Volume 4

28 thoughts on “Volume 4

      • As you can see it’s not fully translated, you’ll have to wait until it’s done and the pdf will pop out ^^

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  2. i just finished watch this anime and now i just finshed download vol 1, can you give me some spoiler how many vol this novel has been publised?

    • IIRC series has 5 volumes, 4 of which have been translated, i haven’t seen the anime personally but based on discussion of content i’ve heard from the last few episodes of the anime it covers roughly the first 3 volumes.

  3. Sorry for my previous rude comments, but it looks like no update for a looong time, and we got the Volume 4 10th chapter is not available.. so i assume this project somehow abandoned..

    • Yeah if you’d be so kind as to read the post on the blog you will find that I’m currently in the middle of Iran and I’ll be continuing when I return.

      I also have a life where I do things from time to time instead of translating. But only from time to time.

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