Volume 3 Chapter 8

Volume 3 Chapter 8, “This is order —- The Musket.”


———– The Plains of Scilla, the Frontline

The Female Paladin: “Have no fear! Eyes front! Fire!”

Minister of Winter: “Fire!”

Spearman of Winter: “But!!!”

Archer of Winter: “The enemy is the Kingdom of White Night!”

The Female Paladin: “Do not hesitate! I will take all responsibility! Look! Face front and look! They are soldiers charging up to us with weapons. They are soldiers. They are no slaves. They are not dying from arrows to their backs. If you have pain and regret from hurting them then we will surely die in their hands. Let me shoulder the burden of the shame of murder. — Do not think about anything else. Fire!”

Minister of Winter: “Behind us are 200,000 settlers from the Three Kingdoms! If you take one step back, it is their lives that will be lost!”

Spearman of Winter: “…Ahhh!”

Archer of Winter: “Fire!”

Arrows flying.

The Female Paladin: “Cavalry on the right flank!”

Minister of Winter: “Yes!”

Cavalryman of Winter: “Assembled, milady!”

The Female Paladin: “Move out! Prepare to attack in three waves. Charge!”


————– The Plains of Scilla, the Army of the Pale

General of the Pale: “Hmm, they’re not being destroyed.”

Officer of the Pale: “The enemy is holding up well.”

General of the Pale: “But our losses are mostly slaves. They’re just tools for us to use as we wish… Infantry!”

Infantry Leader of the Pale: “Yes!”

General of the Pale: “Back up the Commiserate and those pathetic slaves. Form a line of attack and press on from behind. Use the Humans as shields and construct a bridge head on the central hill!”

Infantry Leader of the Pale: “Yes! Heavy Infantry!”

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

Infantry Leader of the Pale: “Prepare to advance! Helmets on! Form up in three waves of five rows!”

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

General of the Pale: “Light Cavalry!”

Light Cavalryman of the Pale: “Yes!”

General of the Pale: “Support the infantry advance from the right wing! Avoid casualties. Leave the heavy fighting to the infantry. Your goal is to disrupt their rear guard!”

Light Cavalryman of the Pale: “Understood, sir!”


———— The Plains of Scilla, the Frontline

The Female Paladin: “Ugh! Third Archer Company, retreat one hundred paces! Central Spears, support!”

Minister of Winter: “Hurry up with the supplies!”

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

“Witness the power of the Pale!” “For the Sigiled King!”

Spearman of Winter: “Are they trying to scare us!”

Archer of Winter: “For the Female Paladin!”

The Female Paladin: “You will not so easily scare the brave men of the South!”

Minister of Winter: “Stand your ground!”

Spearman of Winter: “Yes!”

Soldiers: “For the Female Paladin!”

Soldiers: “For our homes!”

Spearman of Winter: “Hurry up and go! Get replenished and take back the frontline!”

Archer of Winter: “Understood, leave it to us!”

Clash! Clank!

“Push forward! Push forward!”

“Slaves get out of the way! Longswords!”

The Female Paladin: “Now! Charge!”

Cavalry of Winter: “Chaaaaarge!!”

The Female Paladin: “Hit their Heavy Infantry! Destroy their formation!”


———– The Plains of Scilla, the Ambush Point

Officer of Metal: “What is going on?!”

Soldier of Metal: “The enemy, the enemy are Humans! Don’t tell me…”

Disciple Soldier: “Mount!”

Horses whinny.

Disciple Soldier: “Officer!”

Officer of Metal: “Yes!”

Disciple Soldier: “I hand over command of the unit to you. This is a fight to the death! From their cannon sounds, it seems the enemy are few in number. I will cover your rear.”

Officer of Metal: “Yes… Cannon sounds?”

Disciple Soldier: “It’s fine. Just make sure to do what I say.”

Officer of Metal: “But we only have a hundred cavalrymen at this ambush point! How are you going to engage—!”

Disciple Soldier: “It is not a matter of numbers.” Smiles.


Disciple Soldier: “Cavalry, follow me! Attack the enemy behind us!”

Officer of Metal: “Minister! Minister!”

Disciple Soldier: (Muskets?! But those were commissioned by the Crimson Scholar in the workshops and forges of the Kingdom of Metal in order to counteract the threats of heresy against us… Don’t tell me, the Kingdom of Metal…)

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Disciple Soldier: “Cavalry Leader! How many are we?! Carry on!”

Cavalry Leader: “All assembled. One hundred!”

Cavalryman of Metal: “Let’s go!” “Yaaa!”

Bang! Bang!

Disciple Soldier: “Listen up! Our enemies are musket units! They are using weapons similar to crossbows. With these, armour is practically useless. The only way to stay safe from them is to be behind them! However, their range is short and they can only fire one round before having to reload.”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Disciple Soldier: “We are going to surprise them from the side and cause chaos among their ranks to save our allies! The enemy may have spearman, so we are going to charge at the highest speed possible!”

Cavalry Leader: “Yes!”

Cavalryman of Metal: “Understood!”

Disciple Soldier: “Right now, the forest is filled with combat engineers from the Kingdom of Metal. They are only soldiers in name, they are really just a group of settlers. They are comrades who have taken to the battlefield to protect their homes and the people they love. We will not leave them to die. Furthermore, our Grand Commander, the Female Paladin, is fighting on the marshy centregrounds. She has risked her life for this strategy, we will not let her down!”

Cavalry Leader:”We, the warriors of Metal, pledge our lives to your land!”


———- The Kingdom of Metal, the Palace, the Great Hall

The Hero: “Well.”

The Iron Fist King: “…”

The Queen of Ice and Snow: “…”

The Hero: “—I decided to infiltrate the heart of the Demon World as an assassin. I thought that if I could assassinate the Demon King and maybe all the powerful Demons in the Demon World, I might be able to bring peace… That’s what I thought anyway. Without considering why we were at war or what it would take to achieve peace, I stubbornly and irresponsibly tried to achieve my ends violently. I never saw that I would never be able to bring about the new world which I wanted in this manner.”

The Queen of Fairies: “Black Knight…”

Fairy Maiden: “Black Knight… They’re here…!”

The Hero: “Yes, I know. — Looks like it’s time for me to make my appearance.”


The Queen of Fairies: “What are you going to do?”

The Iron Fist King: “What is going on?!”


The Lone Winter King: “What is with this shaking?!”

The Hero: “I am going to fulfil my responsibilities. Lone Winter King, Iron Fist King, Queen of Ice and Snow. I beg of you, please ensure that your successors will always carve a path for the good of their people… I really want to see what is on the other side of the hill.”



————– The Palace of Metal, 4000km in the Sky


The Hero: “You came.”

The Sigiled King of the Pale: “That’s what I was about to say.”

The Hero: “…”

The Sigiled King of the Pale: “I never expected to get this far. Using meditation, I’ve managed to train up a very strong set of magical abilities.”

The Hero: “Indeed.”

The Sigiled King of the Pale: “Ha.”

The Hero: “What’s so funny?”

The Sigiled King of the Pale: “How sad. The Hero of old was so much more powerful than the person I am facing now.”

The Hero: “…”

The Sigiled King of the Pale: “—Curse of Blazing Leaves!”


The Hero: “Ha! Take this! Seal of Heavenly Ice!”

The Sigiled King of the Pale: “Ha, you left an opening!”


The Hero: “Gaaaah!”

The Sigiled King of the Pale: “Now do you understand?”

The Hero: “Ha… Ha…”

The Sigiled King of the Pale: “My power is greater than yours. You cannot hope to beat me in a direct confrontation. Your attacks are just pointless movements which leave you open to my powerful attacks. In other words, there is nothing you can do to stop this crisis. Nothing! The crisis has already begun. Isn’t that your job? Saving the world!!! Isn’t it? Hero! — Curse of the Inferno Sky!”

The Hero: “You?! You purposely aimed that at the City! Yaaaaaaaah! Seal of Heavenly Ice!”

The Sigiled King of the Pale: “Too slow!”


The Hero: “Ahhh!”

The Sigiled King of the Pale: “Your body and your heart are weak! You cannot bear the watch the destruction of the city below. You really are the Hero. That’s all you will ever amount to. Let me teach you what it means to face the Sigiled King… I admit, your combat abilities may be better than mine. but, what will decide if you win or lose—”

The Hero: “Dammit!”

The Sigiled King of the Pale: “—is something else!”


The Hero: “Ha! Fine!”

The Sigiled King of the Pale: “Shut your impudent mouth.”

The Hero: “I will cut you down. I will never leave the Humans! Even if they all hate me, even if I have to do this alone, even if I lose to you, never!”

The Sigiled King of the Pale: “?!”

The Hero: “Ooooooohhhh! Spell of the Raging Typhoon!”

The Sigiled King of the Pale: “Th-this is?!”


The Hero: “Ha! Can your level of Flight Magic sustain this? This is a stronger version of the esoteric arts of Weather Magic. We can fight in this hurricane. I’ll force you to move somewhere else!”

The Sigiled King of the Pale: “Spell of Lightfoot! Curse of Flaming Screams! Eyes of Heaven! Charm of Solid Might!”

The Hero: “Charm of Haste! Sword of Lightning! Mirror Step!


The Hero: “Just give up now!”

The Sigiled King of the Pale: “Never! I will never let you escape unscathed!”

Boom! Clash! Boom!

The Hero: “Armour! Black Armour! I invoke thy name, blow aside the attacks of mine enemy!”

The Sigiled King of the Pale: “Why are you using that!”

The Hero: “Don’t you know! Just who do you think I represent?! Can you understand what I stand for?! From your expression, I know you can’t!”



——— The Plains of Scilla, the Army of the Pale

General of the Pale: “How is it going?”

Officer of the Pale: “Our forces are pressing them hard, the battle rhythm is picking up. It’s just a matter of time now.”

Cavalryman of the Pale: “We have succeeded in breaking the enemy.”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

General of the Pale: “Situation report!”

Infantry Leader of the Pale: “We have advanced fifteen paces up the hill. We are now engaged in combat with a large unit of 1,500 infantrymen!”

Yaaaa! Clash! Clink!

“Witness the power of the Pale! “For the Sigiled King!”

General of the Pale: “That’s all the enemy amounted to. Hmph. The Female Paladin is it? How ridiculous, a beautiful maiden. I like me a young, beautiful, immature young girl; do they really think a girl can command an army?! Whichever soldier manages to capture the enemy commander alive will be immediately promoted two grades. Ready 5,000 reserve units! Heavy Infantry assemble!”

Stomp! Stomp!

Heavy Infantry of the Pale: “We stand before you!”

General of the Pale: “The enemy line is faltering and weak! Punch through it with all you’ve got! We have the advantage of numbers, we outnumber them two to one! Their resistance ends here! Finish them!”


——– The Plains of Scilla, the Front Line

The Female Paladin: “Spears on the right wing advance 50 paces! Maintain your formations! Archers support the right flank! Fire at will!”

Minister of Winter: “More spearmen to the centre line! Push! Push!”

The Female Paladin: “Carry away the casualties! Lightly injured archers, join the medical corps! Keep your heads down!”

Minister of Winter: “The left wing cavalry have returned!”

The Female Paladin: “Good work! Thanks to you the retreat of the central companies was successful. You have my gratitude, please rest now.”

Mixed Cavalry Leader: “What are you saying! Female Paladin! We haven’t even gotten started yet! Give us the next order!”

The Female Paladin: “…I’m sorry.”

Yaaaaa! Clank! Clank!

“Push! Push” “For the Sigiled King!”

“Push! Take the hill! Advance! Advance!”

Mixed Cavalry Leader: “Commander!”

The Female Paladin: “Alright! That’s the spirit, cavalrymen! I am incredibly proud of you! Spearmen, assemble! Fly out from the centre and left wing, encircle, and attack the Demons from behind!”

Mixed Cavalry Leader: “Lads! You heard the Commander! Take down those Demons!”

“Let’s go!!”


——– The Borders of the Kingdoms of Metal and White Night

 Boom! Zap! Bang!

The Hero: “Lightning Destruction!

General of the Pale: “Curse of the Black Inferno!

Flames licking.

The Hero: “—!”

The Sigiled King of the Pale: “Haaaaaaa! Haaaaa!!!”

Boom! Boom!

The Hero: “Hah! Haiya! How is it?”

The Sigiled King of the Pale: “Ugh.”

The Hero: “This is what humans are like.”

The Sigiled King of the Pale: “You monster!”

Boom! Zap!

The Hero: “That’s not something you should be saying, Mr. Failed Candidate.”

The Sigiled King of the Pale: “Don’t call me that!!!”


The Hero: “?! What’s that?!”

The Sigiled King of the Pale: “A Human unit?! I’ll deal with them!”

The Hero: “No! Bonds of Lightning!

The Sigiled King of the Pale: “Hahaha! Too late! Watch this!”


———– The Kingdom of Metal, the Plains of Scilla, to the South

The Demon King: “I understand the situation.”

The Chief Maid: “Your Majesty, we haven’t received word from the Queen of Fairies…”

The Demon King: “I know, but all we can do is wait.”

The Chief Maid: “…”

The Demon King: “East Fortress Base Commander, verify the situation for me again.”

East Fortress Base Commander: “From here to the centre it’s all shallow marshland. The speed of cavalry is sharply reduced and control is difficult. The Demons of the Pale launched repeated assaults from the West to the central hill. The Female Paladin is holding the centre with her units, and I can see that they’re all excellent soldiers but their fatigue is evident. It won’t be long before they break.”

The Demon King: “Silver Tiger Lord, shall we go?”

The Silver Tiger Lord: “Of course. We are the eight thousand strong warriors of the Fang, we live in the wilds of the mountains! This marsh is no obstacle for those who are not weak!”

The Demon King: “All soldiers are to wear crimson red for identification.”

The Silver Tiger Lord: “All preparations have been concluded.”

The Demon King: “Then you are to advance upon the Plains of Scilla at top speed! The Silver Tiger Lord is to take his entire force and envelope the flank of the Army of the Pale! Do not hold back, turn the tides of this battle!”

The Silver Tiger Lord: “Understood!”

The Silver Tiger Lord: “Proud warriors of the Fang! Hear the orders of the Demon King! Take up your swords, we will swing down upon them like a fell wind, tear them to pieces! Follow me!”


———- The Capital of White Night, a Ruined Street

Clink, clink, clink!

Security Trooper of the Pale: “We’re under attack!”

Security Trooper of the Pale: “The enemy?! Ahhh!”

Mercenary Archer: “Take the Bell Tower*!

Mercenary Swordsman: “Continue on to the barracks. Call for reinforcements.”

Mercenary Archer: “Leave it to me.”

Mercenary Leader: “Come, you dipshits! Let’s go!”

Mercenary Spear Horseman: “Haiya! Yaa!”

Clank! Clank!

Mercenary Leader: “Dismantle their defensive palisades!”

Mercenary Spear Horseman: “Come on!”


Starving Citizen: “Ahh!”

Starving Refugee: “Who are you!”

Mercenary Leader: “Oi! Are you the people of this Country?!”

Starving Citizen: “We are! You killed those—”

Mercenary Leader: “I know! Where is your Chief? Where’re all the people who got captured?”

Starving Refugee: “We don’t know! They were probably locked up and imprisoned somewhere. There’re a lot of things going on in that big manor there…”

Mercenary Spear Horseman: “Big manor…”

Security Officer of the Pale: “Come on! Attack!”

Security Trooper of the Pale: “Agghh!”

Mercenary Leader: “Die!”


Mercenary Spear Horseman: “Like the Chief said! Kill them!”


Mercenary Swordsman: “Chief! We’ve got the barracks under control! There doesn’t seem to be many soldiers around. Where the hell are they…”

Mercenary Leader: “Got it! Most of them are in the castle. Search through the mansions of the noblemen and the larger buildings! If you find any imprisoned refugees or citizens, free them and tell them to run and just bring food and clothes! Head to the northwest forest. Got it? Get them to leave behind their valuables and luggages. If they move too slowly they will die!”

Mercenary Spear Horseman: “Understood! Five or six of you with me. The rest of you follow the Chief.”

Mercenary Leader: “We’re going to attack the castle!”

Mercenary Swordsman: “Yes!”

Mercenary Leader: “Form an Archer Brigade. Control all the bell towers. After that, take the castle walls. The enemy are few and disorganised. Take advantage of their weakness!”

Mercenary Archer: “Understood!”

Thin Girl: “Chief, please…”

Mercenary Leader: “Yes?”

Thin Girl: “Water…”

Mercenary Leader: “Yeah, here. Girl, what’s up with your face? It’s all black?”

Thin Girl: “My mother dirtied it that way so I wouldn’t get attacked…”

Mercenary Leader: “I see… How smart. In that case, stay smart! Head to the northwest with your mother! Get anyone else you see along the way to follow you. There are no more Demons there. Understood?”




Bell Tower: A tall structure from which a bell is hung. These were originally gong towers in Buddhist countries but gradually spread West and were adopted by Christian churches as tall towers with bells installed on them. The bell towers of the Holy Church of Light are closer to the latter. They are tall stone structures and are hence excellent vantage points from which the fire is taking place on the castle.



Thin Girl: “Alright.”

Mercenary Leader: “Alright, hurry up! I’ve got work to do.”

Thin Girl: “Thank you!”

Mercenary Leader: “Shut up… Go!”


———— The Capital of White Night, the Ruined Street

Clank, clank.

Security Officer of the Pale: “No retreat! Anyone who retreats will face the wrath of the Sigiled King!”

Security Trooper of the Pale: “Humans! You pathetic creatures, die!”

Mercenary Swordsman: “They have no idea what is happening to them, do they?”

Mercenary Archer: “Fire!”

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Security Officer of the Pale: “What?!”

Security Trooper of the Pale: “Behind?!”

Security Trooper of the Pale: “Aghhhh!”

Mercenary Leader: “How is it going?”

Mercenary Spear Horseman: “The streets are almost completely under our control. Most of the citizens have fled to the southwest. I’ve got a small squad liberating the smaller houses.”

Mercenary Leader: “Hurry up.”

Mercenary Spear Horseman: “And the castle?”

Mercenary Leader: “Forget that.”

Mercenary Spear Horseman: “?”

Mercenary Archer: “Chief! Chief!”

Mercenary Leader: “What?”

Mercenary Archer: “There’s an army along the northern road. They’re heading for the City of White Night!”

Mercenary Leader: “I need intelligence on their strength, equipment, and speed!”

Mercenary Archer: “They’re running and they’ll reach us in five minutes! It’s almost evening too! It seems they are all equipped as infantry but they’re too far away for me to tell.”

Mercenary Leader: “Strength?”

Mercenary Archer: “From what I can see, at least ten thousand!”

Mercenary Leader: “!”

Mercenary Spear Horseman: “What should we do?!”

Mercenary Swordsman: “If they control the square in front of the castle, it’s over!”

Mercenary Leader: “How is the evacuation going?”

Mercenary Spear Horseman: “About halfway done.”

Mercenary Leader: “Speed it up. Scrounge up some carriages and get those refugees too weak to walk, the sick and the elderly, on them. Make it quick!”

Mercenary Spear Horseman: “Those are humans. Looks like reinforcements?”

Mercenary Leader: “They’re enemies.”

Mercenary Spear Horseman: “Really?!”

Mercenary Leader: “Why would there be reinforcements at such a time? Since when was the world ever so kind? Come on then, you rascals!”

Mercenaries: “Yes!” “What is it, Chief!”

Mercenary Leader: “Get me 20 horses. Go and scout ahead. The rest of you, your priority is to evacuate the people! I don’t give a shit about the Demons holed up in their pathetic castle!”


——— The Plains of Scilla, the Army of the Pale

Officer of the Pale: “What!”

Aghhh! Haaaa! Aghhh!

“Wha! Wh…what?!” “We’re under attack!” “We’re under attack!”

Light Cavalryman of the Pale: “From behind!”

Infantry Leader of the Pale: “The left flank!”

General of the Pale: “What is going on?! Report!”

Officer of the Pale: “We’re under attack!”

Whoosh! Clank!

Clink! “Enemy!”

“It’s the Fang!”

Dual Swordsman of the Fang: “For the Forest Wolf Tribe of the Fang!”

Axman of the Fang: “Time to add your kills to the roster of the Black Boar Tribe of the Fang!”

Shortswordman of the Fang: “The Snow Leopard Tribe of the Fang takes to the battlefield!”

General of the Pale: “What is the Tribe of the Fang doing here?!”

Officer of the Pale: “Turn back! Heavy Infantry, come back!”

General of the Pale: “You fool!”


General of the Pale: “Do you want them to get massacred in front of the hill?! Light Cavalry, Heavy Cavalry, make some space for the infantry! Attack those bloody fools from the Fang!”

Light Cavalryman of the Pale: “Yes sir!”

Dual Swordsman of the Fang: “Hahaha! This is so easy!”


Axeman of the Fang: “What do you think your horses are good for!”


General of the Pale: “What is happening?!”

Officer of the Pale: “There are more enemies than we thought, at least 5,000!”

General of the Pale: “Throw everything we’ve got at them!”

Officer of the Pale: “We have no space to deploy! And the Fang is choosing to fight in the marshy terrain, we can’t even send our cavalry in!”

General of the Pale: “You disgusting vermin from the Fang!”

Hack! Stab! Hack!

“Take down the Tribe of the Pale!”

“We are the brave warriors of the Fang!”

“Justice for the Demon World!”


General of the Pale: “Infantry Leader!”

Infantry Leader of the Pale: “Yes!”

General of the Pale: “Select your best men and establish a bridgehead 500 paces in front! This will be a fight to the finish! Have all your free infantrymen committed against the Fang!”

Infantry Leader of the Fang: “Understood!”


————- The Plains of Scilla, the Frontline

Wahhhhh! Yah! Yah!

Wahhhhh! Advance! Advance!

Kill all the Humans!

Spearman of Winter: “They’re pushing us harder?!”

Archer of Winter: “Not one step back!”

Clink, clink!

The Female Paladin: “No! This is a brilliant opportunity! Cavalry!”

Mixed Cavalry Leader: “Yes!”

The Female Paladin: “Time to make your entrance. Move to the front line! Support the spearmen and assist the retreat of the other cavalry! Push back the enemy’s advance! I will go too.”

Minister of Winter: “What?”

The Female Paladin: “Brave men of the frozen lands of the South! Hear me! We fight for one reason! We risk our souls for one reason! Because we will not take one step backward when it comes to defending our lands! Not because the enemy are Demons! But because these are the homes you have created, your fathers have created! Remember! How you had to push aside the massive boulders to build new lands, how you tilled the frozen soil to plant your seeds of hope in your homes! Do not throw that away! The enemy is not the Demons! They are just the invaders. The enemy is the invasion! Fight! Protect your homes! Give me one more hour!”


———— The Kingdom of White Night, Flying Down from the Sky

Wind rushing past.

The Hero: “Stop!”

The Sigiled King of the Pale: “Do you really think there’s someone who would stop if his enemy said that?”

Wind rushing.

The Hero: “That’s not the point.”

The Sigiled King of the Pale: “Not the point?! Everything in this world is mine, everything is the point if I am affiliated with it!”

The Hero: “Run! I don’t know who you are, but run!”

The Sigiled King of the Pale: “Fine. Drown an ocean of flames! In my inferno! It is time to taste the seven swords of the pain of hell!”


The Hero: “?!”

The Sigiled King of the Pale: “What?! What’s that?”


The Hero: “A Cleric Congregation…”

The Sigiled King of the Pale: “What the hell?”


The Hero: “…What is such a large group of mages doing here?”

The Sigiled King of the Pale: “Why? Why is this happening?!”


——— The Kingdom of White Night, the Ruined Streets

Shadow in an Extravagant Carriage: “…The light… brighter…”

Leader of the Hundred Paladins: “Yes! Cleric Master! Bind them.”

Cleric Master: “Clerics! Pray together with me! That is the General of the Demons, one of the heads of the enemy. Do not hesitate, bind him in the light!”

Clerics: “Yes!”

Shadow in an Extravagant Carriage: “…”

Leader of the Hundred Paladins: “There can’t be any Demons who could escape from the combined prayer of 250 highly skilled Clerics.”

Cleric Master: “Pray! Pray for the Spirit of Light! Bind him, chain him, scatter him! That is the enemy! The enemy of the Humans! Pray for the destruction of the enemy! The enemy of the Spirit of Light!”

Cleric Master: “…Hahaha… Good…”

Leader of the Hundred Paladins: “What shall we have them do?”

Cleric Master: “Show it the Willow of the Mercy of the Spirit!”

Clerics: “Yes!”

Zaaap… Zaap… Zaaaap…

Shadow in an Extravagant Carriage: “…Pray with our muskets too.”

Leader of the Hundred Paladins: “Understood! Muskets!”


———– The Kingdom of Winter, above the Genesis Forest


The Hero: “My armour is cracking…”

The Sigiled King of the Pale: “My body…”

The Hero: “Ha. Well, that’s the way it is.”

The Sigiled King of the Pale: “Don’t be so boring. Until I cannot move any more, I will do my best to kill you.”

The Hero: “Would you really rather die?”

The Sigiled King of the Pale: “Curse of the Dominions of Death…”

The Hero: “Hey, stop?! You can’t use such a mass killing spell here! You monster!”

The Sigiled King of the Pale: “It’s pointless. Have you ever considered just whose attack you are about to receive? — Hahahahaha! You, Hero! You’ve been forsaken by the Humans you want to protect. You monster! You’re a complete monster!”

The Hero: “No! I’m different from you!”

The Sigiled King of the Pale: “No, you’re not! You don’t get it. To preserve a place for us to live, we have to dominate the world! That is my calling! That is my destiny!!!”


The Hero: “You fool.”

The Sigiled King of the Pale: “Heh.”

The Hero: “Wh…What the hell…”

The Sigiled King of the Pale: “…My wounds are burning… Metal balls? We — the two of us—”

The Hero: “Wh…Why…”

Bang! Bang!


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2 thoughts on “Volume 3 Chapter 8

  1. Ho boy. I knew we’d get a treat but ho boy. The good guys are seriously getting clobbered.

    Not much to comment on this chapter. Mhm some of the stuff i was expecting, but those muskets are a tad overpowered. Let’s wait and see.

    10/10 for the surprise chapters 😀

  2. it seem that giving intel to the pale demons about the white night kingdom by the church/central kingdom was a ploy, to lure them out from the demon world. Therefore they can crush them by themselves and to justify their crusade, so that more people/kingdoms would join them. I wouldnt be surprise if they also the one who encourage the Sigiled King of the Pale to betray their own demon fellow.

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