Volume 3 Chapter 9

Volume 3 Chapter 9, “In a Boat on a Bloodstained River.”


———– The Kingdom of Metal, the Plains of Scilla, the South

The Demon King: “I’m worried.”

The Chief Maid: “What’s wrong?”

The Demon King: “It’s just… What is the Female Paladin doing?”

The Chief Maid: “?”

The East Fortress Base Commander: “She’s defending that hill to the end?”

The Demon King: “Why?”

The Chief Maid: “…”

The East Fortress Base Commander: “Hmm, she’s their commander. This is fast becoming an attrition war. Is she relying on us for reinforcements?”

The Demon King: “Then we should let her.”

The Chief Maid: “Your Majesty, if we do that, we risk ruining the reputations of everybody on this battlefield.”

The East Fortress Base Commander: “It’s a battle, we have no choice. Apart from sitting here and watching it happen…”

The Demon King: “Ruining—”

The Chief Maid: “?”

The Demon King: “Commander, send a message to the Silver Tiger Lord. All forces to move to the West. Top haste!”

The East Fortress Base Commander: “But we have the upper hand.”

The Demon King: “I know. Now send the message! Hurry up! This is of prime importance! Begin the retreat!”


———– The Plains of Scilla, the Army of the Pale

Officer of the Pale: “General! General!”

General of the Pale: “What is it!”

Officer of the Pale: “The Fang are retreating!”

General of the Pale: “What? …Weren’t they winning? How are our men doing?!”

Officer of the Pale: “Half have given chase. Should I send the cavalry in to mop them up?”

General of the Pale: “Don’t be a fool, what use are the cavalry in these marshlands. But this is a good sign. Prepare the Heavy Infantry who were engaging the Fang. By the time the sun goes down I want all the Human units to be surrounded and destroyed!”

Officer of the Pale: “Yes!”

Infantry Leader of the Pale: “All forces advance!”

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

Scout: “Report! Report! General! An enemy force to our rear!”

General of the Pale: “What are you panicking about?”

Scout: “An army from the Holy Empire has appeared to our rear. They managed to slip past the border security…”

General of the Pale: “The Holy Empire? Those are reinforcements… Let’s wait for them to appear. Looks like all that saltpetre is really paying for itself. Hahahaha.”

Officer of the Pale: “How far away? Numbers and equipment?”

Scout: “They are at the ridge and will arrive in 30 minutes. Numbers are countless, at least 30,000.”

General of the Pale: “Thirty thousand! Ha! The Strategist has really gone ahead of himself. At this rate, the Three Kingdoms will fall in an instant! The threat of the Fang has passed and we have not broken! From now on, the Infantry units will lead the way!”

Scout Rider: “General! General! Report!”

General of the Pale: “Calm down.”

Scout Rider: “Countless soldiers from the Holy Empire—”

General of the Pale: “I already received that report you fool!”

Scout Rider: “That army has attacked our forces with an unknown weapon! Our entire rear guard has been completely annihilated!”

General of the Pale: “Wh…Wha…What!!!”


———— Near the Kingdom of White Night

Shadow in an Extravagant Carriage: “…Those two, the King of the Pale and the person beside him.”

Leader of the Hundred Paladins: “Yes.”

Shadow in an Extravagant Carriage: “No matter what…takethem down… That thing…cannot attack…humans… Use curses or exultations, surround…ridicule, reject it. That way…it…will lose its power… Put in your prayers…ships…people…life…reject…”

Leader of the Hundred Paladins: “Understood.”

Cleric Master: “Your Holiness my Patriarch.”

Cleric: “There are going down! From that height, there’s no help for them!”

Leader of the Hundred Paladins: “Do not hold back! I won’t rest until I SEE THEIR BODIES! No, they must still be alive! Surround the place, exterminate them!”

Cleric Master: “Yes!”

Musketeer: “Search units ready!”

Shadow in an Extravagant Carriage: “…There will be few chances. For sure…”

Leader of the Hundred Paladins: “We’ll find them for sure. For the will of the Light, even if we have to pull out all the grass by its roots, we will fulfil the red dream!”


—— The Plains of Scilla, near the Centre


The Demon King: “Ahhhhh! Ahhhh!”

The Chief Maid: “Your Majesty! Your Majesty!”


Knight of the Gate: “What is that sound?”

The Demon King shudders.

The Chief Maid: “Your Majesty, pull yourself together!”

The East Fortress Base Commander: “Is she alright? She’s completely pale.”

The Demon King: “—Why, what are those doing here?! Why?”

Bang! Bang!!!

The Chief Maid: “Your Majesty!”

The Demon King: “Who, why — So many!”

The East Fortress Base Commander: “What do you know, Your Majesty!”

The Demon King: “No! The Female Paladin is going to die! Those are even scarier than the Demons of the Pale! The Female Paladin! At this rate — She can’t! No!”

The Chief Maid: “Your Majesty!”


The Chief Maid: “Pull yourself together.”

The Demon King: “…”

The Chief Maid: “If you don’t get back on your feet, you’re going to die!”

Bang! Bang!

Knight of the Gate: “They’re close! By the ridge to the East!”

The East Fortress Base Commander: “Come, you must escape!”

The Demon King: “…”

The Chief Maid: “Over here.”

Knight of the Gate: “They are here! They’re advancing on us!”

The East Fortress Base Commander: “Where did all these infantry come from. What’re those sticks they’re holding?!”

The Demon King: “Guns… Muskets.”

Knight of the Gate: “!”

Bang! Bang!

“Agghhhh!” “My hand!”

“I can’t see, I can’t see!”

“What’s happening!”


The East Fortress Base Commander: “Dammit, there’s too many of them! What are they!”

The Chief Maid: “!”

Knight of the Gate: “There are infantry here too!”

The East Fortress Base Commander: “They have no cavalry?”

The Demon King: “Not to the East.”

The East Fortress Base Commander: “But even the West.”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Musketman of Light: “Haa! Haaa!”

Musketman of Light: “Die! Heretics!”

Musketman of Light: “Everyone from the South is a heretic!”

Musketman of Light: “You’re the same as monsters! Die, witch!”

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Demon King: “—!”

The Chief Maid: “!!!”


Musketman of Light: “Agghhhh!”

The Silver Tiger Lord: “Sorry we’re late, Your Majesty!”

The Demon King: “Silver Tiger Lord!”

The East Fortress Base Commander: “You’re safe!”

The Chief Maid: “Why is there so much blood?”

The Silver Tiger Lord: “Come now! The Silver Tiger Lord made a promise that I would never rest until I have saved the life of Your Majesty three times over! Now, we the Fang will open a route for your escape to the West. These aren’t the Pale, and we may not have those magic things, but we’ve got quite a lot of soldiers here as well!”

The Demon King: “!”

The East Fortress Base Commander: “Hurry! We have not a moment to lose!”


——— The Borders of the Kingdom of White Night, the Genesis Forest

Butler: “!”

The Hero: “Grandpa!”

The Sigiled King of the Pale: “Agghh! Ahh!”

Butler: “Hehehehe.”

The Hero: “Grandpa! Grandpa! What are you doing here!”

Butler: “I thought it would be a cool time to make my appearance. Nyohohohoho…”

The Hero: “You’re covered in holes! Why did you cover me! And at that age too! You haven’t even been very good at recovering from colds!”

Butler: “I’m a gentleman after all.”

The Hero: “Don’t be stupid! Spell of Healing!

Butler: “I can see over the yonder. Ack, ack… Ack!”

The Hero: “Wh-why? Why are you even here…”

Butler: “I was looking for the Pale… Heh. I’ve always been very good at stealth… I just kind of found my way to where you were…”

The Hero: “Why, why! Why isn’t the spell working!”

Butler: “…Hero, I’ve lost too much blood. Heh. You can’t heal me with just that… More importantly, hurry up and finish him off. That guy is damaged too.”

The Sigiled King of the Pale: “Aggh. Ack! Ugh… Huma…n.”

The Hero: “I don’t care about that!”

Butler: “Nyohoho… To kill that guy… I’ve been searching for ways… Finally, there’s one here.”

The Sigiled King of the Pale: “This… This is the end…is…it…?”

Leaves rustling.

The Hero: “!”

Butler: “At such…a…time…!”

Leaves rustling.

Mercenary Leader: “Don’t stare, everybody could see your battle from the ground. Hey, bandage him up and get him some wine.”

Mercenary Spear Horseman: “Got it.”

Butler: “…Sorry.”

The Hero: “Who are you guys?”

Mercenary Leader: “Let’s not talk about grandpa, but you look like you’re at your limit. That Demon there is about the become worm food too. So even Demons have squabbles?”

Butler: “He’s not a Demon.”

The Hero: “I’m not very far from one.”

Mercenary Leader: “…”

The Hero: “….”

Mercenary Leader: “Need some help?”

Butler: “Yes, please.”

Leaves rustling.

Mercenary Archer: “Chief. Those guys with the weird sticks and some heavily armoured units are scattering throughout the forest. Looks like the some noble bastards from the Central Continent.”

Mercenary Leader: “Hey, bro.”

The Hero: “Ah! It’s just a flesh wound.”

Butler: “You can’t go. I will go.”

The Hero: “What are you talking about? Your injuries are worse than mine!”

Butler: “It’s not a matter of that. Hero, you…can’t take those bullets. You can’t become the target of their prayers.”

The Hero: “What are you talking about?!”

Butler: “You cannot become the enemy of the Humans. I will go, you must run away… Nyohohoho.”

The Hero: “I don’t get you at all!”

Mercenary Leader: “Hey, bro.”

The Hero: “Shut up!”

Mercenary Leader: “You shut up! I couldn’t care less about your nonsense so you’d better reply now! Don’t you think you should at least say ‘thank you’ to the person who just saved your sorry asses!”

The Hero: “What, I did! That’s completely unimportant?”

Mercenary Leader: “How many times?”

The Hero: “How am I supposed to remember? A lot of times.”

Mercenary Leader: “Really now. Heh. That’s nice to hear…not! I didn’t even want to hear you say it once!”

Mercenary Spear Horseman: “Chief…”

Mercenary Leader: “Grandpa, can I?”

Butler: “Of course.”

Mercenary Leader: “Hmph. Sorry, but I won’t be passing up on it.”

The Sigiled King of the Pale: “H-human. I won’t-I won’t forgive you. Don’t lay one finger…on me…”

Mercenary Leader: “Well, this is war. Forgive me.”


Mercenary Leader: “Alright, ehh, come over. Get this old man and that bro on a horse.”

Mercenary Spear Horseman: “Hurry up.”

Butler: “Ahh!”

The Hero: “What are you doing!”

Mercenary Leader: “Shut up! I don’t even want to look at you guys, with your blood spurting from your body like water fountains!”

Mercenaries: “Ahahahahaha!”

Mercenaries: “That’s true.”

Mercenaries: “Really!”

Mercenary Leader: “Oi, fools! Help out! From here on out, you are delivery boys. We’re going to get these two back safely. Hold on to that ring! These are probably important people. Let’s take them to that Disciple Nobleman boy in the Palace of Ice. This is an important mission. Can I leave it to you useless youngins?!”

Mercenaries: “Yes chief!”

Butler: “…”

The Hero: “You fools, I can still walk! Don’t decide this on your own! I can still—!”

Mercenary Leader: “Bro, I don’t know you at all, but it’s because you try too hard why grandpa there is dying. Grandpa tried to protect you, not to save your body but to save your soul! Get it, fool!”

The Hero: “!”

Mercenary Leader: “Alright, y’all! Mount up! We’re going to charge that group of noble bastards! Let’s sing some songs while we’re at it! Dipshits! We’re about to become knights!”

Mercenaries: “Alright!”

Mercenaries: “Fools! Chief is the King of White Night!”

Mercenary Leader: “Ahahahahaha! You could say that! If you are all knights then I must be the King! Alright, let’s go you pack of worms!”

The Hero: “Wait!

Horses stampeding.

The Hero: “Hey, let the horse stop. It’s going to die, it’s really going to die.”

Young Mercenary: “Don’t argue with me.”

The Hero: “…”

Young Mercenary: “Heh, I’m surprised he’s still alive at all.”

Tiny Mercenary: “But…”

Horse trotting.

Tiny Mercenary: “The Chief’s orders are absolute. Otherwise, everyone would be dead.”

The Hero: “I didn’t need you to save me. Why? Why? Why?”

Young Mercenary: “…”

Tiny Mercenary: “The Chief is a Hero. He saved us. We’re mostly orphans, but in those streets there, people were thanking us. Even tiny people like us. We experienced something there that you can only imagine.”

Young Mercenary: “That’s right. He’s a brilliant man. A splendid man. He’s the kind of independent man who gets to choose when and where he dies.”

The Hero: “What the hell…”


———— On a Shore Rippling With Blue Light

Bang! Bang!


My hand!!!

Heretics! Die heretics!

Dammit! Dammit!

Put it out! My foot, it’s on fire!

Somebody! Give me a hand! I’m trapped under this tree!

Boom! Bang!

I can’t see anything! Help…

You are all enemies of the Spirit!

The schism between the Humans ends now!

Spirit of Light! Give us your Mercy!

What is going on!


Boom! Boom!

The Mage: “…”

The Elder Sister Maid: “…I understand.”

The Mage: “…”

The Elder Sister Maid: “I understand.”

The Mage: “……”

The Elder Sister Maid: “Why did it become like this?”

The Mage: “…Cause and effect.”

The Elder Sister Maid: “Cause and effect?! Cause and effect means everybody has to die like that? How could you let such a thing happen!”

The Mage: “How could you let something outside cause and effect happen?”

The Elder Sister Maid: “…”

The Mage: “…”

The Elder Sister Maid: “…Well, that’s…”

The Mage: “When two different existences are proceeding at contradictory vectors, there tends to arise ideological differences which can create a state of tension. However, if the two are close to each other, they can influence one another, causing each of their vectors to streamline with the other. This relationship can be drawn as a curve. Reports have shown that such an occurrence will basically lead to a paradigm shift.”

The Elder Sister Maid: “…”

The Mage: “The friction of shifting ideologies is satisfied by bloodshed. With sufficient blood, the wheels of motion can turn smoothly.”

The Elder Sister Maid: “Does it have to be this way?! This is a lie! There must be a way to curve towards peace!”

The Mage: “There are no examples of that. I know no way of which consciousness can be shifted without bloodshed. Even if there is no physical bloodshed, there is at least some level of spiritual bloodshed.”

The Elder Sister Maid: “…That’s a lie.”

The Mage: “It is not.”

The Elder Sister Maid: “…”

The Mage: “Sometimes, it is an individual who witnesses the bloodshed of the many. Sometimes, the burden of pleasing the wheels of change with the flowing blood of thousands of people, maybe even tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, is placed on the shoulders of just one person. That person may have caused all that blood, but how much does the person have to bleed to make up for it? It’s almost as if the person did not sacrifice anything at all.”

The Elder Sister Maid: “…”

The Mage: “That is not a lie. In any case the evidence is that — you can feel it too.”

The Elder Sister Maid: “…”

The Mage: “Now you understand. Now you have learnt…what it means to conquer the Demon World. It is a revolution. However, for the revolution to succeed, it will require the necessary amount of blood (The Hero + The Demon King) and an additional amount of +α.”

The Elder Sister Maid: “I have no idea what you are talking about.”

The Mage: “…There is no need for you to understand. Because you can feel it.”

The Elder Sister Maid: “That’s—”

The Mage: “That’s why you’re searching for your path. Or am I wrong?”

The Elder Sister Maid: “What do you mean that’s why!”

The Mage: “That which the Hero was unable to do. And especially with the world the way it is. If you manage to save it, you will probably be revered as a god; but if you fail, you will simply be erased from memory. The Hero was really close to obliterating the Demons but if he did, there would be no meaning to his own existence. The Hero is like a star, shining so brightly it destroys itself.”

Elder Sister Maid: “Don’t tell me…you are…”

The Mage: “That is the truth.”

Elder Sister Maid: “In that case, you are evil.”

The Mage: “Is there really a difference between conscious sin and unconscious sin?”

Elder Sister Maid: “Yes!”

The Mage: “…In that case, we should all just be ignorant. If we tried to know as little as possible, we would have no sin whatsoever, right?”

Elder Sister Maid: “That’s not the point!”

The Mage: “…”

Elder Sister Maid: “Blood, blood is just drops. — Just who do you think this entire sea of blood was bled for? Somebody who let them die.”

The Mage: “…That is a sort of truth as well.”

Elder Sister Maid: “…”

The Mage: “Are you feeling unwell?”

Elder Sister Maid: “Of course.”

The Mage: “In that case, you should follow your path and save who you can.”

Elder Sister Maid: “…!”

The Mage: “You should not forget. You are in the same boat as well. You were saved from all that flowing blood. Onto a boat floating on this river of blood.”

Elder Sister Maid: “But! But!”

The Mage: “…I’ll send you out.”

Elder Sister Maid: “…”

The Mage: “…This library is not suited for you after all.”


————- The Plains of Scilla, the Frontlines

Boom! Bang!



The Female Paladin: “What the hell is this?!”

Minister of Winter: “Stay strong! Men of the South! Cavalry, file out from the left wing and attack!”

Boom! Bang!

Spearman of Winter: “For the Female Paladin!”

Archer of Winter “For our homes!”

Infantry of the Pale: “Save us!!!”

Boom! Bang!

Aghhhh! I can’t see them! Invisible spears?!

The Female Paladin: “—! Minister!”

Minister of Winter: “Yes!”

The Female Paladin: “Raise the smoke alarm! Regroup! Pull back eighty paces from the frontline!”

Minister of Winter: “What is going on?!”

The Female Paladin: “A new enemy has appeared behind the Demons of the Pale with countless numbers. — I fear they are Crusaders from the Church. I never expected them to be here so quickly. And I have a very bad feeling about that sound… In any case, raise three smoke alarms!”

Scout: “Commander! The enemy are definitely from the Church and they number in the tens of thousands!”

Minister of Winter: “Tens of thousands?!”

Scout: “They are equipped with unknown weapons and are attacking indiscriminately, whether we are Demons or Humans!”

Minister of Winter: “What?! We had such a hard time with just twenty thousand Demons of the Pale and now we have to face them?! This is the end…”

The Female Paladin: “It’s fine, we’re still alive. We haven’t been defeated yet. Maintain the line of defence, avoid the wet marshlands and persevere! We are not yet into the afternoon but the temperature is dropping fast. A fog is about to move in.”

Minister of Winter: “…Understood!”

The Female Paladin: “Hurry up and evacuate the wounded! Apart from the red line marked on the battle plans, all other routes are forbidden. All units move!”

Spearman of Winter: “Push! Push!”

Archer of Winter: “This is our Kingdom!”

The Female Paladin: (The enemy has changed… I don’t know how far back their cooperation goes. But it’s no coincidence that we’re fighting them both at the same time.”


———- The Plains of Scilla, the Ambush Point

Lieutenant of Metal: “That’s—”

Infantry of Metal: “The smoke alarm! Sir! Three columns! The message is for all units are to pull back and regroup!”

Lieutenant of Metal: “Got it. Sound the drums for the settler militia in the forest!”

Infantry of Metal: “Yes!”

Bong! Bong! Bong!

Infantry of Metal: “They will be coming immediately.”

Lieutenant of Metal: “They’re here…”

Settler Militia of Metal: “The water level has risen…”

Lieutenant of Metal: “It’s fine, it’s just going back to what it was in the previous years.”

Infantry of Metal: “How is the water route?”

Settler Militia of Metal: “Yes… It’s fine! It flows through the marshlands. However, in just twenty more minutes, the water level will engulf it again!”

Lieutenant of Metal: “And the equipment?”

Infantry of Metal: “No problem. They’re floating on the water.”

Lieutenant of Metal: “Then we have achieved our objectives here. I hope the Minister for Defence and the Female Paladin will be safe…”


——— The Plains of Scilla, the Army of the Pale

General of the Pale: “Retreat now!”

Officer of the Pale: “Where to!”

Boom! Bang!

General of the Pale: “North! Infantry units are to form a circular formation and serve as the rear guard*. All units, beginning with cavalry, retreat to the North!”

Officer of the Pale: “That’s…”

General of the Pale: “What?! What is it now!”

Officer of the Pale: “The water level in the marshlands has been increasing steadily. At this rate, the flatlands are going to become waterlogged and the route will be lost…”

General of the Pale: “Route will be lost? Even if the water level increases, it’s not going to go up to your knees, is it? Don’t be scared! Even if we have to, we’ll dismount and push through on foot!”

Boom! Bang!

Officer of the Pale: “Yes! Let’s go! Cavalry! With me! Cut a path through the enemy units!”


———- The Plains of Scilla, the Frontlines

The Female Paladin: “Fire arrows!”

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Minister of Winter: “How is it?”

Blazing fire.

Spearman of Winter: “?!”

Archer of Winter: “What?!”

The Female Paladin: “All units retreat!”

Minister of Winter: “What’s with this light?”

The Female Paladin: “We’ve designed the water routes to snake through the entire battlefield. Since they’re peat-covered they burn easily, allowing us to create this inferno of a maze. The Demons of the Pale will never be able to establish a stable formation and now they’re trapped in the blaze with no way to advance and no way to retreat…”

Minister of Winter: “Then is this…our victory…?”




Rear Guard: During a retreat, they serve to deter the enemy from pursuing and killing the fleeing soldiers. Having fought all the way to the end, they must now support the retreat of their friends, retreating at the very end only when all the others have succeeded. Hence it is common for these units to be completely wiped out even if they have performed their mission successfully.



The Female Paladin: “That’s fine. It seems that the bulk of the Church forces are on the mountain paths. These are probably just an advance party…but in any case, we have no time to waste. Hurry up! More people to tend to the wounded!”

Spearman of Winter: “Yes!”

Archer of Winter: “Alright! Let’s go home!”

The Female Paladin: “The flames are all around… Make sure to stick to the path!”


———– The Plains of Scilla, the Chaotic Battleground

Soldier of Light panting.

Spearman of Light: “Nothing here, advance!”

Musketeer of Light “Hey, wait. If we don’t reload we can’t fire later.”

Platoon Leader of Light: “Hey, what are you doing, hurry up!”

Musketeer of Light “Heh, I was chosen. I was chosen! I am a musketeer… Eh?”

Platoon Leader of Light: “What is it?”

Musketeer of Light “There’s something oily floating on the surface of the water… Ah!”

Soldier of Light: “Fire! Get away from the fire! Aghhhhh!!!”


———- The Plains of Scilla, the Mountain Path

Raging fire.

Crown Prince Marshal: “Oho…”

Holy Imperial General: “Your Royal Highness, this is—”

Crown Prince Marshal: “I fear it is some plan of the Three Kingdoms.”

Holy Imperial General: “Even so…”

Reconnaissance Unit: “Report! The fire you see ahead of us has completely engulfed the east side of the plains! It is covering a distance of 15km at present!”

Holy Imperial General: “Just how did they manage that?”

Reconnaissance Unit: “I apologise, I’m not sure…”

Crown Prince Marshal: “The water paths.”

Holy Imperial General: “Sorry?”

Crown Prince Marshal: “With daybreak came a strong mist. They placed a special oil* on the water and let it flow down. They are the only ones who know the course of the water paths.”

Holy Imperial General: “Hmph.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “Fine. Remaining strength is to retreat.”

Holy Imperial General: “Is that really alright?”




Special Oil: This is likely petroleum. It was known since ancient times that petroleum could burn on the surface of water but it was only used extensively beginning from the 19th century.



Crown Prince Marshal: “We did not come here to exterminate the Tripartite Economic Union.”

Holy Imperial General: “Yes.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “We came to control the Kingdom of White Night and secure the path that could be used to invade the Continent. That is our first objective. Our second objective is for the Faithful of Light to exterminate the Demon forces on our lands. With this, from now on, the amount of support and recruitment for the Holy Crusades is likely to increase dramatically. Our third objective is to field test these new weapons, the muskets. — No matter how amazing the weapon is, it has to have its pros and cons. It is only with field testing that we can understand these characteristics.”

Holy Imperial General: “How acute. It is exactly as Your Royal Highness suggests. Thank you for opening my eyes during this glorious victory.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “It’s too early to say that. We have to analyse the attrition rate and the equipment feedback during this battle.”

Holy Imperial General: “Yes.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “If you become drunk on victory, you will fail to see what is beneath your feetand you will surely be brought down by it… Hey, what about the thing I told you about earlier?”

Holy Imperial General: “Sound the retreat for all forces immediately! Hey! That’s an order!”

Crown Prince Marshal: (…That being said, the Commander of the Tripartite Economic Union was a woman. She truly is some sort of hero. What splendid use of her forces… This inferno among the reeds has neutralised the overwhelming power of her enemies but in order to achieve this, she managed a completely harmonious use of both archers and spearmen in defensive positions to control and protect the central hill. This unwavering conviction and the meticulousness required to ensure there were no breaks in her line is truly the mark of an incredible commander. It is truly a waste that I do not have such talent on my side.)


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    • ”Those with an insatiable thirst for knowledge will inevitably make their way towards the cosmic library. That is an indisputable truth known to all who have been there” –Wandering Sage, Hell 28

      How was that? did that sound kind of cool? That last part at the end isn’t a work, but a year, with the Hell king’s ascension as its epoch (the way 2014 CE is Heisei 26, by these standards, the current year in the the demon world is Ruby Eyes 20 Since as far as I know there isn’t a messiah, I wonder what was the epoch for the church of light? ah, I digress).

      Who knows how she got there, maybe the following chapters will let us find out. What I wanna know is if the bard got in.

      • That sounds plausible…wait a minute. They were in the holy empire, like, 10 billion leagues away from the demon world. And did mage just boot her out of the library? Kinda assholish if you ask me. /slaps mage.

  1. beats me, I assume when she was investigating the central cathedral on previous chapter she end up opening a portal which connected to the library, I need to reread that chapter

    • Nope you’re pretty right. I ain’t got a clue how she ended up on the bench near the waterfall.

      Another interesting thing would be the demon king who’s apparently been living in the library since her childhood o.O how much freaking knowledge does she have fer pete’s sake.

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