Volume 4 Chapter 9

Volume 4 Chapter 9, “The Crown Prince Marshal. The World’s Greatest Hero.”

——– The Demon World, the South, the Old Lands of the Pale, the Crown Prince’s Army

Crown Prince Marshal: “An envoy?”

Scout: “Yes. On a hill half a mile from here, they have raised a white flag. It’s…… a Human.”

Strategist: “Human……”

Holy Imperial General: “What does that mean?”

Crown Prince Marshal: “How many of them are there?”

Scout: “We saw approximately ten of them, but the lee of the hill has a large primeval Demon forest inside of which any number of soldiers could be laying an ambush.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “Human…….”

Holy Imperial General: “What should we do, Your Imperial Highness?”

Crown Prince Marshal: “Interesting, let’s meet.”

Strategist: “Hmm.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “Take ten men from our side as well and go and pay compliments to them over at that hill. Express that we have no desire for unnecessary conflict.”

Strategist: “Do we really have to lower ourselves to that level?”

Crown Prince Marshal: “Until we know our opponent’s true colours.”

Scout: “No, we were going to go over, but it seems like they have come into our camp instead.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “Hahaha. What brave men.”

Scout: “Well, there are females too……”

———- The Demon King, the South, the Old Lands of the Pale, the Crown Prince’s Army

Elder Sister Maid: “Thank you for agreeing to meet with us.”

Nobleman Disciple: “What a powerful army.”

Mercenary Survivor: “……”

Crown Prince Marshal: (Who…… is this woman?)

Strategist: “In that case, allow us to introduce ourselves first. We are the Imperial Expeditionary Force from the Holy Crusaders. This is his Highness the Crown Prince Marshal of the Holy Empire. I am the Strategist. It is a pleasure to meet you.”

Holy Imperial General: “I am the Holy Imperial General.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “I am the Crown Prince Marshal. So let’s hear what your identities and objectives are.”

Elder Sister Maid: “Yes. I am known as the Elder Sister Maid. My identity is…… a travelling scholar. At present, I am the commander in charge of this army.”

Strategist: “Army……?”

Nobleman Disciple: “I am the Nobleman Disciple.”

Elder Sister Maid: “This is the Mercenary Lord. He is in command of my personal guard. He’s very strong.”

Mercenary Survivor: “Hmm. Don’t forget it.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “So, what are your aims?”

Elder Sister Maid: “I would like to confirm one thing, is this unit currently advancing with the objective of claiming the City of the Pale?”

Holy Imperial General: “Shouldn’t you know that just by looking?”

Elder Sister Maid: “Then I hope you can take your men home.”

Mercenary Survivor: “Doing as she pleases as usual.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “Haha. Young lady. No, Ms Commander. Just what sort of power do you have to make me do this?”

Elder Sister Maid: “Yes. I currently command that place.”

Strategist: “What!?”

Holy Imperial General: “What did you say!?”

Elder Sister Maid: “The region was entrusted by the Demon King to the Tribe of Automatons, and as a result of our peaceful negotiations, the City has been turned over to us. These are the documents which verify it.”

Strategist: “…… Don’t tell me.”

Elder Sister Maid: “As the governor of the region, I would like to make a request to your army. Your army is currently advancing to claim the Old Region of the Pale. If you do not wish to be joined in battle, you should take your armies and leave the region.”

Holy Imperial General: “Do not wish to be joined in battle!? Who do you think we are, don’t joke around!”

Elder Sister Maid: “So you want to unjustly invade a Human controlled region?”

Crown Prince Marshal: “……”

Strategist: “What……”

Elder Sister Maid: “My forces are comprised solely of Humans. At present, the Old Region of the Pale is administered completely by Humans.”

Strategist: “What nonsense. What do you mean by unjust? This is nothing more than a larger army trampling over a weaker one. We are doing nothing else but occupying just another country.”

Elder Sister Maid: “I think you should consider taking those words back.”

Strategist: (Damn. What should we do now? No matter how small they are, they must have been large enough to conquer their way into the Demon World…… We can expect at least ten to twenty thousand of them. It’s not a small number……)

Disciple Nobleman: “If that’s not enough, I am a special envoy from the Kingdom of Ice.”

Holy Imperial General: “The Kingdom of Ice!?”

Strategist: “The Southern Alliance has come this far!?”

Disciple Nobleman: “That is correct, to the Old Region of the Pale. At present, this territory is under the control of our armies, but we have the intention of allowing it to be reborn as a self-governing territory. Of course, it will be part of the Southern Alliance.”

Strategist: (What…… This guy. If he’s being serious, then we can’t afford to be drawn into total war with the Southern Alliance. Of course, we can definitely crush them, but when we return, the defenceless capital would be left in ashes. Does this mean that these guys are holding the entire Continent hostage while we are down here!?)

Crown Prince Marshal: “Do you have any proof for your words?”

Disciple Nobleman: “Of course, all you have to do is to inquire with the Kingdom of Ice. But we don’t have any evidence to say we aren’t lying. This area is completely under our control, and we have the intention to keep it that way, so all I can do is convey our deepest condolences from the Kingdom of Ice for your loss.”

Mercenary Survivor: (Those two are surprisingly……)

Strategist: “…… Your Royal Highness.”

Crown Prince Marshal: “One could say that we did not know about it, so that is our fault. Our intelligence was slow and wrong. I apologise.”

Holy Imperial General: “……”

Elder Sister Maid nods

Crown Prince Marshal: “However, we have no intention to withdraw. This expedition was authorised under holy order of His Holiness the Primarch. In other words, it is the will of the Spirit of Light. Even though the nations of the Central Continent have no quarrel with the Southern Alliance, the Church of Light has officially proclaimed the Southern Alliance to be heretical. As you know, the Holy Crusaders are technically at war with the Southern Alliance. Have you forgotten that?”

Elder Sister Maid flinches

Strategist: (Your Royal Highness! You could, you could start a war like that. If we threaten the Southern Alliance, we might really be at war with them! We can’t handle that much!)

Crown Prince Marshal: “However, it is also a fact that beginning with us at the Holy Empire, the countries of the Central Continent all find this turn of events to be very regrettable. No matter how we put it, we’re all humans after all. One could say that we are comrades who took up swords and spears against the threat of the Demons. It would be a painful thought for a commander like myself to point these tens of thousands of muskets at fellow humans. Even if the Holy Crusaders are in a state of war with the Southern Alliance, as a commander of the Central Continent, I also do not wish for war.”

Disciple Nobleman: (Heh…… So he’s not above using such rhetoric. The war is the will of the Church, so the Holy Empire has nothing to do with it. As to be expected from the brains of the Holy Crusaders. What a person overflowing in talent.”

Elder Sister Maid: “Indeed. Since we are all fellow human comrades, there is no benefit to be had from us fighting.”

Mercenary Survivor: (How exciting, I can feel the sweat running down my palms.)

Crown Prince Marshal: “We have received orders from the Primarch to conquer this territory in order to establish supply lines. As Children of Light, we cannot defy this order.”

Elder Sister Maid: “We are also Children of Light as part of the Holy Order of the Lake. The Holy Order of the Lake accepts anyone, even you, the Crown Prince Marshal or the Holy Empire.”

Disciple Nobleman: (She said it! As expected from a fellow disciple of our teacher.)

Crown Prince Marshal: “Hahahaha. I thank you for your invitation, however I must decline. As their big brother, the Holy Empire has a duty to uphold the due process in the Central Continent.”

Elder Sister Maid: “Due process?”

Crown Prince Marshal: “Security. Why do you think that people can live in security? That is because today will be like yesterday, and tomorrow will be like today. Why can they sleep at night? That is because they are assured that they will open their eyes in the morning. If there is a chance that they can die in their sleep, nobody would be able to sleep from the fear. However, based on our experience, we know we will be able to open our eyes. That is repetitive action, and the due process.

Of course, there are examples of misfortune. You could die from disease, or be the subject of some violent crime as you lie sleeping. These have the effect of breaking the due process. If the due process is disrupted, that results in chaos. As guardians of security, the Central Continent strives for the peace of the people. We protected it yesterday, we are protecting it today, and we will protect it tomorrow.”

Elder Sister Maid: “The followings of the Church of Light, the serf caste system, and the rights of the nobility and monarchy…… Is this what you’re trying to protect without changing?”

Crown Prince Marshal: “To be it simply, yes. And the people are happy from it.”

Disciple Nobleman: (He may be the enemy, but his actions are perfectly calculated. This is a very impressive young man.)

Elder Sister Maid: “So, what’s your final decision?”

Crown Prince Marshal: “We must have this supply route. However, we do not hope for war. The Primarch has decreed that we are at a state of war, but right here right now, that we would meet in a place like this is a completely unpredictable situation. And this is the Demon World. Since we are both Human armies, we should try to avoid whittling down our armies, right? So, I have a suggestion. Please provide us with 4000 wagons of food as well as 1000 wagons of saltpetre. We will of course pay for it. The price will amount to 30 New Imperial Gold coins?”

Mercenary Survivor: (Ridiculous. That wouldn’t even be able to pay for a single weapon!)

Disciple Nobleman: “And if we decline?”

Crown Prince Marshal: “Then we will have to fight a painful battle, and establish our supply lines by force.”

Disciple Nobleman: “You mean to invade the Southern Alliance?”

Crown Prince Marshal: “That is the will of the Church of Light. Of course, this hurts us all in the Central Continent.”

Mercenary Survivor: “Keh. So you are threatening us then.”

Strategist: “Are you trying to be disrespectful!?”

The Hero: “No, I want to listen too. Who’s threatening whom? The Crown Prince Marshall is…… threatening some Human army?”

Elder Sister Maid: “Hero! What are you doing here?”

Crown Prince Marshal: “Hero. —– Do you know this person!?”

Mercenary Survivor: “Hey, aren’t you that guy from that time……”

Strategist: (This is bad. I was wondering what he would think, but if we force the Hero to bare his fangs against us —— the morale of the soldiers will surely drop sharply. At this timing, would he turn against us!?)

——— The Southern Demon World, the Reunion of the Elder Sister Maid and the Hero

The Hero: “Elder Sister Maid!”

Elder Sister Maid: “Hero.”

The Hero: “What are you doing in a place like this? And you’re the leader too? What’s all this?”

Elder Sister Maid: “Hehehehehe. I’m quite surprised by the turn of events as well.”

The Hero: “…… But you’re here?”

Elder Sister Maid: “I’m here.”

The Hero: “Alone?”

Elder Sister Maid: “Of course not. I’ve got everyone to back me up.”

The Hero: “Have you found your reason to be?”

Elder Sister Maid: “Umm. Yeah…… That’s right, I have to decide it on my own.”

The Hero: “Is that so?”

Elder Sister Maid: “I’m sorry, Hero.”

The Hero: “Why?”

Elder Sister Maid: “Hero, you’ve been covering for me for such a very long time.”

The Hero: “Hahaha. Don’t worry about that.”

Elder Sister Maid: “I do. I just want to clear this debt that I have to you.”

The Hero: “You don’t have to.”

Elder Sister Maid: “…… Is that so?”

The Hero: “You don’t owe me a single thing.”

Elder Sister Maid: “……”

The Hero: “You have the face of a fighting person.”

Elder Sister Maid: “Am I that scary?”

The Hero: “That’s not what I meant, how should I say this. You’ve got an iron gut…… No, well, it just seems like you have reached some revelation.”

Elder Sister Maid: “I don’t know about that……”

The Hero: “Yes.”

Elder Sister Maid: “Hero……”

The Hero: “What is it?”

Elder Sister Maid: “Have…… you lost a lot of blood?”

The Hero: “Huh? Well, I only know how to fight.”

Elder Sister Maid: “That’s not true.”

The Hero: “Am I injured? Not at all. My arms and legs are all still here. This is the body of a Hero.”

Elder Sister Maid is worried

The Hero: “Umm. Well…… Don’t give that expression.”

Elder Sister Maid: “…… No. I apologise as always.”

The Hero: “Eh?”

Elder Sister Maid: “I’ve always been this way, and I apologise for it.”

The Hero: “What is going on, Elder Sister Maid?”

Elder Sister Maid: “It’s fine. I am doing things according to plan. Everything according to what you and the Mistress have been planning.”

The Hero: “…… Elder Sister Maid?”

Elder Sister Maid: “No. Hero, why are you in the army of the Crown Prince Marshal?”

The Hero: “Well, those are the instructions of the Mage. I am currently undercover.”

Elder Sister Maid: “I see…… What kind of person is the Crown Prince Marshal?”

The Hero: “He is not a simple man…… But among the people in the Holy Crusaders, he is the most incredible. His methods won’t lose to anyone……”

Elder Sister Maid: “Is that so……”

The Hero: “What plans do you have to drive him away?”

Elder Sister Maid: “That’s a secret.”

The Hero: “Come on.”

Elder Sister Maid: “It’s still a secret.”

——– The City of the Gate, the Encampment of the Holy Crusaders Laying Siege to the City

———– Boom!

Ash Green King: “A week. —- They’re tougher than expected.”

Scout: “Damages are within our calculations, however, their repair works are proceeding faster than we foresaw. If we focus our fire on the gate……”

Ash Green King: “But if we don’t do anything about the fortifications on the left and right of the gate, our cannons won’t be able to get close enough to aim properly. This design is very…… well-conceived.”

Scout: “Yes……”

Ash Green King: “What have you found out?”

Scout: “Their earthworks* are constructed with the specific purpose of withstanding our bombardments. The earth absorbs the impact and reduces the shock on the fortifications.”

Ash Green King: “And the slope……”

——- Boom!

Pedigree Nobleman: “Why is our continuous bombardment having no effect?”

Adult Nobleman: “Didn’t they explain to us that the new cannons have twenty times the firepower of the old ones?”

Warrior Nobleman: “—— Ash Green King. They say he’s brave and brilliant, but he seems to be slow and useless.”

Pedigree Nobleman: “And our remaining amount of ammunition……”

Adult Nobleman: “Forget ammunition! We don’t even have enough food supplies.”

Warrior Nobleman: “What is happening to our supply lines? We’re running out of spare parts to maintain our muskets too.”

Artillery Commander: “Your Majesty.”

Ash Green King: “Yes.”

Artillery Commander: “What instructions do you have for today’s bombardment……”

Ash Green King: “Focus your fire on the right hand side fortifications. However, continue to direct a quarter of our fire to the left side so that the enemy does not have any security or rest.”

Artillery Commander: “Yes, umm……”

Ash Green King: “What is it?”

Artillery Commander: “Actually, the high quality gunpowder for the cannons……”

Scout: “……”

Ash Green King: “How much do we have left?”

Artillery Commander: “At this rate of fire, another three or four days……”

——— Boom!

Ash Green King: “Do not reduce our fire. If the enemy comes to learn of our ammunition shortage, they will begin to have hope. For gunpowder, transfer some of the musket power to our artillery batteries. Continue firing at this rate. If we can destroy the right side fortifications, we have a chance at breaking down the main gate.”



Earthworks: In order to reinforce defenses against enemy incursions, earthworks are created by building up large amounts of soil. In most cases, this is carried out in conjunction with defensive ditches. The soil from the dug ditches is piled up to create the ditches. As a result, the height of the earthworks is doubled and it becomes even more difficult for enemies to cross.


Artillery Commander: “Yes! We will do our best.”

Scout: “……”

Ash Green King: “Damn. What’s with this situation? Like a snake on the verge of death, this is painful to watch. We’ve fallen into the trap of laying siege to the City of the Gate.”

Scout: “Your Majesty!”

Ash Green King: “What is it?”

Scout: “Actually, the Leader of the Hundred Paladins……”

Ash Green King: “That woman?”

Scout: “Night after night, she has been gathering the musketeers in large numbers to preach about things that don’t sound like official teachings.”

Ash Green King: “Gathering?”

Scout: “Yes, she says that the treasure of Light is in the City of the Gate. That we have to take the City no matter what. That this is the sacred duty of the followers of Light.”

Ash Green King: “A poisonous flower indeed……”

Scout: “What should we do?”

Ash Green King: “This poisonous scent is still very sweet, but we won’t fall prey to it…… Let it be. I will settle it somehow.”

———– The City of the Gate, the Chambers of Commerce

……. Boom!

Shrewd Accountant: “Milady, are you here?”

Fire Dragon Lady: “Shrewd Accountant…… Have the Chambers been evacuated?”

Shrewd Accountant: “Yes, to put it nicely, they were delivered to the Flaming Mountains.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “We must thank the Fire Dragon Lord.”

Fire Dragon Lady: “My father will definitely protect them.”

Shrewd Accountant: “Our records and treasury have also been successfully delivered, Milady……”

Fire Dragon Lady: “I will stay here.”

Shrewd Accountant: “……”

…… Boom!

Fire Dragon Lady: “I may be a merchant, however, I am a lady of the Tribe of Dragons, and a Councillor of the Self-Governing Council. I will not run away in such times of crisis.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “That’s what I want to say as well.”

Fire Dragon Lady: “Your escape comes from instructions given by the Young Merchant. I don’t suppose you have any objections?”

Shrewd Accountant: “……”

Middle Aged Merchant: “……”


Fire Dragon Lady: “Well then, you should escape quickly.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “…… Understood.”

Shrewd Accountant: “Please be careful, Princess.”

Fire Dragon Lady: “Don’t call me princess.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “Hahahaha! If you don’t like it, then allow me one last time. If the City is taken, please do your best to negotiate for favourable terms.”

Fire Dragon Lady: “Understood……”

Shrewd Accountant: “Then, we’ll be going first.”

Middle Aged Merchant: “We will try to get reinforcements.”

Fire Dragon Lady: (Merchants…… The City of the Gate was eventually engulfed in the flames of war. I want to protect this City. But I don’t know what I can do……)

——– The City of the Gate, the Encampment of the Holy Crusaders Laying Siege to the City

…… Boom!

The Primarch: “Go ahead.”

Chaplain: “Yes. Two thousand five hundred pigs, eight wagons of wheat, seven jars of sugar beet, two wagons of fruits and spices, four wagons of cloth and winterwear……”

Door opens

Soldier of Light: “Excuse me.”

Chaplain: “What is it, you have a message?”

Soldier of Light: “Yes.”

Attendant Bishop: “Speak.”

Soldier of Light: “Yes. One of our encampments at the Portal has come under surprise attack from an unknown enemy force.”

Chaplain: “What!?”

Attendant Bishop: “What? Explain in detail.”

Soldier of Light: “Yes, this is what I heard from the soldiers who escaped…… Crack Demon infantry launched a surprise attack and plundered the food and weapon stocks!”

Attendant Bishop: “That’s all?”

Soldier of Light: “Yes. I’m not certain how many exactly, however the casualties incurred were relatively few. Even though all the horses escaped, the Demons did not pursue the routed soldiers and allowed them to rejoin the main armies.”

The Primarch: “Enough.”

Soldier of Light: “Sorry?”

The Primarch: “Enough. Continue the attack.”

Attendant Bishop: “…… Alright, go.”

Soldier of Light: “Yes! Yes! Understood!”

The Primarch: “How are the walls?”

Attendant Bishop: “Yes. Beginning yesterday, the rate of repairs appears to have slowed. It seems that the resources in the City are running out. A portion of the war has already broken down, and it seems it will be another four or five days before we are able to make a breach.”

The Primarch: “How annoyingly resilient. Order an attack.”

Attendant Bishop: “But……”

The Primarch: “It is the will of the Spirit.”

Attendant Bishop: “……”

The Primarch: “Let us go to the garden of Light. It is time to bring terror to the people in that City.”

——– The City of the Gate, the Encampment of the Holy Crusaders Laying Siege to the City

…… Boom!

Believer of Light: “Did you hear?”

Musketeer of Light: “Yeah.”

Spearman of Light: “What?”

Believer of Light: “It seems that the Second and Third co-ordinating zones have fallen.”

Spearman of Light: “Really!?”

Porter: “Heyyyy! Give me some water!”

Believer of Light: “Yeah, look. It seems the number of people here have been increasing, right? It seems the food and weapons were plundered and they journeyed here through vast wastelands.”

Musketeer of Light: “Is that so? It’s good that they managed to survive though.”

Artilleryman: “Is it really?”

Musketeer of Light: “What do you mean?”

Artilleryman: “Think about it. These guys were guarding our rear supply lines and raising food. Now that the food has been plundered and they’ve been pushed towards the frontlines, we don’t have any more food, but we have many more mouths to feed instead.”


Believer of Light: “……”

Musketeer of Light: “But they are our comrades!”

Spearman of Light: “So it’s fine!”

Believer of Light: “In any case, once we capture the City, we’ll have all its food and water in our hands!”

Spearman of Light: “……”

Musketeer of Light: “What is it?”

Spearman of Light: “No, think about it. Tomorrow we will have continuously bombarded the City for ten days straight, right? The noblemen and commanders keep talking about how we will have all the food and treasures of the City as soon as we capture it, but do you really think there are any? I mean, the City is filled with Demons right? So won’t the City also just be filled with Demon food that we can’t eat?”

Believer of Light: “……”

Musketeer of Light: “That’s……”

Spearman of Light: “In that case, we will be put out into this wilderness without any food again.”

Cavalryman of Light: “No, that’s not true. The reason why the Crown Prince Marshal isn’t here has to do with that.”

Musketeer of Light: “Eh?”

Cavalryman of Light: “His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince Marshal along with the great Hero are assaulting Demon territories to establish firm supply lines. I’m sure they will be returning soon. So it’s all okay.”

Spearman of Light: “So that’s it! The Hero too!”

Artilleryman: “Is that why we haven’t seen His Imperial Highness at the frontlines?”

Cavalryman of Light: “That’s right. Once his Imperial Highness returns, we’ll destroy those walls in one volley, and there’s no way we won’t attain our victory.”

——– The City of the Gate, the Encampment of the Holy Crusaders Laying Siege to the City

Pedigree Nobleman: “What!?”

Adult Nobleman: “What do you mean not enough?”

Quartermaster: “Of course, most of our supplies are already depleted. But stocks of oil and barley are completely empty……”

Warrior Nobleman: “If our supplies don’t come through……”

Quartermaster: “Yes. If our supplies don’t come through, we could be staring at the face of a full-blown insurrection and mutiny by our peasant soldiers.”

Proud Paladin: “They’re serfs, we’ll just put them down! Nothing to lose sleep over. If we just kill ten of them like lambs, the rest will learn their lessons.”

Warrior Nobleman: “Can we really entrust such angered peasants with muskets!? But if we don’t distribute the muskets, the serfs might cause us to lose favourable positions, and we might not be able to maintain our advantage on the battlefield.”

Pedigree Nobleman: “That’s right. We really don’t want to have angry, crazy serfs at our back. And they’re carrying muskets too……”

Proud Paladin: “Damn.”

Pedigree Nobleman: “What can we do……”

Quartermaster: “— Among the serfs, many of them come from backgrounds of extreme famine, and were coerced by the promise of proper care by His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince Marshal. There are rumours that His Imperial Highness will soon return with supplies.”

Adult Nobleman: “His Imperial Highness……”

Warrior Nobleman: “He’s pretty good on the battlefield. But what the Holy Crusade really requires is a brilliant military commander.”

Adult Nobleman: “But the Church has a very good impression of him.”

Pedigree Nobleman: “That impression comes from external reasons. The Primarch needs to create unity among the Holy Crusaders, so he purposely chose His Imperial Highness to create divisions within the pacifist factions.”

Proud Paladin: “I apologise for saying this. But His Imperial Highness’ voice is powerful and I believe he will be able to turn the situation around.”

Pedigree Nobleman: “But the supplies……”

Adult Nobleman: “Hmm.”

Warrior Nobleman: “?”

Adult Nobleman: “Hahaha. In that case, in the name of the Holy Crusaders of the Spirit of Light, let us request His Most Imperial Highness to deliver supplies to us.”

Pedigree Nobleman: “That’s—“

Proud Paladin: “Ah, that’s true!”

Adult Nobleman: “Alright, get a quick horse! Send His Imperial Highness an official request for supplies!”

———- The City of the Gate, the Defence Council


The Demon King: “What? We don’t have any shortages of anything?”

Fiend Merchant: “Your Majesty!? I do believe it would best if you didn’t come to places like this and focussed on your recuperation!”

The Demon King: “I have nothing to do while resting. Is this the way to the top of the fortifications?”

Fiend Merchant: “Yes it is.”


Disciple Engineer: “Miss the mud and quicklime! Let it flow down from the top.”

Giant Craftsman: “Understood……”

Craftsman of the Pale: “Get some quicklime up here too!”

Human Craftsman: “Hey move it, wagon coming through!”

The Demon King: “How is everything?”

Disciple Engineer: “Umm…… Yes.”

The Demon King: “Don’t be nervous. You’re already a grown man.”

Disciple Engineer: “That may be so but, I didn’t expect you to be the Demon King! What should I do now?”

The Demon King: “What’s the situation?”

Disciple Engineer: “To be honest, we are at our limit. There are lots of areas of the wall which could fall at any time. We are overworked and fatigued, every day we are overstretched. Even though it appears to be spread out, the enemy fire is concentrated at certain areas. The East side is facing the brunt of it. Our maintenance is concentrated there, but it would be no surprise if it becomes the first area to fall.”

The East Fortress Base Commander: “The East side……”

The Fire Dragon Lady: (The Human armies are so numerous…… and they seem to be neverending…… Ahh, but we can’t lose this war. I at least know that.)


The Demon King: “Which areas of the wall are holding up just fine?”

Disciple Engineer: “The area close to the Southwest temple.  That area hasn’t suffered any attacks yet, and from the beginning the walls there were the thickest. If that area were to be attacked, we could probably hold out for a week…… I think.”

The Demon King: “A week……”

Human Elder: “Your Majesty, at this rate the City will……”

The Demon King: “Don’t look so dejected, Elder. That has not yet been decided. The real battle begins now.”

Human Elder: “But even if we last a week, even if we last a month, we can’t possibly last forever……”

The Fire Dragon Lady: (At present, this war has become a battle of attrition. We still have ample food stocks, but we are running out of materials to repair the walls with…… On the other hand, we have no idea how long the Human Army can continue, or whether they have limits to their supplies. The Young Merchant was absolutely right. The war is not just something fought on the battlefield.)

The Demon King: “It’s fine…… We still have ways. Fire Dragon Lady!”

The Fire Dragon Lady: “Yes.”

The Demon King: “I’m sorry, but will you deliver this to the Fire Dragon Lord?”

Human Elder: “That’s……?”

The Fire Dragon Lady: (A white paper……!?)

The Demon King: “A request for reinforcements. The Demon World is huge. We are certain to have enough soldiers to save this City somewhere. We just need to buy enough time for them to arrive.”

The Fire Dragon Lady: (It’s not impossible that such a force exists somewhere, but even if there is…… In the face of those muskets capable of creating a 30,000 man mass grave in half a day, which chief would be willing to send their men to help? So the Demon King had to write an official white paper……)

The East Fortress Base Commander: “I’m sorry. I’m not sure we can get everybody home alive. I am grateful for the hard work of the Volunteer Corps.”

Human Volunteer: “Well, it’s fine. We’re happy to be of some use to the repairs of the fortifications considering we’re people who can’t use swords or ride horses.”

Middle Aged Dragon Lady: “That’s right! Ahahaha. Relax!”

Dragon Volunteer: “At nightfall, we will dig out the cannonballs in the walls again. They’ll load those onto our catapults and send them right back to make them regret it!”

The Demon King: “Mmm. Just a bit more!”

Human Elder: “Yes, Your Majesty. Be at ease!”

Fiend Merchant: “Alright. I’ll go and tidy up the store and see if I can’t get some food for you guys.”

Human Craftsman: “Don’t worry about the food. Our stockpiles are quite sufficient. We probably have enough for two or three more months.”


The Fire Dragon Lady: “……”

The East Fortress Base Commander: “Princess, tonight?”

The Fire Dragon Lady: “…… Eh?”

The East Fortress Base Commander: “You’re headed to that old man, right? Her Majesty has entrusted me to deliver you safely. The numbers are few, but these will be your personal guard.”

The Fire Dragon Lady: “Yes……”

The Demon King: “Now! Look up! This is the Free City of the Gate! We will protect it! For the future!”

The Fire Dragon Lady: (Her Majesty’s aim is for the future…… Even if the City falls, if Father sends enough soldiers we can still stop the Humans have advancing through the Demon World. I understand that is what the white paper represents. But……)


The Fire Dragon Lady: (But a lady like myself, who has seen so little of the world should do something. For this City. For the Silver Tiger Lord wwho gave his life to the Demon King. —– For the heroes who gave their lives to the defence of this City. What can I do……)

< Chapter 8                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Chapter 10 >


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