The Song of the Nameless Bard

The Song of the Nameless Bard


The feud between the Humans and Demons

the Demon King and the Hero tried to kill each other.

To turn around the rules of the world

to see the other side of the hill

the Demon King and the Hero joined hands.


To destroy the way of the world.

Some Demons turned their backs against the Demon King,

while the new Demons who worked with Humans, carried the name of the Tribe of the Gate.

Beginning with the Tribe of the Demons of the Pale, led by the Demon King candidate, the Sigiled King,

these Demons left in Betrayal, joining hands with the Central Continent and marching into the Human World.

The Kingdoms of the South received Embassy from the Demons,

along with the merchants who sought profit, and tried to link Demons with Humans.

The Elder Sister Maid, having become a scholar, sought to unravel the ways of the world.


As the Spirit wills!

The massed serfs of the Central Continent took to the battlefield with their Muskets.

without regard for Humans nor Demons, they betrayed the Demons of the Pale,

pushing South, to reclaim the Holy Relic, they sprayed the field with blood.


The other side of the hill, that the Demon King and Hero fought to see,

is it now to be this unbridled World War?!

Those who have met the Demon King, working to change the world.

For despite their disappointment, there is another side of the hill to see.


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