The Song of the Nameless Bard

The Song of the Nameless Bard


If only all was that should be.

The teachings of the one and only Church would be correct.

One gold coin would be worth one gold coin.

Against the evil Demons, the power of humans would unite.

And against smallpox, all one can do is pray.


The Demon King and the Hero joined hands and walked down the road of thorns.

From the light of the lantern, they could see the bodies of many people.

The sparks of the fires of war had been ignited.

The Church and the Southern United Kingdoms had a Schism,

The Central Continent had Declared War.

The Church split into two Churches,

The price of wheat shot up, gold coins became useless,

Searching for freedom, the serfs migrated to the South,

The hungry masses ate the Heretical potato.


As Human clashed with Human, Human and Demon joined forces.

The Southern United Kingdoms acquired Smallpox Medicine from the Demons,

And the Holy Empire, the bulwark against Demonic invasion, signed a Secret Agreement with the Demons of the Pale,

The Fire Dragon Lady, seeking Salt, appeared in front of the Young Merchant.

While the Demon King and the Hero went missing, the ones who stayed to protect the Human World were the Kings and the three Disciples, the disciples of the Demon King.

At the same time, the strong currents of fate were brewing,

Standing in front of the entire Demon Race, the Demon King proclaimed the Kurultai.

Opposing conciliation with the Humans, despite overwhelming consensus,

The Demon King of the Pale played an unexpected card,

And called for the Impeachment of the Demon King


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One thought on “The Song of the Nameless Bard

  1. -The hungry masses ate the Heretical potato.

    Those blasphemers! Such corruption will not stand, kill them all.:D

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