Volume 4


Volume 4: What These Hands Can Accomplish

The Song of the Nameless Bard

Chapter 1, “The Rainbow is Dipping”

Chapter 2, “What the Human World hates most is a Cowardly Hero.”

Chapter 3, “It’s Decided. I’ll Sing for the Swords to Stop.”

Chapter 4, “Having Come at Such a Time, Hesitation is Forbidden.”

Chapter 5, “It’s Somehow Very Important.”

Chapter 6, “Walking in Pain in the Endless World—”

Chapter 7, “I am the Fearsome General of the Right of the Demon World.”

Chapter 8, “The Names of Those Who Cannot Return.”

Chapter 9, “The Crown Prince Marshall, the Greatest Hero of the Land.”

Chapter 10, “My Name Shall be Henceforth Known as—”

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28 thoughts on “Volume 4

      • As you can see it’s not fully translated, you’ll have to wait until it’s done and the pdf will pop out ^^

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  2. i just finished watch this anime and now i just finshed download vol 1, can you give me some spoiler how many vol this novel has been publised?

    • IIRC series has 5 volumes, 4 of which have been translated, i haven’t seen the anime personally but based on discussion of content i’ve heard from the last few episodes of the anime it covers roughly the first 3 volumes.

  3. Sorry for my previous rude comments, but it looks like no update for a looong time, and we got the Volume 4 10th chapter is not available.. so i assume this project somehow abandoned..

    • Yeah if you’d be so kind as to read the post on the blog you will find that I’m currently in the middle of Iran and I’ll be continuing when I return.

      I also have a life where I do things from time to time instead of translating. But only from time to time.

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