Volume 3 Chapter 6

Volume 3 Chapter 6, “This is what the Fairies want.”


———- The Kingdom of the Lake, the Headquarters of the Union

Union Employee: “Has the war begun?”

Female Union Employee: “All the employees in the Headquarters have been assembled.”

Acting Chief: “Yeah.”

Union Employee: “The objective this time is—”

Acting Chief: “This time, silence is important.”

Female Union Employee: “Metal, then.”

Union Employee: “The market prices have risen as of late.”

Acting Chief: “It seems the Central Continent and the Holy Empire have started buying up large quantities of weaponry to prepare for the war. We are to apply pressure on this.”

Union Employee: “Then our funds will…”

Acting Chief: “The Councillor has come up with an estimate… Roughly 10,000 gold pieces.”

Female Union Employee: “On a much smaller scale than the wheat issue.”

Union Employee: “To begin with, metal is much more expensive, so the volume of flow is much smaller.”

Acting Chief: “At the same time, we are also to apply pressure on coal.”

Female Union Employee: “You mean the fuel? Charcoal?”

Acting Chief: “No, this is a directive from the Councillor.”

Female Union Employee: “That seems very suspicious.”

Union Employee: “I will go and receive the reports.”

Acting Chief: “Use a quick horse.”

Union Employee: “Yes.”

Acting Chief: “We need to buy up transit and procurement rights for the coal to stop others from getting their hands on it. Most of it is to come from the North.”

Female Union Employee: “Understood.”

Runs in.

Union Employee: “The war has begun.”

Acting Chief: “Indeed.”

Union Employee: “There is no way we can stop it.”

Acting Chief: “Wars were never things which required mutual consent. War is a completely unilateral action. As long as one person in the group of people who are involved in this war wants it, the war will take place. They’re very extreme things, wars.”

Union Employee: “Yes.”

Acting Chief: “I’m fairly interested in that young Councillor. He has been achieving all sorts of impossible things and advancing without ever giving up. More than putting an end to this war, perhaps it is more important to appear to be trying to put an end to the war.”


——- The Kingdom of Elm, the Quarters of Nobility

Weak Nobleman: “This year’s taxes have all been collected.”

Middle Aged Knight: “…”

Powerful Landlord: “I have something to say about that. With this level of taxes, all the serfs are going to starve to death.”

Weak Nobleman: “Are you suggesting the taxes are unreasonable!”

Powerful Landlord: “But with the poor harvest this year from the heat…”

Weak Nobleman: “Shut up! What do you mean poor harvest! Every fief has been blessed with great amounts of wheat and barley, right?!”

Powerful Landlord: “But the wells in my land have dried up…”

Weak Nobleman: “Who would believe such a thing?”

Middle Aged Knight: “Hahaha.”

Powerful Landlord: “…It’s the truth.”

Weak Nobleman: “What a lie. You can just sell the wheat you harvested last winter this spring and use that money.”

Powerful Landlord: “That’s…”

Weak Nobleman: “That’s what you get for trying to deceive us into believing this story about a poor harvest.”

Powerful Landlord: “It is just as I told you…”

Weak Nobleman: “What?”

Powerful Landlord: “This year’s taxes are collected not in produce but in cash…”

Weak Nobleman: “Well, fine.”

Powerful Landlord: “In that case I’ll pay. I’ll get you the 70 gold pieces immediately.”

Weak Nobleman: “What are you talking about? The tax is 210 gold pieces.”

Powerful Landlord: “Huh?”

Weak Nobleman: “210 gold pieces? Just as it is written in the laws.”

Powerful Landlord: “But that’s in the old currency, right? As you are aware, the new currency is worth 3 times as much as the old one…”

Weak Nobleman: “That may be so, but where in the laws does it say that the rate of tax is adjusted based on currency? As the law is written, based on the value of your land and property, you are to pay a tax of 210 gold pieces.”

Powerful Landlord: “Do the noblemen want the peasants to die!”

Weak Nobleman: “Do not pretend to stand up for the rights of the weak when it is convenient for you!” Slams table.

Powerful Landlord: “Even if you say something like that, if the tax is insufficient, then I’ll have to compensate with a significant bribe, right? In the end, we’re all in the same boat. I intend to pay, it’s just that I hope you will be able to reconsider the…”

Weak Nobleman: “Come on!”

Powerful Landlord: “!”

Middle Aged Knight: “My Lord, stay your hand.”

Weak Nobleman: “Ah.”

Middle Aged Knight: “We will never accomplish anything by being so heavy handed.”

Powerful Landlord: “Please help, Sir Knight!”

Weak Nobleman: “Fine, then what?”

Middle Aged Knight: “In a situation like this, we have to listen to our friends. There’s only one way I can think of getting around this.”

Weak Nobleman: “…Which is?”

Middle Aged Knight: “Attack. We’ll follow the coast and plunder the lands of the Kingdom of Winter.”

Weak Nobleman: “You intend for us to be pirates!”

Middle Aged Knight: “I have no gripe with piracy. But of course, we will not officially sanction it. This is not piracy. This is privateering*. We are not pirates, we are privateers. There’s a difference.”

Powerful Landlord: “Then…”

Weak Nobleman: “Hmm.”

Powerful Landlord: “Our land does not have very much, but we do have bandits. If we could tame them and have them ride against the heretical Kingdoms, taking some financial help along the way… I do believe we can support them with weapons and the like.”

Weak Nobleman: “Hmm, this is worth considering.”

Middle Aged Knight: “Then let us see what those cowards can do against us.”


——– By the Borders of the Holy Imperial City, in a Small House at Night

Elder Maid Sister: “…”

Disciple Bard: “… …”

Disciple Bard: (Ahh. Mmm… It’s still… night?)

Elder Maid Sister: “…”

Disciple Bard: (Has the Elder Maid Sister woken up…)

Elder Maid Sister: “…”

Disciple Bard: (Is she crying…?)

Elder Maid Sister: “… … …”

Disciple Bard: (Why…?)

Elder Maid Sister: “…Sorry… …”

Disciple Bard: (…Is this about this afternoon? What is she going on about?)

Elder Maid Sister: “…Sorry… I can’t save you… Sorry…”

Disciple Bard: (Elder Maid Sister…)




Privateering: In effect, it is exactly the same as piracy. However, it is sanctioned by a country and is directed towards merchant vessels or caravans of an enemy country. If captured by the enemy country, they may be tried and executed as pirates; but the sanctioning country is likely to treat them as heroes.



——– The Borders of the Holy Empire, a Village of the Children of Light

Lieutenant of Light: “Forward, march!”


Lieutenant of Light: “Fall in!”


Healthy Peasant Soldier: “…”

Young Peasant Soldier: “Alright.”

Lieutenant of Light: “Fore!”

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Lieutenant of Light: “Stand down! Clean and prepare equipment!”

Clattering of muskets.

Holy Imperial General: “How is it going?”

Lieutenant of Light: “Sir, everything is proceeding smoothly, sir.”

Holy Imperial General: “Are we seeing results?”

Lieutenant of Light: “Our current objective is to march 16km in a day.”

Holy Imperial General: “Hmm.”

Lieutenant of Light: “What do you think?”

Holy Imperial General: “Train them a bit more. The current pace is not a problem, however, on the battlefield, speed decides life and death. I need the Heavy Brigades to move at a speed of at least 32km over two continuous days.”

Lieutenant of Light: “And the punishment for failure is execution?”

Holy Imperial General: “It’s fine, this is training. But the first unit which is able to meet the mark shall be entitled to two days of leave. Keep a record of the longest distances achieved and we can make something of that.”

Lieutenant of Light: “Understood.”

Holy Imperial General: “How about the range training?”

Lieutenant of Light: “Yes. About that.”

Holy Imperial General: “Is there a problem?”

Lieutenant of Light: “The amount of black powder provided is insufficient.”

Holy Imperial General: “Even though we had planned for it…”

Lieutenant of Light: “We had set aside an appropriate amount in the planning phase but we are using them at a much faster speed than expected. I would like to request an increase in the stocks of black powder.”

Holy Imperial General: “Understood. I can’t promise you anything but I will try.”

Lieutenant of Light: “I thank you deeply.”

Holy Imperial General: “Hey.”

Lieutenant of Light: “Yes?”

Holy Imperial General: “This Village has had the best performances out of all its neighbours. As a result, I want you to make dinner special tonight. The practical achievements have been good. You have been true to the pride of these serfs as adherents of the Light.”

Lieutenant of Light: “Yes! Thank you for your encouragement!”


———— Mountain Ridge on the Border of the Kingdom of Metal

Scout: “Coming in! Two thousand cavalrymen!!!”

Disciple Soldier: “Two thousand…”

Metal Lieutenant: “So few.”

Disciple Soldier: “According to our reports, the Demon forces that invaded the City of White Night number less than three thousand. There is a significant number of cavalrymen among them. Two thousand is few, but…”

Metal Lieutenant: “But this does not bode well for us.”

Disciple Soldier: “…”

Metal Lieutenant: “What is it?”

Disciple Soldier: “What is the distance? When will we be in contact with the enemy?”

Scout: “They are between the two ridges. Estimated time to contact, five minutes.”

Disciple Soldier: “Confirm if the other border patrols have experienced any strange occurrences or sudden attacks!”

Metal Messenger: “Yes!”

Scout: “I will scout ahead.”

Disciple Soldier: “Carry on.”

Metal Lieutenant: “…”

Disciple Soldier: “This could just be a probe for our strength.”

Metal Lieutenant: “Sorry?”

Disciple Soldier: “By sending out a small force to engage us, they can gain intelligence and gauge our abilities, equipment, and formations. They managed to take the City of White Night in a single night, but this time they appear to be taking more precautions.”

Metal Lieutenant: “But won’t that unit suffer casualties?”

Disciple Soldier: “They will retreat. To begin with, the Demons can afford such casualties, especially because it is unlikely that we will be locked in a battle of extermination.”

Metal Lieutenant: “Five minutes…”

Disciple Soldier: “We have time.”

Metal Lieutenant: “…”

Disciple Soldier: “And the catapults?”

Metal Lieutenant: “We have one or two of them on hand.”

Disciple Soldier: “Prepare the catapults!”

Metal Lieutenant: “If you used the catapults in such a narrow ridge, you could bring down the cliff walls!”

Disciple Soldier: “That’s fine. Our soldiers are the best in the world at building roads, aren’t we?”

Metal Lieutenant: “That might be the only thing we are good at.”

Metal Soldier: “Catapults prepared and ready to fire. Where should we take them to?”

Disciple Soldier: “Push them forward. Your target is the cliff wall on the right-hand side! It’s fine even if you bring it down. My intention is for you to bury the forest so prepare for continuous fire!”

Metal Soldier: “Yes!”

Disciple Soldier: “What a wasteland.”

Metal Lieutenant: “I understand. In that battle, the entirety of the Kingdom of White Night fell to the Demons. The same will happen to us if we do not maintain this border. It would be foolish to engage in a series of small skirmishes leading to a war of attrition.”


———- The Holy Imperial City, a House on the Outskirts

Disciple Bard: “It’s fairly run down.”

Elder Sister Maid: “Yeah.”

Disciple Bard: “But the Church is like this, after all?”

Elder Sister Maid: “Eh?”

Disciple Bard: “I mean, I’ve travelled to many places in the Continent, but the Church can be found in just about everywhere.”

Elder Sister Maid: “Yeah, I suppose so.”

Disciple Bard: “The Spirit of Light? God? Even though they believe in the same God, there are quite a few varieties, aren’t there?”

Elder Sister Maid: “It is basically the same faith, but there are differences in interpretations and practical applications, which steadily add up to greater separations. These are manifested on the surface level in the form of different religious Orders. Broadly, they are the same thing, but on the finer details, there are definitely differences.

“For example, there are some religious Orders that place a special emphasis on religious days, rituals, and masses; there are also some religious Orders that are more concerned with being on the ground and helping the masses. The Church may seem to be a venue for faith and worship, but in truth, they also preside over matters of learning, medicine, and other difficulties in the lives of men, serving also as a public place.”

Disciple Bard: “So that’s why everybody pays so much attention to the Church.”

Elder Sister Maid: “Indeed.”

Disciple Bard: “But… the Church really is everywhere.”

Elder Sister Maid: “That— Well… In a way, there’s nothing for it.”

Disciple Bard: “Really?”

Elder Sister Maid: “The Church of the Holy Spirit Light, also known as the Central Church, is incredibly powerful. Usually, when one refers simply to ‘the Church’, you are referring to the biggest faction in the organization. In the Central Continent, more than half of all adherents come under the influence of the Central Church.

“Actually, even though people may live in the lands of various kingdoms or nobility, their land may belong jointly to these lords, but also often to the Church. That is why the Church is able to exercise such a supreme influence over every part of their lives. Since the Church is such a massive organisation, even countries are unable to ignore it and must constantly respect its authority, without which they cannot govern their people. All the Church needs to do is to proclaim you a heretic and you would no longer have the mandate to own lands or to govern your people and your bloodline would forever be tainted from that day thenceforth.”

Disciple Bard: “How monstrous.”

Elder Sister Maid: “Yeah. For this reason, the Church, especially the Church of the Holy Spirit of Light, wields immense power. If this power were to be applied justly, it would be able to protect the people from the barbaric actions of ruthless nobility or monarchies… However, in truth, the nobilities and royalties are patrons of the Church, and the serfs and settlers have to suffer the most. Moreover, with the abilities at their disposal, they are also able to control the flow of information and technology… more so considering the large number of clergymen who are just out to improve their own lots in life.”

Disciple Bard: “So that’s why they can afford to have such an arrogant attitude.”

Elder Sister Maid: “Indeed…”

Disciple Bard: “What do you think? If they could just get rid of that attitude, they might actually be a potent force for good.”

Elder Sister Maid: “I would certainly respond very favourably to that.”

Disciple Bard: “Wow, it’s sparkling.”

Elder Sister Maid: “It’s amazing.”

Disciple Bard: “Wonderful.”

Elder Sister Maid: “Yeah.” Smiles.

Disciple Bard: “It’s just sparkling in gold.”

Elder Sister Maid: “It’s more magnificent than that palace.”

Disciple Bard: “You’ve seen a palace?”

Elder Sister Maid: “Oh, umm. Just a bit.”

Disciple Bard: “I don’t even see any pillars without carvings on them.”

Elder Sister Maid: “My eyes are so dazzled. Just how big is this place?”

Disciple Bard: “Well, just by looking at it, it appears to be at least a thousand paces in breadth, with the main buildings constructed from stone and plaster. The basilica appears to be that building with the pillars covered in Frescoes*. Gold leaf inlays. Carvings are of trees and nature, done by hand. With a first-rate team of master artists, sculptors, and builders, this must have taken at least 20 years to complete!”

Elder Sister Maid: “You’re very knowledgeable about this!”




Fresco: This refers to the practice of painting a wall with plaster and then shaping it into a sculpture before the plaster dries. This is usually done on walls which are intended to stand for a long time and hence, failure is not permitted. If the fresco fails, the wall must be stripped of its plaster and redone from scratch.



Disciple Bard: “Well, I knew a very useless engineer.”

Elder Sister Maid: “I expected it to be a lot bigger, with a massive piazza made from tiles or something.”

Disciple Bard: “Yeah. Those sorts of churches are more common.”

Elder Sister Maid: “Yeah.”

Disciple Bard: “What should we do?”

Elder Sister Maid: “I guess we have no choice.”

Disciple Bard: “Looks like we should just give up. Even though we came all the way here.”

Elder Sister Maid: “We’ll infiltrate it.”

Disciple Bard: “Eh?”

Elder Sister Maid: “We’ll enter quietly. I’ve got some black clothing.”

Disciple Bard: “Ehh?!”

Elder Sister Maid: “Yes?”

Disciple Bard: “For real?!”

Elder Sister Maid: “Yes.”

Disciple Bard: “Why do you think this is a good idea?”

Elder Sister Maid: “Why… I think I’ve been influenced by the Hero.”

Disciple Bard: “?”

Elder Sister Maid: “No, I’ve been in the company of some very brash people.”

Disciple Bard: “Please be more serious about this.”

Elder Sister Maid: “You’re right. I’ve got to come up with a more serious and detailed infiltration plan.”

Disciple Bard: “Yeah, we need to prepare. To begin with, we should get a basic schematics of the place, marking out where there are guards and where our final destination is.”

Elder Sister Maid: “We’ll spend some time earning travelling money and finding out more information. Thank you. You’re very level-headed about all this.”

Disciple Bard: “…Eh? Since when did I start supporting this infiltration plan?”

Elder Sister Maid: “This is really making me excited.”

Disciple Bard: “Really?”

Elder Sister Maid: “The atmosphere is really strong…”


———– The Kingdom of White Night, the Commandeered Palace of White Night

Sigiled King of the Pale: “Hmm, and so they withdraw, huh.”

General of the Pale: “What sort of punishment would you have me give them?”

Sigiled King of the Pale: “It’s fine. In any case, their mission was reconnaissance. Even if the Kingdom of Metal destroys one mountain pass, they will not avoid this war. This report also gives good information. Are there any roads into the Kingdom which are wider, even if they are further away?”

General of the Pale: “Oi! Bring that map over here!”

Soldier of the Pale: “Yes!”

Lays out map.

Sigiled King of the Pale: “These are the mountains. And these are the forests. Are the forests here thickly wooded?”

Captured Minister: “…Yes… That is the Genesis Forest.”

General of the Pale: “Our soldiers’ movements will be slowed down in the dense vegetation.”

Soldier of the Pale: “Your Majesty, can we not just simply use your powers to obliterate the enemy and seize what we need from them?”

Sigiled King of the Pale: “Of course we can. As long as you are willing to face the Hero yourself.”

Soldier of the Pale: “I apologise for the rudeness!”

General of the Pale: “—In any case.”

Sigiled King of the Pale: “This route is passable by our Pale Cavalry and our Infantry units. How long do you think it will take for the Heavy Demons of the Pale to pass through it?”

General of the Pale: “Between 10-12 days. The mountain ranges in this World are much more dangerous than those in the Underground World, but the roads are fine.”

Sigiled King of the Pale: “Assemble the cavalry. Have them scout out the terrain in this area. If they meet any humans, they are to kill them all. It would be troublesome if they discovered our intentions.”

General of the Pale: “Then the battle will take place on these plains here.”

Sigiled King of the Pale: “The Plains of Scilla. — Oi! What is Scilla*?”

General of the Pale: “Answer!” Kicks.

Captured Minister: “…Scilla is a type of grass. It begins white and turns purple when it flowers… Those plains… are covered in them…”

Sigiled King of the Pale: “Purple, huh.”

General of the Pale: “How auspicious. The colour of the Pale.”

Sigiled King of the Pale: “I must meditate before my battle with the Hero.”

General of the Pale: “Yes!”

Sigiled King of the Pale: “I’m sure you know what to do next. To control this country, all we need are about 2,000 soldiers to garrison it. Form a Commissary*, use the strategy we talked about.”

General of the Pale: “Yes. As you wish!”




Chinese Squill: A plant in the squill family which grows on large plains. The flowers bloom a lovely shade of violet and the roots may be eaten as well. In Japan, they are also known as Sandaigasa (Palace Visit Umbrellas) because when the retainers of the Emperor visit him in the Palace on busy days, the number of umbrellas held by their servants resemble a plain of blooming squills.

Commissary: In the Army, these refer to units which are placed behind the frontlines to ensure that their own soldiers follow orders and do not attempt to desert the battlefield. If they show signs of resistance to following orders or cowardice, they can attack them from behind. Since they would be attacked by their own soldiers from behind, which is less well-defended, soldiers hence prefer to attack the enemy which is in front of them. This can help to provide a critical morale boost in tight situations, but is really only required in situations in which the soldiers already have dismal morale and are likely to shatter and desert.



——— The Demon World, the Conference of Khans

The Silver Tiger Lord: “The Demon King.”

The Baron of Steel: “Welcome back!”

The Witch-Queen of Banshees: “Congratulations on your recovery!”

The Chieftain of the Tattooed: “It is a relief to see you in full health.”

The Demon King: “Eh, ah. Well… thank you.”

The Chief Maid: “Well, Your Majesty. Please take a seat.”

The Silver Tiger Lord: “The Demon King has recovered.”

The Baron of Steel: “Mmm.”

The Fire Dragon Lord: “That is a big weight off my shoulders.”

The Demon King: “To the wise and noble Khans who have been present at this Conference from its very beginning, I the Thirty-Fourth Demon King, Ruby Eyes, sincerely offer you my gratitude. — I would first like to apologise for my irresponsible leave of absence from this job, and also my thanks and appreciation for the wise actions undertaken by the Khans in my stead. I have heard very much from the Hero, who in his office as the Black Knight, has confirmed the incredible aptitude of the khans in the many Conferences which have taken place. With regards to the decisions made by the Khans, I do not find any errors nor lapses in your judgements. I think that they were highly mature and experienced decisions.

“The Silver Tiger Lord, the Baron of Steel, the Queen of Fairies, the Khan of the Gate, the Witch-Queen of Banshees, the Chieftain of the Tattooed, and the Cyclops. I thank you deeply. I would like to especially thank the Fire Dragon Lord for consolidating and presiding over the Conference. You have all done a splendid job.”

The Silver Tiger Lord: “Please, do not be so humble.”

The Witch-Queen of Banshees: “It was the bare minimum of our duties.”

The Cyclops: “It is… better… for the Demon King to rule.”

The Fire Dragon Lord: “Hahaha. Once you say it like that, all the troubles, stressing, and discomforts I’ve had with the position have melted away.”

The Queen of Fairies: “Yes.”

The East Fortress Base Commander: “May I ask how are your wounds?”

The Chief Maid: “Allow me to answer on her behalf. The bandages remain in place but the Demon King is now capable of a normal diet. Her Majesty will require further treatment, which we expect will continue for a month. She will not be able to take to the battlefield, but I do not believe this will interfere with her daily duties.”

The Demon King: “It is as she says.”

The Chief Maid bows.

The Silver Tiger Lord: “Then there’s almost no problem at all.”

The Baron of Steel: “Mmm.”

The Fire Dragon Lord: “Your Majesty, this Council has now served its purpose. Shall I return the full authority back to you?”

The Demon King: “No, keep it. Right now, our issues have gotten much larger in scale and we cannot afford the time lapse between decisions on each of the matters.”

The Queen of Fairies: “Do you speak of the Demons of the Pale?”

The Demon King: “In order to resolve this crisis, this Council will require its authority.”

The Fire Dragon Lord: “…Mmm.”

The Chieftain of the Tattooed: “Your Majesty. How should we react to the invasion of the Human World by the Demons of the Pale?”

The Demon King: “That’s right. Hmm… Khan of the Gate. You are familiar with both the Human World and the Demon World and you are also highly experienced on military matters in both Worlds. Please tell me, what do you think about the present situation?”

The East Fortress Base Commander: “Hmm.”

Aide-de-Camp: “Come on.”

The East Fortress Base Commander: “Firstly, according to what I’ve heard, there remains approximately 160,000 Demons of the Pale in their home territory. To put it bluntly, they have been discarded… or so it would appear.”

The Baron of Steel: “How pitiful. They do not even know that they have been discarded.”

The Witch-Queen of Banshees: “Indeed.”

The Chieftain of the Tattooed: “Hmm.”

The Queen of Fairies: “Our intelligence units which have been active on an extremely covert basis have reported that it appears that most of the food has been appropriated by the military. Furthermore, gold and military supplies were also taken from the population.”

The Witch-Queen of Banshees: “The Demons of the Pale have many mines, they have the most gold in the Demon World.”

The Queen of Fairies: “The intelligence units were not able to ascertain why this has taken place.”

The East Fortress Base Commander: “Next, we must consider the military movement of the Demons of the Pale. This I can understand. Before their hands get tied down, they intended to take the first strike.

“At present, it would be difficult for them to sustain conflict against the combined armies of the entire Demon World… Well, the existence of the Hero also forces them to be wary. We must consider that their original goals appear to have been to kill the Demon King, install their own King as the Demon King, and then purge the Khans so that they can rule the Demon World as a tyrannical dictatorship.

“However, we should also consider that there could have been coalitions forming to deal with the Demons of the Pale. For example, the Tribe of the Fang and the Tribe of Automatons could join forces and propel the Demon World into a massive bipolar battle. There are many other possible scenarios but in the end, it would likely grind down into a large stalemate and a war of attrition.

“At this Conference, we have made many decisions, but we have not yet considered what we would do if we had lost. On the other hand, it appears that the Demons of the Pale have considered it before making any of their moves and so are now applying it.”

The Baron of Steel: “So, they attack the Human World…”

The East Fortress Base Commander: “That is correct. They attack the Human World. If you think about the results, it is not such a bad plan. Of course, that is what the Demons of the Pale think as well. I’ve heard this as rumours from above but it seems that the rapid speed of the invasion by the Demons of the Pale has resulted in the capitulation of a country known as the Kingdom of White Night.”

The Fire Dragon Lord: “An entire Kingdom?”

The Queen of Fairies: “Did they bring that much power with them?”

The East Fortress Base Commander: “Yes. It is one of Four Kingdoms known as the Southern United Kingdoms. Due to many reasons, they had been constantly initiating failed battles with their surrounding countries and as a result were seriously lacking in military power. That is the Kingdom of White Night. This country had the misfortune of facing the Demons of the Pale first. Their City could not even resist them for a day.

“The results are that the Demons of the Pale are able to achieve enough in the Surface World. The Surface World is very different from the Demon World, but it is at war. The Southern Kingdoms are fighting with the Central Continent. To put it differently, right now, they do not want to be fighting the Demons. Seizing this gap, they took down the weakest country and established a foothold.

“In different circumstances, if the Humans all combined their powers to deal with them, it may be possible to rapidly defeat the Demons of the Pale. However, it is more likely that they will take advantage of the war with the Demons of the Pale to attack their own fellow Humans.”

The Hero: “…”

The Demon King: “…”

The East Fortress Base Commander: “That is what I feel about the present situation. Having thought about it, it appears that the Demons of the Pale are broadening their territory in the Surface World. They’ve thrown away their lands in the Demon World and did not leave themselves a route for retreat. When they do return to the Demon World, the situations may have changed considerably and the gap in our military mights may have been significantly reduced as well.”

The Hero: “An accurate analysis.”

The Demon King: “Something we have to consider is collusion.”

The Chieftain of the Tattooed: “Collusion?”

The Silver Tiger Lord: “What do you mean?”

The East Fortress Base Commander: “They may be receiving information from the Surface World. The Kingdom of White Night had just launched a failed assault on its neighbours and had not at all recovered. The decentralisation of the Kingdom had marginalised many groups of noblemen and the borders of the Kingdom had also become sketchy. They were no longer able to control large parts of their country and had become a failed state.

“And amidst all of this, they were attacked. It was the perfect secret attack. Where did a Tribe of Demons gain such comprehensive knowledge of the Human World? The fact that they had estimated that they would only require 20,000 soldiers and could further travel at such speed meant that they must have some kind of information regarding the strength of the country as well as its terrain and weather.”

The Fire Dragon Lord: “You are saying that there are Humans working for the Demons of the Pale?”

The East Fortress Base Commander: “Yes.”

The Demon King: “Well, there are informants no matter where you are. I’m sure my Khans also have their own ways of finding out what happens in the Human World, do you not? This informant is on a much larger scale, such as rendering reinforcements to the Demons of the Pale… It’s a terrible thought.”

The Silver Tiger Lord: “The war on the Surface…”

The Fire Dragon Lord: “Hmm.”

The Demon King: “According to reliable sources, the probability seems high that the informant is none other than the Kingdom of White Night itself.”

The Queen of Fairies: “What do you mean?”

The Demon King: “In other words, this might be a situation where the Kingdom originally intended to collaborate with the Demons in order to regain their lands and prestige but ended up being attacked by surprise.”

The Silver Tiger Lord: “Hmm. Why are they such a pathetic people? This Kingdom of White Night?”

The East Fortress Base Commander: “Yeah. They are.”

The Demon King: “This may seem to be a terrible thing to happen to anyone, but in a way, it was what they had coming for them, and there’s also a problem with it. Namely, now that the Demons of the Pale have obliterated the Kingdom of the White Night, they have no friends in the Surface World.”

The Witch-Queen of Banshees: “Hmm.”

The Demon King: “What I’m really scared of is a different possibility. To simplify the war in the Human World, it’s basically a war between the South and the Central Continent. The latter may have contracted the Demons of the Pale.”

The Silver Tiger Lord: “What is the reason they are at war?”

The Hero: “It wasn’t really a war at first. However, the Southern United Kingdoms was the frontline of the war against the Demon World. On the other hand, the Central Continent was hiding safely behind the lines profiting from it. In order to protect the Central Continent, the impoverished Southern United Kingdoms shed a lot of blood. This conflict of interests soon deepened.”

The Demon King: “However, the real reason why they are at war with each other, more than what was stated above, is a disagreement over the direction the country should be heading in on various matters.

“The countries of the Central Continent want an all-out war with the Demon World. However, in order to achieve this, they will need to manipulate or otherwise supress the countries of the South, which are near to the Portal. To begin with, the Central Continent has always had a lot of pride, and even without this war, they would have sought to bring the South under their sway one way or another. However, due to economic and trade reforms, the South grew in power until they were eventually able to break free from the reins of the Central Continent.

“At present, there are two major ideological points of contention. Firstly, the South believes in the emancipation of the serfs whereas the Central Continent recognises and promotes serfdom. The South seeks a ceasefire with the Demon World and the Central Continent is attempting to wage an all-out war against us, or at the very least, launch military expeditions against us.”

The Silver Tiger Lord: “How troublesome.”

The Fire Dragon Lord: “It’s even more complicated once the lid has been lifted.”

The Demon King: “This is the same in any world. Where there are many people, there are bound to be differences. There’s no way they could all be thinking the same way.”

The Witch-Queen of Banshees: “But that must mean that the Pale represents a significant turning point for the Human World.”

The Demon King: “That is correct.”

The Silver Tiger Lord: “It was the Humans who first invaded the Demon World. Are you saying that not all Humans are trying to plunder the wealth of the Demon World?”

The East Fortress Base Commander: “This is definitely not about wealth. Well, this matter is a result of the immense power of the Church.”

The Witch-Queen of Banshees: “The Church, as in the people who run the temples?”

The East Fortress Base Commander: “Yes. The Church in the Surface World is a far more organised, far more persuasive organisation than the Clan of Temples in the Demon World but they are still basically the same thing. Countries, in other words, people, cannot escape from the grasp of the Church. The issue is that the Human World believes in only one god.”

The Cyclops: “One?!”

The Hero: “Yeah, one. The Spirit of Light.”

The Demon King: “—The Maiden of Fire.”

The East Fortress Base Commander: “The Church has also been broadcasting things like, ‘The Demons are evil! Kill them all!’ They have witnessed the power of the Demon Beasts, which are just like those of the savage animals in the Human World, except bigger and much more dangerous. If these elements are exposed to the Human World, there is fear of much stronger violence.”

The Witch-Queen of Banshees: “Demon Beasts and Demons are not the same things!”

The East Fortress Base Commander: “I can understand this, but do you think the people in the Surface World will be able to tell the difference? They just think that you are all evil and savage barbarians.

“With the gate fully open, there could be a flood of marauders or wild Demon Beasts. And with everything that the Church has been telling them… the vast majority of the people in the Surface World, none of whom know a thing about the Demon World, are incredibly terrified. That is the truth.”

The Chieftain of the Tattoeed: “Hmm…”

The Demon King: “Under these situations, with the aggression of the Demons of the Pale, we can expect that there will be a permanent effect on the relations between the Human and Demon World.”

The Baron of Steel: “So the Human World could invade the Demon World again?”

The East Fortress Base Commander: “…”

The Demon King: “The problem is not with invading the Demon World. Well, it’s something we should be worried about, but it’s only one possible conclusion. The real issue at hand is that the people living in the Human World will only have their fears confirmed and co-existence will be a much more difficult thing.”

The Silver Tiger Lord growls.

The Baron of Steel: “…”

The Queen of Fairies: “That is troublesome.”

The East Fortress Base Commander: “Yeah.”

The Demon King: “I understand that not all the Khans present here support the co-existence proposal. However, I would like you to consider it. There are two worlds, one on the surface and one underground. There is a chance that the Human World does not have the military power that we do. However, there is also a chance that we are equal or that they are stronger than we are. Is that correct? There is no reason to decide that they are weaker than we are. That is the only thing which I can say definitively as the Demon King. Even if we win, even if we lose, this war will drag on for at least a hundred years.”

The Chieftain of the Tattooed: “What you are trying to say is that you have a plan to avoid this all-out war?”

The Demon King: “I do not have a concrete plan.”

The Queen of Fairies: “So you don’t…”

The East Fortress Base Commander: “…”

The Demon King: “The central issue is that we are too different. Whether it be our complexions or our shapes, our lifestyles, the gods we believe in, the foods we eat. Our manners of dress, our societal rules, the respect we pay to the rituals we do. It would be incredible if we did not go to war. If we let things follow their natural course, we would definitely be at war right now.”

The Baron of Steel: “…”

The Silver Tiger Lord: “…”

The Demon King: “However, I feel that if we can avoid a war then we definitely should. It’s not because I am afraid of the Humans. If we fight, we must win. And I am willing to put in the effort to ensure our victory. — But is that what we want? My Khans. I feel that there is something else which we can do.”

The Hero: “Silver Tiger Lord.”

The Chief Maid: “?”

The Hero: “Don’t you have something to say? It’s better if you do. This is a Conference after all.”

The Silver Tiger Lord: “—Hmm. Then let me say it. My people are a people of war… We do not have any reservations against a war with the Humans. We do not feel that there are any issues with beginning a war even if it lasts a hundred years. Whether it lasts a hundred years or even a thousand years, they are all the same to us. For honour and glory, it is better to fight a glorious war.

“However, it seems that the flute is now being blown by the Demons of the Pale. Is it possible that in the current situation… we are being deceived by the Pale into starting a war with the Humans?”

The Fire Dragon Lord: “Hmm, you could say that.”

The Baron of Steel: “…Mmm.”

The Silver Tiger Lord: “The Tribe of the Fang believes that the order of battle should have us going to war with the Demons of the Pale first.”

The Queen of Fairies: “But that would necessitate invading the Human World.”

The Baron of Steel: “Wouldn’t that unnecessarily make the situation even worse?”

The East Fortress Base Commander: “No, this is a truly brave decision! We the Tribe of the Gate are fully in support of the Great Tiger General. It is as he says, we must fight the Pale first. A wise decision! Great General!”

Aide-de-Camp: “Great General?!”

The Silver Tiger Lord: “Ohh! You are calling me by that title as well!”

The Chieftain of the Tattooed: “Do you intend to start a hundred-year war with the Humans?!”

The Cyclops: “Humans… are scary…”

The Silver Tiger Lord: “But this is a matter of honour. You could say that we are only hunting a group of traitors who are pillaging the Human World. In that case, why should we hold back?”

The Demon King: “Witch-Queen of Banshees, Khan of Dragons, what is your take on this issue?”

The Fire Dragon Lord exhales.

The Witch-Queen of Banshees nods.

The Fire Dragon Lord: “We will support the decision of the Demon King.”

The Witch-Queen of Banshees: “Standing up to injustice. Using this reasoning, we may be able to cross into the Human World. If we are unable to communicate this to them, then perhaps Humans and Demons do not have any points of common agreement. Then we will inevitably be drawn to war.”

The Chieftain of the Tattooed: “Witch-Queen! Dragon Lord!”

The Demon King: “My Khans. If we continue to do nothing, the situation will get worse with every passing second. Do we have any other options apart from the gamble suggested by the Silver Tiger Lord?”

The Baron of Steel: “…We have no choice.”

The Silver Tiger Lord: “Your Majesty! Do you mean?!”

The Demon King: “Khans, you are about to witness the first Imperial Demon Expedition.”

The Fire Dragon Lord: “And it will also be your first personally-commanded war.”

The Demon King: “However, as an expedition, as we will be going to very distant lands, we cannot command such a large army. Silver Tiger Lord.”

The Silver Tiger Lord: “Yes!”

The Demon King: “You will command eight thousand elite soldiers and follow my leadership as my General of the Right.”

The Silver Tiger Lord: “Haha!”

The Demon King: “Baron of Steel.”

The Baron of Steel: “Yes.”

The Demon King: “This is a difficult assignment but I am confident of your ability to do it. You are to enter the old lands of the Demons of the Pale and shut down the operation of the gold mines, ore mines, and workshops. You are also to secure the population and administer them peacefully. I will now entrust the governership of all the natural resources of the old lands of the Demons of the Pale to the Tribe of Automatons. It is a historical fact that the Tribe of Automatons have been discriminated and oppressed due to their different shape. The pain that you have experienced is not understandable by the other Tribes. You will hence be the only Tribe which is capable of understanding the pain of the civilians who have been abandoned by their Khan and their Army.”

The Baron of Steel: “Understood. I will do my best.”

The Demon King: “Cylcops, Witch-Queen, Chieftain.”

The Cyclops nods.

The Witch-Queen of Banshees: “Yes.”

The Chieftain of the Tattooed: “Yes.”

The Demon King: “I greatly respect the decisions which have been made by my Khans. In order for us to bring vitality to the Demon World, I will require the strengths of your three Tribes. Whether the world will be thrown into war, or ushered into a new era of peace, we will require roads and new lands. Please combine your powers to develop our World.”

The Witch-Queen of Banshees: “Yes, as you wish.”

The Chieftain of the Tattooed: “Understood.”

The Cyclops: “…Leave it to us.”

The Demon King: “Fire Dragon Lord.”

The Fire Dragon Lord: “I understand.”

The Demon King: “This Conference is what binds the Demon World together. While I am away in the Human World, as usual you will be in charge.”

The Fire Dragon Lord: “I will uphold this promise until my old bones are broken into dust.”

The Demon King: “Base Commander. The Human World will now be a stage. I fully understand that the City of the Gate has a shortage of able soldiers. Take as many soldiers as you like and you will command them as my General of the Left. I will require your expertise and experience.”

The East Fortress Base Commander: “Understood. You can entrust me with this.”

The Queen of Fairies: “Umm… What about us?” Smiles.

The Demon King: “Queen of Fairies.”

The Queen of Fairies: “Yes!”

The Demon King: “You will be the cornerstone of this expedition.”

The Queen of Fairies: “What do you mean?”

The Demon King: “We will march to attack the Tribe of the Pale. For this reason, we must pass through the Human World or rather, the various Kingdoms of the Human World. If we were to march into those lands fully equipped for war without explanation, it would definitely lead to all-out war with the Humans.”

The Queen of Fairies: “Yes…”

The Demon King: “You will be a special envoy, sent to the Kingdoms of the Human World to seek their permission.”


———— The Holy Empire, Late at Night under the Cathedral

Footsteps echoing in the tunnels.

Disciple Bard: “…How nice.”

Elder Sister Maid: “Yes.”

Footsteps echoing.

Disciple Bard: “This smell is…”

Elder Sister Maid: “That’s the smell of very old vellum.”

Disciple Bard: “It looks like people don’t come here very often.”

Elder Sister Maid: “We should be thankful for that.”


Disciple Bard: “…”

Elder Sister Maid: “…”

Disciple Bard: “Alright. Should we open it?”

Elder Sister Maid nods.

Door screeches…

Disciple Bard: “That door is in need of some oiling. It almost made my heart stop.”

Elder Sister Maid: “Yeah.”

Disciple Bard: “Which one is it?”

Elder Sister Maid: “It’s probably further down.”

Footsteps echoing.

Disciple Bard: “This is the repository.”

Elder Sister Maid: “Yeah.”

Disciple Bard: “What should we do?”

Elder Sister Maid: “Eh?”

Disciple Bard: “We’ve come all the way here. We should be looking for things on the Holy Relic. But is there anything else you would like to look for?”

Elder Sister Maid: “Then, the story from before?”

Disciple Bard: “About the Five Spirit Families?”

Elder Sister Maid: “I’m sure we’ll be able to find something more detailed in here.”

Disciple Bard: “Hmm. Got it.”

Elder Sister Maid: “I’ll put the light over here.”


Disciple Bard: “We’ve got…”

Elder Sister Maid: “Six hours till sunrise.”

Disciple Bard: “That’s not a lot of time.”

Elder Sister Maid: “Yeah.”

Flipping pages.

Disciple Bard: (This girl… She’s probably really special. She has a certain conviction in her step. I’m probably the same, but… that’s because I have chosen to walk proudly along the path of music. What path has that girl chosen?)


The Legend of the Orb

A girl was born amidst the flames. With an invisible diadem shining brilliantly on her forehead. The infinite charity of this intelligent girl shone towards every existence in this world.

A boy was born on the ground. The holy child of a woman from a different world and a spirit. He would purge the world of the black evil it had become corrupted with.

Their young love was tempered amidst the flames of harsh training, and the promise they made burned in their chests.

They wished for wings. So they could be borne on the winds as they soared through the air.

As they grew, the two young ones who so loved the divine birds hid a treasure within their chest for the blood of humans, which was a great sin to the Spirits. This sin was The hope for wings within their soul. To lock up time for their own purposes.

A shattered Orb* fell onto the black world. The children who sought atonement saw mentors in the forbidden love of the young black sheep and became their disciples. Together, having been cursed and condemned by the Spirit King of the World, they sought to destroy the evil world.

What fell was the body. What died was life.

However, with the tragic shattering of the Orb, the world was split and fractured. The Spirits were now at war, and the cooperation between the Five Houses disappeared, peace was lost forever. As they warred with each other, the flames of war raged across the lands and they sank deeper into the abyss of destruction.

It was the girl who wished to save the World. The intelligent girl, born amidst the flames. The girl made a choice, and the choice was the world. She parted from the fingers of the boy she so loved and hugged the fragments of the Orb which remained; and so as to protect the lives of everybody in this world, her body turned into the purest of light.

Under her hands, which protected all life, she became our benevolent Lord.


———- The Holy Empire, in an Ancient Repository of Texts

Disciple Bard: “This is…?”

Elder Sister Maid: “Yeah.”

Disciple Bard: “But what a sad story. Even though they were willing to go through so much for their love, just by being together, the world would be destroyed.”

Elder Sister Maid: “…”

Disciple Bard: “I suppose such a legend is normal in such chaotic times… I suspect the descendants of that young man who destroyed the world would be victimised forever…”

Elder Sister Maid: “Really?”

Disciple Bard: “Eh?”

Elder Sister Maid: “Just to break up a young man and a young woman, the Five Spirit Families would be willing to sever ties and destroy each other? Do you think that could be possible?”

Disciple Bard: “I’m not sure… But it’s just a legend after all.”

Elder Sister Maid: “To begin with, there is only one Spirit. At least the Spirit which the Church talks about is only one person.”

Disciple Bard: “Well, that Flame Spirit did eventually become light…”


Elder Sister Maid: “Ah.”

Disciple Bard: “This was in the same scroll tube?”

Elder Sister Maid: “It’s an ancient document? A contract?”

Disciple Bard: “This is… a drawing of a temple.”

Elder Sister Maid: “Probably the blueprints. The portal between… The Fourth, ‘Amber Flame’, and the Primarch?”

Gushing sound.

Disciple Bard: “Hey.”

Elder Sister Maid: “Blue… water?!”

Disciple Bard: “Ahhh, but I’m not getting wet. What is this?!”




Orb: In the Middle Ages, the orb was a symbol of authority for monarchs and the Church and was usually made from gold or other precious stones and metals. They would be used to decorate crowns and diadems. In many legends, it is often depicted as an item possessing great Demonic power as well.



Elder Sister Maid: “I don’t know either!”

Gushing sound.

Disciple Bard: (Ahh. It’s all blue… Like I’m drowning.)

Gushing sound.

Disciple Bard: “Golden sands… The waves cometh…”

Elder Sister Maid: (…What is with this light?)

Disciple Bard: “Elder Sister Maid, give me your hand.”

Elder Sister Maid: “Eh? Yes.”



—————- In a Dream filled with Light

The Spirit of Light: “…”

The Mage: “…”

The Spirit of Light: “……”

The Mage: “…You finally called.”

The Spirit of Light: “…”

The Mage: “…I have my hands. And my feet… My whole body. It is as the Hero said. This is the Dream of the Spirit.”

The Spirit of Light: “…ro.”

The Mage: “…What?”

The Spirit of Light: “…Hero.”

The Mage: “Wrong.”

The Spirit of Light: “…Hero… Save.”

The Mage: “…”

The Spirit of Light: “…Hero… The World…”

The Mage: “…”

The Spirit of Light: “…Hero…This.”

The Mage: “I’ve had enough of this.”

The Spirit of Light: “…Hero.”

The Mage: “Shut the hell up!”

Magic blazes.

The Spirit of Light: “…He… He… He…”

The Mage: “What’s with that depressed voice and that incessant crying! Are you just trying to take advantage of the Hero’s kindness, you vixen! Do you think he’s your tool? Do you know how much trouble you have brought!”

The Spirit of Light: “…This world… the weak… the innocent… people…”

The Mage: “I never thought that after perusing tens of thousands of texts, after finally making it to the Dream of Light, all I would get is this pathetic crying. Spirit—! It’s true that the World was saved by you, but do you think you should have saved it?! Was it wrong to save something that should not have been saved?! Didn’t you think that it was more correct to protect your love?

“You… have probably never stood next to the Hero, so you don’t know what it’s like to— I never dreamed that you would be like this, and even though coming here has been a waste of time, allow me to say just one thing. This world will definitely shatter and crumble. It will never turn out the way that you want it to.”

The Spirit of Light: “…Save…this…dark world…”

The Mage: “…Right.”

The Mage: “…How meddlesome! Scum!”


—————- The Kingdom of Winter, a Trading Village at the Outskirts

Colonist: “Stop! Someone stop this guy!”

Resourceful Young Man: “Do you really think I’ll stop if you shout at me?”

Colonist: “You thief! Somebody!”

Resourceful Young Man: “Haha! Just you try to chase me! Hehe! I haven’t eaten in a really long time so I’m really light!”

Little Sister Maid: “Hey.”

Resourceful Young Man: “Eh?”

Little Sister Maid attacks.

Resourceful Young Man: “What are you doing, you brat!”

Little Sister Maid: “Stealing is wrong, alright?”

Resourceful Young Man: “Shut up! Are you telling me to die then! I have to eat this because my life depends on it!”


Colonist: “Catch him—”

Resourceful Young Man: “They’ve caught up! Get out of my way!”

Disciple Nobleman: “My, my. It’s never good to steal eggs from a lady.”

Resourceful Young Man: “Get out of my way, you drunkard. Wait, where’s your wallet?”

Disciple Nobleman: “Just what do you intend to do with that pathetic knife?”

Little Sister Maid: “Uuuuuh. Disciple Noblemannnn.”

Resourceful Young Man: “Crap! You’re that guy.”

Disciple Nobleman: “You run in a very inelegant manner.” Leaps through the air.

Resourceful Young Man: “Eh?”

Little Sister Maid: “Ahh!”

Resourceful Young Man: “Ahhh, ahhh!”

Disciple Nobleman: “Hurry up and hide that lower body of yours, it’s disgraceful.”

Resourceful Young Man: “I’m going to cut you.”

Disciple Nobleman: “Sure.”


Resourceful Young Man: “#  ‘  🏣 ☆ ♭ §!”

Disciple Nobleman: “You have to kick these kinds of people.”

Little Sister Maid: “That guy is blowing bubbles, isn’t he?”

Colonist: Pant, pant, “Oh it’s the Disciple Nobleman. Thank you very much! This damn thief!”

Disciple Nobleman: “No, no. I just happened to be passing by. If only someone would show me the way around this place.”


——– The Kingdom of Metal, the Palace, in a Large Hall

The Iron Fist King: “…As a result, the forces defending our nation from the Demons have withdrawn from the mountain pass. However, the Kingdom of Metal and the Kingdom of White Night are separated by a long border of mountains and great rivers, along which they are now stationed. This is not a frontier easily traversable by man, but it seems it is where the Demons will lay their next attack.”

The Queen of Ice and Snow: “…”

The Female Paladin: “How are the forces of the Kingdom of Metal?”

The Iron Fist King: “Going by numbers alone, we have 60,000 soldiers, but a large number of these are colonists and refugees and are only soldiers in name. They’ve gone through some rudimentary training but they will not be applicable on a battlefield. The numbers we can properly field are closer to ten thousand men.”

The Queen of Ice and Snow: “The Kingdom of Ice can provide three thousand.”

Minister of Winter: “The Kingdom of Winter another 7,500.”

The Lone Winter King: “Even so, this is much larger than it was three years ago.”

The Iron Fist King: “However, no matter how desperate any country is, it will still require units to maintain law and order as well as police borders. So even if we totally mobilise all available forces, the three Kingdoms combined are likely only able to provide something like 10,000 soldiers.”

The Queen of Ice and Snow: “The problem is: What is the strength of the Demon army…?”

The Lone Winter King: “According to a reliable source of mine, the Demons which have suddenly attacked us from the Demon World belong to a radical faction known as the Demons of the Pale. They are a war-like Tribe that is led by a young King known as the Sigiled King who came to power by assassinating his father and seizing control of the military. He has commanded the most elite of his soldiers on his attack on the Human World and they number 25,000 strong.”

The Iron Fist King: “Hmm.”

The Queen of Ice and Snow: “Demons of the Pale…”

The Lone Winter King: (This information comes from the old man…)

Minister of Winter: “Even so, this means there are 20,000 of them. Fighting such a force could mean our complete annihilation.”

The Iron Fist King: “Indeed.”

The Queen of Ice and Snow: “…”

The Lone Winter King: “No, that’s not completely necessary. The total population of our three Kingdoms is approximately 200,000. No matter how badly trained we are, if we enter into a War of Attrition* and as long as the people of our three Kingdoms live, we have a strong possibility of lasting long enough to force the Demons to retreat.”

Minister of Winter: “…”

The Female Paladin: “This is called a Scorched Earth* tactic. At least that’s what I heard from the Scholar… A Scorched Earth tactic is when in times of war, in order to defend against unfavourable odds, you burn or seize anything of value in the lands of which the invading army is going to attack, especially buildings and food, such that you deprive them of anything which can be of use to them. By attacking your own territories and removing all supplies available to the enemy, you can reduce the scale of battles, limit their scope, and erode the military ability of the aggressor.”

The Iron Fist King: “Attacking your own territory…”

The Queen of Ice and Snow: “Burn and…seize…?”

The Female Paladin: “That is correct. With our land size and population, it would be easier to achieve victory in this way.”

Minister of Winter: “But in this way—”

The Female Paladin: “Of course, the lands which we have taken great pains to cultivate, the lush and beautiful greenery of the South may return to savage wasteland unable to support life for the next ten years, maybe more. That is something that even we as the Holy Order of the Lake would not like to see happen.”

The Lone Winter King: “…”

The Iron Fist King: “But no matter what, we have to drive the Demons back.”

The Queen of Ice and Snow: “Have you not heard what is happening to those poor, innocent civilians in the Kingdom of White Night…?”

The Female Paladin: “But we don’t really have the might…”

Minister of Winter: “Then it is clear that we must reduce the border security in other areas in order to focus on this war with the Demons.”

The Iron Fist King: “Indeed.”

The Queen of Ice and Snow: “…”

The Female Paladin: “But the Central Continent would be just as terrible to the Tripartite Union.”

Minister of Winter: “Even so, the present timing is such that the Demons are our greatest threat.”

The Lone Winter King: “…”

The Queen of Ice and Snow: “It has become quite terrible indeed…”

The Lone Winter King: “Queen of Ice and Snow, what is the situation with the commissions from the other Kingdoms?”

The Queen of Ice and Snow: “The Kingdom of the Lake, the Kingdom of Branches, the Kingdom of Reeds, the Kingdom of Red Horses. The lords of other free trading cities have also expressed their willingness. The commissions have also been gathered.”

The Female Paladin: “…?”

The Lone Winter King: “This is the only timing.”

The Iron Fist King: “Shall we do it?”

The Queen of Ice and Snow: “Then—”

The Lone Winter King: “Yeah. Henceforth, the Tripartite Union will now be changed in name to the Alliance of the South. At the same time, with the addition of the Kingdom of the Lake, the Kingdom of Branches, the Kingdom of Reeds, and the Kingdom of Red Horses, we will have to jointly enact many new policies. Our final objective is the unity and joint solidarity of the Kingdoms along joint ideals of emancipation, economic stability, and free trade.”

The Iron Fist King: “Mmm.”

The Queen of Ice and Snow: “These are the only things which we know we need to do for sure.”

The Female Paladin: “And will they be able to send reinforcements?”

Minister of Winter: “What should we do…”

The Lone Winter King: “If this does become a long war, rather than reinforcements, we will probably more appreciate the materiel and supplies they can send us. We can also expect the mustering of the Zealots*. On top of that, the vaccinations against smallpox will enter their first phase this spring. By spreading this technology, the Holy Order of the Lake, with its headquarters in the Alliance, can probably grow throughout the Central Continent.

“If the Alliance falls here, not just our three Kingdoms, but the entire Human World, will be in serious jeopardy. If the Kingdoms are capable of making correct judgments, then they will definitely provide us with reinforcements.”

The Iron Fist King: “But for that to happen, we will need more time.”

The Queen of Ice and Snow: “Yes.”

The Lone Winter King nods.

The Iron Fist King: “You can entrust the defence of the border to one of my boys. He’s young but he’s got an amazing head for command. He carries the name of the Minister of Defence and as a General, is a vital pillar of our army.”

Minister of Winter: “How many does he command?”

The Iron Fist King: “No more than 3,500.”

The Female Paladin: “Alright. The knights I command, the units from the Lone Winter King, as well as the infantry brigades from the Kingdom of Winter, we number a total of 2,000 strong. Another 3,000 men march again from the Kingdom of Winter. Together we have 5,000. I would also request the mustering of new units from the Kingdom of Metal.”

The Iron Fist King: “As you wish. Then we will have… approximately 8,500.”

The Queen of Ice and Snow: “What of my Kingdom?”

The Female Paladin: “I am fully aware that the military organisation of the Kingdom of Ice is not strong. I request that you deploy whatever soldiers you have to patrol the borders of the Kingdom of Metal.

The Queen of Ice and Snow: “I understand… I wonder where that wanderer is wandering about now.”

The Female Paladin: “I will go. My Kings and Queens, do you have any objections?”

The Lone Winter King: “Thank you.”

The Iron Fist King: “The General is the strongest in the Three Kingdoms. I know I can entrust him with anything.”

The Queen of Ice and Snow: “But the enemy outnumbers him two-to-one. They are not a collection of overprivileged noblemen like the Central Continental Army, they are an elite force commanded by a young and cruel King…”

The Female Paladin: “It will be difficult to win. Even at the very best, we will not be able to avoid a terrible battle.”

Minister of Winter: “…”

The Lone Winter King: “What do you think?”

The Female Paladin: “I have no intention to lose, but we cannot afford to hesitate… More importantly, we must make the correct decision. As for as I know, from the Holy Crusaders which invaded the Demon World and earlier with the Invasion of the Isle of Light, the Demons are not familiar with the rules and customs of war in the Human World. This does not mean that they do not have any rules or customs of war but they have their own disciplined methods which greatly manifested in their battle tactics. If we assume that they will follow what we consider to my norm, we may suffer very gravely. In truth, I have seen this young Sigiled King of the Pale with my own eyes before.”

Minister of Winter: “What?!”

The Lone Winter King: “How…”

The Female Paladin: “His strength is unparalleled. I cannot compare to him at all.”

The Queen of Ice and Snow: “That can’t be…”

The Female Paladin: “However, this will not be a battle which can be won by one man alone. Especially… if the Hero is around. It is too early to throw away all hope. We haven’t even contacted them yet. But we also should not be confident of a victory. Make no mistake, this is a gamble which will not be in our favour.”




War of Attrition: This is a war in which the two sides enter into a very long conflict, continuously expending their soldiers and hence suffering constant losses; losses tend to be heavy on both sides and therefore it becomes a war both seek to avoid.

Scorched Earth: This is a tactic of drawing the enemy further into your own country, destroying and obliterating infrastructure and logistics which can be of use to the enemy. This is exceptionally potent in countries with large spaces of empty land and which can afford to suffer to inevitable economic and human damage to the country.

Zealot: These are fighters who are willing to do battle based on their own personal ideals, separate from the other conventional forces, and willing to operate without promise of payment. Especially when doing wars with other countries, they may be willing to participate as reinforcements based on their idea of justice. Furthermore, countries which are unable to participate in the war for political reason may send their own soldiers under the guise of zealots.



Minister of Winter: “…”

The Lone Winter King: “We will need as much support as we can possibly get.”

The Iron Fist King: “We have to hurry up the production of weaponry and the formation of a central logistics command, along with gathering the reinforcements.”

The Queen of Ice and Snow: “I will consider how my Kingdom can be of use.”

The Female Paladin: “Let me take care of the battlefield. Umm… My Kings… I am a mere Paladin, but—”

The Lone Winter King: “Whatever you have to say, I’m sure you can say it in the capacity of the invincible general who commands my entire army!”

The Iron Fist King: “That’s right. And you’re also an extremely beautiful and noble Paladin.”

The Queen of Ice and Snow: “Indeed.”

The Female Paladin: “If possible—Even at this time, I would like you to make informed decisions with unclouded hearts.”

Minister of Winter: “…?”

The Iron Fist King: “What do you mean?”

The Queen of Ice and Snow: “What are you talking about?”

The Female Paladin: “—I will head to the battlefield. It is imperative that I must grasp the terrain and battlefield without delay. As this is the land of the Kingdom of Metal, we can still likely get there before the Army of the Pale from the Kingdom of White Night, but who knows how fast they move?”

The Lone Winter King: “Hmm. I’ll leave it up to you then, Grand Commander.”

The Female Paladin: “Thank you.”


————- The Holy Empire, the Southern Plains

Crown Prince Marshal: “Children who have gathered to bathe in the holy light of the greatest the Holy Spirit of Light, chosen warriors of the faith! The time has come for us to make our journey! We have spent a long time on this earth, receiving the guidance of the Spirit and living of the fruit of the lands which the Spirit has so kindly provided. We are the Children of the Spirit, the people chosen by the Light. But in the South, where the short days have sunk them into darkness, the Demon World has come. Here, the barbarity and perverseness of the Demon Race has taken root among the people.

“We must protect our land, and so we must take up the shield and the spear and respond in force to this aggressive threat. First on the list are the Kingdoms of the South. Somehow, the Kingdoms of the South have forgotten just how much they have owed to the protection and patronage of the Continent. These Kings and their armies have already become the hands of Darkness.

“Why is that! The secret of the Holy Relic! The sacred remains of our saviour, the Spirit of Light. A treasure without equal! A long time ago in the distant past, the Demons took the Holy Relic from our defenceless people and hid it deep in the Demon World! The Kingdoms of the South, entranced and bewitched, have chosen to backstab and betray the charity of the Holy Spirit.

“Look at the lands of the South! Here the people feast on heretical foods, dancing to evil, debauched music. This is all part of the despicable schemes of the Demons, carrying on the demented works of their evil predecessors from long ago!

“Faithful believers of the Light in the Central Continent! Whether you be high or low, rich or poor, let us advance and rescue our comrades in the South! They are fugitives in the Darkness. Having been fed nonsense about freedom, they must be saved from their backward ways and must return to the proper order of the World! We, the brave champions of the Light, must go now to rescue them from their ways! Army of the Faithful, come with me now! Come for victory, for justice!

“The Spirit gives us guidance! Those who fall in battle for justice will be saved! Even though people in this world may live wretched and poor lives, true friends of the Spirit will find themselves in a rich world of happiness. Here is where the true treasure of the Spirit, the Holy Relic, resides. If we can have the City of the Gate as well as the Holy Chain in our hands, then we must seize back the Holy Relic. This time will not come again. With the blessings of the Spirit, we march!”

Roar of cheers.

Soldier of Light: “It is as the Spirit wills it!”

Soldier of Light: “It is as the Spirit wills it!”

Soldier of Light: “It is as the Spirit wills it!”

Crown Prince Marshal: “Under the banner of the Spirit! With me to the South!”

Roar of cheers.

Bishop: “What an impressive number of people. His Highness is an incredible orator.”

Holy Imperial General: “There are 20,000 men assembled on this field. Ten companies. Four other divisions of similar size are presently being mustered.”

Bishop: “Ten thousand. What a brilliant force…”

Holy Imperial General: “The Marshal’s grand plan is to use these as the heart for the establishment of a grand army set to invade the Demon World.”

Bishop: “Hahahahaha. We shall obliterate them.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “Father.”

Bishop: “Your Majesty, it was a brilliant speech.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “This army was originally formed to serve the Church.”

Bishop: “Hahaha. His Holiness the Primarch is also incredibly pleased with this.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “And about the announcement?”

Bishop: “Yes. I have made the proclamation exactly as His Holiness has instructed me to. ‘The Holy Crusaders march to enact the will of the Spirit, to take back what is rightfully ours. All are welcome to partake in this Holy Expedition and all lords and noblemen will be absolved of any debts and loans they owe.’”

Crown Prince Marshal: “Haha. With this, there will surely be many noblemen willing to throw themselves into a Third Holy Crusade. With a movement like this, surely all the starving serfs and colonists will be joining the Crusaders…”

Holy Imperial General: “400,000 is a truly ridiculous number.”

Bishop: “This is thanks to the guidance of the Spirit. It is a true blessing. Hahaha.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “This announcement basically states that people with debts should just join the Church, but can you imagine how many noblemen will do it?”

Bishop: “Hahaha! There is nothing for it. The copper will just have to shine through.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “If we can get the Demon World in our hands, this land… this richness… will pay for this many times over. How rich these new lands shall be.”

Bishop: “Our Church will be forever grateful for the manner in which you have managed to increase our standing and restore to us the Holy Relic, Your Highness.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “I am but a faithful servant of the Spirit.”

Bishop: “Yes, I believe we can all see that.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “That is why I will be doing my best to make sure this succeeds.”

Bishop: “Of course! Of course! Ahahahahahahaha!”

Crown Prince Marshal: “And His Holiness?”

Bishop: “His Holiness will soon depart from the Imperial City.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “Please ensure that his security is up to scratch.”

Bishop: “The Holy Chevaliers of the Church are unrivalled, please rest easy. That being said, the evildoers in the South—”

Crown Prince Marshal: “Do not worry. Leave them to me.”


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38 thoughts on “Volume 3 Chapter 6

  1. O.o I’ve been missing for a week and we already have a new chapter!

    Excellent, this is pure win! I So much happened, so many different plot threads are coming together, wonderful.:D
    I’m afraid i’ve become addicted to this novel. Volume three is by far the most entertaining and action packed.

    Though i do have to inquire about the female mage. She became a demigod and is having a conversation (if you can call it that) with “God” and is apparently teaching him/her/it a lesson in toughness? It’s a little out of character for female mage. I always thought of her as an emotionless genius of some sorts. Interesting to see her so spirited (no pun intended), and not sleeping >.> …. or maybe she is asleep in this “dream of light”, hence why she’s so active 😛

    At least we found out a little more about the five spirit and the …. flame lady? Is that supposed to be the demon king reincarnated or the spirit of the light after she sacrificed herself to save a fractured world? I’m a tad confused.

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    Also welcome Eira.
    Let me thank you for all your hard work here and in future editing. I hope you’ll have fun with maoyuu.:)

      • So what you’re basically saying is….she’s got godlike powers and is…bat shit crazy? O.o

        Color me plot twist….maybe she’s the final boss after we settle with central and four eyes! 😮

      • Does having multiple personalities make you any less crazy…i ask you. It doesn’t matter what disorder you have, as long as it can cause irreparable damage to you and does around you.

        Also psychotic would make her a violence prone sadist. I’m just calling her nuts.

      • There is no billable ICD9 or ICD10 code usable for diagnosis labeled as “Nuts”. I said “not exactly [Dissociative Identity Disorder]”, its definitely different from Bipolar Disorder.

        That said, I will agree that the particular disorder does not matter as much as the harm to those affected (directly or not) by it. And in any case, there’s no real reason to attempt to diagnose a fictional character’s potential mental disorders when neither the author nor the reader have well grounded medical knowledge, I gave the ICD codes out as a joke after a few minutes of browsing my bro’s handbook, he just got into med school. 😛

      • She’s not the kinda character who seems like she’ll kill Demon King, Female Paladin, or even Hero, so I don’t know where you’re getting that…. Also, Forget “yan”, where’s the “dere”?

      • Dere comes in the form of her “love” for sleep.
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    I’m fairly certain the only country that would be able to effectively use scorched earth tactics would be the Kingdom of winter.

    I thought the Pale were blue (aoi), not purple (Murasaki)? Although the case could be made that they’re, in fact, green, I doubt it.

    • An all out war between southern kingdoms alliance and demon clans vs pale demon and central kingdom. Its going to be really tough for the southern kingdoms to face them without the help of the demon clans army.

      • You can practically see the church officials twirling their mustaches while they cackle maniacally and tie a defenseless damsel to a rail road.

        It’s just that obvious : V

  3. So, south country union is facing 25.000 pale demon armies from the portal and 20.000 musketeers from central church
    Can this become any worse??

    • but demon clans might send huge reinforcement to southern union and somehow create a first joint army between human and demon, a first step toward co-existence

      • Afaik so far demon clans are only sending 8 k elites. I hope the gateway clan can measure up to 8 k or something along those lines. 16 k is better than nothing.

  4. Actually the central church are about to send 400.000(rough total estimate perhaps) for their third crusade campaign. The southern kingdoms really are in a pinch >.<

    • Nope, if central send 400k of army, then southern country is dead. Even demon army has never taste the might of musket, just hope they got some water spell at disposal

    • The most important aspect of maoyuu is the boob service. I’m saddened by what’s happening with all the war and shenanigans, there’s just not enough boob exposition anymore. Hero is not getting any brighter either. For pete’s sake even God is in love with him.

      He has it all @_@

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  6. the ending to this chapter again reminded me why I hate the church so much. I suppose only the demons can now be the men’s salvation (oh the irony!).
    on another note what happened to the boy born on earth? did he create the demons or something?
    finally, the thief may become a recurring character, I’m getting a certain vibe off him (although there’s always a possibility that I’m wrong).

    • Ja, i’m looking forward to some new characters. Now that king of white night is dead we need some new comic relief villain.
      The thief shows great promise.

  7. Just be patient guys. We got two volumes since january if memory serves. That’s a lot considering it’s being hand translated. I never even expected boh to reach the third one this year.

    • We are patient, and thankful for all of you for making us be able to read this amazing Light Novel! We are also hopeful for this to brighten our weekend this week for selfish reasons, but that does not mean we will spam messages like some goddamn leachers IE “When is this coming out?” “Shouldn’t it be out already?” and such.

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