Volume 4 Chapter 5

Volume 4 Chapter 5, “It’s Somehow Very Important.”——– The Wastelands of the Subterranean World, the Journey of the Mercenary Knights

Resourceful Young Man: “Whoa, amazing.”

Mercenary Survivor: “It’s an endless expanse of red soil in every direction. What’s that over there…… a forest?”

Small Survivor: “What brilliant eyesight.”

Young Mercenary nods

Mercenary Archer: “Did passing through that portal do anything to us?”

Disciple Nobleman: “We’ll be in the Northeast soon.”

Resourceful Young Man: “Whoa, dude. You’re familiar with this place too?”

Disciple Nobleman: “Don’t call me dude. It would be childish to infiltrate an unknown land like thieves, wouldn’t it?”

Resourceful Young Man: “What are you saying?”

Mercenary Survivor: “Don’t get violent, you’ll scare the horses.”

Small Survivor: “This area is cold too.”

Young Mercenary: “Yeah.”

Disciple Nobleman: “Well, I’ve got a map.”

Mercenary Survivor: “Eh?”

Elder Sister Maid: “It was given to us by the merchants who pass through this area.”

Resourceful Young Man: “?”

Disciple Nobleman: “Can’t you tell? She’s an intelligence agent dispatched by the Kingdom of Winter, she’s here to gather intelligence on maps and other situations.”

Resourceful Young Man: “Say that earlier!”

Disciple Nobleman: “I wonder what would have happened if I had told you earlier?”

Resourceful Young Man: “That’s……”

Disciple Nobleman: “Well, then, the guiding principles of our mission are—“

Resourceful Young Man: “You better be open about it!”

Mercenary Survivor: “About that, I think it’s about time we learnt what we were doing here.”

Small Survivor: “That’s right. We’ve come all the way to the Demon World with you, so you’d best do some explaining.”

Young Mercenary nods

Resourceful Young Man: “That’s right! Don’t disregard us!”

Disciple Nobleman: “Fine, fine. Since even the kleptomaniac wants to know as well.”

Elder Sister Maid: “As I said earlier, our primary mission is to create the opportunity for a ceasefire on both the sides of the Demons and the Crusaders…… We’ll deal with the Demon Army first, then the Human Crusaders later.”

Mercenary Survivor: “What’s our chances of success?”

Small Survivor: “That’s the main question.”

Elder Sister Maid: “It’s present. It’s small, but it’s not zero.”

Mercenary Survivor: “How?”

Elder Sister Maid: “We will remove the reason for the Crusaders to fight…… That’s our foundation.”

Small Survivor: “And how exactly will we do that!?”

Elder Sister Maid: “We’ll have to use diplomacy and negotiations for that.”

Mercenary Survivor: “Hmm……”

Disciple Nobleman: “Then, I will have to leave temporarily.”

Resourceful Young Man: “Eh? What’s that? Where are you going?”

Disciple Nobleman: “I’m headed to the largest commercial city, the City of the Gate. We will need information and supplies. And there’s something I need to confirm as well.”

Mercenary Survivor: “Well, it’s true we will require backup.”

Resourceful Young Man: “What’s your real motive?”

Disciple Nobleman: “I want to take a bath. And it’s about time to fall in love with a girl at a bar.”

Elder Sister Maid: “……”

Mercenary Survivor: “……”

Small Survivor: “……”

Disciple Nobleman: “Well, I’ll do my mission as well as possible. But don’t worry. I have a meeting with someone as well.”

Mercenary Archer: “And how about us? Where are we going?”

Elder Sister Maid: “To the Dragon City. The capital city of the Dragons, a proud and ancient Tribe of the Demon World, located along the Inferno Mountains.”

Mercenary Survivor: “Inferno Mountains……?”

Elder Sister Maid: “Yes. A treasure the Dragons have borrowed for the last ten thousand years.”

———- The Holy Crusaders, Reinforcement Brigade, in Camp

Singing, strumming……

Disciple Bard: “Right, that’s the end.”

Spearman of Light: “Wow.”

Auxiliary of Light: “So what happened to the Hero and the Marshal after that?”

Disciple Bard: “Well, of course they downed a giant mug of beer together.”

Spearman of Light: “Oh I see.”

Auxiliary of Light: “All heroes seem to like doing these sorts of things.”

Disciple Bard: “Well it is said that it takes a hero to recognise another hero, so the Marshal is a Hero as well.”

Spearman of Light: “His Royal Highness even lives with us, he has to be the number one hero.”

Auxiliary of Light: “In order to save his frail elder brother, he obtained the blessings of the Church and led an army to victory.”

Spearman of Light: “With the blood of the Holy Empire coursing through his brains, he doesn’t just fight for his country, he fights for everybody. He’s a true inspiration to all of us.”

Disciple Bard: “I…… see. He sure did many things.”

Spearman of Light: “What’s up, Miss Bard?”

Disciple Bard: “No, nothing. —– I don’t know much about heroes.”

Auxiliary of Light: “Well, they’re those head the fight.”

Disciple Bard: “……?”

Spearman of Light: “They’re the people who shout ‘Attack!’ from the front, the real leaders; not like our commanders who just drink and eat meat…… right?”

Auxiliary of Light: “Exactly. They sit in their tents and complain all day.”

Disciple Bard: “Hehehehehe.”

Spearman of Light: “If you laugh too much, the commander’s troops will come and pick you up.”

Auxiliary of Light: “Touch wood! Touch wood!”

Disciple Bard: “Then, alright. Next, I’ll sing about the heroes I know. This one is known as the Black Tiger Prince. A general who commanded armies in four wars to protect the people.”

Spearman of Light: “Sounds like a great guy.”

Auxiliary of Light: “The best kind of guy.”

Strumming and singing……

Disciple Bard: “A long time ago, in the knotted green sea of meadows, floating across the seven islands—“

——– The New Territory of White Night, the Palace, the Study

Crown Prince Marshal: “That’s the limiting factor.”

Strategist: “……”

Holy Imperial General: “That’s right.”

Green Ash King: “It seems our views are in concord.”

Holy Imperial General: “The supplies of rations, the stores of ammunition, the throughput of supplies. It may take time, but we can’t continue to increase our forces at this rate without improving our logistics trains, or we will continue to operate at sub-optimal combat ability.”

Green Ash King: “To put it another way, this number is the limiting factor for the influence of the countries in the Central Continent.”

Accompanying Chaplain: “In that case, we have to leave right this instant without hesitation.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “Report on the military strength.”

Strategist: “Total numbers are two hundred and forty-three thousand. The newly equipped infantry units formed from the conscripted serfs number two hundred thousand strong. Among this, the musket divisions comprise a hundred thousand soldiers. Of that, two hundred and fifty are equipped with the new model of flintlock muskets. The remaining eighteen thousand are either spearmen or shield squads. Noble warriors count for three to five thousand, alongside ten thousand cavalry soldiers. Apart from this, there are also eighty thousand non-military accompanying elements.”

Holy Imperial General: “It’s hard to stomach there being so many non-military accompanying elements.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “I suppose so. They are mostly craftsmen, cuisiniers, prostitutes, and also merchants. Without these elements, regardless of the light and heavy equipment involved, we will not be able to maintain their morale.”

Strategist: “At the end of the day, the proportion of musketmen and spearmen is roughly the same as a combined arms army.”

Green Ash King: “And how are they deployed?”

Crown Prince Marshal: “The core infantry division is formed from twenty thousand soldiers.”

Strategist: “If we continue to remain mobilised in this territory without acting, we will only attrite our supplies. And if we stay put any longer, we will also need to make preparations to cope with the coming season of ice and snow.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “Understood…… We move out.”

Strategist: “Yes!”

Holy Imperial General: “Yes!”

Green Ash King: “I’m itching to put my skills to good use.”

Accompanying Chaplain: “Your actions are surely a pleasure to the Spirit.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “Leave five thousand in place as a garrison force. This port and the city itself are crucial supply support areas. Let the Kingdom of Falling Leaves take command of the garrison force, with a force of four thousand spearmen.”

Strategist: “Understood.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “And what are the view of His Holiness?”

Accompanying Chaplain: “Naturally, His Holiness is in agreement. His Holiness places his complete and utter trust in Your Royal Highness. Our loyal faithful are with us in the fight today, please try to minimise their casualties and look out for their safety.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “Of course.”

Strategist: “I will convey your intentions to our units at once.”

Green Ash King: “We will hasten the equipping and communications link-up.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “In that case, let us embark. I will of course, take helm on our flagship, the Majesty!”

—————- The Kingdom of Winter, the Audience Chamber


Seneschal: “Your Majesty! Your Majesty!”

Lone Winter King: “What is it?”

Seneschal: “The Holy Crusaders garrisoned at the Kingdom of White Night have begun to mobilise! They’re loading up their ships and appear to be bound for the Polar Continent.”

Butler: “And so it begins.”

Lone Winter King: “It appears they intend to invade the Demon World.”

Butler: “I’m sure they have considered that it would be a needless attrition of their forces to direct their invasion at us. To begin with, if they decided to eliminate the Southern Kingdoms, countries like the Kingdom of the Lake would pivot to engage their vulnerable centre.”

Lone Winter King: “Hmm…… Send for a messenger!”

Messenger: “Your Majesty!”

Lone Winter King: “Inform the Consulate of the Kurultai immediately!”

Seneschal: “It seems the situation is about to change.”

Butler: “I suppose this is not unrelated to us.”

Lone Winter King: “We will also hold a conference for the Southern Alliance and discuss our reaction plan there.”

———— The Holy Crusaders, the Cabin of the Imperial Flagship Majesty

Crown Prince Marshal: “Hahaha! What an interesting experience you have had.”

The Hero: “Ah. Well, it’s delicious! Demon pigs. Especially their rear end, it’s exceptionally succulent.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “Is that so?”

The Hero: “Yeah. But it’s just a little troublesome to capture them. They used to congregate at near the pastures surrounding the Gate. But at this point, there isn’t a Gate anymore, just a large Portal.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “I have heard of this, but what do you know about it?”

The Hero: “What about?”

Crown Prince Marshal: “The circumstances regarding the destruction of the Gate.”

The Hero: “Well, I heard that the Demons of the Pale had something to do with it.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “Ahh, during that incident with the Kingdom of White Night?”

The Hero: “No, way before that. At that time, for some unknown need, they activated a Mass Destruction Spell to blast a hole in the Gate. The result is that the barrier between the Human and the Demon World was removed.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “I see. I hear it’s a splendid sight.”

The Hero: “Well, it is magnificent…… Do you mind if I eat that?”

Crown Prince Marshal: “Please, help yourself.”

The Hero: “Thank you.”

Strategist: “…… What is going on?”

Holy Imperial General: “…… I don’t know.”

The Hero: “Hmm. The Automatons are a Tribe all decked out in plate armour, just like a knight, but somehow even with all that armour, they still aren’t weighed down. With all their armour on, they can reach up to five times the size of a typical knight. And they easily have at least twice the protective power.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “Hoho, I see, as to be expected from the Hero. You’re completely familiar with even the most obscure parts of the Demon World.”

The Hero: “I have just spent much time on the road.”

Strategist: “Umm……. Your Royal Highness?”

Holy Imperial General: “This is……?”

Crown Prince Marshal: “Oh, let me introduce him. This is the fabled, legendary, mythical person known as the Hero.”

The Hero: “A pleasure to meet you, I am the Hero.”

Strategist: “I appear to have met you somewhere before.”

Holy Imperial General: “So you’re still alive!”

Crown Prince Marshal: “Mmm, seems like you really fought with the Demon King.”

The Hero: “That’s right. It was a painful fight. I’m not sure what you’ve heard, but no matter how weak the Demon King was, the Demon King was still the Demon King. The moment I met him, I felt a tremendous (booby) aura.”

Strategist: “Really…… the Demon King?”

Holy Imperial General: “Then it is as the rumours say.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “Thankfully you still live.”

The Hero: “Actually, I also sustained heavy injuries under his hands, and was on the cusp of death. I almost did not ever open my eyes.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “And hearing tell of us Holy Crusaders, he has come to lend his aid.”

The Hero: “Yes, I hope you do not mind my burdening your mission for the time being.”

Strategist: “That’s……”

Crown Prince Marshal: “Of course, this is the Hero, after all. Do you all not remember? He is the one who bore the will of the Expedition Against the Demon King, who bearing the blessings of the Church marched forth to save the world. I still remember standing on that balcony with all the other members of royalty, watching him march past. As his armour shined brilliantly, we could see that despite his young age, he bore an astounding chivalry and a heart steeled against the numerous dangers against him, truly the very image of a great hero.”

The Hero: “Surely you are exaggerating, hehehe.”

Strategist: (It is said that the Hero’s abilities are equivalent to a thousand heavily armoured knights. If this is true, then he may be an even greater asset than our muskets. Moreover, having spent much time in the Demon World, he has acute knowledge of the geography and the culture, and understanding of the Demons themselves. His joining us comes with myriad merits, but……”

Holy Imperial General: “Then we shall be together for the time being.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “Then it’s decided. Please arrange suitable lodgings for him.”

The Hero: “Oh, don’t trouble yourself. As long as it’s not flooded, I’m alright with sleeping in the brig if there is no space. As long as you make sure there’s enough food.”

Strategist: “I will see to the arrangements immediately.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “Make sure there’s lots of food! The Hero is still recovering, it would be beneficial to his recovery to provide him with lots of good food and good wine.”

The Hero: “Thank you very much!”

———— The Holy Crusaders, the Office of the Imperial Flagship Majesty

Door closes

Strategist: “I have seen to the Hero’s lodgings.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “Hmm……”

Strategist: “Just what is the Hero plotting?”

Holy Imperial General: “Do you think he has a scheme?”

Crown Prince Marshal: “What do you mean?”

Holy Imperial General: “Before he left, in other words, roughly four to five years ago, I heard that the Hero was a highly broadminded individual, whose combat abilities were powerful enough that you could be assured of any operation he undertook, a peerless risk-taker with an almost child-like reverence of justice and righteousness.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “That is what I heard as well. But, now he seems different. It’s true that he’s just extricated himself from some dangerous straits, but he gave the impression of a person who has come to see the world as a calculation of gains and losses.”

Strategist: “What should we issue in our announcement for now?”

Crown Prince Marshal: “The Demons of the Demon World are powerful. There are many among them who are more vicious than the beasts of the Human World, or have special abilities and poisons. If we were to just go in like this, we would face numerous sacrifices. But with the Hero, a truly special individual, we should be able to avoid these sacrifices. If we didn’t have him as a guide, who could say what would happen.”

Strategist: “Hmm.”

Holy Imperial General: “If we were to believe what he says, there is no reason not to use him.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “That’s right. The Hero’s abilities are a threat as well.”

Strategist: “Moreover, if we were to believe him, then the Demon King has also recuperated. It would be wishful thinking for the Hero to recover, and the Demon King not to have recovered.”

Holy Imperial General: “That’s true.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “In order to defeat the Demon King, we have to accommodate the Hero.”

Strategist nods

Holy Imperial General: “That may be so, but the threat he poses is still a danger to us.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “An unknown threat so close to home is much more dangerous than a known one. We don’t have any methods to deal with him yet either. Until we do, it would be best to keep him somewhere manageable. Haha. Now that he has willingly given up his freedom, this may be the best method to keep his tail within our cage.”

Strategist: “If you put it that way, I have no words in rebuttal.”

Holy Imperial General: “Yes, it is as Your Royal Highness says.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “In a few days, we will arrive at the Polar Continent. After that, we will become winter troops. Have the watch on the ships sound an alarm when we are about to reach.”

Strategist: “Yes, I understand.”

Crown Prince Marshal: (Hero…… It’s true that we have no guard if the stories of his strength are true. But how are we to use his strength without swaying the utter conviction the people have in our abilities. Primarch, did you know of this?)

———– The City of the Gate, the Nine Hills, the Construction Site of the Fortifications

Disciple Engineer: “Alright, so it’s as I explained. Today we’ll be working on the northern defences. Please try to add your best to the team.”

Middle Aged Workman of the Pale: “Understood. We will move into place.”

Workman of the Pale: “””Understood!”””


Middle Aged Merchant: “And how are things going?”

Disciple Engineer: “Oh, Merchant. We’ve made much progress. Work seems to have gotten faster.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “Then what do you think of the budget?”

Disciple Engineer: “Thank you for providing the budget. Now I can pay our workmen. Now that they get paid, they’re a lot more motivated.”

Fire Dragon Lady: “This reason is as we have discussed before, but above all, Aide-de-Camp, the defences are our utmost priority.”

Aide-de-Camp: “Indeed, this—– is truly an important thing.”

Disciple Engineer: “My princess.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “Oh, you’ve come as well, princess?”

Fire Dragon Lady: “Please don’t call me princess.”

Aide-de-Camp: “Hahahahaha.”

Disciple Engineer: “That being said, is it really alright for you to provide me with this budget?”

Aide-de-Camp: “Well, I don’t mind. We’ve all gathered here to strengthen the fortifications after all. Considering the food that they buy, along with all the other goods necessary for their living, we have actually managed to recoup much of the budget allocated to the construction.”

Disciple Engineer: “Is that so?”

Middle Aged Merchant: “Well, the situations of the Self-Governing Council and ourselves are very different.”

Aide-de-Camp: “That’s because the Self-Governing Council are not merchants. We have no need for saving so much money, in fact, if we save too much, it would be bad for the economy. We have to consider the public need.”

Fire Dragon Lady: “I thought I should show my face around the project.”

Disciple Engineer: “That’s right, the craftsmen are still talking about the last time you came around. It is a really important thing to be doing.”

Fire Dragon Lady: “Wait, are those Demons of the Pale?”

Disciple Engineer: “Yeah. They’re joining us starting this week, three hundred of them. We received a letter of recommendation from the Kurultai.”

Aide-de-Camp: “How are they?”

Disciple Engineer: “They are hard workers. Disciplined as well. They’re extremely used to working in a group, and while proactive, do not take matters into their own hands needlessly.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “Hmm.”

Aide-de-Camp: “Yeah, indeed.”

Disciple Engineer: “But, on the other hand, they are extremely prideful. There’s an ancient saying: ‘The pride of the Pale extends beyond the Snow Leopard Mountains.’ They hate to lose to members of the other Tribes. Starting next week, the Tribe will mix with elements from other Tribes, and we’ll have to see what happens next.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “It would be difficult to monitor them personally.”

Disciple Engineer: “Definitely. We engineers have a lot of things on our plates.”

Fire Dragon Lady: “Then, to ensure it all goes smoothly, I hope you will do your best.”

Aide-de-Camp: “Our general should be coming back soon. It seems that there are many issues to deal with in the Surface World.”

————- The Border of the Subterranean World, the Crimson Plains

The Hero: “Ha!”


Soldier of Light: “Amazing!”

Musketeer of Light: “He cleaved that metal-skinned Demon into half!”

Porter: “Thank you!”

The Hero: “Come now. This place is just filled with Demons like that. If you carry on singing as you walk, you won’t be able to avoid being attacked by them.”

Soldier of Light: “Is that so?”

Musketeer of Light: “Thank you so much, Hero.”

The Hero: “Hahaha. Then let’s move together for the time being.”

Prostitute: “How adorable!”

The Hero: “Uhh, well, I don’t mean the stuff you do at night. I’m not really into such things.”

Prostitute: “Hehehe. For saving us, I can promise you some service!”

Accompanying Chaplain: “…………”

Soldier of Light: “What a hero!”

The Hero: “Hahaha. I definitely didn’t fight for that reason. I fight for world peace.”

Porter: “Hahahaha! What a handsome way of saying things!”

Crown Prince Marshal: “He’s really become familiar with all of them.”

Holy Imperial General: “Yeah.”

Musketeer of Light: “Have you ever fired a musket?”

The Hero: “It’s alright, I can shoot lightning.”

Musketeer of Light: “Really? Muskets are strong, though.”

Strategist: “Is it true that the Hero personally delivered his application to the Holy Imperial Knights’ Retinue?”

Crown Prince Marshal: “Yes it is.”

Holy Imperial General: “Eh?”

Crown Prince Marshal: “The Hero is a follower of the Spirit of Light. There are even those who say that the entire existence of the Hero is a blessing from the Spirit Himself. And we are entrusted him by the Church.”

Holy Imperial General: “What are you thinking of?”

Strategist: “Do you mean the Hero’s power as a symbol?”

Crown Prince Marshal: “I believe we can see that the Church has already seen to that.”

Porter: “This is really heavy.”

The Hero: “What’s wrong with the horses?”

Porter: “The snow is too thick to travel through by horse, many of our adorable ponies have already collapsed.”

Farrier: “The healthy horses are all been ridden by the noblemen.”

The Hero: “Is that so?”

Holy Imperial General: “How should we reply?”

Crown Prince Marshal: “Just reply according to the Hero’s will.”

Holy Imperial General: “Then……”

Crown Prince Marshal: “Find somewhere to have dinner, even though we’re technically on a battlefield.”

Strategist: “Shall we find out what the Hero wants to say there?”

Crown Prince Marshal: “I’m sure the Patriarch is also eager for news from the Hero.”

———- The City of the Gate, the Municipal Hall, the Self-Governing Council

Aide-de-Camp: “If possible, I had hoped to avoid this, but it seems the Human armies draw closer and closer.”

Human Craftsman: “Is that so……”

Fiend Merchant: “Human? Army?”

Beast Soldier: “I was the one who gave the report. The Humans have come with a strength of around 300,000.”

Human Elder: “Three hundred thousand!?”

Demon Lady: “Wha! What!? I’m sorry!”

Fire Dragon Lady: “Come now, this isn’t something you should apologising for.”

Demon Lady: “I mean, I’m…… sorry for startling you.”

Human Elder: “Oh no, it’s fine.”

Fire Dragon Lady: “Please go on.”

Beast Soldier: “There are roughly three hundred thousand soldiers. That is roughly five to six times the population of the entire city.”

Human Elder: “What?”

Aide-de-Camp: “They are the Holy Crusaders. In other words, the ones who took control of the city the last time!”

Fiend Merchant: “Humans again! How many times do they want to invade our city!”

Demon Lady: “Ummmm.”

Fire Dragon Lady: “I believe we need to come to an opinion from here on out.”

Aide-de-Camp: “Yes.”

Human Craftsman: “Opinion?”

Fiend Merchant: “Regarding the movements of the Humans in the City.”

Beast Soldier: “Really?”

Demon Lady: “……?”

Human Elder: “Many Humans sit on this Self-Governing Council. One-third of the population of the City are Humans. We must consider that there will be many Humans willing to defect to the Holy Crusaders if news of their impending arrival is spread.”

Fire Dragon Lady: “Indeed.”

Fiend Merchant: “In other words, traitors.”

Beast Soldier: “……”

Fire Dragon Lady: “This City is the direct demesne of the Demon King. Moreover, the Humans of the City are not the slaves of the Demons, but rather free, independent and equal citizens of the City, right?”

Aide-de-Camp: “……”

Fiend Merchant: “……”

Fire Dragon Lady: “Then, it is their choice whether or not to defect, isn’t it?”

Beast Soldier: “However, the result will be the release of intelligence to the enemy.”

Aide-de-Camp: “This may be impertinent, but please let us return to the original topic. Where are the Holy Crusaders presently located?”

Beast Soldier: “They are currently encamped at the Crimson Plains adjacent to the Portal. They appear to be advancing to the Plains of Strange Cliffs.”

Aide-de-Camp: “At what speed?”

Beast Soldier: “They’re covering 12km everyday.”

Human Elder: “At their rate of movement, they should reach in twelve to thirteen days.”

Fire Dragon Lady: “I expect their speed will increase when the City is in sight.”

Aide-de-Camp: “However, we cannot actually verify that the City of the Gate is their objective based on their current position. It is possible that they might change their route as well. Firstly, we should send a warning to the Fiends, the Dragons, the old territory of the Demons of the Pale and the Automatons as well. Are there any objections?”

Human Craftsman: “…… I don’t think so.”

Aide-de-Camp: “In that case, it’s decided. Put it down in writing.”

Demon Lady: “Yes.” Scribbles

Fire Dragon Lady: “In any case, the invasion of the City is the highest possibility.”

Aide-de-Camp: “Yeah. If you think about it realistically, there really isn’t an alternative. All important supply routes in the area pass through the City, and it would only make sense for them to redeem what they lost in the Second Holy Crusades.”

Human Craftsman: “……”

Human Merchant: “Truly a low-hanging fruit.”

Beast Soldier: “The military power of the City is small. Even other cities of similar size have more military ability. At present, we have a detachment of one thousand security forces to maintain law and order. It’s not a lot but we should be able to hold them for a while.”

Human Craftsman: “……”

Aide-de-Camp: “…… Currently, our cavalry forces are being led here by our Great General.”

Human Craftsman: “……”

Fire Dragon Lady: “Firstly, Human Elder. Please help us to understand the feelings of the citizens of the City. What do the Humans of the City of the Gate have to say?”

Human Elder: “That’s right…… Hmm. Apart from the travelling merchants, most of the Humans in the City have no home to return to. Even though they live among Demons, it’s probable that the citizens of the City have already come to identify themselves with it. It may be somewhat presumptuous, but right now…… it is a truly strong feeling. While the Holy Crusaders are campaigning on the platform of rescuing the captured Humans, in treating them as defectors, it’s possible that they may be subjected to unjust abuse. Rather than being saved, they would at best be cast aside.”

Fire Dragon Lady: “……”

Human Elder: “On the other hand, if they received information from the defected Humans, that would truly be absurd. That being said, the Humans in the City still bare an extremely strong grudge against that Commander who used to head the City. They were the ones who were being betrayed by the Commander and the entire Human World, there are in fact many people who do not even consider themselves part of that world.”

Aide-de-Camp: “……”

Human Craftsman: “But on the other hand, we’ve finally managed to establish contact with the Human World. Alongside serving as a vital trade route, it also has the capacity to revitalise both our worlds. It may have been a gradual process, but eventually we now have monthly or bimonthly caravans, and eventually we’ll have even more. We can even send letters to our families and children, compelling them to come to the City, and one day even having our bones buried here when we finally die. There are many craftsmen and merchants who have already made that decision. For me, to be able to live in a City where Demons and Humans live together in harmony, where we can trade ideas and information, to undergo commerce, is enough reason for me to wish to be buried here when I die. It doesn’t matter how the war goes, I am willing to dedicate everything I have to the City.”

Fiend Merchant: “I am of the same mind. It’s the same now as it was then. Even though the Humans conquered the City, they could never take our will away from us. As the vibrant City of Temples, the great trading city. There will never be a city which will surpass us.”

Beast Soldier: “But.”

Fire Dragon Lady: “What is there to but about. There are many who have been attracted to the rich and prosperous trade of the City. Previously, it was the Demon Tribes who painted the City with their blood, today the Humans have joined in the fracas.”

Demon Lady: “Umm.”

Human Elder: “What?”

Demon Lady: “Sorry.”

Fire Dragon Lady: “Hurry up and spit it out.”

Demon Lady: “…… Looks like…… we’re definitely going to lose.”

Beast Soldier: “Just by common sense, it’s tough to fight against three hundred thousand with just one thousand five hundred men.”

Demon Lady: “That’s true……”

Fiend Merchant: “…… So, do you even want to fight?”

Demon Lady: “Ah. No. It’s not such a ridiculous idea…… but”

Fire Dragon Lady: “……”

Demon Lady: “Umm…… This is just me, but…… I don’t even know which Tribe I come from. I have skin as white as a Demon of the Pale, horns like a Dragon, eyes like a Tiger of the Beasts…… a mongrel with mixed blood from all the Tribes……”

Fiend Merchant: “What are you trying to say?”

Demon Lady: “No, sorry. Sorry. It’s just that, I’m extremely happy to be a member of the Tribe of the Gate……”

Human Elder: “……”

Demon Lady: “More than my hometown, I see this as my home. This city…… is infinitely important to me.”

Human Elder: “Hmm.”

Beast Soldier: “We the Tribe of Beasts are a Tribe who value freedom over all else.”

Aide-de-Camp: “I see.”

Human Craftsman: “In that case, we have no choice.”

Fire Dragon Lady: “If possible, I would opt for another choice, but we will have to do whatever is necessary.”

Aide-de-Camp: “Is there an agreement?”

Human Craftsman: “……”

Fiend Merchant: “……”

Beast Soldier: “……”

Human Elder: “……”

Aide-de-Camp: “In that case, we the Self-Governing Council will not hide anything from the people, and declare our intentions in full. On top of this, we will accept all opinions on whether to fight, to surrender or to negotiate. The debate will take place for three days. There may be some who will escape during the debate period to defect to the Human Army, but there’s no choice.”

Beast Soldier: “I wouldn’t call that a robust plan, but it’ll do.”

Fiend Merchant: “Among the various Demon Tribes, there is something called loyalty. To leave one’s own Tribe and join the Tribe of the Gate, is currently the only way to be free of the pains of this loyalty.”

Human Elder: “We are not mongrels.”

Fire Dragon Lady nods

Aide-de-Camp: “Then we hope for earnest replies from everybody. They should all have the opportunity to choose their own fates.”

Human Craftsman: “We would never try to press their fates on them, or discard them. Whether to go, or to stay, is a decision we should all make together.”

Fire Dragon Lady: “We will go together, hand in hand.”

————- The Holy Crusaders, the Plains of Strange Cliffs, the Central Encampment, an Opulent Pavilion

Crown Prince Marshal: “Then, with the addition of the Hero to the Holy Crusaders, let’s give praise to the Hero. Let us raise a glass, to our brilliant victory in the field, and to our victorious homecoming. To victory!”

Strategist: “To victory!”

Holy Imperial General: “To victory!”

Green Ash King: “To victory!”

Leader of the Hundred Paladins: “To victory!”

The Primarch: “…… To the blessings of the Spirit.”

Cleric Master: “To our Light.”

The Hero: “How delicious!”

Crown Prince Marshal: “What a glutton, hahaha.”

Green Ash King: “Hmm, he’ll grow up one day.”

The Hero: “Ah. Sorry. For being such a glutton. Actually, the higher the level of your magical ability, the more food it takes to sustain the energy required for it.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “Hmm, how interesting.”

Strategist: “Hero. This is the famous grape wine produced in the Kingdom of the Mist.”

The Hero: “I’ll help myself, then!”

Holy Imperial General: “The battalion you see before you, compared to all other battalions, was bogged down in that bottomless swamp and faced a terrible ambush from the Demons. Without you, we would have suffered more than just low two-digit percentage casualties. We are truly grateful.”

The Hero: “No, no. The duty of a Hero is to protect everybody.”

The Primarch: “……”

Cleric Master: “…… Your Holiness, could this young man be……”

The Primarch: “……”

The Hero: “Of course.” Cough

Crown Prince Marshal smiles

The Primarch: “——“

Green Ash King: “Moreover, we are very grateful for that.”

Strategist: “Ohh!”

Holy Imperial General: “That.”

Green Ash King: “Mmm. How did you call over that huge group of wild horses? It was almost magical, I had never seen anything like it before.”

The Hero: “That was the Demon Thrush.”

Strategist: “Thrush?”

The Hero: “Uhh. Ahh. I was unexpectedly informed that there was a herd of wild horses, and after that I relied on Hero magic. Those horses are wild, so they’re rather small, unlike your warhorses, but that’s sufficient for carrying loads, isn’t it?”

Crown Prince Marshal: “All the lords send their thanks.”

Strategist: “Indeed, with the horses, it’s become a lot easier to move things around.”

Holy Imperial General: “Casualty evacuation as well.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “Your Holiness. Should you not also send some warm words to this Child of Light?”

The Primarch: “…… Hundred Paladins.”

Leader of the Hundred Paladins: “Yes, Your Holiness.”

The Primarch: “Send the Hero this cup.”

Leader of the Hundred Paladins: “Understood.”

Leader of the Hundred Paladins: “Hero, this cup is from His Holiness the Primarch.”

The Hero: “Umm.” Heart beating

Leader of the Hundred Paladins: “Well.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “Aren’t you blessed, Hero?”

Holy Imperial General: “The Leader of the Hundred Paladins is widely known as the greatest beauty throughout the Continent.”

The Hero: “Umm, that was not my intention?”

Leader of the Hundred Paladins: “Then.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “Wow, there’s truly no space between you two.”

The Hero: “No, no, then I’ll help myself. Haha.”

Leader of the Hundred Paladins: “Allow me to fill your cup.”

The Primarch: “……”

Crown Prince Marshal: (What, why is he so conflicted……)

The Hero: “Ah, what a beautiful colour! Where is this wine from?”

Cleric Master: “This comes from the Holy Demesne of the Church, handpicked fruit by fruit by virgins to create this highest quality Amber Wine.”

The Hero: “What a luxurious drink!”

Leader of the Hundred Paladins: “This is the will of His Holiness.”

Crown Prince Marshal: (…… Is something wrong?”

The Hero: “I’ll have some more, then!” (Spell of De-Toxification!)

The Primarch: “……”

The Hero: “Delicious!” Glug, glug, glug

Door opens

Chef: “Your Highness, I hope the wait was not too long.”

Strategist: “Mmm, we sure waited.”

The Hero: “Oh!”

Door opens

Chef: “Alright, please, Hero! This is truly extraordinary!”

The Hero: “Thank you, Chef! This looks splendid!”

Chef: “Oh no, it was nothing. It’s truly my honour! Here I have a platter of veal meatballs, which took the better part of a day to prepare. It took much effort, but the result is something delicious!”

Crown Prince Marshal: “Mmm? Are you acquainted with my chef?”

The Hero: “Oh no, a few days ago, by the river, I helped him out a bit when his condiments got wet.”

Strategist: “Is that so. Ahh! So that’s why you took a while longer to cross that frozen lake with us.”

Holy Imperial General: “And we are again indebted to the Hero’s great ability.”

Green Ash King: “Hmm.”

The Primarch: “…… Hero.”

The Hero: “Yes?”

The Primarch: “Your valour and sacrifice have truly won the favour of the Spirit.”

The Hero: “…… Is that so? That person always seems to be crying, though?”

Leader of the Hundred Paladins: “……!?”

Cleric Master: “……!”

The Hero: “No, sorry. And?”

The Primarch: “How about it, would you like to be consecrated?”

The Hero: (small voice) “Sorry. What’s a consecrate?”

Strategist: (small voice) “In this situation, it means being welcomed into the ranks of the saints.”

The Hero: “Ah. That’s impossible for me.”

Cleric Master: “……!”

Leader of the Hundred Paladins: “Hero, the proposal of His Holiness.”

The Hero: “No. Well, umm, I’m extremely grateful. I mean you’ve already said it, but. There’s lots of things I’m afraid of, but well. The divine approach is…… actually I already have a contract, so yeah.”

Cleric Master: “Then, how about we do it this way? Disregarding whether or not you accept this consecration, for the time being you should spend your nights at the pavilion of the Hundred Paladins. They say that you can purify your mind and your body by living in the sacred world of virgins.”

The Hero: “Whoa, is that an offer for a harem?”

Crown Prince Marshal: (To what extent is the Church willing to push him?)

The Hero: “That is truly tempting. Ehhh.”

Leader of the Hundred Paladins: “We welcome you.”

The Hero: “But I must decline.”

Cleric Master: “Wherefore?”

The Hero: “No, look, well…… It’s because I’m a Hero, so I’m up to my neck in blood. I would really pollute such a sacred world if I were to commit these sorts of actions.”

Cleric Master: “For this, you need only plead for clemency from the pure Light……”

The Hero: “Moreover, no matter what sorts of theories you come up with, I produce pollution in large quantities, right? Even if I cleanse myself right now, I will be bathed in blood again, and that will be a routine. It’s really not a load that can be washed away simply by vocally telling me that ‘my sins are washed away’. It’s that burning feeling in my heart, slippery and slimy, that regret from the smell of metal and the revelation of pain; only when I can get rid of that, then can I stand on my own two feet again.”

Leader of the Hundred Paladins: “……”

Crown Prince Marshal: (Hohoho, what an interesting sentiment.)

The Hero: “Well, apart from that, here, I have come today as a guest of the Crown Prince Marshal. I have a duty to finish the food

Crown Prince Marshal: “No, no.”

The Hero: “For this reason, I’ll have to turn down the consecration, but in truth, the Crown Prince Marshal is the one who deserves it. As for myself, I will be happy to sleep in the caravans with the craftsmen and the chefs. On that note, we have already discussed my sleeping arrangements with the Crown Prince Marshal, and those arrangements are good enough.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “My, my, how strong-willed. Truly the protector of the people.”

Strategist: (Strong-willed? …… No. How cunning. He made use of the opportunity to announce that he stood below both the Crown Prince Marshal and the Primarch…… Even though I’m sure His Royal Highness already knows.)

Green Ash King: “Hahaha. Miss Leader. It seems you have been rejected.”

Leader of the Hundred Paladins: “All is as the Spirit wills it.”

Holy Imperial General: “The Hero sure has a lot of dignity.”

The Hero: “Oh no, I am just a man who is willing to work for good food. How could I compare to the pillars of justice, fighting for a peaceful world, the holy Crusaders.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “In that case, perhaps His Holiness will allow the matter to rest. Well, away from these trifling issues, Hero, your veal is getting cold.”

The Hero: “Oh. So it is! Your Royal Highness knows my heart all too well!”

Green Ash King: “In that case, allow me to join you.”

The Hero: “Come, let’s eat, let’s eat. The skin is very crispy.”

Cleric Master: “…… Tsk.”

———– The Kingdom of Metal, the City of Metal, the Craftsmen Quarter

Trader: “Hello!”

Ironsmith: “Hey, long time no see. It’s been a few months.”

Trader: “Indeed. It’s been half a year.”

Ironsmith: “…… Yeah, we haven’t talked in a while.”

Weapons Merchant: “If it isn’t the Trader.”

Trader: “How are things?”

Ironsmith: “I’ve been incredibly busy ever since that affair at the Plains of Scilla.”

Trader: “Isn’t that a good thing?”

Ironsmith: “Well, whenever we think of the heroes of the Plains of Scilla, it’s truly a cause for celebration. Our work are the tools which protect these soldiers, we cannot afford to rest.”

Weapons Merchant: “I see. I’ve rushed hear to deliver armour plating as well.”

Trader: “Where are the cavalry equipment from the Kingdom of Red Horses?”

Ironsmith: “They’re in the warehouse out back.”

Trader: “Ahh, I see.”

Grass rustling

Ironsmith: “Oh.”

Trader: “What is that?”

Ironsmith: “That’s the entourage of the Iron Fist King.”

Long live the King! Long live the King!

Long live the Iron Fist King!!

Weapons Merchant: “Haha. What a lot of people to be walking around like that.”

Trader: “Hey, hey. Watch your mouth. That’s the King, isn’t he? If he were to hear you say that, you’d probably get thrown in jail, right?”

Weapons Merchant: “Is that so? In our country, we more or less saying whatever we want. Nobody’s scared of that beardy old man.”

Trader: “That’s quite amazing.”

Weapons Merchant: “We don’t follow me because we’re scared of him. We follow because we respect him.”

Trader: “Respect, huh.”

Ironsmith: “He may be a drunk old man, but he’s managed to increase the population of the Kingdom of Metal by multiple times within the last five years. At present, the city even has thirty workshops. Taxation is not exactly light, but it all seems to be used for a good cause. The sound of hammers can be heard throughout the city.”

Weapons Merchant: “I see. The weapons and defences created by us smiths in the Kingdom of Metal are also highly renown even throughout the Continent. On top of that, the ferocity and skill of our soldiers is also well-known…… It will be up to us to defend the Southern Alliance.”

Ironsmith: “Yeah, that’s right. Now we are no longer the mere lackeys of the Holy Empire. Those who live on the Southern border may do so with peace and security. We can till our own lands, and establish our own Kingdoms.”

Weapons Merchant nods

Trader: “I see…… I am truly envious.”

Ironsmith: “Why?”

Trader: “We traders have been wandering from Kingdom to Kingdom without a true place to live. Even though this is our own choice, some might say we are even worse off than serfs. I am truly envious that you have a country to call your own.”

Ironsmith: “Is that so……”

Weapons Merchant: “What? In that case, you just need to apply to the Kingdom of Metal or the Kingdom of Winter.”

Trader: “Eh?”

Weapons Merchant: “You’re a trader, right? Any trader who has been regularly conducting business in the area for three years is eligible for assistance in opening their own store.”

Trader: “For real?”

Ironsmith: “As I understand it, you just need to apply. Merchants are eligible for a loan to begin their store, and the first year is also tax-exempt. Well, that being said, without connections, it will be a challenge to set up a profitable business in the city.”

Weapons Merchant: “You could always take up some small jobs for the guilds or go down to the villages to see what they need.”

Trader: “But, how could I set up my own store? Would the country really support a person like me who doesn’t know anybody!?”

Weapons Merchant: “You’re not a person who doesn’t know anybody. You’ve spent three years conducting business in the city, haven’t you?”

Ironsmith: “Hahaha! That’s right. Once you set up your store, you can still conduct trade with the Kingdom of Red Horses, and we’ll help you out.”

Trader: “My, my. I’ve spent so long saving money as well. I could have saved a lot of effort.”

Weapons Merchant: “Come, let’s go into the guesthouse. We’ll have a drink. And how about lunch? We can share a table with the craftsmen and have some cold ale as well.”

Trader: “Thank you! In return, I will tell you the rumours I’ve heard in the Kingdom of Red Horses.”

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    What a trusting hero. Did he trust his food as much as well?

    • I wondered about the food, too. Maybe we can assume that other guests were sharing the food while this cup was specifically for him. Or that readers should infer that he was using this spell all along.

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      Hey, we can’t burn/kill or eliminate a potential threat to whatever it is we’re currently aiming to achieve. Let’s make him/her/it/them an offer he/her/it/they can’t refuse !

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