The Song of the Nameless Bard

The Song of the Nameless Bard 

The Hero and the Demon King had an audience,

The Hero and the Demon King joined their hands.

They forsook the battle between man and Demon,

So they could see what was beyond the Hill.


In a small village in the Human World they lived,

Simply and hidden, they grew potatoes.

Mixing with the villagers, they hired Two Sisters as maids,

Founding a school, they trained the people’s Sons.

In the world which the Demon King revolutionised,

The Hero reforged his bonds with his Comrades.


The Hero and the Demon King disappeared from the stage,

They knew from the start their quest would be tough.

They brought the potato to the small village,

They filled the people’s stomachs, and brought chaos to their hearts.


Whether it was the buying of goods, or the selling of goods,

The paying of goods, or the making of goods,

The rich Central Continent was not happy to release

Its iron grip over the Southern United Kingdoms.

They accused her of collaborating with the Demons,

Betraying her Human friends.

As one would expect, this was untrue.


The girl who was a serf, she called out to the world

“I too am Human.”

With these words, the world shook,

The South and the Continent, moved towards War

A civil war among Men, was before our eyes!


Chapter 1 >


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