Volume 2

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Volume 2: Conspiracy at the Kurultai

The Song of the Nameless Bard

Chapter 1, “There will be Two Churches. And so it begins!”

Chapter 2, “What has appeared will definitely not disappear”

Chapter 3, “For the sake of the land”

Chapter 4, “The useless Demon King who appeared too late!”

Chapter 5, “—– Ahh, it’s snow”

Chapter 6, “Your lap feels good, Hero”

Chapter 7, “This is The Demon King Hotsprings Villa”

Chapter 8, “If you don’t give up, definitely.”

Chapter 9, “The Great Demon Conference, the Kurultai”

Chapter 10, “We the race of the Pale, contest the Seat of the Demon King!”

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9 thoughts on “Volume 2

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  2. I just finished this volume, thanks so much for translating it! Also, could someone make a PDF? I´d really love to have this available anytime 😀

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