Volume 2 Chapter 3

Volume 2 Chapter 3, “For the Sake of this Land”

—- The Kingdom of Metal, Near the Border, the Attacking Army of the Kingdom of White Night

Horses stampeding.

One-Eyed Commander: “Move! Move!”

Officer: “Come on! Giddy up!”

One-Eyed Commander: “Hahahaha, I’ll show you! I’ll show you what Hell looks like!”

Officer: “Yes! Morale is high among the men!”

One-Eyed Commander: “Of course, the prize of our conquest is booze and women.”

Officer: “Hahaha, indeed!”

One-Eyed Commander: “Report strength!”

Officer: “Yes! Light cavalry 1,500. Foot infantry 500! Mercenary horsemen 400, Mercenary infantry 600. The 500 infantry are one day behind us. The 400 mercenary horsemen will meet up with us in an hour. The 600 mercenary infantry are advancing via a different route through the forest.”

One-Eyed Commander: “And the other thing I asked you to do?”

Officer: “Yes! We are using the prisoners from the Kingdom of Metal. They should reach the Palace by dawn tomorrow morning. There, they will deliver our proclamation of war.”

One-Eyed Commander: “Good. All, halt!”

Light Cavalryman: “Halt! Halt!”

Light Cavalryman: “Halt!”

Officer: “Listen up! Orders from the Commander!”

One-Eyed Commander: “Listen up! Riders of White Night! At one, tomorrow morning at dawn, we will attack the Kingdom of Metal! The Kingdom of Metal is a constituent of the traitor Tripartite Union. They are fools who dare to oppose the will of the Spirit of Light and have been officially excommunicated. This is a Holy War, let us bring the wrath of the Spirit upon their heads!”

Destroy the Heretics!”

One-Eyed Commander: “We will now be commencing with a slow march through the forest where we will rest and catch some sleep. Sleep will be conducted in shifts. Tend to your horses, tomorrow we will have much work to do. Your weapons will not be idle in your hands. Sleep with your blades which thirst for the blood of the heretics! Children of White Night, the Blessings of the Spirit are with you!”

Yes, Sir!”

Officer: “Hehe, they’re all riled up.”

One-Eyed Commander: “The Kingdom of Metal is so weak, it’s not even an enemy. Ah! Ah!!!”

Officer: “What’s happening!”

One-Eyed Commander: “The Darkness! It burns! My eye burns! It’s consuming me! It’s consuming! They took it, those evil Demons! My eye! My light! Gyahahahahaha! That’s right, I’m going to show you, Lone Winter King. Don’t forget about me, that traitor Fortress Commander. I will destroy that hated Demon World, I will bring down that treacherous Demon lackey Lone Winter King. I will do whatever it takes, whatever it takes! My work will be born from the fires of Hell. Beginning with the Kingdom of Metal. Those who have humiliated me will now taste the highest form of shame!”


—— The Kingdom of Metal, Border, Plains at the Foot of the Mountain, the Kingdom of Metal’s Border Defence Line

Scout: “Ah! They’re here! We’ve received word from the signal pyres!”

Metal Lieutenant: “So they’ve really come…”

Disciple Soldier: “They are indeed fast. They were willing to tire themselves to take advantage of the element of surprise and not give us time to prepare.”

Scout: “More details should be arriving by carrier pigeon from over the mountain…”

Disciple Soldier: “Hmph. I more or less understand. They should have a highly mobile force with Light Cavalry at the centre, strength roughly 2,000. This will consist of a mixture of both regular forces from the Kingdom of White Night and mercenaries. The Scouts have confirmed their departure.”

Scout: “Yes!”

Metal Lieutenant: “Two thousand?”

Disciple Soldier: “Maybe a bit more. Well, with this sort of timing, to even use such a force would no doubt cause back civil unrest. The King of White Night is bound to keep some military power in his Palace to combat a serf uprising, but the fact that he’s willing to send this many is already proof of his seriousness.”

Metal Lieutenant: “We’ve got 400 soldiers from the Kingdom of Winter undergoing training here and alongside the 500 settlers we can arm as irregulars… We’re no match for them.”

Disciple Soldier: “It’s a joke.”

Metal Lieutenant: “…How ridiculous.”

Disciple Soldier: “Everybody!”

Paces about.

Disciple Soldier: “We have just received word from our Scouts! Two thousand riders from the Kingdom of White Night are currently headed this way! That they can send two thousand horsemen from the Kingdom of White Night to attack us means that the Kingdom itself has a minimal military presence! That’s how much they are willing to gamble to destroy us!

Everybody! Let me state now, this is your land! This is your one and only land! In other words, if we win this battle, the land in your hometown, your families, your fields, your homes are all protected!

It’s true that the enemy is many. But we have enough! Among you are some who have fled from the Kingdom of Winter, and even some who have comrades and brothers in the Kingdom of Winter. Let us fight this war for them!

Eat some potatoes and smile! The Female Paladin, the White Swordsman… My teachers once said. If you can laugh in a battlefield, you have already won.’ The enemy outnumbers us by many times, but we will look at them and laugh! We have decided! There will only be one outcome! Victory!”


—— The Borders of the Kingdom of Metal, a Mountain Pass, the Attacking Army of the Kingdom of White Night

Clank! Clank! Clank!

One-Eyed Commander: “Once we cross these borders, the ground will be drenched in the blood of our enemies. Hahahaha!”

Light Cavalryman: “Sir! Enemy approaching from the front!”

One-Eyed Commander: “What!? It’s not even dawn yet. How could they have gotten our Declaration of War already?!”

Light Cavalryman: “Numbers are uncertain, but they’ve blockaded the pass!”

One-Eyed Commander: “Shameless!”

Officer: “Yes!”

One-Eyed Commander: “It’s probably just the Border Guards. There can’t be many of them. Perhaps a few hundred. In terms of training and equipment, they’ve been training to fight the Central Continent and some of them are probably experienced too.”

Officer: “Yes!”

One-Eyed Commander: “All units advance! Those silhouettes up ahead are the enemy! There is no village so there will be no pillaging! Let the infantry behind us deal with the stragglers. Break through the line and scatter the enemy!”

Officer: “All units advance!”

Light Cavalrymen: “Warriors of White Night!”

Horses charging.

Light Cavalryman: “Do you see them?”

Light Cavalryman: “Ha! This is a joke! They must have gone to hide in some holes or something or the other, the cowards! The Kingdom of Metal is filled with fools!”

Light Cavalryman: “Let’s go!”

Light Cavalrymen: “Onwards!”

Horses charging.

Light Cavalryman: “?!” Falls off horse.

Light Cavalryman: “You fell off!? How lousy! Ahahahaha! I guess I’m the best at riding after a—?!”

Light Cavalryman: “Wh-what!? Why are you all falling off!? What’s wrong with the horses?!”

Light Cavalryman: “Ah! Something is tripping the horses! What’s this?”

Light Cavalryman: “These are nets… The kind they use to catch fish.”

Light Cavalryman: “Cut them! They’re just nets! Dismount and cut!”


Light Cavalryman: “Agh, these nets! They’re really well made!”

Arrows whistle through the air.

Light Cavalryman: “Arrows? Archers?! Where from?!”



—— The Kingdom of Metal, the Borders, Plains at the Foot of the Mountain, the Kingdom of Metal’s Border Defence Line

Disciple Soldier: “Right, it’s time for my lecture.”

Metal Lieutenant: “Right now? The enemy is right before us!”

Disciple Soldier: “My Master placed a lot of emphasis on education. No matter what time it was, everything was subordinate to learning. That was how I was taught.”

Metal Lieutenant: “Y-yes!”

Disciple Soldier: “There are three reasons why one would use cavalry. The first is speed: the ability to move quickly from battlefield to battlefield. It is an important consideration for an Expeditionary Force, but that’s not really related this time.

The second is deployability. This may appear to be similar to the first reason, but this refers to movement about the battlefield itself, the ability to attack the enemy’s weak points before the enemy has time to respond to them. Hence deployability and speed are completely different considerations. Deployability is the art of a Commander finding gaps in the enemy’s formation and bringing powerful force to bear against it. The important measures to combat deployability are to deny intelligence to the enemy and to ensure organic and adaptable reactionary forces.”

Metal Lieutenant: “Y-yes…”

Scout: “The enemy is close! We can see the dust forming! Estimated time of arrival: One minute!”

Disciple Soldier: “The third point, and more important for this battle, is the Breakthrough Ability. To begin with, the attack power of cavalry is not very high. Since they’re mounted, they can’t use powerful weapons which require two hands to control. Nevertheless, that cavalry can already be so powerful is due to the strength of the warhorse and the incredible amount of training and technique required to properly ride into battle.

Also, a charge from high ground has fantastic destruction ability. With the increased momentum and charge, cavalry possess a breakthrough ability infantry can only dream of.”

Metal Lieutenant: “What are you going on about!? That breakthrough ability is heading here as we speak!”

Disciple Soldier: “Don’t panic.”

Scout: “Thirty seconds!”

Disciple Soldier: “Everybody! Load arrows!”

Soldiers load arrows.

Disciple Soldier: “First target! Aim for the standing soldiers and soldiers who have dismounted! Their focus is speed, so their armour is likely to be weak! If it’s too difficult, aim for the breastplate, it’s a large area!”

Scout: “Contact! Ah! It’s messy! Horses are flying everywhere! Ahh, they’re in range! They’re getting closer!”

Disciple Soldier: “Wait! Wait for it… Fire!”

Arrows whistling through the air.

Metal Lieutenant: “Multiple hits! They’re going down!”

Disciple Soldier: “Excellent! It’s time to do our duty! Support soldiers! Take the bows after they’ve been fired! Pass them the next bow and reload the current one! Soldiers of the Kingdom of Metal fire! You! Raise your heads! Keep your stance low! Trust the Trenches, if we stay together, we may just win!”




Trenches: Trenches were first used in the 19th century, during the American Civil War. It allowed one to take cover from enemy fire and yet return fire at the same time. The depth was roughly up to the head, with steps allowing the arms to be extended from the trench. Since one could fire out of the trench, there was still a chance of being hit while in it. They could also be used to conceal one’s position, as in this case.



“Ah! Something is tripping the horses! What’s this?”

“These are nets… The kind they use to catch fish.”

“Cut them! They’re just nets! Dismount and cut!”

Disciple Soldier: “Second target! Aim for the horses and cause chaos! Pull up the nets! They’re coming in!”

Soldiers from the Kingdom of Metal yank hard.

Disciple Soldier: “Fire!”

Arrows whistling through the air.

Metal Soldier: “We did it! They’re going down!”

Support Soldier: “Reloaded! Let’s go again!” Exchanges bows.

Metal Soldier: “That’s quick!”


—— The Borders of the Kingdom of Metal, a Mountain Pass, the Attacking Army of the Kingdom of White Night

One-Eyed Commander: “What’s happening?! Why have they stopped!”

Officer: “The enemy opposition…”

One-Eyed Commander: “Well, pick up the pace and break through! Advance!”

Officer: “All units advance! The enemy numbers are few! Press on!”

One-Eyed Commander: “What are you all doing!”


Light Cavalryman: “Commander! There are nets ahead!”

One-Eyed Commander: “Nets?!”

Light Cavalryman: “Yes! They’ve placed wire-reinforced fishing nets along the way, the horses are getting trapped in them! And they’re firing on us as well!”

One-Eyed Commander: “Enemy numbers?”

Light Cavalryman: “Unknown.”

One-Eyed Commander: “Why don’t you know? Aren’t you being attacked?”

Light Cavalryman: “The enemy are hiding in holes in the ground, we have no line of sight with them.”

One-Eyed Commander: “Ah! Redeploy! Push on through the front line, get the rear reserve troops to circle around the left and right flanks!”


—— The Kingdom of Metal, the Borders, Plains at the Foot of the Mountain, the Kingdom of Metal’s Border Defence Line

Arrows whistling through the air.

Disciple Soldier: “What we’re currently hiding in is called a trench.”

Metal Lieutenant: “Yes!”

Disciple Soldier: “Man-made emplacements like these are known as field defences. I first heard them from my teacher, and I haven’t heard them from other people, so as far as I know these could be her inventions.”

Scouts: “Horses are tripping all over the place! The frontline is in chaos!”

Disciple Soldier: “Remember that this is one way of killing off the enemy’s breakthrough ability. — Continuous fire! Support infantry on loading duty split into two units, Guards and Loaders! Guards units clear the cavalry who managed to clear the zone of operations and the cavalrymen who have fallen off their horses, make sure they stay out of the way! Archers and Loaders, mass your attack on the right flank! Fire at will! Don’t panic and aim well. By your side, to your left and right, are brave soldiers and comrades armed with strong bows and powerful spears! Even if you take the time to aim properly, we will still fire quicker than usual. Trust your comrades!”


—— The Borders of the Kingdom of Metal, a Mountain Pass, the Attacking Army of the Kingdom of White Night

One-Eyed Commander: “What, they haven’t broken through yet!”

Officer: “Yes.”

One-Eyed Commander: “Kill them! Kill them! The first soldier who breaks through the frontline will get ten gold pieces! Destroy those weak soldiers of the Kingdom of Metal as if they’re just a wall of matchsticks!”

Light Cavalryman: “We’ve broken the stalemate!”

One-Eyed Commander: “Are we moving?”

Light Cavalryman: “The Flanking Attack is showing some effect. The left flank’s defence is strong, but it seems the right wink is thin. They’re crossing through the forests and attacking the enemy position from behind!”

One-Eyed Commander: “Alright! Throw our whole force behind them! Increase the pressure on the front with the traps, but advance with the centre behind the right flank!”

Light Cavalrymen: “White Night Warriors!”

Cavalrymen ride away.

Officer: “…No.”

Light Cavalryman: “What’s wrong, sir?”

Officer: “This—”

One-Eyed Commander: “What?”

Officer: “The right flank is advancing too fast… It’s like they’re being… sucked in.”


—— The Kingdom of Metal, the Borders, Plains at the Foot of the Mountain, the Kingdom of Metal’s Border Defence Line

Metal Lieutenant: “The enemy has started to flow to the left flank.”

Disciple Soldier: “To begin with, it has always been an Oblique Order. We keep them tied up at the front and then flow to the right flank. However, the cavalry at the frontline is too disorganised to break through. Though they have no breakthrough ability, they could try to pressure us by attacking from behind. That’s the current state of affairs.”

Metal Lieutenant shudders.

Disciple Soldier: “Well, let’s get to work. Lieutenant, it’s time for you and I to shine.”

Metal Lieutenant: “Yes!”


Metal Lieutenant: “Let’s go! Guards Units! Respond to the cavalry rolling up the left flank with long spears! Have no fear! Enemy numbers are equal to us!”

Disciple Soldier: (Equal numbers… If we could, that would work.)

Metal Lieutenant: “Farmers! Soldiers! Lower your heads and thrust out your spears! Do not fear the horses! The enemy’s sword‘s reach is only from upon the horse, you are safe in the trenches!”

Metal Lieutenant: “Let’s go! For the sake of this land!”

Soldiers: “For the sake of the land!”

Scout: “Spear units on the left flank have contacted the enemy. The enemy frontline is weakening!”




Flanking Attack: Usually, soldiers assemble into formations and advance strongly forward until they meet the enemy. However, if one can attack the enemy from the side without them expecting, they can either attack the enemy at a weak point or draw them into a fight with two fronts. For this purpose, an attack from the side of the formation has a far stronger effect.

Oblique Order: Ordinarily, formations face the enemy in straight and equal formations. However, if one were to purposely tilt the battle order and stack forces on one flank, military force can be gathered on one side in order to break through the line. If one knows where the enemy forces are gathered, one can firmly defend that side and hence gain an advantage. However, if the enemy knows which side is being firmly defended, he can avoid that side and attack strongly from another flank. In this way, the movements of the enemy can be pre-empted, at a cost.



Disciple Soldier: “The enemy appears to be pulling back from the right wing. Everybody! Test your bows! — It’s time to attack!”

Bows being strung.

Disciple Soldier: “The enemy is abandoning his attack midway and rolling towards the left flank! This is a good thing. Take aim! Aim for the flanks of the horses, take down the Commanders and Officers if you can, they should be with the horsemen! Those guys are heading for the undefended flank of our forces! They will attack us relentlessly from behind and plunge our forces into chaos! Let’s save our comrades in the right flank, don’t let the enemy through! Let’s go! Volley!”

Soldiers: “Yes!!”

Arrows whistling through the air.

Light Cavalryman: “What?!”

Arrows whistling through the air.

Light Cavalryman: “Aghhhh!”


—– The Demon King Castle, Lowest Level, the Palace of Death

The Chief Maid: “Why hasn’t she come out… Demon King.”

The Chief Maid: “It’s been, a month? — I’ve had enough. If she continues to absorb more in there, her entire soul is going to be corrupted. What is she doing!”

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The Chief Maid: “What’s that…”


The Chief Maid: “It stopped…”


The Chief Maid: “…”

Door opens slowly.

The Chief Maid: “Your Majesty…?”

The Demon King: “I’m good.”

The Chief Maid: “Demon King?”

The Demon King: “What’s wrong? Chief Maid. Why so serious?”

The Chief Maid: “Your Majesty…?”

The Demon King: “I’m hungry. And tired. And my eyelids are really heavy.”

The Chief Maid: “…”

The Demon King: “Hehe. I’m alright. Let’s go back.”

The Chief Maid: “Where?”

The Demon King: “— To the battlefield.”

The Chief Maid: “Yaaaaaa?!”

Raises sword.

The Demon King: “Wha! You ungrateful cur! You dare to raise your hand against your own master?!”

The Chief Maid: “What have you done to the Demon King! Demon King! You’re not the Demon King! You’re not!”

Swords clashing.

The Demon King: “Where did this longsword come from…”

The Chief Maid: “My Demon King doesn’t make such a shameful and based face when she laughs!”

The Demon King: “That’s a pity. I’ll be smiling like this from now on.”

The Chief Maid: “Haiyaaaaaa!”

Swords clashing.

The Demon King: “You indeed come from a top-level Demon Race. Your techniques are quite splendid.”

The Chief Maid: “Demon King! Demon King!”

The Demon King: “Hey! Stop shouting my name endlessly!”

The Chief Maid: “I will have nothing to do with your name. This is the name of the Demon King, my one true master!”

The Demon King: “Insolent!”


The Chief Maid: “The Demon King is smart, logical, reasonable, calm and cynical! It’s true that she can be quite annoying, but my master makes a shy and loveable face when she laughs. She can wear dirty clothes forever and she hates washing, she’s terrible at cooking and cleaning. She’s my choice. My destiny!”

The Demon King: “That’s… a bit harsh, isn’t it?”

The Chief Maid: “I am a Maid!” Stands erect.

The Demon King: “—!”

The Chief Maid pants.

The Demon King: “You’re tired. If you stop now, I’ll go easy on you…”

The Chief Maid: “!”

The Demon King: “Hehe… If it’s butlers and servants, I can easily acquire some more. So shut your trap and let us go back to the Castle.”

The Chief Maid: “…” Raises sword.

The Demon King: “Just die!”

The Chief Maid: “—! Demon King…”

The Demon King: “Heh. Where are you aiming? You want to hit me… I’m sorry, but I’m completely uninjured whereas your wrist…”


The Chief Maid: “Agh… Demon King?”

The Demon King: “?”

The Chief Maid: “…Demon King, just one more time, fight… Do you remember that black, fluffy, warm thing you love so much?”

The Demon King: “Are you trying to make me laugh?”

The Chief Maid: “Ahh!”

The Demon King: “Ahh?”

The Chief Maid: “I will! Throw! You! Out!”

The Demon King: “Heh, why? You’ll never… catch me?!”

The Chief Maid: “Hey, yah!” Tosses.

The Demon King: “You may have surprised me but so what?”

Bonk! Door slams!

The Chief Maid: “Hah, hah… If she escapes another time, she’ll kill me…”


The Demon King: “This is… the Burial Chamber!? Damn you!”


The Chief Maid: “Demon King, I will continue to wait for you.”


The Demon King: “What a waste of time! How stupid! Do you not understand? This body belongs to me! I am the Demon King!”


The Chief Maid: “Hah, hah… Demon King… Your Majesty. I hope you become— ten times stronger, a hundred times stronger, please. Your Majesty… Don’t lose…”


—– The City of the Gate, Self-Governing Council, Study

East Fortress Base Commander: “Is this… for real?”

Aide-de-Camp: “Yes!”

Demon Girl: “…Umm. Yes…”

East Fortress Base Commander: “…”

Aide-de-Camp: “Three days ago, armies of the Pale have been detected advancing in the direction of the gate. We’re not certain of the scale, but it is likely slightly less than a thousand.”

East Fortress Base Commander: “Have we sent them a message?”

Aide-de-Camp: “Well…”

East Fortress Base Commander: “I hear there has been no message.”

Aide-de-Camp: “With their present military strength, they’re probably just trying their luck.”

East Fortress Base Commander: “We can’t warn them against it, can we?”

Demon Girl: “I-I-I’m sorry.”

East Fortress Base Commander: “No, please.”

Aide-de-Camp: “…”

East Fortress Base Commander: “The problem is with the content this letter.”

Aide-de-Camp: “Yes.”

The three countries of the Southern United Kingdoms which are opposed to the Demons are currently engaged in battle with the combined forces of the Central Continent. The three countries of the Southern United Kingdoms have weakened their defences; the shores and their capital cities are practically stark naked. It is now a splendid opportunity to extend the ‘Land of the Golden Sun.’ Report concluded.”

East Fortress Base Commander: “This.”

Aide-de-Camp: “Yes.”

East Fortress Base Commander: “It’s a human. Yeah, it’s a human. I know for sure. This letter is from a human. It reeks of humanity, it has the stench of a human who would betray his kind. — Who? Who would do such a wretched thing?”

Aide-de-Camp: “…”

East Fortress Base Commander: “Lady, who do you think this is?”

Demon Girl: “I didn’t get a good look, but… this letter… I bought it from a pickpocket kid. But… this merchant definitely met with a Demon of the Pale… Umm, he was about as tall as the Aide-de-Camp… But thinner, and he wore a hood… He breathed like… this…” Hisses.

East Fortress Base Commander: “Oh?”

Demon Girl: “It was wet… like a snake…”

East Fortress Base Commander: “He damaged his throat? Or a disease?”

Demon Girl: “I’m sorry. I don’t know…”

Aide-de-Camp: “Let’s find him.”

East Fortress Base Commander: “He’s not going to be on the streets anymore but let’s do it. I don’t care if you’re a demon or a human, check everyone. Damn. Just what is going on! We’ve got no choice since they want a war so much. Going around doing so much killing, just what do they want!”


—– Omake!

Little Maid Sister: “Ah, that’s right! If I bake a pancake in the shape of a fish and fill it with sweet beans, it’ll be both cute and delicious!”

TL Note: She’s just invented taiyaki. It’s a Japanese pastry shaped as a fish, traditionally filled with sweet azuki bean paste.


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  1. I should’ve kept the “plot thickens” line for now. This is a HUGE cliffhanger >.<
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