Volume 1 Chapter 6

Chapter 6, “I Choose the Route that Leads to the Other Side of the Hill


—— The Demon World, the City of the Gate, a darkened Inn

The Hero: “Innkeep!”

Innkeeper: “What’s up, bro. You’re covered in something dirty.”

The Hero: “Hmph. What does it matter? This is one of those inns that don’t even bother with cleaning.”

Innkeeper: “Hahaha! Nope.”

Human Soldier: “Gyahahahaha!”

Human Soldier: “Bring over some drink, Demon!”

Human Soldier: “Hurry up or I’ll kill you, girl!”

Human Soldier: “Can we eat your meat?”

The Hero: “…”

Innkeeper: “Ahh, they’re making a fuss again, business isn’t going to be good.”

The Hero: “Really? …Aren’t humans the masters?”

Innkeeper: “Well, you could say that.”

The Hero: “Hmm.”

Innkeeper: “If you just want to drink, you can buy wine and then drink it outside. That’s the cheapest way as well. An inn sells food and atmosphere as well. This sort of commotion is really bad for business.”

Human Soldier: “Hurry up!”

Demon Girl: “Kyaaa!”

Human Soldier: “Do a lap dance as well, won’t you?”

The Hero: “…”

Innkeeper: “Ugh, I guess there’s no choice.”

Innkeeper: “Dear customers, if you would like to enjoy such delights, could you perhaps head to the brothel just behind our inn?”

Human Soldier: “What’s wrong, old man?”

Human Soldier: “Just who do you think you have to thank for the security of this city!?”

The Hero: “Oi, are you alright?”

Demon Girl: “Y-yes. I’m sorry. Please don’t hit me.”

The Hero: “I’m not going to do that.”

Innkeeper: “No, it’s not like that. I understand. She is always thankful to whatever Gods that may be.”

The Hero: “Always?”

Demon Girl: “Y-yes…”

The Hero: “Are there still a significant number of Demons left in this place?”

Demon Girl: “That’s…”

The Hero: (She’s really guarded.)

The Hero: “Take a look at this.” Slides.

Demon Girl: “That’s the seal of the Demon King!”

The Hero: “So how is the situation in the city?”

Demon Girl: “Yes… Your Majesty.”

The Hero: “Call me the Black Knight.”

Innkeeper: “Ah—oh dear. Business is going down again.”

The Hero: “Has something happened?”

Innkeeper: “Ahh, I’m sorry for the commotion.”

Demon Girl flinches.

Innkeeper: “Are you interested in that girl?”

The Hero: “We’re just talking.”

Innkeeper: “Hehe.”

Demon Girl shudders.

Innkeeper: “Well, whatever, this girl’s too scared to work properly. Oi! Go wash the dishes with my wife.”

The Hero: “You have a real beauty here.”

Innkeeper: “I don’t care if she’s a Demon or whatever, she’s a valuable employee who eats the same food as us. I won’t allow anyone to break her, and I’ve never allowed anyone to bully her.”

The Hero: “…”

Demon Girl: “Well then…”

The Hero: “Oi, innkeeper. Lend me this girl for a bit, won’t you?”

Innkeeper: “What?”

The Hero: “I’ll tip. Here.” Coins clinking

Innkeeper: “Hmm…”

Demon Girl flinches.

Innkeeper: “Seems like you’re into this girl. Ah—whatever. At any case, she can’t work, and if she were to go out she might run into those people from just now and that would be really troublesome.”

The Hero: “Ahh, I just need to talk to her about something.”

Innkeeper: “Hahaha, talk to her. Well, whatever. This girl lives in the dormitory at the back, she pays her rent monthly. If you really want to ‘talk to her,’ then you should go over there.”

The Hero: “Ahh, good idea.”

Innkeeper: “How will your accommodations for tonight be?”

The Hero: “Do you have a room? Get one ready for me when I return.”

Innkeeper: “I understand. When it is time for dinner, I will come up and get you. I’m sorry that I can’t bring it up for you.”

The Hero: “Huh? Yeah, don’t worry, I’ll be down when I’m hungry.”

Innkeeper: “Hahahaha. Well, it’s good to eat lots while you’re still young! Hahaha.”


—— The Demon World, the City of the Gate, at a Low-Class Brothel

The Hero: “Well then.”

Demon Girl shudders.

The Hero: “Ah. Why are you so nervous?”

Demon Girl: “I’m sorry. Are you going to do anything?”

The Hero: “No I’m not.”

Demon Girl: “… Eh.”

The Hero: “We moved diagonally from your room and ended up here so we could talk without anyone seeing us.”

Demon Girl: “I’m sorry.”

The Hero: “Ah, it’s okay. Would you like something to drink?”

Demon Girl: “No… That’s, I don’t… No, I… will… drink… something…”

The Hero: “Don’t make a face like you’re going to die. It’s alright even if you don’t drink.”

Demon Girl: “Y-yes…”

The Hero: “Then, I suppose we could have some tea.”

Demon Girl: “Y-yes…”

The Hero: “Umm, I guess that’s it for now.”

Demon Girl: “Yes.”

Human Soldier: “Relax, I’m not going to do anything to hurt you.”

Demon Girl: “Eh, that’s. … Sobs.”

The Hero: “Why are you crying?”

Demon Girl: “I- I- I-”

The Hero: “Calm down.”

Demon Girl: “I’m not very… good… at…”

The Hero: “I don’t understand.”

Demon Girl: “I may not… be able to… perform as you’d like. I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry.”

The Hero: “?”

Demon Girl: “If… If it hurts… Then I’m sorry…”

The Hero: “Hm? …Ah! Ahh!”


—— The Demon World, the City of the Gate, at a Low-Class Brothel

The Hero: “I’m sorry if I was intrusive before, would you please calm down?”

Demon Girl: “Y-yes…”

The Hero: “No, really. This is thirty times more difficult than negotiating with the Fire Dragon Lord.”

Demon Girl: “I-I’m sorry.”

The Hero: “If you keep apologizing, we’re not going to get anywhere.”

Demon Girl: “I-I’m sorry.”

The Hero: “…”

Demon Girl: “…”

The Hero: “Well, to sum it all up simply… The people who run the city are currently the Crusaders and the City Garrison, They control everything from the center of the city to the residential areas… Well, not really control, more like plunder.”

Demon Girl: “Yes…”

The Hero: “How many are there?”

Demon Girl: “…A lot. …I’m sorry.”

The Hero: “How many are there outside the city?”

Demon Girl: “…Outside?”

The Hero: “Watch guards and lookouts.”

Demon Girl: “A lot. There are four divisions.”

The Hero: “Hmm.”

Demon Girl: “They take turns returning to the city. When they return, they do violent, scary… horrible things.”

The Hero: (Hmm… In other words, the cities’ external garrison might be stationed at the four fortresses that I saw on my way in. That’s where the military strength that will oppose the irredentist efforts of the Demon Race is gathered. On top of that, the peacekeeping forces of the City of the Gate are in the middle of the city. Well, it’s to be expected. They don’t need that many people garrisoned here to preserve order. The main battle power is on the outside of the city— Most of the Demons here have been reduced to slaves so a police force is all that’s needed to preserve the peace.

— Even though the military law enforced by the peacekeeping units seems to have degraded. Each fortress can probably hold about 2000 men, the peacekeeping forces in the city probably have 1000 men, on top of that there are probably another 1000 reserve forces and recuperating forces.)

The Hero: “Hmm.”

Demon Girl flinches.

The Hero: “What’s the difference between the units in the city and the units coming back from outside the city? Is there a difference?”

Demon Girl: “Umm, that’s, the difference is…”

The Hero: “You can speak slowly.”

Demon Girl: “Social status? The units in the city have a higher social status. …I think they’re the relatives or children of the nobility.”

The Hero: (So the nobility form the core… They put them in safe places like the City Center.)

Demon Girl: “Every night, they gather up money… and liquor… and become rowdy at the inns… They arrest a lot of demons as well.”

The Hero: (This is a fairly bad situation… If I felt like it, I could probably annihilate one or two thousand of these stupid, useless noblemen’s children, but— That could cause the close to ten thousand soldiers garrisoned in the fortresses nearby to do something horrible to the people. On the other hand, if I wiped out the entire human military, the Demons would be the ones to massacre the humans in revenge. There’s just no way to save the humans…)

The Hero: “How many humans are there like the old man from the inn who aren’t soldiers?”

Demon Girl flinches.

The Hero: “Hmm. Are there a lot?”

Demon Girl: “…There are. The inns, the butcheries, the tailors, the greengrocers, are all owned by humans… There are probably only half as many Demons as humans.”

The Hero: “Are the Demons all slaves?”

Demon Girl: “Slaves… I don’t know… But the hard and painful things, the work which no one wants to do… That’s… what… we…”

The Hero: “I see.”

Demon Girl: “It’s because we lost…”

The Hero: “…”

Demon Girl: “Because the Demons lost, we have to face this evil.”

The Hero: “Demons really live in hell, huh.”

Demon Girl: “…There is no choice. Because we lost.”

The Hero: “That’s…”

Demon Girl: “…”

The Hero: “Is this what I’ve been fighting for as a Hero…? We fought the Earth Dragon King and the Fairy Queen for control over this vital City of the Gate for this? If the Humans win, this is what the entire Demon World will look like, and if the Demons win, will it not be the same?!”


Demon Girl flinches.

The Hero: “No, I’m sorry.”

Demon Girl: “Y-yes.” Shudders.

The Hero: “…”

Demon Girl: “B-but.”

The Hero: “?”

Demon Girl: “The people in the East Fortress aren’t as… violent. Even though they don’t really come to the city… It’s said that… If you’re a Demon and you need to escape, you should escape to the East.”

The Hero: “Hmm.”

Demon Girl: “Black Knight?”

The Hero: “Hm?”

Demon Girl: “Have I been useless…”

The Hero: “Ah, no no no. You’ve been very useful. Thank you for the invaluable information.”

Demon Girl: “Y-yes. And…”

The Hero: “Even so… Just this much… No, the Demon King will probably want to know about money flows… This information isn’t enough… Should I investigate? Maybe I’ll find out more in the city.”

Demon Girl: “This… May be a little rude, but, if you’d like… Black Knight…”

The Hero: “Don’t, spread, your, legs!”

Demon Girl: “Eep! I’m sorry!”

The Hero: “Agh, why does this keep happening to me?! I shouldn’t have to deal with this sort of thing!”


—— The Boarding House at the Outskirts of the Village of Wintering

Disciple Nobleman: “…Ugh”

Disciple Soldier: “…Ugh.”

Disciple Merchant: “I’m going to die. I’m going to die. I’m in the middle of death.”

Disciple Soldier: “Don’t say such heartless things.”

Disciple Merchant: “Are you feeling alright?”

Disciple Soldier: “Hahaha. This is nothing.” Shivers. “Gyahahaha”

Disciple Merchant: “As expected.”

Disciple Nobleman: “Ugh. How can our spirits be crushed by such a small thing.”

Disciple Soldier: “Ohh, you’re unexpectedly strong-willed, Disciple Nobleman.”

Disciple Merchant: “Yeah! What a surprise.”

Disciple Nobleman: “At least let us wash our faces. And our hair… and perfume…” Spaces out.

Disciple Soldier: “…”

Disciple Merchant: “Still strong willed?”

Disciple Soldier: “Well, a lot more strong-willed than when he started.”

Disciple Merchant: “Even though I’ve already gotten used to it.”

Disciple Nobleman: “Ugh…”

Disciple Soldier: “It can’t be helped that the training is tough. This is what it means to have an elite education.”

Disciple Merchant: “At any rate, I never thought I would ever meet someone like the Female Paladin in a place like this.”

Disciple Nobleman: “Ugh. Since returning from the Hero’s expedition to the Demon World, the three heroes seem to have retreated from the world stage…”

Disciple Soldier: “You’ve noticed that? If you’re feeling faint you should just stop.”

Disciple Nobleman: “If I don’t at least break out into sweat, how can I maintain the pride of us nobility.”

Disciple Soldier: “Here, use this.” Passes weights.

Disciple Nobleman: “Thank you.”

Disciple Merchant: “The Female Paladin and the Hero may be cool, but the Scholar’s theories are amazing as well.”

Disciple Soldier: “Huh? Is that so?”

Disciple Merchant: “Yeah, it is. Because I come from a family of Merchants, I’ve been learning things like financial management and math since I was a little child, but the theories the Scholar uses are fundamentally completely different. She really sees things from the macro perspective.”

Disciple Soldier: “Macro perspective? I don’t understand. You mean grubby things like saving money?”

The Disciple Merchant throws down weights angrily.

Disciple Nobleman: “Saving money isn’t a grubby thing, what a soldier-like thing to say. Is your brain filled with miso soup?”

Disciple Soldier: “What!?”

Disciple Nobleman: “All you do is eat food, right? Soldiers don’t grow the wheat, that’s just imported from one or another country, isn’t it?”

Disciple Merchant: “That’s right. Trade and economy are the fundamentals of the world.”

Disciple Soldier: “It’s two against one, this is a bad situation. But even if you say that, Disciple Nobleman, you don’t grow the wheat either, Disciple Merchant, neither do you. And you don’t even have the strength the hold up this longsword.”

Disciple Merchant: “That’s…”

Disciple Nobleman: “That’s why I tried to pick words that wouldn’t start a fight. That’s the brilliant advice from my grandma… My grandma’s the one who put me in this school.”

Disciple Soldier: “Ho.”

Disciple Merchant: “Is that so?”

Disciple Nobleman: “It seems she was charmed by the Scholar after meeting her by accident.”

Disciple Merchant: “Heh! Then she made the choice for you to come here. I come from a Merchant family, my eldest and second brothers will continue the company, but a third son like me has no place to be. It would be scandalous if they just threw me out, so my family threw me here instead. Even though they say it’s for me to make connections in the Kingdom of Winter.”

Disciple Nobleman: “Hmm. Everyone has different circumstances.”

Disciple Soldier: “Indeed—“

Disciple Merchant: “How about you?”

Disciple Soldier: “Nothing.”

Disciple Merchant: “Heh?”

Disciple Soldier: “I don’t have any circumstances. I don’t have any meaningful or deep circumstances or anything. It’s just that my family has been heading downwards. At this rate, we might be unable to achieve honour before we collapse into a completely failed abject knight’s family. To prevent that, I intend to train myself up.”

Disciple Merchant: “…By yourself?”

Disciple Nobleman: “Don’t tell me, you want to?”

Disciple Soldier: “That’s right. Rather than staying at home, isn’t it better to be somewhere comfortable?”

Disciple Merchant: “Of all places why would you pick here?!”

Disciple Soldier: “I could not afford to travel to the Holy Empire.”

Disciple Nobleman: “Ah—“

Disciple Soldier: “It was a great success. If I learn from the Female Paladin, I’ll be able to become an official anywhere I want. I can really take up this path of the warrior.”

Disciple Merchant: “…”

Disciple Soldier: “What’s wrong?”

Disciple Merchant: “What a waste.”

Disciple Soldier: “What do you mean?”

Disciple Merchant: “The lessons of the Scholar. The Scholar’s lessons are biased towards things like economics or finance or history or geography.”

Disciple Nobleman: “She’s only an expert on those issues. She doesn’t know anything about military tactics, doesn’t she? History and the records of warfare are completely different things.”

Disciple Soldier: “Is that so…?”

Disciple Merchant: “I want…”

Disciple Nobleman: “…”

Disciple Merchant: “I want to stop being a third son.”

Disciple Soldier: “?”

Disciple Merchant: “I am currently a third son. My clothes are old. My desk is old. My stationery is old too. Everything I own has been handed down to me from my brothers. It’s what happens when you have two older brothers.

…But, it’s different here. Everything I have here isn’t old. From the Scholar, at least I managed to get some things which aren’t old. And, I get to do business as well.”

Disciple Soldier: “On your own?”

Disciple Nobleman: “Business? Don’t you go home?”

Disciple Merchant: “Yeah, I don’t go back. I can’t tell my family the things I want to tell them, and… I’m no longer close to my brothers. If I go back, there won’t be a share for me.

Since that’s the case, it might be better to just start a new business. I don’t have money or connections or anything, that’s why I’m trying to learn more about business while I can.”

Disciple Nobleman: “I see…”

Disciple Soldier: “That’s… I don’t know a lot about doing business, but…”

Disciple Merchant: “?”

Disciple Soldier: “It’s great that you’re doing well.”

Disciple Merchant: “Yes. Somehow I’m getting by. Well, that’s because I’m a thin person who lives alone. I only use about ten gold pieces a month for myself, I have no one else to care for and I’m content to get along in this manner. Because I have small dreams, I definitely fulfill them.”

Disciple Nobleman: “I want to be part of the Central Continental society, and dance with pretty girls. I’ll get to do so many fun things like going to plays, concerts, operas and balls.”

Disciple Soldier: “You really are the prodigal son.”

Disciple Merchant: “Hahahaha.”

Disciple Nobleman: “Prodigal is such a strong word. I’m just a ceaseless butterfly playing in a courtyard.”

Disciple Soldier: “That analogy hurts my head.”

Disciple Merchant: “Hahahaha. The Disciple Nobleman looks like the sort who would be shy around girls.”

Disciple Soldier: “Is that so?”

Disciple Nobleman: “D-d-don’t say such stupid things! I’m definitely not shy! I’ve got lots of poor ladies waiting for me out there!”

Disciple Merchant: “Eh〜 That’s…”

Disciple Soldier: “Ahahahahahaha!”

Disciple Nobleman: “Hey! Leave me alone! That being said, do you guys have girls that you like?! Spit it out! Spit it out!”


—— The Shore City’s Merchant Association, Association Hall

Young Merchant: “Hmmmm.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “What’s up? With the increased precision, even the craftsmen from the Kingdom of Copper are amazed.”

Young Merchant: “That’s great. —How is the production side?”

Middle Aged Merchant: “We’ve been able to meet the targets. With the cooperation of three workshops, we’ve been able to produce ten units a month.”

Young Merchant: “Hmm, that’s not bad.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “It’s hard work. Everyone’s really gushing with interest in this new gadget, but it’s really just for boosting pride, really.”

Young Merchant: “If I may.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “Huh?”

Young Merchant: “If I may, is it possible to raise production to fifteen units a month?”

Middle Aged Merchant: “Are you serious?”

Young Merchant: “Yeah.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “Why?”

Produces paper.

Young Merchant: “This is a report from the Southern United Kingdoms.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “This is… War, huh.”

Young Merchant: “So it would seem. We are to reclaim the Isle of Light.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “The Holy Capital?”

Young Merchant: “The Holy Capital, and this time, the Church too.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “…”

Young Merchant: “The Church is an organization which incurs a lot of expenses. Without a war with Demonkind, religious piety among the people has reached a nadir. That seems to be the case.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “Donations and alms too.”

Young Merchant: “The issue of the Papal Election is also a factor.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “A naval battle, eh. Well, there’s an opportunity for business.”

Young Merchant: “Of course.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “And that’s why you want to raise production of compasses?”

Young Merchant: “Well, compasses yes, but the production of warships also needs to be raised. We’re pressuring the drydocks of the Kingdom of Waves.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “We’ll get them somehow.”

Young Merchant: “Well, it would be great if we won.”

Unrolls large scroll.

Middle Aged Merchant: “A naval map?”

Young Merchant: “If we can secure the Isle of Light, the Westbound trading route would be open. This route would be far cheaper than our current land route for the transportation of goods.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “Yes it would.”

Young Merchant: “Currently, the productive capacity of the Southern Kingdoms has been increasing.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “You guys had a hand in that.”

Young Merchant: “Yeah.” Smiles. “I wouldn’t want to ruin that.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “Hmm.”

Young Merchant: “Moreover, an informed source has been particularly interested in the herring from the Southern Artic Ocean. The herring stocks are significant.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “How much is there? Do we not already have herring?”

Young Merchant: “About five times of what we have now.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “Isn’t that enough to build a palace out of herring!?”

Young Merchant: “Through some magic, the herring can be turned into wheat.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “Ahh, so your informed source is that beautiful lady of yours?”

Young Merchant: “Hehehe. She is my star.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “How strange of you. I’d always thought you were married for life to money.”

Young Merchant: “There’s a saying about lovers who ‘Sleep in the same bed, but dream different dreams,’ but this girl and I ‘Sleep in different beds, but dream the same dream.’” Above love or infatuation, she’s a very precious partner.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “Sweet-talking, eh, it doesn’t suit you.”

Young Merchant: “But on the other hand, if we lose, it would be…”

Middle Aged Merchant: “Really bad?”

Young Merchant: “There would be an even greater demand for new warships, and an increased emphasis on weaponry, there would be profit to be made.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “But that would be for the Central Continent. It all depends on the favour of the Church, doesn’t it? As long as Demons are there, the war will never end, and the Southern United Kingdoms will just be attacked in succession.”

Young Merchant: “I have no idea how it will all turn out, but…”

Middle Aged Merchant: “It all depends on the battle.”


—— The Kingdom of White Night, the Naval Docks

Soldiers: “…What a great number.”

Soldiers: “Shh…”

Soldiers: “And so it begins.”

Cape drags against floor

King of White Night: “Gentlemen! Heroes who will make history! The Shields of the Human World! The time is now! The stupid Demonkind have extended their dirty hands into our great motherland, this splendid world of light for the last fifteen years! Despite our determined defensive battles, despite our righteous battles, we have traded wins and losses and eventually lost this hallowed ground of the Isle of Light. While we took the key position of the Demon City of the Gate, we too were inflicted a defeat and a terrible loss.”

Prince of Winter: “And what of it? Are you trying to pick a fight with my father?! You stupid Permhead.”

Butler: “Y-young man! He can hear you!”

King of White Night: “But the time is now! Listen up, my Heroes! Assembled before your eyes is the combined navy of the world. Two hundred! Two hundred warships loaded with brave and ferocious warriors will be two hundred swords plunged deep into the hearts of Demonkind! The Southern Arctic Ocean and the Isle of Light is controlled by a pirate who dares to assume the title of the Southern Arctic Shogun. The battle ability of Demon Kind is truly terrible to behold. There are gigantic demons with all kinds of abilities. However, we will take them down with our numbers. Gentlemen, if you lend me your bravery we will surely achieve a victory!”

Prince of Winter: “Oi, oi, really? Old man. If you put soldiers on ships, the numerical superiority will be useless.”

King of White Night: “Well then, board the ships! We will depart. The sun shines high for our victory. At the dawn of the reconquest of the Isle of Light, I can promise a great reward. Every member of the first ship to land on the Isle of Light will receive 100 gold pieces. Heroes, it is time to show your power for the Human World!”


—— The Demon World, the City of the Gate, the Invaded Temple

Door Opens.

The Hero: “This is a really ugly place…”

Demon Girl: “Yes… This is the Temple.”

The Hero: “Oh sorry. Thanks for showing the way.”

Demon Girl: “No, that’s. You paid a lot of money… The Innkeeper was… Very happy. Umm… Me too.”

The Hero: “Oh yeah. The Demons have a lot of different Gods, don’t they?”

Demon Girl: “…Umm, yes.”

Walks around.

The Hero: “Is that so. For the Humans, there is only one Spirit of Light. Must be great to have a lot of Gods!”




Perm: This refers to a Permanent Wave. It is a technique which uses chemicals to style to hair and maintain a long lasting shape. It was first invented in the early 20th century. However, the technique using heat through curling irons or waxing hair in order to create a wave has been around since before recorded history.



Demon Girl: “Really?”

The Hero: “If you anger one God, then the other Gods can help to cover for you, can’t they? Since the Humans have only one Church of the Spirit of Light, it’s really constrained.”

Demon Girl: “That… May be true.”

The Hero: “Hmm… This rubble is really splendid…”

Demon Girl: “Sir Black Knight, why…”

The Hero: “?”

Demon Girl: “Why are you a Knight of the Demon King…? Even though you’re a human?”

The Hero: “Ah〜 I’m actually not a knight or anything, it’s really hard to explain but… In any case, I belong to the Demon King.”

Demon Girl: “You belong to the Demon King?”

The Hero: “Yeah.” Grins.

Demon Girl: “Like an object?”

The Hero: “That’s right.”

Demon Girl: “Then, you lost to the Demon King…”

The Hero: “Eh?”

Demon Girl: “Is that wrong? … I’m, I’m sorry. The Demons… The Demons lost, so we… Lost… This… Freedom… Is that… Wrong?” Shaking

The Hero: “Yeah, that’s right.”

Demon Girl: “So you… Lost?”

The Hero: “No, that’s wrong… Well, in the end it’s like this, but it’s different…”

Demon Girl: “?”

The Hero: “It’s complicated.”

Demon Girl: “Is that so…”

The Hero: “What’s this statue?”

Demon Girl: “It’s an Old God… The Dragon… God. Many people believe in him… He’s a very powerful God… in the Demon World.”

The Hero: “Heh, what kind of God is he?”

Demon Girl: “He’s righteous, and strong… He wields a spear… He’s a God… Like the Demon King.” Shaking.

The Hero: “What’s wrong?”

Demon Girl: “Lesser Demons like me… Aren’t allowed to enter.”

The Hero: “Ahahahaha. What are you scared of in a ruin like this?”

Demon Girl: “These two are…”

The Hero: “They’re so crumbling and ruined.”

Demon Girl: “They’re statues of ravens… It’s likely that in ancient times… This is ‘Memory’ and ‘Wisdom’ is on the right…”

The Hero: “Is that their names? You sure know a lot.”

Demon Girl: “They’re the… Assistants of the Gods… I’ve heard from various sources… that they really perform their duty. Ravens are… Good kids. I’ve heard that… Powerful Demons are capable of using birds with their magic.”

The Hero: “Ahahaha. Is that so? They can summon them, eh? That’s right, the Demon King can definitely use it brilliantly. Yep. Summons… They’re… Uhh… Illusionary life-forms. Created from… Uhh… Mana in the atmosphere…?”

Demon Girl: “?”

Injured Demon: “Die… Die, Human.”

The Hero: “… Is anyone there?”

Demon Girl: “Um… Umm… Let’s go over there.”

The Hero: “What’s that voice?”

Demon Girl: “Umm, in ruins like this, there are people who were heavily injured in the war… There are Demons… Recovering here. I’m, I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to… Hide it from you…”

The Hero: “Yeah.”

Demon Girl: “Umm, Sir Black Knight… Why don’t we go over…?”

Injured Demon: “Die! You cocky humans who dare to steal our Holy City! You invaders of Demon Kind. I curse you a thousand times over for destroying our lives! For destroying our peace! You’re all just rotten disgusting maggots who rob and plunder and invade! Die! I’ll kill you! I curse you for 3000 years!”

The Hero: “No…”

Demon Girl: “But.”

The Hero: “It’s okay.”

Injured Demon: “Ahahahahahaha! Diediediediedie! You will never rest easy again! The spirits of us dead will destroy will destroy every peace you have and submerge the Human World in an eternal and unforgiving darkness!”

Demon Girl: “…”

The Hero: “…”

Crows Calling…

Demon Girl: “Umm, sorry. That’s”

The Hero: “…”

Demon Girl: “That person, he’s… not alone.”

The Hero: “Definitely. You’re wrong, about just now,”

Demon Girl: “?”

The Hero: “I belong to the Demon King, but I didn’t become hers by getting defeated. If you win you get everything, if you win you’re right. If you lose you become someone else’s, if you lose you can’t do anything. That’s not what happened. That’s not what I am. What I am is—a follower of ‘the Route that Leads to the Other Side of the Hill.’”


—-—— The Village of Wintering, the Mansion at the Outskirts of the Village

Maid Elder Sister: “These are the accounts for this month.”

The Demon King: “Mmm.”

Maid Elder Sister: “While the inflows are increasing, they’re fluctuating significantly.”

The Demon King: “It can’t be helped. That’s what happens when you go into a new industry.”

Maid Elder Sister: “But there are no problems with the accounts.”

The Demon King: “It’s because the financial ability is low, hence there are limits to our ability to Hedge.”

Maid Elder Sister: “Hedge? …What’s that?”

The Demon King: “It’s an insurance for periods of crisis. Just, financially.”

Maid Elder Sister: “Yeah… Umm, that’s complicated.”

The Demon King: “You must have heard that the Union has an internal credit system similar to a bank. It is crucial that this Banking system be improved…”

Maid Elder Sister: “There aren’t enough?”

The Demon King: “That’s right.”

Produces a large tube.

Maid Elder Sister: “This is?”

The Demon King: “Oh, this is a Rocket.”

Maid Elder Sister: “Rocket…?”

The Demon King: “Yes, it’s an improved fire arrow. When lit, it flies into the air and explodes over a wide area. Since it uses Naphtha, it has a substantially wider area of effect.”

Maid Elder Sister: “…Naphtha?”

The Demon King: “It’s complex, isn’t it. Well, it’s a weapon.”

Maid Elder Sister: “…”

The Demon King: “What’s up?”

Maid Elder Sister: “As expected, you’re making weapons.”

The Demon King: “… Yeah, it’s stupid not to prepare such things.”

Maid Elder Sister: “Mistress.”

The Demon King: “Yes?”




Hedge: To be precise, risk hedging. Its original meaning is to avoid risk. In order to insure products, futures (goods which are paid for before they are produced) which are likely to increase in price if the price of the product falls are bought.

Banking: The functions of banks are to accept deposits, provide loans and leverage (borrowing money in order to buy things). The first bank was established at the beginning of the 15th century in Italy.

Rockets: In order for the flame not to be extinguished as the rocket flies through the air or pierces through something, cloth is soaked in oil or a similar liquid and stuffed into the back. During Hideyoshi’s invasion of Korea (1592-1598), rocket-like firearms were used by the Korean side.



Maid Elder Sister: “That’s…”

The Demon King: “?”

Maid Elder Sister: “What is war? Why does it start? Why doesn’t it stop?”

The Demon King: “Those are very difficult questions.”

Maid Elder Sister: “I’m sorry.”

The Demon King: “Nope, they’re good. These questions deserve to be asked. But… What?”

Maid Elder Sister: “Even the Mistress doesn’t know?!”

The Demon King: “I barely know anything.”

Maid Elder Sister: “…”

The Demon King: “A war is really just a very big dispute.”

Maid Elder Sister: “…”

The Demon King: “A dispute is, friction. When two opposing sides come into contact with each other, an altercation arises from the subsequent reaction.”

Maid Elder Sister: “That’s complicated.”

The Demon King: “Let’s say there are two village kids who meet. The first kid is different from the second kid. The second kid is different from the first kid. They are completely different existences. It is a meeting between two different existences. One of the things which arises from that is conflict.”

Maid Elder Sister: “But! People don’t necessarily come into conflict after coming into contact with each other. Meeting people is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? They can help each other, greet each other, and become great friends.”

The Demon King: “That’s right. Conflict is one part of that wonderful thing. At its basis, it’s really the same thing.”

Maid Elder Sister: “I don’t want to believe that.”

The Demon King: “Me neither.”

Maid Elder Sister: “…”

The Demon King: “However, that is what I have learnt. Many people die from wars. Where sadness and misery meet foolishness and madness, wars begin. From an Economics standpoint, it is a massive waste of resources, from a Historical standpoint, it is a great loss. But, this misery is one part of meeting people. It is one form of making acquaintances.”

Maid Elder Sister: “Is that meeting people?”

The Demon King: “That’s right.”

Maid Elder Sister: “…”

The Demon King: “A meeting is destiny which resembles an inevitability. Otherwise, it is an inevitability close to a destiny. But, this conclusion isn’t set. That’s why at least… I want to struggle.”

Maid Elder Sister: “…Yes.”

The Demon King: “Wars are a form of conflict, but conflict is not entirely war. There are other methods to resolve conflicts. Village boys competing to give flowers to the pretty girls is also conflict. Further, conflict is a type of relationship, but not all relationships are conflicts. It is a fact that there are friendly relationships and cooperative relationships.”

Maid Elder Sister: “Then, why do we have war?”

The Demon King: “I do not know, but it exists.”

Maid Elder Sister: “…Why. Why?”

The Demon King: “I think it’s because it is important.”

Maid Elder Sister: “It’s quite weird that this sort of thing could be important.”




Naphtha: A substance which is produced from the fractional distillation of crude oil at 35-180°C. After being separated, it burns very well. It is used for things like lighter fluid. Naphtha is a crucial ingredient in the creation of napalm bombs.

Altercation: The Japanese word of altercation is 軋轢 or Atsureki. Atsu refers to the sound a carriage wheel makes as it rolls along the floor, while Reki refers to the act of the carriage being pulled along. The contact between the wheel and the floor produces the problem, and the resultant annoying sound is the altercation.



The Demon King: “It may be paradoxical, but such things could be true. There could be a need and a meaning for this fighting.”

Maid Elder Sister: “…”

The Demon King: “I really do not know… I barely know anything after all.”


—— The Coast of the Isle of Light, the Navy of the Southern United Kingdoms

Soldier: “Weather is good! We are with the wind!”

Soldier: “My wrist hurts.”

Officer: “At this rate, we should be on shore by daybreak. Look out Demons, you’re about to learn the might of the Human race.”

Soldier: “Have we prepared all the axes?”

Soldier: “There were no mistakes.”

Officers: “The glare will make us visible. Mix charcoal with oil and apply it over all metal surfaces.”

Soldiers: “Understood!”

Sound of a flute and singing ♪♪♪

Waves crashing.

Soldier: “Hmm? There’s a large shape to the Northeast.”

Captain: “What? In such a place, there’s… The sound of a flute?”

Waves crashing wildly!

Arrows flying in all directions!

Soldier: “Agh! It’s the enemy! Kraken!”

Soldier: “Fire! Fire! Fire!”

Officer: “What… In the…”

Soldier: “Whaaa! They’re, they’re in the air as well!”

Soldier: “Singing! Cover your ears!”

Captain: “Crossbows ready! Axe units chop off the tentacles!”

Soldier: “Yaaa! Yaaa!”

Soldier: “Let go! Let go!”

Officer: “Heroes! Not one step backwards!”

Arrows shooting from water!

Soldier: “There are mermen firing at us from the water.”

Soldier: “What?!”

Soldier: “Die! You damn demons, go back to the Demon World!”

Soldier: “Allied vassals have been cut off by the mermen attack!”

Officer: “We must reinforce! Turn around! Turn us around, Helmsman!”

Helmsman: “The ship’s wheel is stuck!”

Soldier: “Tentacles, Captain!”

Ships creaking.

Captain: “That sound is coming from all the ships?!”

Soldier: “Eighteen ships have gone down!”

Soldier: “My god! Dammit!”

Officer: “Fire into the water!”

Soldier: “The axes are useless! We must use the rockets!”

Captain: “No! Stop! Do you want to set fire to our allied vessels?!”

Soldier: “The forward ship’s gone down!”

Captain: “Continue ahead! This ship must not stop!”




Crossbow: Modern crossbow designs have not changed significantly since the Chinese design in the 5th century BC, with the repeating crossbow invented in the 2nd century BC. The Europeans developed the modern design 1000 years later. While it has lower range, compared to a bow, significantly less training is required to operate it.

Ship’s Wheel: The steering wheel of a ship is usually larger than one meter in diameter, and was first in use in the 18th century. Prior to that, ships were steered with a long horizontal bar known as a tiller.



———— The Southern United Kingdoms Military Conference

King of White Night: “…”

Queen of Ice and Snow: “Out of 200 warships, only 15 returned with a total of 500 men…”

Prince of Winter: “A decisive defeat.”

King of White Night: “…”

King of Iron: “Hmm! Was I not opposed to this from the beginning? Going in with no strategy against the aquatic Demons is just suicide.”

King of White Night: “Shut up!”

King of Iron: “I will not shut up! You are the one who needs to shut your big mouth! What do you mean we will not lose as long as we remain brave? What kind of person are you? As the Commanding Officer, you were the first to run away.”

King of White Night: “I am the King, it is my responsibility to survive.”

King of Iron: “The only reason you were saved is because the warships from the Kingdom of Winter selflessly moved in to block the enemy from your position when you turned the flagship around!”

King of White Night: “I never requested them to!”

Prince of Winter: “…”

King of Iron: “Go and look into your heart.”

Queen of Ice and Snow: “The King of Winter was truly brave.”

Prince of Winter: “No, he lived his last moments as he did his life.”

King of White Night: “Ha! To begin with, the Isle of Light was only lost because the King of Winter failed to defend it properly. If had been willing to wager his life, we would never have lost the place.”

King of Iron: “How dare you? Where is your pride as a Southerner!?”

Queen of Ice and Snow: “That’s right, at the time, the Holy Crusaders had taken most of the soldiers of the Southern Kingdoms for their forces. It’s because of that that we were unprepared to defend the Human World.”

King of White Night: “If you put it that way, then this war was suggested by the Holy Kingdom and the Church of Light. The Southern United Kingdoms could have refused this suggestion but you people kept your hands down. That’s right! You! You! Even you, you punk! So if the King of Winter has no fault, then neither do I. I commanded the navy, I was the overall Commander, and I tried my best. This was entrusted to me by the Holy Kingdom and the Church of Light. So what if we lost 200 ships today? We’ll just build new ships!”

King of Iron: “How dare you…”

Slams Table!

Prince of Winter: “Shut up.”

King of White Night flinches.

Queen of Ice and Snow: “…Prince.”

Prince of Winter: “My father fought for what he believed in, and in the process lost his life. And so, King of White Night, I do not blame you, and neither does any single person in the Kingdom of Winter.”

King of White Night: “Look, there you go.”

Prince of Winter: “But, this does not mean you can be absolved from the responsibility of this naval defeat. Because of your disastrous strategy, 6000 soldiers lost their lives. I believe the Heads of State assembled here today at this conference would like to know what you intend to do about that.”

King of White Night: “Just who do you think you are talking to?”

King of Iron: “The representatives of each Kingdom are here. You’d better give us an answer, King of White Night.”

King of White Night: “Hah! Fine. Since you say that, just what do you want from me? Huh? What? You want my head? Do you think the Central Continent and the Church will allow it?”

King of Iron: “…”

Queen of Ice and Snow: “As is customary, either corvée labour or renumeration.”

King of White Night: “Fine, it will be paid. But, it will come from the Kingdom of Winter, you hear?”

Prince of Winter: “What?”

King of White Night: “The Kingdom of Winter has recently come to acquire a genius scholar from the Holy Order of the Lake and is monopolising massive profits. They’ve come up with a whole lot of new crops and new windmills, even the Union has gotten involved, I’m sure they must have a massive reserve of war funds.”

Prince of Winter: “It is true that we have had some agricultural improvements.”

King of White Night: “On top of that, you still want the financial assistance of the Kingdom of White Night? The Kingdom of Winter has inherited wealth. Are you not the descendants of the Spear King of the Southern Sea!”

King of Iron: “… Don’t be impudent.”

Prince of Winter: “… Seizing the moment, eh.”

Queen of Ice and Snow: “?”

Prince of Winter: “No, let us carry on with the conference.”

King of Iron: “That’s right. What will we do to relieve the situation?”

Queen of Ice and Snow: “Be that as it may, we cannot ignore a request from the Central Continent. At this rate, our finances will face intense pressure.”

Prince of Winter: “What word from the emissary?”

Queen of Ice and Snow: “If we wish for additional assistance, we are to pay in warships.”

King of Iron: “Hmph. In the end, all they want is to push us to fight for them. When you’re hiding in a safe place, you can give all kinds of orders.”

Queen of Ice and Snow: “Just how much sacrifice do they expect from us?”

Prince of Winter: “Please listen, members of this conference. The aim of the Central Continent and Church of Light is the exaltation of the war. If we win, then great, but even if we lose, they can paint us as victims and spread that as propaganda to threaten the rest of the world in order to bring about another Holy Crusade. I believe that is all they are concerned with. — Either way, the choice is not in our hands.”

King of White Night: “Well then. In the end, we’re no better than dogs.”

King of Iron: “…”

Queen of Ice and Snow: “…”

Prince of Winter: “It’s fine even if we’re dogs. Let me show the King of White Night the willpower of this dog.”

King of Iron: “You don’t mean…”

Queen of Ice and Snow: “You can’t…”

Lone King of Winter: “From now on, I will adopt the name the Lone King of Winter. This winter, I will make preparations for the Second War for the Reoccupation of the Isle of Light.”

King of Iron: “Are you serious?!”

Lone King of Winter: “As I am still young and inexperienced, up till now, I have not exercised my right to speak, however, as a member of the royalty, I feel the weight and responsibility of the sins we have committed …The ones who drove the Hero on, the ones who consigned the Hero to oblivion are the four of us, in other words, it is the sin of the Southern Union. It is a sin of the Southern United Kingdoms. For even though the members of this conference should have borne the weight of the extinguishment of one of the stars in the world, it is the Hero alone who ended up bearing that weight.”

King of Iron: “…”

Queen of Ice and Snow: “…”

King of White Night: “What’s all this about the Hero? Is he really that important? He’s just one soldier!”

Lone King of Winter: “A bootlicker of the Central Continent will never understand. Us royalty, have a royal ideology to follow. In other words, we have a responsibility to protect our people and our kingdoms. In order to protect these two things, sometimes we have to be heartless… —I must also make difficult decisions, and cannot avoid them. However, us royalty must spend our entire lives carrying this burden and being responsible for our sins.”

King of Iron: “Winter…”

Lone King of Winter: “As the son of the former King, I will take back the Isle of Light. This is my responsibility as the person who pushed the Hero to his death. This is only one of the thousands of points of light which the Hero brought with him, but my country and Kingdom will retrieve this point of light.”

King of White Night: “Can you do it, boy?”

Lone King of Winter: “I will demonstrate this to you on the battlefield. Excuse me.”

Door Slams.

Butler: “Young man …”

Lone King of Winter: “The conference is over …Come, I have need for the Female Paladin.”

Butler: “The Female Paladin?”

Lone King of Winter: “This war will need a Commander.”


< Chapter 5                                                                                                                        Chapter 7>


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