Volume 2 Chapter 4

Volume 2 Chapter 4, “The useless Demon King who appeared too late!”

—– The Trip to the Underworld


The Hero: “…The Demon World?”

“…Not the Demon World, the Underworld.”

The Hero: “So the Demon World is underground?!”

“That is correct.”

The Hero: “…”

“…To begin with, Teleportation Magic transports you to a different place… It doesn’t let you jump across dimensions or anything.”

Crush, crush.

The Hero: “What?!”

“Altitude is low.”

The Hero: “What?”

“Gravity is weak underground. It is replaced by Pressure.”

The Hero: “Gravity? Pressure?”

“…Gravity is a force from the earth which pulls you downwards. This force makes objects fall. Pressure is force applied against an object. In the Underworld, the core of the Earth crushes everything… After it crushes it to molten lava, some will flow out to the surface.”

The Hero: “Why does my flying magic not work properly? Is there some sort of relation?”

“…The Underworld is close to the core, hence there is tremendous Pressure. One cannot fly very high.”

The Hero: “Really?”


The Hero: “I don’t understand why I’m here.”

“You should.”

The Hero: “Why?”

“This is about the Demon King.”

The Hero: “Where is she? What’s happened to her?”

“The Demon King is there.”

The Hero: “I don’t understand.”

“The Demon King Castle is deep underground.”

The Hero: “I understand that!”

Lava flows.

“…In place of the current Demon King.” Crackles. “…I will take her place.”

The Hero: “What? I just heard a strange sound.”

“You’re getting out of range… I will defend the Human World.”

The Hero: “Can you?”

“…Leave it to me.”

The Hero: “…”

“…I said leave it to me.”

The Hero: “…”


The Hero: “I understand. I won’t be able to hear you anymore. I’m counting on you.”


The Hero: “Umm.”


The Hero: “Thanks for coming… You’ve really helped me out.”

“…I see.” Explosions and laser beams. “I’ll be waiting for you.”

The Hero: “Here we are. There should be some guards here, shouldn’t there? Well, whatever. I’ll break through. Let’s go… Lightfoot Magic!”

The Hero: “…Hey, Mage.”

The Hero: “…Hey.”

The Hero: “We’re really at the limit of the signal. — I guess there’s no choice. Let’s go to the lowest level. It should be this way…”


The Hero: “Through the Treasury, down the Great Hall… Third floor…”


The Hero: “Right, I’ll apologise for the destruction later! Fifth floor!”


The Hero: “Seventh floor! Wh-what!?”


The Hero: “This pure blackness… I’ve never felt such a Demonic presence before. Demon King… You’ve become this strong?!”

—– Northern Plains, on a Field where the Snow has Gathered

The Female Paladin: “Are they assembled?”

Seneschal: “Yes, the Central Continental Expeditionary Force has assembled in their expected numbers. Noblemen and lords from all over the Central Continent have assembled in full force. Their army is on the move.”

The Female Paladin: “How many?”

Seneschal: “Close to 40,000 with 28,000 combat personnel. The rest are non-combat service personnel. All of these have been confirmed by the Telescopic Scout brigades.”

The Female Paladin: “Don’t worry. Victory is not dependent on how many soldiers you have. In fact, the less soldiers you have, the lesser the burden on finances.”

Winter Soldier: “Ha, hahaha, yes! It is as you say, ma’am!”

The Female Paladin: “So what are we sending them today?”

Seneschal: “30 bottles of Ice Wine, 3 Boars, and 6 Pigs.”

The Female Paladin: “Hmm, they’ll be having a feast tonight.”

Seneschal: “Yes.”

The Female Paladin: “You don’t seem confident.”

Seneschal: “No, I don’t like the feeling of being extorted from.”

The Female Paladin: “Don’t think about it. The more you think about it, the stronger it’ll get.”

Seneschal: “I see.”

The Female Paladin: “Next up is the feed.”

Seneschal: “Feed?”

The Female Paladin: “Yeah, with this many horses, they’ll definitely require lots of feed, right? Things like dried barley or grass. Some of the noblemen have caravans plying from their homelands with feed, but most of them intend to acquire it here. It’s much easier to bring cash than so much wheat.”

Seneschal: “Yes.”

The Female Paladin: “Maintain contact with the farmers in the area. Make sure we expand the field of contact this time. Use the Merchants’ networks if we have to. If the soldiers come and are told that they have no feed, they might cause trouble. These merchants are all sympathetic to the Tripartite Union. Let them sell the wheat to the enemy. They shouldn’t have to die for their sympathy.”

Seneschal: “What do you mean?”

The Female Paladin: “Let them soak the feed in waste water beforehand. Of course, we have no intention of killing all those poor horses; just to make them unwell before the battle. If we destroy the spirits of their horses, they will have difficulty communicating and coordinating across the vast battlefield. If they choose to still meet us in battle, their breakthrough ability will be blunted. This is not the most chivalrous of tactics, but desperate times call for desperate measures.”

Seneschal: “But why target the feed?”

The Female Paladin: “The other alternative would be to poison the food with which the soldiers themselves consume, right? But that’s too obvious. Compared to that, poisoning the horse feed is something unprecedented. I feel really bad for the horses though. Many of them will die on the battlefield. But their deaths will bring us victory.”

Seneschal: “Well, it is a pity about all those horses, but as warhorses, they will be fighting to their very last breath. For a soldier like myself, that’s all we can ask for.”

The Female Paladin: “Alright, send out the order.”

Winter Soldier: “Yes!”

Seneschal: “We’ll be busy these coming few days.”

The Female Paladin: “We’ll just have to endure.”

Seneschal: “What’s next?”

The Female Paladin: “I’m still considering various factors.”

Seneschal: “Oh?”

The Female Paladin: “Shall I fight a bear barehanded in front of the enemy, to scare them?”

Seneschal: “I think not, madam. That would probably spoil your image.”


—– Palace of Winter, Chamber of Audiences

The Mage: “…Heh.”

The Mage: “…Snores. …Snores.

Lone Winter King: “…”

The Mage: “…Mm. …Heh.”

Lone Winter King: “That’s my throne.”

Disciple Merchant: “Yes.”

Assistant: “There’s a strange girl…”

The Mage: “Phew…”

Lone Winter King: “Why is there a girl sleeping on my throne?”

Disciple Merchant: “Well…”

The Mage rubs eyes.

Assistant: “?!”

Lone Winter King: “It could be some sort of dangerous assassin.”

Disciple Merchant: “…”

The Mage: “!”

Lone Winter King: “!”

The Mage: “Ugh. …Yawn.”

Door opens.

Butler: “Young man. I’ve brought some tea. Take a break from the books— Ahhhhh?!”

Lone Winter King: “What’s wrong?”

Butler: “It’s the Mage! Wh-why are you here!”

The Mage: “…”

Butler: “Where have you been? The Hero and the Female Paladin have been really worried about you. This is not the place to be drooling like that!”

The Mage: “…Asleep.”

Butler: “You’re still the same. Well, the Hero isn’t around right now so you’re still normal, I suppose.”


—— Winter Palace, Chamber of Audiences

Butler: “Allow me to introduce myself. She is one of the three Companions of the Hero, the Mage.”

The Mage nods.

Butler: “When she’s like this, she’s safe.”

The Mage nods.

Lone Winter King: “She is one of the legendary Heroes as well?”

Disciple Merchant: “No way.”

Butler: “That’s right. She was the Party’s massive-damage-dealing specialist. She knows practically every spell, the strongest mage throughout the land who has earned epithets such as ‘The Living Nightmare’ and ‘The Sleeping Sorceress of Carnage.’”

The Mage: “…I always liked, ‘The Magic Murderer.’”

Lone Winter King: (hushed voice) “I think we should keep our distance.”

Disciple Merchant: (hushed voice) “Me too.”

Butler: “She’s the kind of girl who really goes overboard when she does things.”

Lone Winter King: “…I don’t really know what to make of her.”

Disciple Merchant: “I understand that she’s really powerful.”

The Mage: “…I’m going to sleep.”

Butler: “Don’t sleep now! Have you met the Hero yet?”

The Mage: “Yes.”

Butler: “And?”

The Mage: “He’s going to the place you call the Demon World.”

Lone Winter King: “…I see.”

Disciple Merchant: “That means we’re the only ones here controlling the situation now.”

Butler: “What’s he doing? Does anybody know?”

The Mage: “He’s following instructions the Demon K… I mean, the Crimson Scholar left behind before she left.”

Lone Winter King: “?!”

Disciple Merchant: “You are acquainted with the Scholar?”

Butler: “I heard she travelled for a while…”

Lone Winter King: “What were her instructions?”

The Mage: “…She didn’t tell.”

Lone Winter King: “Why?”

Butler: “I thought you were friends”

The Mage: “…The Scholar is soft. And I’m not talking about her boobs. Something softer than that. You could say the Scholar and I come from the same race. We’re relatives. Sisters?”

Lone Winter King: “Relatives?”

The Mage: “…And—”

Butler: “And?”

The Mage: “…”

Butler: “Wake up!”

The Mage: “…The Scholar knows nothing of the present circumstances here. She does not know that we are at war… That’s why her instructions are definitely irrelevant.”

Lone Winter King: “…Really? Now that you say it…”

The Mage: “…But she took measures.”

Disciple Merchant: “What sort?”

The Mage: “…It was found that families who reared Artiodactyla in their homes were less susceptible to viruses of a contagious nature… She realised this was the result of exposure to a lesser strain and developed a method of treatment to boost the resistance of patients to the virus, in other words, to get them to develop an Immunity to the disease through a special and specific course of Immunisation.”

Lone Winter King: “?”

Disciple Merchant: “…Umm, did you understand?”

Assistant: “I didn’t understand anything!”

The Mage: “…”

Lone Winter King: “Could you say it in a way that is easier to understand?”

The Mage: “We have developed a cure for smallpox.”

Lone Winter King: “?!”

Disciple Merchant: “Do you know what you’re saying?!”

Butler: “Smallpox… The nightmare of this land?! A million, no, three million people die from it every year… It makes your body break out in hives and pus and even if by some miracle you do manage to recover from it, it’ll leave you with scars which you have to carry for the rest of your whole life. It’s the kind of nightmarish disease that warrants the torching of entire villages who have developed the disease!”

The Mage: “…I know. I did my research.”




Artiodactyla: These are an order of animals whose toes are split into two, like cows. Giraffes, camels, deer and hippopotami are also part of the order.

Immunity: This refers to a biological function within your body which helps to remove viruses and other diseases. Your immune system is designed specifically to attack anything which isn’t your own cells, or helpful cells, and destroy them by overwhelming them with White Blood Cells.

Immunisation: This refers to treating smallpox through a vaccination. It was first discovered in 1796 by Englishman Edward Jenner, allowing the death rate of smallpox, then at a frightening 40%, to be dramatically reduced cheaply and efficiently. In 1980, the WHO (World Health Organisation) declared smallpox to be completely and thoroughly eradicated. Smallpox is one of the only victory mankind has had over a virus which has plagued us for centuries.





Lone Winter King: “You’re a scholar too, then?”

Disciple Merchant: “I see.”

The Mage: “…I specialise in Folklore.

Lone Winter King: “I see.”

Disciple Merchant: “If it’s true, then this is an unprecedented step forward for all of mankind.”

Assistant: “My father and brothers died from smallpox.”

Butler: “There hasn’t been anyone who has been able to fully recover from smallpox before.”

Lone Winter King: “Mmhmm.”

The Mage: “…It’s not a cure. It’s a prevention.”

Lone Winter King: “It’s all the same.”

Disciple Merchant: “How?”

The Mage: “…You make a medicine out of a certain, weaker strain of the disease and introduce it to the patient. He will get a lighter form of the illness, but it will not be smallpox.”

Butler: “I see. Those who get smallpox once don’t get it a second time, if I’m not wrong.”

The Mage: “…That’s the system.”

Lone Winter King: “How long does it last?”

The Mage: “…About seven years.”

Lone Winter King: “That is amazing news.”

The Mage: “And…”

Lone Winter King: “?”

The Mage: “It’ll only cost every citizen of the Tripartite Union and other cooperating countries one silver piece a head.”

Lone Winter King: “…!”

The Mage: “How pleasant, isn’t it?”

Lone Winter King: “With this, the winds have changed!”

Disciple Merchant: “Indeed. We can put an end to this war.”

Assistant: “Amazing!!!”

The Mage: “…Also, I’m a Demon.”

Lone Winter King: “?”

Butler: “You’re joking.”

The Mage: “…No.”

Lone Winter King: “…”

Disciple Merchant: “…”

Assistant: “?”

The Mage: “…Please.”

Lone Winter King: “In other words, this smallpox prevention technique was developed together with Demons?”

The Mage nods.

Lone Winter King: “And we are to disseminate it to our people?”

The Mage nods.

Lone Winter King: “…”

The Mage: “…”

Disciple Merchant: “Your Majesty… I beg of you, you’ve heard this from the troops at the front line before, have you not? It’s true that the Demons may appear menacing and vicious, but they are an eloquent and knowledgeable race.”

Assistant: “…”

Butler: “…”

Disciple Merchant: “I’m not saying we should build a bridge of friendship between us. But now that we’ve been declared enemies of the Spirit, perhaps we can try to understand how they feel? Of course, if they attack us, we will attack back. They are the enemy after all.

“However, just like how the Human World has many different Kingdoms, it is likely that the Demon World consists of many different countries and tribes as well. It may not be prudent to continue this damaging war while knowing so little about the people we profess to fight.”

Lone Winter King: “Why… do you want this?”

The Mage: “…Why?”

Lone Winter King: “Why do you want a friendship with us?”




Folklore: If the study of literature is the study of analysing recorded texts and books, then the study of folklore is gathering and studying records which may have been passed down from mouth to mouth and preserving them through writing for further study and posterity. Of course, nowadays, folklore can be passed down via written means as well, and can still be studied similarly.



The Mage: “…”

Butler: “Have you slept too much that you can’t even come up with an answer now?”

The Mage: “…I’ve had enough of nightmares.”

Assistant: “…”

The Mage: “…I want to have good dreams when I go to sleep.”

Lone Winter King: “I see…”

Disciple Merchant: “…”

Lone Winter King: “This is not a contract or anything. I am worried about the backlash this may have from the Central Continent. However, as far as my name as the Lone Winter King carries, I will carry those words firmly in my heart and do my very best to make sure no blood need be spilt unnecessarily.”

Disciple Merchant: “Thank you.”

Butler: “Mage…”

The Mage: “…I’m a Demon. Really.”

Stomach rumbles.

Lone Winter King: “Hahaha! You’re a hungry Demon then! Alright. Shall we lay siege to my kitchen? If we lay siege to them, I’m sure my staff will come up with something fantastic in a jiffy!”


——– The Kingdom of Metal, Near the Capital, a Building of the Holy Order

Metal Lieutenant: “Hurry and clean it! Use more water!”

Disciple Soldier: “The cloth is boiling! Use more cloth!”

Metal Soldier: “The citizenry is offering us their assistance. What should we do?”

Metal Lieutenant: “What should we do?”

Disciple Soldier: “Of course, I’m thankful. Prepare more water and get the furnace going! Borrow some cauldrons and boil some water in it.”

Supply Soldier: “Bringing another one in right now!”

Light Cavalryman of White Night: “Ughhhh!”

Metal Lieutenant: “White Night…”

Disciple Soldier: “Don’t think about it! We have direct orders from the Metal Fist King to treat any and every casualty! We’ll make no distinction, except to carry out Triage for the heavily injured! Those with light injuries should be moved to the tents outside, the civilians can help with that as well. Those with moderate injuries should be moved further into the Holy Order, get them to stem the bleeding and use strong alcohol to disinfect their wounds.”

Metal Soldier: “Yes!”

Light Cavalryman struggles.

Light Cavalryman of White Night: “Ughhhhh. I’m dying, I won’t make it!”

Disciple Soldier: “Get it together! You won’t die from those injuries, but you need to rest!”

Metal Soldier: “Report!”

Disciple Soldier: “I’m listening.”

Metal Soldier: “The tally has been completed. Our forces have suffered 18 dead and 221 injured. The Kingdom of White Night has 304 dead and 892 injured with 450 prisoners. Also, we’ve confirmed the fallen body of the Assistant Commander, but the Commander, whom reports have confirmed is a man with one eye, has not been identified, whether living or dead.”

Metal Lieutenant: “How troublesome.”

Disciple Soldier: “If he returned home, that’s a good thing…”

Metal Lieutenant: “Is that so?”




Triage: In emergency situations where there are very many injured people and patients, there will likely be insufficient personnel or supplies. Triage is conducted to maximise the potential for saving lives. Patients are divided into one of four different categories, each with differently coloured triage tags. The order of treatment then follows the order 1 à 2 à 3 à 0.

0: The patient is on the brink of death, and even with urgent medical treatment, the chances of survival are extremely slim. (Black)

1: It is possible for the patient to survive if medical treatment is sought urgently and immediately. (Red)

2: Immediate medical treatment is not currently necessary to ensure the survival of the patient, though treatment must eventually follow in due time. (Yellow)

3: As injuries are light, the life of the patient is not in any immediate danger. (Green)

Since patients who are classified as category 0 have practically been left to die, in situations where there are enough personnel and supplies to deal with the patients, triage should definitely not be used.



Disciple Soldier: “If he keeps his movements quiet and travels with just a few soldiers, it won’t be difficult for him to avoid detection.”

Metal Lieutenant: “That’s true.”

Supply Soldier: “General!”

General! Amazing! Perfect! We will follow your orders to the very end!

Disciple Soldier: “Huh?”

Supply Soldier: “General! Victory! Long live the General!”

Long live the General! Long live the General!

Disciple Soldier: “Wait for a bit. I’m no general. I’m just the Commanding Officer of the Border Battalion.”

Metal Lieutenant: “Well, that’s fine, isn’t it?”

Disciple Soldier: “But it’s wrong!”

Metal Lieutenant: “A normal citizen or a settler who has hitherto been a serf has no knowledge whatsoever of the ranking system of the Military. They won’t understand the difference between the Commanding Officer of the Border Battalion and a General. That’s why they’re in such awe… To them, a General is just someone who’s really cool.”

Disciple Soldier: “—Really… cool?”

Metal Lieutenant: “Yes, that’s right. To someone like me, a punk from a Settler family, there’s really no difference. And when we want to display our gratitude for someone as cool, as heroic as yourself, small fry like ourselves like to shout, ‘Long live.’”

Disciple Soldier: “…Is that… so?”

Metal Lieutenant: “Yeah. General! Today’s battle was fantastic! This is a story our grandchildren will tell their grandchildren. For this reason, let us continue fighting and do our best!”

Disciple Soldier: “That’s… good.”

Supply Soldier: “General. Ah.”

Disciple Soldier: “I’m worried. If we want to make sure we’re capable of continued operations, we’ll need more food and rest, and we’ll also need to reform border security and surveillance. We’ll also have to submit a report to the Palace about the incident.”


——– In Deep, Deep Sleep

“Why… What a terrible sleep…”

“Ugh… Ughhhh…”

“What a sticky night. I should get the Chief Maid to bring me a towel. My…”


“Who’s that?”


“That’s not it.”


“Ah! Is this what they call an out-of-body experience? It’s my first time.”


“No, the real me is sleeping over there, but it’s clear that it’s a terrible state of sleep. Perhaps this has to do with falling out of synchronisation with my spirits.”


“Ohhh. The real me is waking up. So I can still move around while my spirit is divorced from my body, right? How extremely interesting.”


“Looking at it like this, I might get discarded. It’s a bit shameful that the Chief Maid continues to bully me about it, but is it really terrible to have all this bouncy-bounciness… In the Human World, the size of a woman’s bust is considered a good thing. Natural curviness isn’t seen as just flab, in fact, it’s often seen as more feminine… People consider it more maternal, and from an objective point of view, it’s even erotic. Oh!”


“My body! It’s fine to be erotic and all, but why am I doing such lewd things? What’s my body doing! I can tell even without researching! Wh-where am I touching! Stop that! My boobs are jiggling too much.”





——– Hero.


——– Hero ♪

“Wh-where is this coming from, what a terrible image! No, it comes from somewhere within my imagination, what are you intending, body! Just what has happened to me. Someone give me a clear answer! You’ve got two seconds! One. Two. Time’s up! Answer!”

—— Hero

“Wait. Stop doing that. No matter how much my body is my enemy, no matter how much I am my own enemy, he belongs entirely to me, no one else is allowed to touch him like that!


Get those perverted hands away! That’s mine! He gave himself to me first! That is completely and entirely mine! Don’t even think about seducing him with that flab of yours!”


——– The Palace of Death, the Basement of Darkness

Earth explodes.

The Chief Maid: “Hero!”

The Hero: “Get out of the way!”

The Chief Maid: “Hero! This is ridiculous! The Palace of Death can only be entered by the Demon King! It contains the memories of the past Demon Kings!”

The Hero: “There’s no such thing as a Hero who isn’t ridiculous!”

Door explodes.

The Demon King: “—”

The Hero: “Oi! Demon King! Demon King!”

The Chief Maid: “The door exploded?!”

The Demon King: “—My”

The Chief Maid: “Hero! Hit it!”

The Hero: “Eh?”

The Demon King: “—My room.”

The Chief Maid: “Hurry!”

The Demon King: “—”

The Hero: “What are you saying?”

The Chief Maid: “She’s absorbed the evil spirits of the past Demon Kings! There’s something else inside her…”

The Hero: “Oh I see, I understand.”

The Chief Maid: “No, she’s been contaminated! What should we do.”

The Demon King: “—”

The Hero: “Oi, Demon King! Demon King! Go back to normal!”

The Demon King: “—”

The Hero: “Hey, Demon King! Didn’t you say there were some things only Demon Kings could do! That you would become stronger! That you would put your life on the line to restore peace to this tragic world! You know they’re calling you a saint out there? Do the right thing!”

The Demon King: “HeЯ0*.”

The Hero: “Has she come back?”


Translator Note

In the original novel, the Demon King’s lines are given in Katakana when she is being possessed. The Japanese writing system consists of three separate and distinct alphabets (and logographic): Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana. Typically and in modern times, Hiragana and Kanji form the bulk of what one would call a Japanese sentence, being used for almost all the words. Katakana is usually only used to transliterate foreign loanwords into the Japanese language. As a result, speaking entirely in Katakana gives a harsh and foreign dimension to the text that encapsulates how strange and alien the Demon King’s voice is when she is possessed. There is no way to accurately depict that using the English language, so I have resorted to leetspeak. J



The Demon King: “—1t’S M3.”

The Hero: “Don’t lie, you previous generation!”

The Demon King: “B3c0mE MiNe, H3r0.”

The Hero: “I refuse.”

The Demon King: “1f y0u C0m3 t0g3th3R w1tH m3, I’lL g1v3 Y0u h@lF 0f ThE w0rlD.”

The Hero: “I refuse!”

The Demon King: “Why—”

The Hero: “Listen up, you old-fashioned Demon King! What’s with this half the world crap, you swindler! In the first place, the world doesn’t belong to you, it’s not something you can distribute. You’re making a big mistake if you think you can bribe a Hero with such insincere words! Those stiff stage lines aren’t something a Demon King in this day and age would be saying!”

The Demon King: “WH—”

The Hero: “And!”

The Demon King: “?!”

The Hero: “I already own that body you have there. It’s mine. We have a contract. You can invade it, pollute it, but it’s still mine! Come out. Get out of that body which belongs to me!!!”

The Demon King: “—Wh@T”

The Hero: “That’s right, Demon King!”

The Demon King: “—Ar3 yOu S@y1ng”

The Hero: “Huh!? Oi! Are you listening, Demon King!”

The Chief Maid: “Demon King!”

The Demon King: “—Wh@t bUllSHiT @r3 y0u sPOuT1ng!”

The Demon King: “Shut up.”

Clouds of Demonic Magic swirl in the air.

The Demon King: “Shut up, damn you… This isn’t the sweet reunion I was looking forward to.”

The Hero: “Of course it is, my strong-willed Demon King.”

The Chief Maid: “Demon King! Demon King! It’s really you, it’s really you!”

The Demon King: “I’ve made you wait — my Hero.”

The Hero: “You’ve slept for too long — my Demon King.”


——- The Kingdom of Metal, the Capital, Craftsmen Street

One-Eyed Commander pants heavily.

One-Eyed Commander: “! Aghhh! Oww! It hurts, it hurts… This suffering. Lone Winter King, Base Commander. Those impure bastards consumed my eye and my pride! Agh! Aha! Hahaha!”

One-Eyed Commander pants heavily.

One-Eyed Commander: “But I’ve discovered their secret. Isn’t that right? King of White Night? There’s a Demon girl here. Pant. Pant. Pant. Haha! Here, the world will be plunged into a dungeon, drawn into the endless darkness befitting of those who dare to be heretics… Gyaha! Aghh!”


Craftsman on the Street: “I hear the General has returned in victory.”

Assistant on the Street: “It was a splendid victory!”


Craftsman on the Street: “There’re lots of injured people.”

Assistant on the Street: “Yeah, we should really go and help.”

Footsteps fade out…

One-Eyed Commander: “…Heeheehee… They said it.”


——- The Kingdom of Metal, the Capital, at the Back of the Press Workshop

Door opens.

“Sis, we’re late!”

“Wait just a bit, alright?”

One-Eyed Commander pants heavily.

“And when I’m dressed like this, don’t call me Sis.”

“Hehe, just a bit more.”

“No way. When we start the show, the people need to believe it. Until the Mistress comes back, everybody needs to believe that I’m actually her.”

One-Eyed Commander creeps up.

“Yes. So this is next, right?”

“Do you understand?”

“I remember. Beginning from the right, it’s fudar…?”

“Good job.”


One-Eyed Commander: “…So even that Crimson Demon has a family. Hehehe. Does an apostate need a family? I’ve never heard such a thing. Let’s sink that bond into the abyss.”


“Did you do it?”

“Yep! A new moveable type.”

“Brush it! Brush it!”

“We’ll do that tomorrow when the craftsman comes in.”

“Really? Then shall we go buy dinner? I’d like to go see everyone. ♪”


——- The Kingdom of Metal, the Capital, Printing Press Warehouse

Little Maid Sister: “What shall we have for dinner today ♪ Some hot soup, with some black bread and bean stew ♪”

Little Maid Sister: “The bed in the dormitory is so soft ♪ That’s where I want to be. Ahhh?!”

One-Eyed Commander steps out.

One-Eyed Commander: “…”

Little Maid Sister: “Oh, it must be a craftsman? It’s already so late! Shouldn’t you go home to your family? They should be at home, not over here.”

One-Eyed Commander: “I will protect the purity of the light.”

Little Maid Sister: “Oh, you must be a Templar?”

Draws sword.

Little Maid Sister: “?!”

One-Eyed Commander: “Templar? Don’t group me together with that group of heretics. I am the Noble Commander of the Second Holy Crusaders! Hahahahaha! Gyahahahaha!”


—— The Kingdom of Metal, the Capital, Late at Night in the Workshop

Elder Maid Sister: “Sis? Sis? Stop playing around—Aren’t you hungry? Hurry up and come back!”

Pacing back and forth.

Elder Maid Sister: “She must have been invited in for a feast by somebody? We can’t underestimate her ability to find food.”

Door opens.

Little Maid Sister: “—! —!”

One-Eyed Commander: “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, Crimson Scholar.”

Elder Maid Sister: “Wh-who!”

One-Eyed Commander: “Huh? Ahahahaha! Hahahahaha! That’s right. I apologise for the rudeness. You probably don’t know how I am, you serf-born wench. — I am the Angel of your Death. Hahahahaha!”

Elder Maid Sister: “!”

Little Maid Sister: “—! —!”

One-Eyed Commander: “What am I going to do? I’m sure you know?”

Elder Maid Sister: “Let my sister go.”

One-Eyed Commander: “Hahahaha! That’s an interesting expression, heretic. Gahahahahaha!”

Elder Maid Sister: “…”

One-Eyed Commander: “First, kneel. And apologise to the Spirit.”

Elder Maid Sister: “I believe in the Spirit. Kneeling is nothing.”

Little Maid Sister: “—! —!”

One-Eyed Commander: “You pathetic bitch, you’re not fit to use the name of the Spirit! Kneel! Beg for forgiveness! Confess your sins and weep in shame!”

Elder Maid Sister kneels.

Elder Maid Sister: “…What do you mean?”

Little Maid Sister: “—! —!”

One-Eyed Commander: “This dark warehouse will be your Confession Chamber. Kuhahahaha! Ahahahaha! But you will find no mercy here.” Draws sword.

One-Eyed Commander: “What do you think of this sword, Scholar? You two are the same. You both call yourself Crimson, and you both suck blood. That’s right. Hahaha! You will receive no mercy from the Spirit here, die in shame and report your sins to Him yourself! Allow me to send you straight to hell!”

Raises sword.

Elder Maid Sister: “!”

Little Maid Sister: “—!”

Door slams open.

One-Eyed Commander: “Who is it?!”

Disciple Soldier: “Just an ordinary soldier.”

Parries sword strike.

Little Maid Sister: Rips off cloth over mouth.  “Sis!”

Elder Maid Sister: “Sis!”

One-Eyed Commander: “Dodge this, then!”

Swords clashing.

Disciple Soldier: “—Ha! Ha!”

Elder Maid Sister: “Ah.”

Little Maid Sister: “It’s the Disciple Soldier!”

One-Eyed Commander: “You’re not even twenty years old! I am the Commander of the Crusaders! Do you really think you can beat a person like me, who has been to hell and back!”

Swords clashing.

Elder Maid Sister: “Ah! Your wrist!”

One-Eyed Commander: “Hehehehe. What’s wrong? Where’s your heroism now? Eh? What did you think, you would be able to accomplish by flying here trying to save these girls!? Ahahahaha! You punk!”

Swords clashing.

Disciple Soldier: “I am just an ordinary soldier. — I am no hero.”

Swords grinding.

One-Eyed Commander: “Then give way to your superiors!”

Swords clashing.

Disciple Soldier: “Leaving aside that you’re not my commander, it is the place of the soldier to stand up to the poor decisions of his commanders!”

Swords clashing.

One-Eyed Commander: “How pig-headed! Your right hand hurts, doesn’t it! Take this! And this! And this! Ahahaha!”

Disciple Soldier: “—!”

Little Maid Sister: “No!”

(Don’t lose concentration. Watch his claws. Watch his line of sight. No, not that way! Don’t look at it! Watch it! Observe it! That’s how you’ll find an opening!)

One-Eyed Commander: “You have no chance of winning! Ahahaha! Gyahahaha! I won’t let you walk away from this! I won’t forgive you!”

Sword strikes.

(Calmly and coolly compare the advantages he has over you, and the advantages you have over him. Whether it’s a war or a deal, do the same. Stay calm. Destroy his advantages and attack his weaknesses. What are your strengths consider all of these.)

Swords clashing.

Disciple Soldier: “— Indeed, I am a man of no strengths. I did not win yesterday.”

One-Eyed Commander: “Shut up!”

Elder Maid Sister: “!”

Swords clash.

One-Eyed Commander: “What! What?! Why hasn’t your wrist fallen off?!”

Disciple Soldier: “Reinforced steel — on my specially made gauntlet.”

Swords clash.

One-Eyed Commander: “!”

Disciple Soldier: “They all said ‘Thank You.’ To this useless person. — ‘Thank you for defending us.’ To a soldier who devotes his life to defending his people, there is no higher honour, is there? I’ve awakened to my true calling, there is no higher advantage. Because of this, I will fight to the end!!!”


—– On the Northern Plains, at the Camp of the Central Continental Army

Continental Knight: “Dammit!”

Mercenary Archer: “What the hell!”

Infantry Section Commander: “It’s that thin, bean soup again, with some crusty, hard bread.”

Continental Knight: “Crusty? Mine is just crumbs.”

Mercenary Archer: “What’s going on?”

Infantry Section Commander: “I thought we had enough money?”

Continental Knight: “The noblemen are throwing banquets every night.”

Mercenary Archer: “While we get soup with some salt in it if we’re lucky.”

Infantry Section Commander: “I hear the price of food has gone up everywhere.”

Continental Knight: “Is that so?”

Mercenary Archer: “Don’t you at least know about this? The heartlands of the Central Continent are already beginning to experience widespread famine. That’s why I agreed to take part in the expedition to the South, where the food prices haven’t gone up yet.”

Squire: “Section Chief, this is just between us, but…”

Infantry Section Commander: “What?”

Squire: “I’ve heard a rumour that we brought a lot of money to this expedition but very little food.”

Continental Knight: “…!”

Mercenary Archer: “Wh… What?!”

Infantry Section Commander: “What the hell!”

Continental Knight: “Are the Commanders for real?!”

Mercenary Archer: “Well, it’s to be expected.”

Infantry Section Commander: “What are you saying?”

Mercenary Archer: “If you think about it, considering the size of the expedition, can you imagine how much bigger it would have to be to accommodate the caravans of food and the attendants? You would get the paradoxical situation of needing to carry more food in order to carry more food. In a place so far from main supply lines, rather than carrying heavy food, it’s probably easier, faster and lighter to just carry large sums of money and buy food at the venue.”

Infantry Section Commander: “That’s true.”

Mercenary Archer: “I fear the noblemen are probably panicking right now. No matter how much money you’re carrying, without food, we will all starve to death over the winter. I’m sure they want to make sure the war ends before winter. I believe they will aim for the Southern United Kingdoms, where there is still food.”

Continental Knight: “Is that so…”

Mercenary Archer: “And to think we believed the words of the Commanders and undertook this fruitless expedition to the South. Dammit!” Spits.

Drinks soup.

Mercenary Archer: “Drinking this thin soup makes me want to fight even less.”

Infantry Section Commander: “Then shouldn’t we hurry up and attack the enemy?”

Continental Knight: “No, the horses have been acting up for a few days now…”

Infantry Section Commander: “What?”

Squire: “It’s true.”

Continental Knight: “I’ve also heard that some of the countries are pulling out. The Magic Cavalry of the Kingdom of the Lake has already retreated home.”

Mercenary Archer: “Hmph! What could that useless bunch of scholars do on the battlefield anyway?”

Continental Knight: “On top of that, there have been incidents of squabbles about what to do after we advance upon the Southern United Kingdoms and conquer them. Factions have been forming to decide which noble and king will receive which parcels of land in the Southern United Kingdoms.”

Mercenary Archer: “You’ve got to be kidding me!”

Infantry Section Commander: “…”

Mercenary Archer: “We came here to fight. To come to the battlefield and fight, fight, fight. If we survive the carnage with our swords dripping in blood, then we’ll have some meat skewers and revel in some good wine. That’s a mercenary’s war. I want no part in any in-fighting or crude politics between selfish, greedy noblemen. If they really have so much arguing to do, the solution is easy. Decide by the sword!”

Infantry Section Commander: “…”

Continental Knight: “…”

Mercenary Archer: “What!? Did I say something wrong! Do you have a problem, Sir Knight!”

Infantry Section Commander: “Umm…”

Mercenary Archer: “Can we really tide through the winter on such thin soup?”

Continental Knight: “The Commander is approaching, wrap up what you have to say.”

Mercenary Archer: “Yeah, fine, fine. It’s this way. Noblemen are always this way. Whenever good things happen, it’s because the noblemen worked for it. Whenever bad things happen, it’s because the Spirit is testing our resolve. How stupid… I’m going back to the Commander’s tent. I have something to discuss there. We’re getting our pay in gold. At this rate, we’re all going to starve to death. At the very least, they should give us some meat or some bread as salary.”

Infantry Section Commander: “…”

Squire: “…”

Infantry Section Commander: “There’s no choice. Situations are different.”

Continental Knight: “Yeah, though things are bad, we still get support from home. But for you mercenaries, there’s really no one looking out for you.”

Infantry Section Commander: “But at this rate…”

Squire: “It’s getting colder.”


——— The Demon Castle, Bottom Level, a Luxurious Bedroom

The Chief Maid: “No, it’s really fine!”

The Demon King: “What are you holding back for?”

The Hero: “I’m not very good at it but I’ll do my best, just endure it for a while.”

The Chief Maid: “No, that’s not it. I can’t! How can I receive such a thing when the Demon King hasn’t yet! I fear this is too much.”

The Demon King: “Do you really think the Hero is such a good-for-nothing?”

The Hero: “…I knew she wasn’t willing to trust me.”

The Chief Maid: “That’s not it, I can see him too.”

The Demon King: “The point is that I see him. Alright! Don’t explode.”

The Chief Maid: “I’m going to explode.”

The Demon King: “It’s just for a bit. It’ll be over soon!”

The Chief Maid: “No way! Wh-what are you doing?”

The Hero: “Shh…”

The Chief Maid: “Do something, Demon King.”

The Demon King: “Hurry up and help.”

The Hero: “I’m pressing on it, Demon King, so hurry up and do the magic.”

The Demon King: “Alright.”

Magic buzzes.

The Hero: “Alright, it’s looking good.”

The Chief Maid: “Ah.”

The Demon King: “How is it? Can the wrist heal? Is the wound closing?”

The Hero: “Yep, the wound is cleaning up well… Is this a high-pressure freezing spell? I’ve heard of this spell, the Blade of Ice, which uses high-speed water jets and freezing magic to heal, but I’ve never seen a technique like this before.”

The Chief Maid: “Oh, don’t look so closely.”

The Demon King: “The Third Demon King was known as the Demon King of Frozen Nightmares. This is a technique he used to have.”

The Hero: “Make sure to freeze the wound thoroughly so there will be no blood loss.”

The Demon King: “Like this?”

The Hero: “Seal the corners… The next part is going to be excruciatingly painful, so… a Hypnosis Spell… or a Minor Healing Spell.”

The Chief Maid: “Ow!”

The Demon King: “Chief Maid, cling on to him.”

The Chief Maid: “I’m sorry.”

The Hero: “…Ohh, your boobs are nice.”

The Demon King: “Pay attention!”

The Hero: “Okay! Chief Maid, I know it’s hard, but I need you to take deep breaths and breathe out slowly.”

The Demon King: “…”

The Hero: “Just like that.”

The Chief Maid: “……. … ….”

The Demon King: “…”

The Hero: “…She’s been hypnotised. Alright… Resurrection Magic!”

The Chief Maid: “! … …”

The Demon King: “Has something happened?”

The Hero: “Yeah, her arm’s probably gone numb and she’s lost the strength to cling on. Her wound is probably gone.”

The Demon King: “Thank you.”

The Hero: “No, the wound was fortuitous. If she had damaged some nerves or internal organs, I wouldn’t be able to do anything.”

The Demon King: “…”

The Demon King: “She’s sleeping so soundly.”

The Hero: “I got her to sleep for a while. It’ll decrease her blood pressure and help with the recovery.”

The Demon King: “I see…”

The Hero: “Yeah.”

The Demon King: “…”

The Hero: “Ahhh, I’m tired.”

The Demon King: “Well.”

The Hero: “?”

The Demon King: “Thank you.”

The Hero: “She’s my friend too, I honestly wanted to help her out.”

The Demon King: “Not that… For coming here, and saving me.”

The Hero: “Oh… Yeah.”

The Demon King: “Umm.”

The Hero: “?”

The Demon King: “Are you tired?”

The Hero: “…Yeah?”

The Demon King: “…You can use my boobs. Even though the Chief Maid is clinging on to them. Otherwise, how about my lap?”

The Hero: “?”

The Demon King: “A lap pillow is a thing, right? It’s a special service just for now.”

The Hero: “…Uhh, but the Chief Maid is there too.”

The Demon King: “You don’t want it?”

The Hero: “…” (deep in thought)

The Hero: “…” (deep in thought)

The Hero: “…Hmm” (thinks long and hard)

The Demon King: “You don’t?”

The Hero: “Ahh! …Fine, just for a bit.”

The Demon King: “Yeah.”

The Demon King: “Why is the back of your head just touching the tip of my knee?”

The Hero: “Huh, huh, uhh? No, I didn’t?”

The Demon King: “Why, do you have some kind of reservations because of some traumatic imagery you experienced in your childhood?”

The Hero: “I’m sorry.”

The Demon King: “A lap pillow is supposed to be a very close and intimate thing without any distance between us.”

The Hero shuffles in.

The Hero: “…”

The Demon King: “Are you complaining?! Do you think I’m fat!”

The Hero: “No! That’s not it!”

The Chief Maid: “…”

The Hero: “That being said, the thighs of the Chief Maid—”

The Demon King: “If you like thighs, you can put your face here!”

The Hero: “Sorry, sorry.”

The Chief Maid: “…”

The Demon King: “What are you thinking about, even though you’re a Hero!”

The Hero: “No, it’s precisely because I’m a Hero that I am a lot worse at enduring such things than the average young man…”

The Demon King: “…”

The Hero: “…”

The Chief Maid: “…”

The Demon King: “The Chief Maid’s breathing is getting shallower.”

The Hero: “Yeah, she’s fine now.”

The Demon King: “…Fluffy.”

The Hero: “…”

The Demon King: “What’s wrong, Hero? Is something up? What’s happening over there? Is everybody okay?”

The Hero: “There’s a lot of trouble on the ground, something big has happened.”

The Demon King: “…”

The Hero: “?”

The Demon King: “Right, I know about this.”

The Hero: “Eh?”

The Demon King: “—On the ground.”

The Hero: “Ah. Yeah… You’ve heard from the Mage.”

The Demon King: “She’s a trusted comrade of the Hero, I’ve trusted her to deliver information.”

The Hero: “What kind of library is it?”

The Demon King: “The Cosmic Library is the hometown of my race, and also our stronghold.”

The Hero: “And she’s been reading magical grimoires there all this while?”

The Demon King: “What’s been happening? On the ground?”

The Hero: “Yeah, where should I begin…”

The Demon King: “…Anywhere. Tell me everything.”

The Hero: “I guess I’ll start from the Declaration.”

The Demon King: “Yeah.” Nods.

The Hero: “They’re saying that the Crimson Scholar is a Heretic of the Church.”


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6 thoughts on “Volume 2 Chapter 4

  1. Ah, the melodious sound of the mentally challenged demon lord speaking is the like a breath of fresh air … outside a garbage dump.
    Somehow it reminds me of an old grandma clearing some phlegm from her throat.

    Good job on that particular translation X)


    Butler: “Allow me to introduce myself. She is one of the three Companions of the Hero, the Mage.”

    This one sounds fishy, and not in a pole swinging kinda way.

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  3. “So I have resorted to leetspeak.”

    I literally ended up rolling on the floor and laughing until I hit my head on a chair leg. My mom asked what the hell was wrong with me. I still have no answer.

  4. I wonder why he asked such questions like ““Why does my flying magic not work properly? Is there some sort of relation?”. Didn’t he enter de Demon King castle by the begining of the story? And even spent almost a whole year in the Demon World as the Black Knight? This made a knot in my head…

  5. Well, it’s not a perfect analogue. Yes, katakana is used for emphasis sometimes, as well as for foreign words much the same way we italicize “huevos”. But presumably italics does not immediately connote “foreign” the way katakana does.

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