Volume 1 Chapter 8

Volume 1 Chapter 8, “Henceforth, the Second Conquest of the Isle of Light begins!” 

—— The Second Conquest of the Isle of Light, the Army Camp of the Kingdom of Winter

Conscript: “Hello!”

Volunteer: “Change of shift! I’ve brought your food as well.”

Soldier: “Thanks, what is it?”

Conscript: “Black bread with nuts and bacon.”

Volunteer: “How extravagant!”

Soldier: “Isn’t it leftovers from the New Year’s Festival?”

Conscript: “Really? Even though everyone ate that much at the feast?”

Volunteer: “It was the first time seeing such a festival for me.”

Soldier: “Yeah, this year’s festival was remarkably exciting.”

Conscript: “Was it?”

Soldier: “Yeah. The living standards of our country really seem to be improving. Isn’t that right! Sir!”

Officer: “Hmm, you could say so… Hey! Keep watch properly!”

Conscript: “Yes, Sir!” Thumps spear.

Soldier: “Yes, Sir!” Thumps spear.

Officer: “Well, we haven’t been seeing any enemies in this area, though.”

Conscript: “They couldn’t possibly attack this area, could they?”

Officer: “They don’t have records of previous large-scale invasions, but they know the Human Army has camped here before in the past. Complacency is forbidden.”

Conscript: “Even so…”

Volunteer: “Hm?”

Conscript: “Is that alright? We’ve already been here for two weeks.”

Volunteer: “Yeah that’s right.”

Conscript: “Even though it’s true that we definitely go through some tough training in this harsh cold, we can’t possibly win the battle like this, can we? At this rate, aren’t we just eating food?”

Volunteer: “Whatever the higher-ups decide is done with their own considerations.”

Soldier: “Do we not have enough ships?”

Conscript: “Hmm.”

Volunteer: “Is that so?”

Soldier: “We haven’t even boarded half the ships we have. It’s likely that we are waiting for the ships to reach here.”

The Female Paladin: “Good work, sentries!”

Officer: “Salute!”

Snaps to salute.

The Female Paladin: “This is an important place. Do not let down your guard.”

Volunteer: “Yes, Ma’am!”

The Female Paladin: “How is the training?”

Volunteer: “Thank you for teaching us swordsmanship!”

The Female Paladin: “Whether or not you continue to live on the battlefield, will depend entirely on yourself. I cannot even protect you myself. Train hard!”


—— The Second Conquest of the Isle of Light, Emergency Army Headquarters

Lone Winter King: “…How are the movement of supplies? Hmm?”

Butler: “The Scouts have returned, they have not yet moved out.”

The Female Paladin: “I’m feeling quite nervous.”

Lone Winter King: “Even though you’re the Commander-in-Chief?”

The Female Paladin: “Please do not call me the Commander-in-Chief. It is just an emergency title.”

Butler: “Nyohoho. Even though you’ve got a chest that wouldn’t make anyone feel any excitement.”

The Female Paladin: “Do you feel like getting slashed?” Draws sword

Officer: “Permission to enter!”

Butler: “Mmm, enter.”

Officer: “You have a guest.”

Lone Winter King: “A guest?”

Officer: “She says she is the Crimson Scholar. She comes with a large baggage train.”

The Female Paladin: “Ahh, the Scholar has arrived, then.”

Butler: “Ooooh.”

Lone Winter King: “The rumoured genius Scholar? I’ve been wanting to meet her for quite a while, but why would she come to the battlefield?”

The Female Paladin: “Your Majesty, it’s better that you don’t think of her as a Scholar.”

Door opens

The Demon King: “I am the one who calls herself the Scholar. I am pleased to make your acquaintance.”

Butler: “This is—Highly uncommon.”

The Female Paladin: (Don’t tell me he can sense her Demonic energy?!)

Butler: “Nyoho—You have an incredible bust!”

The Female Paladin does a double take.

Butler: “~!”

Lone Winter King: “I am very sorry for that greeting. I am the Lone Winter King of the Kingdom of Winter. I am afraid, however, that I have only just attained this position and am very young.”

The Demon King: “Oh no, your reputation as a King precedes you even to the Village of Wintering.”

Lone Winter King: “I haven’t had the chance to prove myself, so I’m afraid these are really just expectations at best.”

Butler: “Would you like some tea?”

The Demon King: “Thank you.”

Lone Winter King: “That being said, what can I do for you? I am extremely grateful for your aid in improving my agricultural technology. I’ve been thinking that I definitely had to come and see you, but there have been many difficult issues I’ve needed to deal with. Even though I haven’t even sent you any greetings. I am very sorry.”

The Demon King: “You are too polite. I’m sorry. In any case, Your Majesty”

Lone Winter King: “Yes?”

The Demon King: “Do you intend to win?”

Lone Winter King: “Of course.”

The Demon King: “By all possible means?”

Lone Winter King: “Taking back that island is extremely important to the Southern United Kingdoms.”

The Demon King: “Just what do you mean?”

Lone Winter King: “We’ll take back the pride of the Southern United Kingdoms.”

The Demon King: “Hmm.”

Lone Winter King: “The present Southern United Kingdoms is, as we speak, because of this war, running errands for other countries as if… they are not even independent countries. If we take back the island, at the very least, we would be able to stabilise many trade routes.”

The Demon King: “…Hmm.”

Lone Winter King: “For the sake of money, I’m willing to wager the lives of so many soldiers, even under a different pretence.”

The Demon King: “No, well, that’s good enough.”

The Female Paladin: “What…”

Butler: “Do not be rude to His Majesty!”

The Female Paladin: “Archer. This is not our place.”

The Demon King: “I apologise for being rude.”

The Female Paladin: “Could you possibly be referring to the Black Powder? Even without that thing, haven’t I already said that we won’t lose?”

The Demon King: “No, it’s something else. I come bringing salt.”

Lone Winter King: “…!”

The Female Paladin: “Salt…”

Butler: “Where is the…”

The Demon King: “I have six layers of it in the carriage. I believe it can come into some use.”

Lone Winter King: “You…”

The Demon King: “…”

Lone Winter King: “Even though you’re a hundred miles away, you can still read my palm.”

The Female Paladin: “There are people who say that.”

Butler: “The Scholar… Even to that extent…”

The Demon King: “If you intend to win, you must think of the possibilities.”

Lone Winter King: “What do you intend for this battle? What is the price of the salt?”

Butler: “Do you want a reward? Or perhaps a position in the court?”

The Demon King: “A position is, for now… Fine. Though a title that would require my appearance at the palace would be troublesome.”

Lone Winter King: “Alright, I’ll allow it. But I do not believe that is what you want.”

The Demon King: “My aim is time.”

Lone Winter King: “Time…?”

The Demon King: “It’s possible that for this war, this is a bigger price than any money, but.”

Lone Winter King: “…”

The Demon King: “My goal is not a victory. That’s why we need to control it, in the case that victory is not enough. For this purpose, we’ll need time. We might even need a whole day and night.”

Lone Winter King: “Impossible. Don’t we need to plan a surprise attack?”

The Demon King: “I’m sure we’ll be able to come up with another plan. After all, the Commander is the Female Paladin.”

Butler is stunned.

The Female Paladin: “Well, since the Scholar says so, it will be done.”


—— The Demon World, the Gate City, the Central Fortress

Crusader: “…Again?!”

Crusader: “Here too”

Crusader: “It’s a curse, we’ve been cursed!”

Crusader: “This isn’t anything like a curse, we have an assassin!”

Crusader: “It’s just been 5 minutes since then, hasn’t it? In just five minutes of not looking, an entire squad was…”

Crusader: “This is…”

Crusader: “They’re completely desiccated.”

Crusader: “These have been burnt to ash!”

Crusader: “Getagetagetagetagetagetagetagetagetagetageta—”

Crusader: “Are you insane?!”

Crusader: “Getagetagetagetageta! The, the night cometh! The full moon rises, it smiles blue! Come, come! Getagetagetagetageta! Getagetagetagetageta!”

Crusader: “What are you saying?!”

Screams echo through the night.

Crusader: “This time, it’s the Third Guards at the clock tower! Hurry!”

Sprinting up steps.

Crusader: “Wh-what’s this!”

Crusader: “What’s with all this mud and sludge… Ah! Wha—!”

Crusader: “Th-This”

Crusader: “It’s a curse. It’s not the work of humans.”

The Hero: “…Hehehe. Hehehehaha.”

Crusader: “Wh-who is it!?”

Crusader: “Come, come out! We are the world’s strongest Holy Crusaders! Come out!”

The Hero: “…You speak so much even though you don’t have the skills?”

Magic crackles.

Crusader: “Ah, ahh!”

Crusader: “It-It’s black magic! It’s the Knight of Death!”

Crusader: “Retreat!”

Crusader: “Retreat, the opponent is an evil spirit! The curse has shown itself!”

Crusader: “Getagetagetagetageta!”

Crusader: “Ahhhhh! There are so many dead people!? Evil spirits!”

The Hero: “Hmph. You cowards.”

Winged Fairy: “Sir Black Knight! You’re so cool!”

The Hero: “It’s just that they’re weak. That being said, this is a splendid image, isn’t it?”

Winged Fairy: “Ahahaha! Fairies are really good at Illusion Magic!”

The Hero: “Yeah you are! At this rate, we can continue to confuse them with these illusions.”

All Three Winged Fairies: “Yes!”

The Hero: “Can you make a truly horrifying illusion?”

Winged Fairy: “Horrifying?”

Winged Fairy: “Horrifying!”

Winged Fairy: “Horrifying ♪”

The Hero: “Is the Demon Thrush around?”

Demon Thrush: “You created me, of course I am by your side.”

The Hero: “Cast an illusion at the Commanders’ Rooms. Let’s give those conceited noblemen some nightmares every day.”

Demon Thrush: “As you command.”


—— The Demon World, the Gate City, the Extravagant Rooms of the Nobility

Commander: “Gyaaaaaa!”

Commander: “Hah… Hah… Hah… It was… a dream?”

Commander: “What… What a dream. There were so many hands… So many dead people… That must have been the work of demons, we have the righteousness of the Spirit of Light on our side. To think they would massacre the people down to the livestock… Wine! Bring wine!”

Demon Slave Girl: “Here is the… wine…“

Commander: “Don’t touch it with your disgusting hands!”

Wine cup shatters.

Demon Slave Girl: “Kyaaa!”

Commander: “Th-that’s why I didn’t want you in the first place!”

Slams door.

Commander: “This damned place! This damned City! Who cares about the conquest! Who cares about glory! This is just a goddamned shithole!

I’m a ruling elite of the Holy Empire, the blood of the Kingdom of the Mist flows through my veins. Why do I have to rot away in this disgusting Demon City! That’s right. All my work here is complete nonsense. Even though I was promised honour and glory upon my return to the Holy Empire.”

Demon Slave Girl: “Stop! That’s too much—“

Commander: “Silence! You second rate Demon, you’re not even equal to an animal! It’s because of shit like you! It’s because of shit like you that I can’t go back!

There are no wine-filled parties, there are no beautiful, well-dressed ladies. This backwater, dust-filled City shouldn’t even be allowed to exist!”

Banging on door.

Crusader: “Commander!”

Commander: “What?”

Crusader: “It’s happened again! The Knight of Death has come again!”

Commander: “Wha—“

Crusader: “This time he hit the city centre, a few officers on leave were…”

Commander: “What’s the report!”

Crusader: “They seem to have drowned in puddles…”

Commander: “…!“

Crusader: “Moreover… The officers have—“

Commander: “What are you saying?”

Crusader: “This must be a demonic curse. There have been a flood of people requesting permission to return home.”

Commander: “Ehhh! What are they saying! Are they not satisfied with what we’ve been giving them! All those who say they want to go back home, give them some Demon girls! Give them gold and wine too!”

Crusader: “But—but, we have no…”

Commander: “Just go catch some from the streets! Those who dare to curse us have no use for their money or their girls!”


—— The Second Conquest of the Isle of Light, the Coast, Midnight

Fisherman: “We are here, Your Majesty!”

Lone Winter King: “Yeah, I see that.”

Butler: “We’re really here!”

Lone Winter King: “It was exactly to my expectations. You’ve done it.”

Fisherman: “No, we’re fishermen from this area after all, it was to be expected.”

Lone Winter King: “It’s impressive that you managed to get us here just one week after the New Year’s Festival.”

Settler: “Wha—It’s massive!”

Settler: “Huge!”

Fisherman: “Indeed. Your Majesty, over here we call them—Ice Floes.”

Lone Winter King: “Alright, don’t accidentally get the ships too close. We’ll break up! Hammer in the Anchor Pins! Fasten the ropes! Let’s pull ourselves to shore! Lash together all the ships of our comrades stuck in the ice, we’ll form the Combined Fleet together in the sea! Let’s pack the ice floes!”

Settler: “Understood, Your Majesty!”

Settler: “Hoi! Hoi!”

Fisherman: “With such small ships, we should be able to dodge the ice floes.”

Lone Winter King: “I’m relying on you.”

Butler: “I’ll fly off and scout ahead.”

Settler: “Hoi! Good! Pull the ropes!”

Volunteer: “Hoi! Hoi!”

Soldier: “Hoi! Hoi!”

The Female Paladin: “Combined Fleet form in the sea! Maintain formation! Maintain watch on port and starboard, archer units keep watch to the skies!”

Lone Winter King: “If the sea water begins to reform, throw the Salt in! It will freeze in an hour! Do not forget your sacks! Rotating two hour shifts!”

Settler: “We are alright, Your Majesty!”

Settler: “Just stay warm in the tent, Your Majesty!”

Lone Winter King: “I’m younger than all of you! Ahahaha!”

Settler: “Oh dear! Ahaha! We can’t lose to the King! Hoi!”

Settler: “Hoi! Alright! Pull the ropes!”

Lone Winter King: “Let’s build a bridge. A bridge of drift ice. No, not a bridge. Let’s make this strait… A battlefield for our cavalry.“


—— The Second Conquest of the Isle of Light, the Shore of the Isle of Light, Early Morning

The Female Paladin: “Heavy Infantry, assemble!”


Royal Soldiers: “Yes, ma’am!”

The Female Paladin: “Henceforth, the Second Conquest of the Isle of Light begins! The Heavy Infantry will break through the centre and form a Beachhead at the shores of the Isle of Light! The end of the drift ice is brittle. Maintain in file in the centre of roughly 500 steps!”

Royal Soldiers: “Yes, ma’am!”

The Female Paladin: “Colonel, have one company stand by for after we land, take control of the cliff face of the West shore! Have them stand watch and ready to move on my command.”

Royal Army Colonel: “Yes, ma’am!”

The Female Paladin: “Archer units, move ahead and keep watch to the eyes and the seas. It’s difficult for them to sink our ships in this ice, but it’ll be hard to spot the Colossal-class Demons as well! If they are spotted we are to sound a retreat while continuously unleashing volleys at them! Listen out for the sound of flutes playing.”




Ice Floes: Ice which floats on the surface of the ice. Ice which is attached to the shoreline is known as fast ice. Ice floes usually appear for a short time each year in Japan, they roughly begin to form in January and disappear by the end of February.

Anchor Pins: These do not refer to anchors, but are rather large metal pins used during mountain climbing in order to secure the climber to the rock face.

Salt: When salt is used, the melting point of water becomes lower. However, the freezing point also becomes lower and water freezes easier. For this reason, the previously scattered ice floes can be joined together.

Heavy Infantry: Infantry which wear heavy armour. They fight in a tightly packed order with spears and swords. A well-formed formation of Heavy Infantry has immense attacking power and defensive power but lacks quick mobility. Since they are useless if they cannot reach the enemy, the forward force usually consists of a wave of light infantry.

Beachhead: When attacking a beach, the attacking force is at a massive disadvantage due to unfavourable terrain. Hence troops begin by first guarding the beach, then building field fortifications such as trenches out of wooden planks, driftwood and other materials easy to transport in order to make an emergency fort that is easier to defend.



Royal Army Colonel: “Flutes?”

The Female Paladin: “According to our intelligence, that appears to be a Summoning Technique.”

Royal Army Colonel: “!?”

The Female Paladin: “If we can take out the Summons, the attack of the Colossal-class Demons will diminish as well. Everything depends on how alert we are!”

Archers: “Yes, ma’am!”

The Female Paladin: “Brave volunteer soldiers!”

Volunteer Soldiers: “Yes, ma’am!”

The Female Paladin: “We will entrust you with the transportation of all the sleighs. This is no trifling matter. Not only is each sleigh as long as a medium-sized carriage, the metal boards are also highly reinforced. Not only can they be used for transporting heavy cargo like armour or horses, the sleighs are also designed to be used as simple shields, no, as miniature fortifications! If we are attacked by Colossal-class Demons, these sleighs will be our shields for defence. Volunteer Spear Units and Archers combined may have the ability to take down the Colossal-class Demons and Airborne-class Demons. Let me repeat. This is not a naval battle! We humans are good at land battles! We must fight to our strengths! Soldiers will go home! We can count on our allies! Believe in our strength!”

Soldiers: “YAAAAAAAA!!!”

The Female Paladin: “Our first objective is the shoreline! Establish the beachhead and secure our supply lines and base camp. This time we will show them our strength! We will win! Let them see the might of the United Kingdoms!”


—— The Second Invasion of the Isle of Light, on the Isle of Light

Royal Army Soldier: “Push! Push!”

Royal Army Soldier: “Third Company, advance!”

Messenger: “The rear right wing reports a large shape! It’s a Colossal Squid!”

General: “Leave it to the Volunteers and the Light Infantry! We will defend this place with our lives! No retreat! For the Kingdom!”

Royal Army Soldier: “For the Lone Winter King!”

Royal Army Soldier: “For our Commander-in-Chief, the Female Paladin!”

Howling in the Distance.

Messenger: “Right Wing, retreat! Beast-class Demons, close to a thousand!”

General: “Heavy Infantry Fourth Company break out! Stop their charge!”

Royal Army Soldier: “Alright! Let’s show the Spirit the ferocity of the Fourth Company!”

Royal Army Soldier: “Spears ready! Charge!”

Messenger: “The sound of the flute! From the North!”

General: “Longbowmen assemble behind Heavy Infantry Fourth Company and provide covering fire!!”


—— The Second Invasion of the Isle of Light, Field Headquarters

The Female Paladin: “Haa… Haa… Anyone! Is anyone there!”

Soldier: “Yes, ma’am!”

The Female Paladin: “Send out twenty messengers and scouts! Attach them to the beachhead. Have a communications system running. I don’t care how, but it’d better be functional in twenty minutes!”




Volunteer Spear Units: Volunteer Units are soldiers who were originally not soldiers but joined the army from the own volition and hence do not have good armour. However, in a close formation with many spears, they can still form a strong force.

Light Infantry: Infantry who barely wear armour. As a result, they are highly mobile. They usually use bows and their chief purpose is to provide support for the Heavy Infantry from the flanks, but because of their speed, they can also be used to rush the enemies’ flanks and rout them.



Soldier: “Hah!”

The Female Paladin: “Get me a fresh horse. This one is covered in sweat. I wouldn’t like to overexhaust it.”

Horse whinnies.

Lone Winter King: “Commander Paladin! How goes the battle?”

Butler: “Take this towel.”

The Female Paladin: “The landing was a success and the beachhead has been built. We have been repelling them from the cliff face and have taken some of them. We’ve taken down twelve Colossal-class Demons.”

Lone Winter King: “Twelve… That’s about the same as all we managed to take down in the last war.“

The Female Paladin: “I’m not sure how strong their reserve fighting force is. However, I do not believe it is enough to decisively defeat us… At least one battalion of Demons have been completely annihilated. Their numbers were less than we expected.”

Lone Winter King: “And what of our casualties?”

The Female Paladin: “From reports, less than 500.”

Butler: “Wha—“

Lone Winter King: “That’s a great victory, isn’t it! At this rate, victory is already in our hands!”

The Female Paladin: “That’s only up till now.”

Lone Winter King: “…“

The Female Paladin: “Up till now, the Combined Armed Forces have been pushing through the centre, and hence we’ve been able to decrease losses while pushing the front lines. Both the front and the rear are good and the beachhead at the Isle of Light is secure, hence we can reinforce easily… However, the Isle of Light is filled with natural caves, and the valleys form a resilient choke point. The Southern Artic General and the Demon Warriors may be trying to force us to besiege them. Of course, we will be the ones carrying out the siege. If it becomes a battle of attrition, we do not have the advantage. To begin with, in such a battle, the Demon Race can swim in the water and blend in the night, and hence they have the advantage. But, well…“

Butler: “Well?”

The Demon King: “The battle is won. We’ve already decided we would win it.”

The Female Paladin: “Roughly.”

Lone Winter King: “Madam Scholar.”

The Demon King: “Well, sieges have always been difficult since ancient times. If we want to overpower them, the attacking force would need at least three times the strength of the defending force. From what I can see, the Demons have approximately 8,000 soldiers remaining. Even though that’s 4,000 less than us, it’s still not enough for an easy victory. We may possibly win, but both sides would take immense casualties.”

The Female Paladin: “I do not think we can be optimistic in this situation.”

The Demon King: “In what way?”

The Female Paladin: “Even though we’ve trained them as much as we could, they are far too scattered. Especially the Volunteer Soldiers, we cannot let them face the enemy alone. Moreover, even though we’ve said it before, I’m not comfortable with a war of attrition. It is to our disadvantage if we have to ward off night raids and ambushes.”

Butler: “Then”

The Female Paladin: “I believe the Demons will prepare to rally their forces.”

Lone Winter King: “It does not sound like a simple situation.”

The Female Paladin: “It really isn’t. One could say it begins now. This is the starting point. This is where the gut starts to hurt.”

Butler: “I believe the Scholar has a strategy.”

The Demon King: “Hmm”

Lone Winter King: “What sort of strategy?”

The Female Paladin: “…“




Combined Armed Forces: This is a grand theatre formed from the combined use of every different service branch in the military (Navy, Artillery, Infantry, etc.) in order to cover up the shortcomings of each branch and extend the advantages each branch can provide. Since ancient times and even up to modern times, the Commander who is able to effectively apply these is the one to achieve victory.


The Demon King: “I guess I’ve got to play my hand.”

Lone Winter King: “?”

Door slams open.

Messenger: “A message! I have a message!”

Lone Winter King: “Excellent! Report!”

Messenger: “To the South of the Isle of Light, a large force has appeared from the Demon World! They number upwards of 10,000! They’rethey’rethey’re allies!”

The Demon King: “How artless of them—Reinforcements. With these numbers, the Southern Artic Shogun will surrender… Or else he’ll have to flee.”


—— The Demon World, the City of the Gate, the War Room

Commander: “I-I’ve had enough!”

General: “…“

East Fortress Base Commander: “Do not raise your voice!”

Commander: “No one knows where that guy is! This whole city is a nightmare! Every night, that Knight of Death… The curses of that impossible guy are running rampant!“

East Fortress Base Commander: “You say that, but the ones who are going around the streets squealing and screaming like a bunch of little Demon Girls are you Imperial Guards, aren’t they?”

Commander: “You’re just a mercenary!”

East Fortress Base Commander: “Hehe, indeed we are. What of it?”

Commander: “You!”

East Fortress Base Commander: “If you’re still scared by your nightmares, maybe its too early to come and play with the big boys.”

Commander: “I will not put up with any more of this. I-I-I am pulling out!”

General: “Commander!”

East Fortress Base Commander: “So, just what kind of person are you? One could say that gathered in this city is the strength of the Human World, it’s a key location in the Demon World. The Commander who would be willing to throw all this away and run, I’d say it wouldn’t be too much to Court Martial him.”

Commander: “—!”

General: “You would do well to shut your mouth, sir! Commander, what do you mean!”

East Fortress Base Commander: “Hey, hey, military law is military law.”

Commander: “We-we-we’re going as… reinforcements!”

East Fortress Base Commander and General: “Huh?”

Commander: “We’re going as reinforcements?”

East Fortress Base Commander: “Just who are you going to reinforce? Did anybody request for reinforcements? Don’t tell me… you’re going to reinforce a phantom battle?”

Commander: “No! I heard it yesterday, but the King of White Night is championing an operation to take back the Isle of Light. Even though the King of White Night has brilliant command ability and immense bravery, all he has to rely on are those useless rulers of the Southern United Kingdoms, and hence he’s unlikely to be able to win.”

East Fortress Base Commander: “Ohh, I’ve heard about this as well.”

Commander: “The King of White Night is my uncle.”

East Fortress Base Commander: “Ah—“

Commander: “Hey! That’s not the point! This is a great event for the entire Human Race! Since this is such a decisive battle, how can we Crusaders stand by and do nothing? I will take all my forces and rush to the aid of the Isle of Light!”

East Fortress Base Commander: “A-are you out of your mind?!”

General: “Hmph.”

Commander: “Hey! Shut up! This is my order as overall Commander! My order is as good as an order from the Holy Empire, or an order from the Spirit of Light himself! His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Marshal himself gave me the Staff of Command!”

East Fortress Base Commander: “And that’s precisely why you can’t possibly just abandon this whole city! Just in order to supply the soldiers in this city, it’s not just military personnel but there are immense numbers of merchants here too, aren’t there?! How will you protect them!”

Commander: “Silence, silence! All of these scum are traitors! I have no intention to spill a single drop of Crusader blood to protect the lives of commoners who would associate with the Demons!”

East Fortress Base Commander: “…” Temple throbs.

Commander: “That group of people came of their accord and can die of their own accord. No, I shall set fire to this city. I’m not going to surrender the city to the Demons so easily, that’s right!”

East Fortress Base Commander steps forward.

Commander: “?!”

East Fortress Base Commander: “…” Cracks knuckles.

Commander: “Wh-what? Do you have something to say! Dammit! Do you! Do you! Huh! That’s right! If you have something against my plan, then you can go and do it!”

East Fortress Base Commander: “Huh?!”

Commander: “You, you’re the Commander of your men! In that case, you can just stay here and guard the streets! Or are you all talk and no action? Huh? You’re just the Mercenaries of history, aren’t you?”

East Fortress Base Commander: “…I understand.“

Commander: “Right then, you’ve made a pledge, so I’ll just relax and go out and reinforce! Ahahahahaha. I will leave the 10,000 Demons here your responsibility. Since that’s what you want so much!”

East Fortress Base Commander: “My men in our fortresses will guard the lives of each and every one of the civilians here with our own.”

Commander: “Fine, but I hear that the Isle of Light has lots of scary Demon warriors and even the Southern Artic General. I’d better take the entire army with me. I’m sure I can just leave a few soldiers with the stupid person who would stay to defend this pathetic corner of the Demon World!”

East Fortress Base Commander: “—!”

Commander: “Since we’re such good friends, I’ll leave you about 500 men. Do what you like with them! Mercenary!”

Walks away, slams door.

East Fortress Base Commander: “Ahh, how troublesome.” Paces around table.

Aide-de-Camp: “General, I suppose you have bad news.”

East Fortress Base Commander: “Mm? Quite so. Let’s do it.”

Aide-de-Camp: “Do what?”

East Fortress Base Commander: “We have no choice. Evacuate all four Strongholds. Leave just enough to garrison. Assemble in the City.”

Aide-de-Camp: “Huh!”

East Fortress Base Commander: “Call up some of the influential Merchants, and the large employers of Demons. About ten or so people should suffice. Call up the nearby influential Demons as well.”

Aide-de-Camp: “Eh? What for?”

East Fortress Base Commander: “We don’t have the men, so we have no choice. I must bow my head and beg. From now on, we are the Emergency Defence Force. As of today, this city is no longer a Human City. It will survive as a Free City.”




Marshal: In the military, this is a rank even higher than a General, it is basically the highest rank in the entire Armed Forces, though sometimes there can be the rank of Grand Marshal, which was held by the Emperor of the Empire of Japan during WWII. However, in many instances, it is just a ceremonial title.


—— The Second Conquest of the Isle of Light, the Beachhead

Messenger: “Reporting! The Demon Army is sallying forth from the citadel of the Isle of Light! Enemy numbers, approximately 7,500!”

The Female Paladin: “The entire army, huh.”

Messenger: “The Demon Army is now heading towards our reinforcements in the Southern Frozen Forest, proceeding at high speed!”

The Female Paladin: “Good work, messenger!”

The Demon King: “That’s really quick.”

The Female Paladin: “They probably know they can’t afford to let us meet up with our reinforcements. If they want to break out, this is their last chance.”

The Demon King: “It may not be completely decisive, but this is within our expectations.”

The Female Paladin: “7,500 Demons against 10,000 reinforcements, eh.”

The Demon King: “What shall we do?”

The Female Paladin: “The reinforcements are Crusaders, right? Then, in terms of both training and equipment, they should be the best in the Demon World.”

The Hero teleports in.

The Hero: “Is that so? They’re an unexpectedly disgusting bunch of slobs though.”

The Demon King: “Hero!”

The Female Paladin: “Oh, you’re back?”

The Demon King: “…Ahem, ahem.”

The Hero: “U-uhmm. I am! Is this a good time?”

The Female Paladin: “Yeah, you’re just on time. But how did you get the Crusaders to come?”

The Hero: “Well, that’s hard to say… More importantly, in order to meet the timing, they’ve been marching continuously without rest, they’re probably exhausted.”

The Demon King: “In that case, they probably have a lot less fighting ability than we think.”

Door slams open.

Messenger: “Our mysterious reinforcements have come into contact with the vanguard of the Demons! The reinforcements are stretched thin backwards, their forward group is few! They are being beaten back!”

The Hero: “Well?”

The Female Paladin: “Of all people, I have no affection for the Crusaders.”

The Hero: “If we don’t go and help, it could get very bad.”

The Female Paladin: “Moreover, to get to that side of the Island will take far too much time.”

The Demon King: “We have to do something, either way.”

Loud rumbling.

The Hero: “What?!”

Door slams open.

Messenger: “Report! Report! A single Colossal-class Demon is currently charging towards the camp! It seems to be the Southern Artic General! An entire Company of Light Infantry have been annihilated!”

The Female Paladin: “Sound the retreat!”

Messenger: “Yes, ma’am!”

The Demon King: “The rear guard is going to have a problem.”

The Hero: “That’s really hard on them.”

The Female Paladin: “I’ve got to maintain my pride as a commander.”

The Demon King: “However, we need to head over there and help take it down… He’s minimizing the Demon losses and allowing them to run away.”

The Hero: “There’s nothing for it. He’s a very principled guy. I’ll go there and take him down.”

The Female Paladin: “…No.”

The Hero: “Sorry?”

The Female Paladin: “This is my responsibility. Can I leave this place to you? Hero. This is my last request as a warrior. As the Commander-in-Chief, I have to do this.”


—— The Second Conquest of the Isle of Light, the Battlefield in the Evening

Southern Artic General: “Haaa!”

The Female Paladin: “Hah!”

Sword and club clashing.

Southern Artic General: “Hahaha! I’m so happy you accepted this fight!”

The Female Paladin: “I’m not going to throw this fight, I will win!”

Royal Soldier: “A-amazing!”

Cavalry Officer: “The ground is sinking, it’s like they’re destroying the place…”

Southern Artic General: “Don’t brag, take this!”

Club slams into the ground.

The Female Paladin: “Too slow!”


Southern Artic General: “I am the undefeated champion! This sort of attack is useless!”

The Female Paladin: “I’m shocked you would call yourself the undefeated champion.”

Southern Artic General: “What are you saying?”

The Female Paladin: “You’re doing this fight to the death so your army can retreat. Why don’t you just run away with them as well?” Smirks

Southern Artic General: “Hm! Don’t mock me!”

Sword and Club clash.

Southern Artic General: “They do not call me the Southern Artic General for the affection I show to my enemies! Take this, ‘Freezing Blizzard’!”

Blizzard howls.

The Female Paladin: “Here’s a technique I picked up from the Hero! Tectonic Shift!”

Ground explodes, rocks shoot up.

Royal Soldier: “A-are they monsters!”

Cavalry Officer: “What in the world!”

Southern Artic General: “Hahahahahaha! Quite impressive!”

The Female Paladin: “Good. I’ll make a prayer for you when you’re dead.”

Southern Artic General: “How light-footed! Are you really a woman, you’re so cheeky!”

The Female Paladin: “I’m glad that you look at me as a woman, but…”

Female Paladin gets hit by club.

Royal Soldier: “Did that connect?!”

Cavalry Officer: “He’s at least 50 times bigger than her…”

The Female Paladin crawls on the floor.

Southern Artic General: “I suppose you’re finished.”

The Female Paladin: “This, this is nothing, I can take this… Right! Let’s! Go! Hah!”

The Female Paladin launches herself in the air.

Southern Artic General: “?!”

The Female Paladin: “Not yet, not yet!”

Slash! Slash! Slash!

Royal Soldier: “What’s with this insane speed!”

Cavalry Officer: “To think our Female Paladin was so strong!”

The Female Paladin: “Haaaaaiyaaaaa!”

Southern Artic General: “…Ugh. Magnificent… Technique…”

Southern Artic General collapses.

Royal Soldier: “She won…”

Cavalry Officer: “We won!”

Royal Soldier: “Victory! Victory!”

The Female Paladin: “It’s too early to be happy! Sweep the place for stragglers! Search the whole island!!”


—— The Village of Wintering, Early Spring

Small Villager: “Really?”

Middle Aged Villager: “Really.”

Huntsman: “So, victory!”

Small Villager: “Victory!”

Middle Aged Villager: “They’ve come back from the war victorious!”

Huntsman: “Both the Female Paladin and the Scholar have returned!”

Maid Little Sister: “Good mor—ning! ♪”

Maid Elder Sister: “Good morning.”

Small Villager: “Hey, it’s the two sisters from the mansion.”

Middle Aged Villager: “Congratulations!”

Huntsman: “Congratulations!”

Maid Little Sister: “Yes!”

Maid Elder Sister: “Thank you!”

Small Villager: “When did they return?”

Middle Aged Villager: “The war’s already over, isn’t it?”

Huntsman: “Fool. As long as the Demon Race continues to exist, the war will never be over. This time, we’ve merely taken back the Isle of Light.”

Small Villager: “Is that so?”

Middle Aged Villager: “But, now that the Female Paladin has become the Commander-in-Chief of the Army, it’s almost as if the legends of the Hero are being revived.”

Maid Little Sister: “That’s right ♪”

Small Villager: “Oh, I just heard those from that travelling bard! How cool—“

Middle Aged Villager: “Down at the tavern?”

Huntsman: “There’re already two taverns, this place has really grown bigger.”

Maid Little Sister: “Hey, hey!”

Maid Elder Sister: “It seems our mistresses will be going to the Palace of Winter now.”

Small Villager: “Where the King lives?”

Middle Aged Villager: “Yeah, I’m sure they’ll be getting some prize.”

Maid Little Sister: “I’m sure—There’ll be a great feast—“ Eyes sparkle.

Maid Elder Sister: “Enough… Why are you always only interested in the food…”

Maid Little Sister: “Ehehehe ♪”

Small Villager: “Well, either way, it’s already spring! Now that its spring, we’ll have lots of vegetables and game. Recently, the conflict has died down too. Yeah, this is really a wonderful village to live in.”


—— The Palace of Winter, Peerage Conferment Ceremony

Marching Band ~~♪

Lone Winter King: “I apologise for making you go through this ceremony.”

The Female Paladin: “Nope.”

The Demon King: “It’s no trouble.”

Lone Winter King: “I’m not very good at this sort of thing, but it is one of the responsibilities of the King after all.”

The Female Paladin: “I understand.”

The Demon King: “Showing your might to people is also one of your responsibilities.”

Butler: “The preparations are complete, Your Majesty.”

Lone Winter King: “Right, let’s go.”

Door opens slowly.

Crowd cheers and roars.

Marching Band ~~♪

Lone Winter King: “My people, my Kingdom!”

Crowd cheers and roars.

Lone Winter King: “I thank you for your contribution. We have successfully taken back the Isle of Light! I know in my heart that this was only achievable due to the loyalty and courage shown by all you brave souls. After this, we now face the difficult task of defending the Isle of Light from further incursions, but I am now certain we can count on the strength of my brave people and the capable officials of this Kingdom. Moreover, as this war continues, we must also rebuild our country. As the Lone Winter King, I will definitely lend you all my power to handle this issue.”

The Female Paladin: “Even though this is still an impoverished country.”

The Demon King: “It is, however, an impoverished country on the ascendancy. Moreover, since there are so many people who are so poor they can barely afford clothes, they will be far more grateful when they are lifted from poverty.”

Lone Winter King: “It may be small, but I please enjoy tonight’s banquet. Please enjoy yourselves! Cheers!” Raises glass.

Lone Winter King: “Please continue to listen to me with your glass in your hand. Today, the Palace is proud to welcome some guests. I’m sure many of you know of this but, even including the Hero who left for the Demon World, there are now three people whose contributions to the Human World will surely be the stuff of legend. The first of these is, the Female Paladin!”


The Female Paladin: “As introduced, I am the Female Paladin.”

Lone Winter King: “The Female Paladin served the extremely important responsibility of the frontline Commander during this military campaign. Moreover, she took down the Southern Artic General in a single confrontation, surely a Heroic action. Actually, I’ve asked her to become a General in my Kingdom, but unfortunately, she refused.”

Crowd roars with laughter.

Lone Winter King: “No, no, I’m sure it has nothing to do with how poor the Kingdom of Winter is! However, the Female Paladin is the Grandmaster of the Holy Order of the Lake and has her responsibilities there to uphold. The Holy Order of the Lake is a completely essential organisation to the South. For our country to tie down such a splendid character is surely an act of rebellion against the Spirit of Light! However, this does not change the fact that she is the benefactor of our Kingdom, of humanity. I confer upon the Female Paladin, the title of Duchess of our Kingdom! I’m sure all of you can agree to it!”

Crowd: “Glory to the Kingdom of Winter!”

Lone Winter King: “And here we have the Crimson Scholar. I’m sure many of you have heard of her, haven’t you? She is the benefactor of our Kingdom, the one who brought that miraculous product, the potato.”

“Ohh, the rumoured…” “Didn’t she also design the windmill?” “I heard she provided compasses to the Navy too?” “What a genius…” “I’ve heard she’s definitely seen every single thing in the world.”

The Demon King: “As introduced, I am the Crimson Scholar. Since young, I have been socially awkward, so I’m afraid I may be unable to offer words that would be appropriate for such a situation, but, I would love to offer my most sincere congratulations for the victory at the war. This Kingdom… has indeed been very kind to a drifter like myself. This warmth has really melted my heart. I will never forget the smiles and laughter of the people of this Kingdom, the four seasons and four corners of this Kingdom, and the intense happiness I have had the good fortune to enjoy.”

Lone Winter King: “…”

Butler: “Young man.”

Lone Winter King: “Ahh, sorry. I am certain the kind words of the Scholar will remain long in this Kingdom. If it so pleases you, I would like to borrow your wisdom in order to further develop this Kingdom. As the Scholar must surely remain on the path of Scholarship, we will do our best not to confine her to the Palace, but, for her contributions, I believe it is appropriate to confer upon her the title of Countess of our Kingdom!”

Crowd cheers and roars.

Attendee: “A toast!”

“To Peace in the South!” “To Victory for the King!”

The Female Paladin: “I’m glad he didn’t make us do the entire ceremony.”

The Demon King: “Indeed.”

Lone Winter King: “I also have something to report to you all. While our country has strengthened to another level from the successful Reconquest of the Isle of Light, for the sake of our victory in the upcoming wars with the Demon Army, we will require further expertise in fields like Commerce, Education and Technology.

Throughout history, the South has been locked in winter for a third of every year, and hence has been incapable of being any more than a collection of impoverished countries. However, the treasures of this land are our people. I believe the people of the Southern United Kingdoms possess a fighting spirit, a determination, an intelligence and a warmth unsurpassed by anyone.

Hence, the Kingdom of Winter, the Kingdom of Metal and the Kingdom of Ice have signed an agreement. This is basically an agreement of cooperation in the fields of Commerce and Technological Innovation. With this, I’m sure we can agree we can enter a future of closer cooperation between our united nations.

We fought with each other, shoulder to shoulder. And that is why I believe we can continue to work with each other on these fields. I request for your cooperation!”

Crowd roars and cheers madly.

Crowd: “Long live the King! Long live the King!”


—— The Palace of Winter, during the Banquet

Marching Band ~~♪

Simple Nobleman: “Hoho, three times?!”

Young Knight: “That’s amazing! No, no, is there anything wrong with it? Is it difficult to plant?”

The Demon King: “Up till now, I’ve let the Holy Order take charge of the seedlings, but I don’t think there have been too many difficulties. We provide the seedlings for free, but in terms of agricultural technology that is needed, there are no really exorbitant costs involved. Currently, in the Village of Wintering, we’ve accepted non-monetary gifts in return for our help, and this has really boosted productivity for the settlers.”

Lone Winter King: “…That may be so, but”

Industrial Guild Master: “Haha! And that’s how the price of copper went up?”

The Demon King: “That’s right. One must consider the Theory of Comparative Advantage for International Trade. This Kingdom still has a lot of untapped metal resources and while they probably can’t be drawn on immediately, with enough prospecting it would certainly make for a worthwhile investment in future.”

Lone Winter King: “‘Since young, I have been socially awkward, so I’m afraid I may be unable to offer words that would be appropriate for such a situation,’ she says, and yet? There’s something about her calm demeanour and her cool attitude, her grace and beauty too. Nobility… No, she carries herself like royalty.”

Simple Nobleman: “A toast to the Scholar!”

Young Knight: “Bottoms up!!”

Lone Winter King: “What a person… She’s a Hero too, then? She seems like one. Yet she seems different? No, no, since I’ve become the King she’s shown only miracles! It’s not good to let down one’s guard in this world!”


—— The Palace of Winter, during the Banquet, at a Balcony with Nobody

Marching Band ~~♪

The Hero: “Hey! I’m sorry for the intrusion.”

Butler: “My, my, you’ve returned, Hero.”

The Hero: “You don’t seem surprised.”

Butler: “Nyohoho! If you’d died as a virgin, you might as well be some sort of Demon. You aren’t going to die a virgin, are you?”

The Hero: “Exactly.”

Butler: “…Would you like another serving?”

The Hero: “Yeah, that would be great… Mmm, delicious.”

Butler: “Nyohohoho. The cook will certainly be happy.”

The Hero: “Delicious!” Chews

Marching Band ~~♪

Butler: “…”

The Hero: “Hey! This is great!”

Butler: “…Do you hate us, Hero?”

The Hero: “Why would I?”

Butler: “We let you go on your own after all.”

The Hero: “That was something I forced upon everyone. You knew, didn’t you, Grandpa? I can’t possibly hate you. I only hope you do not hate me.”

Butler: “Really. Nyohahahaha… I do not think so.”

The Hero: “Then, what.”




Theory of Comparative Advantage: The theory suggests that if each country were to specialise in the production of the good that the country is better at producing and then trade among other countries for other goods, on the global picture, more goods would be produced than otherwise, and on the whole, every country will benefit, hence international trade should be encouraged.


Butler: “Then, shall I make you a cocktail with lots of liquor in it?”

The Hero: “Sure!”

Butler: “…”

The Hero: “Wow, delicious… I don’t remember when, but I think I’ve had this before at the City of Ghosts.”

Butler: “Indeed.”

The Hero: “How nostalgic.”

Butler: “Yeah.”

The Hero: “…”

Butler: “…Hero.”

The Hero: “?”

Butler: “Hero—You are too strong.”

The Hero: “Yeah.”

Butler: “If you wanted to, you could take on the Demon King, or even thousands of soldiers.”

The Hero: “Well, yeah.”

Butler: “Because we were a burden to you, you left us behind, right? Of course it’s because we were a burden. We all knew just how strong you were, but it must have been troublesome to have to cover for us as well, right? …That’s why you left us right?”

The Hero: “…”

Butler: “I’m not sorry that we left you to fight on your own. I’m sorry that we let you go on your own, it must have been lonely. You are strong. —But, the more you use this strength, the lonelier the world gets for you, doesn’t it? A normal person can never even come close to having this level of power. Your strength divides you from other people.”

The Hero: “…”

Butler: “You kept the three of us around because you didn’t want us to be lonely, right? But, you’re a human. I’m fairly certain you’re a human. And yet, we let you become lonely. That is surely the fault of the three of us, of humanity even.”

The Hero: “…That’s really not the case.”

Butler: “I apologise for leaving you alone.”

The Hero: “No, no, no. I learnt a lot from you!”

Butler: “Nyohoho!”

The Hero: “About boobs! And about butts! And about puffy, puffy happiness!”

Butler: “Indeed, we are puffy, puffy happiness brothers~!”

Waiter passes platter to Butler.

Butler: “…Please take some more.”

The Hero: “Delicious! Tasty!”

Butler: “Ahh, Hero. What a splendid night! — If you will, please listen to what I have to say.”


The Hero: “?”

Butler: “We are not people you throw away. We are people who can walk with our heads held high! Perhaps we were not like this two years ago, but in this time, we have become at least a little bit stronger, haven’t we? Since we parted ways, we have been hard at work too.”

The Hero: “…?”

Butler: “Can you hear that music? Can you see the light in that room? I brought up the young man myself. Hero, do you hear that? That laughter?”

The Hero: “Yeah, I hear it…”

Butler: “What a great country, right?”

The Hero: “Yeah, definitely.”

Butler: “I won’t let you be lonely anymore. I may not have your insane combat ability, but I will do something for the Lone Winter King and the Kingdom of Winter. Of course, he is still but a young fledgling, and with baby steps he may avoid the dangers ahead of him, but still I will do this. Hero. I will make this a country which has done no wrong by you. I will definitely make this a place where you will never be lonely.”

The Hero: “Yeah.”

Butler: “Welcome back, Hero!”

The Hero: “Yeah. Grandpa. I’m back!”


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  1. “The Demon King: “I apologise for being rude.”

    The Female Paladin: “Could you possibly be referring to the Black Powder? Even without that thing, haven’t I already said that we won’t lose?””

    I feel that some text is missing inbetween those two lines.

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  3. Don’t know if this is better than Manga or anime like others said but the whole fight made me laugh so hard, Wtf Is up with this script type of writing anyway? At first I didn’t mind but when fight scene came up, the author didn’t even mind describing sht and just went with the Sfx (soundeffects like sht) and just said what happen like.

    Slash slash slash
    Demon:what’s that sht!?
    Demon collapse

    Wtf is up with that?
    And someone said this had anime??
    I’m not good at writing stuff nor good at English but I don’t think this Story doesn’t deserve it’s anime debut.

    Just my two cents.

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