the race of the Black Wolves that dare to oppose the orders of the Demon King, constantly making a sport out of the mindless slaughter of human beings and regularly sacking even Demon cities and villages.”

The Hero: “Nope, it was really a split second decision.”

Winged Fairy: “…”

The Hero: “Ahem. —Well. I can overlook the violence of the Black Wolf Tribe. But while this does not mean that we have to be charitable to humankind, the word of the Demon King is absolute. I will not forgive those who oppose it.”

Queen of the Fairies: “You’re a human! Why are you so loyal?”

The Hero: “Hahahaha. I am the Black Knight. None can stand against me! I am the sword of the Demon King.”

Queen of the Fairies: “You really live up to the expectations of the Demon King.” Beams

The Hero: (This is a really good atmosphere! Even though I’m a lackey of the Demon King.)

Winged Fairy: “Your Majesty.”

Queen of the Fairies: “Yes?”

Winged Fairy: “Shall we search?”

Queen of the Fairies: “Search?”

The Hero: “Yes. That’s right. Uhh. By orders of the Demon King, I am to search for a particular human. To begin with, I am here for Your Majesty, the Black Wolf Tribe is just a side quest if you will.”

Winged Fairy: “The human girl who came to Your Majesty!”

Queen of the Fairies: “Ahh. That mage…”

The Hero: “Where is she now?”

Queen of the Fairies: “She was hiding a superb set of magical abilities. Having learnt Fairy Magic, she left on a journey to seek even greater abilities.”

The Hero: “A journey? Where to?”

Queen of the Fairies: “I’m afraid I do not know, but…”

The Hero: “Just how much effort is she going to make me expend, that emotionless girl. Even though she’s already the strongest in the Human World.”

Queen of the Fairies: “That’s right…”

The Hero: “What’s right?”

Winged Fairy: “At the edge of the Demon World, within the waterfall basin of the Falls of the Sands of Time, there is an ancient bench. It is said that travellers who sit on this bench will be able to reach the ‘Cosmic Library’ at the edge of the stars. —She was earnestly researching this myth.”

The Hero: “The Cosmic Library? I understand.”

Queen of the Fairies: “However, this is just a legend. Not even the Fairies know where it is or how to get there.”

The Hero: “This is not an issue. To fulfil the orders of the Demon King, I will be able to find any place in the world!”

Winged Fairy: “So cool!”

Queen of the Fairies: “I will pray for your safety.”

The Hero: “The Demon King wishes for the Tribe of Fairies to return to their original location and continue to treat and enrich the lives of the citizens there.”

Queen of the Fairies: “Long live the Demon King.”

The Hero: “Eh, ahem, ahem. I have already spoken to the remaining members of the Black Wolf Tribe. The Black Wolves were originally honourable citizens. They have promised to become honourable citizens, loyal and upright in their service to the Demon King.”

Queen of the Fairies: “As long as the Black Wolves are no longer a threat to the Fairies, we have no problem with this arrangement. I solemnly swear that we will hold no grudges.”

The Hero: “… I will convey your magnanimity to the Demon King. Then, it is about time. I must leave to find her. If it is fated, I hope we shall meet again.”

Queen of the Fairies: “I will not forget this.”


Winged Fairy: “So cool!!”

Queen of the Fairies: “He has saved the Tribe of Fairies. …So the Demon King has such a subordinate… She’s really changed from the weak, useless figurehead we used to call her. As the Demon King…”

Winged Fairy: “What?”

Queen of the Fairies: “As the Demon King…”

(The Waterfall Basin of the Falls of the Sands of Time—An old bench—The edge of the stars—‘The Cosmic Library’—)

Queen of the Fairies: “The Cosmic Library…”

Winged Fairy: “?”

Queen of the Fairies: “There is one Tribe among the Demons who were confined to the Cosmic Library… This Tribe sought knowledge and could see into the past and the future, they carried with them the ‘Cosmic Knowledge,’ a hunger for knowledge that burns in their souls…”

Winged Fairy: “?”

Queen of the Fairies: “It is said that the Demon King herself is from the Cosmic Library…”


— The Kingdom of Waves, the City of the Gulf, the Chambers of Commerce

Young Merchant: “This is truly amazing. Absolutely astounding. Wonderful.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “Hey. What did you call me out here for?”

Shrewd Accountant: “Isn’t it too early for breakfast? What’s up? Did the wine harvests from the Kingdom of the Lake fail? Or are there movements in the exchange rate of the Holy Kingdom?”

Young Merchant: “Well, take a look at this. I received it yesterday and I’ve just set it up.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “!”

Shrewd Accountant: “Th-this is…”

Young Merchant: “As I thought, you understand as soon as you lay eyes on it.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “A compass? I’ve never seen them come in this shape before.”

Shrewd Accountant: “But I understand just by looking at it.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “I don’t know who or where this craftsmanship is from, but this is something big. Astounding.”

Young Merchant: “Yeah, I feel as if someone threw a huge rock at my head.”

Shrewd Accountant: “These… Two rings allow it to remain level in any circumstance. And it can even be stabilized with this counterweight.”

Young Merchant: “It is exactly as it seems. It doesn’t use any special technological breakthrough, but what a remarkable invention.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “From the way it looks, I’m willing to say the craftsmen from the Kingdom of Copper will be able to make a smaller version. Alright! Oi! Where is this thing from? If you were to commercialise this, we would make a huge killing! You would be able to become a political cadre, no, it wouldn’t even be fantastical to say you might make it into the Council of Ten!”

Shrewd Accountant: “Yes, this invention could be highly profitable for the Union, my comrades.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “You can realize the dream of young merchants everywhere, rising through the ranks at such a young age!”

Shrewd Accountant: “Though I’m sure you would have been able to do it anyway.”

Young Merchant: “This is going to change the world.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “Yes, the world is about to change.”

Young Merchant: “Well, it’ll be difficult.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “Naturally.”

Shrewd Accountant: “Why?”

Young Merchant: “We haven’t thought about the significance of this being here at this particular point in time.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “It’s definitely true that we have a huge opportunity in front of us. Like a large barrel of an excellent vintage wine. I am ecstatic. However, apart from this barrel of wine, are they any others like it? Further, could we be walking into a trap? We are businessmen, not drunkards. We ought to really use our heads to discern the available benefits.”

Shrewd Accountant: “That’s right…”

Young Merchant: “To begin with, the one who invented this isn’t even us, it was delivered to me. We should try to consider the intentions of this person…”

Middle Aged Merchant: “Do you know who it is?”

Young Merchant: “The letter says ‘The Crimson Scholar.’ The sender appears to live in the Southern United Kingdoms, the Kingdom of Winter, the Village of Wintering.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “A small, frozen village.”

Shrewd Accountant: “I don’t seem to have memory of special products from that area. —No, wait.”


Young Merchant: “What is it?”

Shrewd Accountant: “As I recall, I saw the name in the news… Ahh, here it is. The Holy Order of the Lake established a new Branch Order in this village.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “The Order of the Lake? The one in the Kingdom of the Lake? Has its influence already grown to such an extent?”

Shrewd Accountant: “No, this is way out of its area of influence, it’s a very suddenly built Branch Order. It’s clearly not for any missionary purpose, that’s why there was a special report on it…”

Young Merchant: “Hmm. Strange.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “It certainly appears to be connected to me.”

Shrewd Accountant: “Have you had any contact?”

Young Merchant: “Of course I have, that’s very important. In order to derive the most profits from this compass, the Union would need to acquire sole trading rights.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “However, it’s clear that this compass is a revolutionary work. The fact that its revolutionary nature is so easy to understand not only means that it’ll be a powerful business weapon, but it also suffers from the weakness of being extraordinarily easy to imitate.”

Shrewd Accountant: “That’s true.”

Young Merchant: “If the Union keeps the compass a classified secret, we could only install this on ships belonging to the Union and hence boost our trade advantage, or sell this to the entire Central Continent and increase our profits. Either way, we must confer with the scholar who invented this.”

Shrewd Accountant: “While it may be easy to imitate, how can we be sure that this scholar isn’t intending to sell the invention to other organizations or countries…?”

Middle Aged Merchant: “In this case…”

Young Merchant: “I certainly hope it doesn’t come to that. We are merchants, not assassins after all.”


—— The Village of Wintering, late in the Summer

Small Villager: “Hoii, hoii.”

Thin Villager: “Hoii.”

Small Villager: “The weather sure is fine today.”

Thin Villager: “It sure is, the barley is growing great as well.”

Small Villager: “Since the Holy Order was established, we’ve learnt a great deal.”

Thin Villager: “Oh, it’s the Templar.”

Templar: “Good afternoon, working hard today?”

Small Villager: “Good afternoon.” Bows.

Thin Villager: “Good afternoon.” Bows.

Templar: “What are you doing today?”

Small Villager: “I’ll be fishing for trout down by the stream today.”

Thin Villager: “I’ll be gathering firewood.”

Templar: “Excellent.”

Small Villager: “And you?”

Templar: “Hohoho, well actually, the crop we’ve been experimenting with is soon about to derive its second harvest!”

Small Villager: “Even the Templar is excited about it!”

Templar: “Of course, I’m really excited. The Earth has given us its blessings. This is truly an encouraging message from the Spirits of Light. I’m just on my way to report the harvest to the Scholar.”

Small Villager: “I see, I see.”

Templar: “Yeah. This crop is called a potato. It’s sweet and soft and incredibly delicious.”

Small Villager: “Is that right. I want to try it just once.”

Thin Villager: “What does it taste like?”


The Demon King: “Shall I invite you to try some?”

Templar: “Ah, this is the Scholar!”

Small Villager: “Good afternoon, scholar.”

Thin Villager: “Good afternoon, scholar. The weather is great today.”

Templar: “I’m here to deliver a report.”

The Demon King: “Ahh, thank you. I was thinking that it was about time too.”

Maid Elder Sister beams.

Templar: “We’ve harvested it all according to plan. It’s really great. Enough to completely fill two carts.”

The Demon King: “And the soil collection?”

Templar: “As instructed, we’ve stored large amounts from six separate locations. Doing this, even though our Order has been compiling agricultural technology for decades, is still an unprecedented method.”

The Demon King: “I’m happy that the results are encouraging. And this is it?”

Templar: “Yes, they’ve really grown well.”

The Demon King: “Great, let’s celebrate!”

Templar: “Celebrate?”

The Demon King: “The most important thing for spreading the potato is to allow everyone to experience eating it, no? To best way of doing this would be to arrange for a feast.”

Small Villager: “Is that so, Scholar?”

Thin Villager: “Is that really alright?”

The Demon King: “Of course it is. Templar, what do you think? Can we borrow the front courtyard of the Holy Order?”

Templar: “Of course. But I thought the idea was to sell the potatoes to raise funds.”

The Demon King: “Well we do want money, but we don’t need a monopoly. We won’t be able to advance if we don’t stop starvation and create prosperity for everyone. To do this, we’ll need the help of everyone in the village. If each person were to tell everyone he knows that potatoes are amazing, then we should be able to spread the word well enough.”

Small Villager: “Wow, now I really want to eat it, Scholar!”

Thin Villager: “Will we be able to grow it at home as well?”

Templar: “Of course. We’ve tried it ourselves as well and it’s not even as difficult as growing wheat. Of course, there are a few things you need to be careful of, but we’ll teach all of this at the Holy Order.”

Small Villager: “I’ll go home and tell my family at once!”

The Demon King: “Ohh, that’s right. We probably lack the manpower for such a feast. If your wives happen to be free, we would like to request their assistance. What do you think, Master Templar?”

Small Villager: “Ah. Scholar. Our wives aren’t sophisticated enough to help you adequately, but if you really want their help, I’m sure they would love to help you. I’ll go and tell mine right away!”

Templar: “Yes, I’ve already compiled my report, so I’ll be heading back to inform the other Templars and the Grandmaster. Oh that’s right, what should we do about the food?”

The Demon King: “Don’t worry about that. —Can we do it?”

Maid Elder Sister: “Yes.” Bows.

Maid Little Sister: “We can do it! We’ll make a lot!”

Templar: “That’s right, we haven’t done any research on how to cook potatoes.”

The Demon King: “Ah~ I’ve told them lots of times, but they at least need to make fried potatoes, right?”


—— The Kingdom of Winter, the Royal Palace, the Royal Hall of Winter

Prince of Winter: “Old man, hey, old man.”

Butler: “What may I do for you, young man.”

Prince of Winter: “Stop calling me young man. I’m already 20 years old.”

Butler: “What may I do for you?”

Prince of Winter: “Do you know about potatoes?”

Butler: “Hmm. Have you also eaten potatoes?”

Prince of Winter: “Yes I have. They’re delicious!”

Butler: “I’ve heard it was brought here by a travelling scholar.”

Prince of Winter: “On top of being delicious, to think even a destitute country like ours could cultivate it.”

Butler: “Indeed.”

Prince of Winter: “Do we have reports on it?”

Butler: “We do indeed.”

Prince of Winter: “Hmm.”

Butler: “There’s a related chapter in this book.”

Flips page.

Prince of Winter: “So the crop is principally distributed by the Holy Order of the Lake?”

Butler: “It appears to be so. The Holy Order of the Lake has also implemented various charitable improvements.”

Prince of Winter: “Hmm? What sort of improvements?”

Butler: “Well, first they introduced the Four Field Rotation System. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this allows grain agriculture to be carried out for four years without depleting the Blessings of the Earth. Compared to the Three Field Rotation System we used to use, not just wheat harvests, but pig and lamb numbers are also steady.”

Prince of Winter: “Even in Winter?”

Butler: “In Winter, the Livestock are fed clovers. Agricultural implements are also being improved by the Holy Order with the establishment of Order Schools.”

Prince of Winter: “Schools, hmm.”

Butler: “Moreover, they’ve even brought in a Windmill.”

Prince of Winter: “What’s that?”

Butler: “It resembles a Water Wheel, but instead of moving water it uses the flow of wind to move its vanes. It appears that the Holy Order hired a truly remarkable shipwright to construct it. The North of our great country has many highlands but lacks a substantial water body, hence it is indeed practical.”

Prince of Winter: “What do you mean?”

Butler: “Using the power from the windmill, water is carried to the top of the hill. This allows fields to be cultivated in previously non-arable regions.”

Prince of Winter: “… Hmm.”

Butler: “Are you interested in it?”

Prince of Winter: “Well. I’m happy that our tax income will rise, but… Well, this isn’t the sort of thing that can end the war. This potato thing isn’t going to save our country. Well, I don’t think I can help but discount it.”

Butler: “That’s true. Well, I’m not sure about the effect on tax revenue from all our demesnes and villages, but… The involvement of the Holy Order has already brought about a 5% increase in areas under their influence.”

Prince of Winter: “That’s a lot.”

Butler: “Don’t underestimate it. They have managed to achieve this many reforms in less than a year, and we can’t tell what will happen next year.”

Prince of Winter: “The winter wheat harvest is about to begin soon, eh?”

Butler: “This potato can be planted many times through the year.”

Prince of Winter: “Is that so?”

Butler: “It’s very surprising, but yes it is.”

Prince of Winter: “Hmm.”

Butler: “While this isn’t reflected in our tax receipts, it seems that the farmers are very grateful to it for improving their lives.”

Prince of Winter: “I believe what you say, old man.”

Butler: “I am honoured.”

Prince of Winter: “So what should our course of action be?”

Butler: “Hmm. As this has just begun, perhaps it might be best for us to simply observe for the time being.”

Prince of Winter: “Hmm.”

Butler: “I believe that this move of the Holy Order’s, while beginning in our country, is targeted at establishing the rest of the Southern United Kingdoms as part of their territory. I believe that once they achieve their desired results, they will attempt to make contact with the Royal Palace.”

Prince of Winter: “I see. And the Grandmaster of the Holy Order is…”

Butler: “The Female Paladin.”

Prince of Winter: “Is it alright not to have gone to meet her? Are you not acquainted with her?”

Butler: “Well, when I was serving with her, I had the impression that she was a very strong-willed, virtuous lady. She had small breasts, though… She probably hates me as well. I am a traitor after all.”

Prince of Winter: “Is that so… I am sorry. It was unreasonable of me to inquire.”

Butler: “It was not an issue, young man.”

Prince of Winter: “The actions of the Demon King have been dull this year.”

Butler: “I’m afraid the rumours about the Hero may be true after all.”

Prince of Winter: “Even though he wasn’t our direct subordinate, we may have been the ones who forced him to certain death…  Is there no news that might suggest his survival?”



Livestock: Humans rear some animals and they provide goods such as milk, meat or fur for use in human life.


Butler: “None.”

Prince of Winter: “Will this war never end?”

Butler: “If this war were to end, the first country to be completely annihilated is our Kingdom of Winter.”

Prince of Winter: “…”

Butler: “Alongside the other Southern United Kingdoms like the Kingdom of Ice, the Kingdom of the White Night and the Kingdom of Metal, the Kingdom of Winter has a harsh climate and insufficient food supplies. We’re an underdeveloped country. It is because we are at the frontlines of the war with the Demon King that we receive economic assistance and food aid from the Central Continent. While we are often called the Shield of the Central Continent, it would be no exaggeration to say we are merely a tool of theirs. If the assistance were to end, the people would face widespread famine.”

Prince of Winter: “But to let soldiers sacrifice themselves for this without informing them is a betrayal. Is it not just a farce?”

Butler: “It is just a farce. However, even conducting such a farce is the job of a prince.”

Prince of Winter: “… But.”

Butler: “Please have faith, young man. No matter what, you must not throw the people aside.”

Prince of Winter: “I will be glad to give my life on the battlefield. As a warrior of the Frozen Sea, this spirit flows through my bloodline. However, to lie to the people, to trade their lives for the survival of others…”

Butler: “Young man. It doesn’t matter what you want or what you do not want, you are not a warrior but a prince. If you do not concern yourselves with the people, what then? The people require a King who truly cares about his subjects… I have come here for this very purpose.”

Prince of Winter: “… I understand, I will remember your words.”

Butler: “No, I spoke too harshly.”

Prince of Winter: “For how long will this continue… This waste, like a rain that washes away the path.”


—— The Demon World, the Holy Hall of the Dragon Race

The Hero: “…Ugh. I’m tired. And sluggish. And hungry.”

Fire Dragon Lord: “You’ve done well, Black Knight.”

The Hero: “You’re tough yourself, Fire Dragon Lord.”

Fire Dragon Lord: “… I will not retreat.”

The Hero: “I’ve cut off your hands and your tail at least ten times.”

Fire Dragon Lord: “And I will continue to regrow them no matter how many times you cut them off.”

The Hero: “Ugh. Just what should I do?”

Fire Dragon Lord: “Just end my life. For a person with such power, why do you insist on being so half-hearted?”

The Hero: “I did not fight you with the intention of killing you. I simply want you to withdraw your forces.”

Fire Dragon Lord: “This is impossible. For the heroes of the Fire Dragons, it is imperative to seize the Gate City.”

The Hero: “Ahh, so it’s that.”

Fire Dragon Lord: “You too! As the right hand of the Demon King, you should also be working with us to take back the Demon City which the humans have seized from us!”

The Hero: “That is certainly true—“

Fire Dragon Lord: “Why do you hesitate?! Should all humans not be slaughtered?”

The Hero: “For the time being, the Demon King has not given the order to take back the Gate City.”

Fire Dragon Lord: “The Demon King is a coward! If the Demon King were to come from one of the Dragon Race, she would not be such a weak-willed weakling!”

The Hero: “In other words, you intend to overthrow the Demon King?”

Fire Dragon Lord: “…”

The Hero: “This clearly violates the contract. The infighting of the warlords has often threatened to destroy the Demon World, it was extremely difficult to see cooperation restored. Do you wish to do away with that and cause anarchy in the Demon World?”

Fire Dragon Lord: “The Demon King gave no orders to take back the Gate City.”

The Hero: “Yes.”

Fire Dragon Lord: “However, she gave no orders not to take back the Gate City.”

The Hero: “Oh, you noticed.”

Fire Dragon Lord: “Do not use the seal of the Demon King to engage in slander under her name, while we are currently taking back the Gate City, this does not violate the contract because only my race is involved and hence this is an independent decision which I have reached. Nobody can say anything to the contrary!”

The Hero: “If you can win against me.”

Fire Dragon Lord: “Hmm! Kill me if you can! I was born in the magma of the Demon World, I am the Fire Dragon Lord! I will not run nor hide!”

The Hero: “Oh damn. This is difficult, what a troublesome person. How I miss the hero days when I just killed whoever I wanted to… In those days, I never had to do any of this hard work negotiating with people in order not to kill them… Heroing is supposed to be an enjoyable occupation. How strange.”

Fire Dragon Lord: “What are you talking about?! Black Knight! Come!”

Fire Dragon Lord roars and stomps.

The Hero: “Wait! Fire Dragon Lord!”

Fire Dragon Lord: “What is it, Black Knight.”

The Hero: “Then, let me go there.”

Fire Dragon Lord: “…?”

The Hero: “The Gate City is the Holy Land for many Gods of Demonkind. It must be painful for the humans to take it over. I understand that. However, the Dragon Race is also to blame for attacking the Human World and forgetting to guard the city and hence prevent the humans from conquering it in the first place.

Fire Dragon Lord: “That’s…”

The Hero: “Don’t try to make excuses… I understand the humans are despicable, but they did win that city in battle. Victory in battle is holy. Do not forget that unwritten law in the Demon World. Particularly as defeat was induced by carelessness.”

Fire Dragon Lord: “…But—”

The Hero: “Moreover, the place which your troops are poised to attack is the only place in the Demon World where humans reside. It is no simple feat to take back the city. The elite Holy Crusaders are defending it after all. In the worst case scenario, the Fire Dragon Race will be exterminated. Please consider this outcome as well, Fire Demon Lord.”

Fire Dragon Lord: “We will never know until we try!”

The Hero: “Then kindly wait until the spring.”

Fire Dragon Lord: “What?!”

The Hero: “I give you the word of the Demon King, as the Black Knight. That the Gate City will be reclaimed as the personal territory of the Demon King.”

Fire Dragon Lord: “The personal territory of the Demon King?!”

The Hero: “What the Fire Dragons as a race value most is honour, is it not? You cannot allow the Holy Land of Demonkind to be conquered by humans. This emotion is understandable. However, if the Demon King’s Army were to retake the Gate City, then there will be no problem with it becoming her personal territory, will there? By taking back the Holy Land, we can also counter criticisms of the Demon King’s weakness as well, no?”

Fire Dragon Lord: “…”

The Hero: “Say something, Fire Dragon Lord.”

Fire Dragon Lord: “If this does not occur?”

The Hero: “Then we can truly say that the Demon King is weak.”

Fire Dragon Lord: “Then I will show no forgiveness?”

The Hero: “Yeah, the Demon King is no longer suitable. In this case, we will let the title of the Demon King fall to another. I promise this as the Black Knight.”

Fire Dragon Lord: “…”

The Hero: “So?”

Fire Dragon Lord: “So be it.”

The Hero: “Really?”

Fire Dragon Lord: “So be it.”

The Hero: “Oh! Great. I’m so relieved. I was really scared about what I would have to do if I had failed.”

Fire Dragon Lord: “Hmm. You’re welcome to finish me off any day.”

The Hero: “We are both loyal servants of the Demon King. I have no intention of doing that.”

Fire Dragon Lord: “Hmm.”

The Hero: “I will put my life on the line to protect her.”

Fire Dragon Lord: “Gahahahahaha! You really have a fighting spirit! Is anyone there?! Call the Lady!”


Fire Dragon Lady: “Father, your daughter is here.”

The Hero: “Umm. Is this your daughter?”

Fire Dragon Lord: “If you fulfil your end of the promise, then I will give her to you as a wife! Gahahahaha!”

The Hero: “W-Wait! What?!”

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  2. Repeated 1: Winged Fairy: “Winged Fairy: “…”
    Repeated 2: The Hero: “The Hero: “The Cosmic Library? I understand.”

    In conversation with Fire Dragon Lord, isn’t “your sentiment is understandable” a better fit than “this emotion is understandable?”

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